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Loving to make stories
Here for connections and fun times
Rainbows, cats, writing, reading, forgetting the misery of life

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Hey hey hey, so I'm looking for someone who's interested in true crime, serial killers and the like.
Looking to make a good story that involves horror and maybe fantastical elements. Possible supernatural elements.

My character is a girl who's been bullied through life and is ready to get her revenge and get back at the people who made her life a living hell.

Now, Y/C is either someone whos also been bullied and is looking for the same kind of thing, so maybe they team up and start doing the bad things together. Maybe Y/C is someone who tries to change M/C and makes her good. Maybe Y/C is someone that M/C is going after because they tried to hurt her but they realized what they did and so they apologized and tried to make things right.

I mean this is a story that could go a number of ways. Shoot, maybe you have another idea. I'm certainly open to trying just about anything.

There will be adult themes (blood, gore, possibly intimacy, torture... etc)

If this isn't something you're into, that's fine. I am open to other ideas as well!

I am involved a few fandoms

Harry Potter
Stranger Things
The Witcher
Vampire Diaries
True Blood

And there's more, I'm sure.
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Hey, my name is Asher, or Ash.
I'm here looking for good stories and connections and good friends. Hopefully we can all come up with something together and a fun time.
I'm into all kinds of things and have a fairly open mind so don't be afraid to message me.

Glad to be here~
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