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Awesome, awesome, awesome. Everybody's accepted!
I'll put my chara up and we'll be ready for launch. :3
GamingOwl said
Alex Exodus Male 20 Worked at the church and hoping to be the father one day He was just a baby when his parent's abandoned him at the front door of a church and was raised to always believe in God. So when the outbreak happened all the people in the church gave their lives to save him from the infected. He always trusts God and never forgets his religion also he prays every night since he was raised like that. He will get really mad if you use the lord's name in vain and if someone is cursing but other than that he is a good guy who is faithful and trustworthy. He uses a katana as his weapon to release people from their misery of being one of Satan's minions to send to heaven so they can't suffer any more When it comes to killing zombies he gets real serious and kill more than he needs to. So if after a zombie fight he might come back with a huge smile across his face. He also reads the bible sometime too during a good part of the night. And he usually wears the father's robe because the father gave it to him before he left the church as a good-bye present.

Accepted. Welcome to Sector-V! :3
Zakara said
Here's my character sheet:Name: UlrikeGender: MaleAge: 26Appearance: Heavyweight lifter. Think rugby player, or someone who could wrestle a bear.This - this - Occupation: General lumberjack. Can lift huge logs, and sometimes fends off bears.Bio: Has a small family: 7/10 wife, Elizabeth, who is a teacher and daughter, Lily, who is nine years old. (They were most likely killed in the mold outbreak by the beginning of the RP).Personality: Very kind and gentle hearted. A huge family man and general team player. Does not pursue or generally like to get involved in conflict, but when he does, it is with the passion of a thousand burning suns.Weapons: An axe, 8" hunting knife, and his trusty desert eagle (whom he named Rhadha).Other details: Has a sweet gas mask. He is very knowledgable and reliable in the outdoors. Examples - can tie most every knot, can create fire from sticks or stones, knowledge on shelter in different environments (igloo in snow, tents in the forest, etc.), etc. Has a tattoo of a bear wrestling a dragon covering his entire back.

Very cool character! It'll be interesting to see him in-game. :3
Drakeonis said
Sounds interesting. Should have a CS up sometime today.

Awesomesauce! Will be looking forward to it. : 3

August 19.

No one knows how it began.
We woke up one day, and there it fucking was.The mold. Everywhere. On the walls, in the ground, the food we ate, the water we drank. It didn't take long for everybody to figure out that this was more than your regular contamination crisis when the people started turning on each other. President Carter fled the country, leaving the dogs to feed on the filth. With all ways of communication severed - no TV, no Internet, no Radio - there was no way of knowing what was happening outside of Sector V. We hid, we ran, we killed - anything we could do to survive. But when the mold grew faster than our bullets could fire, we decided that it was time to leave ground zero.

This is our story.

Character Sheet:
Name :
Gender :
Age :
Appearance : *Stick to real ones, please. Descriptions will do too.
Occupation :
Bio : *No TBR's. A few lines at least.
Personality :
Weapons : *Stay reasonable.
Other details :

Additional note points
- The first arc/chapter of the RP will revolve around us banding together and finding a way out of Sector V.
- There's no states in this universe per se, but the country we're in is divided into five sectors. Each sector is separated from the other by a high, impenetrable metallic wall. The only way in or out of a sector is through the Main Gate, which remains locked at all times and requires a code to be opened. The codes are given out only to military personnel and important members of the Government.
- The mold is airborne, so ingestion of said mold particles will turn you into a zombie, albeit slower than if you were bitten by an infected one.
- The zombies have a hive-mind mentality and operate in groups. You'll rarely if ever find them alone. They also have a certain degree of primal intelligence.
- Shooting a zombie in the throat is the fastest way to kill them, as opposed to aiming at the skull. The reason for this is that the epicenter of their functionality lies in the trachea, where the mold forms into a mini-brain of sort, and so you'll often see zombies with enlarged or swollen throats.

Rules :
-There will be cursing; sexual and violent themes are also permitted. This doesn't mean you have to actively engage in them, I'm just putting it out there to make sure it doesn't bother you later on.
- No fighting, guis.
- At least one paragraph per post.
- Have fun, ya? :)
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bump? : (
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