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I'm an Aquarius sun sign ♒

Omfg, me too. What's your moon and rising? xD
In 'Ello 6 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
@mermaninahottub So much yes to tarot, Harry Potter, mythology, Korean barbecue, wearing too much eyeliner, and astrology.
@ShwiggityShwah Thanks, it's Gumiho!

@KimHanuel First of all, I've literally used "y'all" in conversation with you multiple times, it's not my fault if you applied a Southern American accent to it, lmao. Second of all, get that Hyungsik gif away from me, it hurts my soul.
Wasn't gonna post but I know like, one person, and she's off having an actual life so I figured I should say hello and make some friends.

I'm Ari, I'm 24, and I'm BTS/Shadowhunters/Cardcaptor trash. Nice to meet y'all.
11 Minutes by Yungblud, Halsey & Travis Barker:

Literally on repeat for days.
You endure what is unbearable, and you bear it. That is all.
Magnus Bane, Clockwork Princess
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