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Yo, in order to reduce the need to skim through Discord, I compiled all currently known facts about Ichor. If you want, you could add this to the OP or link to it @Flagg. This way we have some resources for concepts we worked out over time, and can expand as we discuss more things in the future.

As a side-note, I added some miscellaneous notes to my "character sheet" to provide some information I wasn't able to place anywhere else. Said section may or may not receive additional stuff in the future, should the need arise.

A yearning void gnawed at her insides. The scorched earth beneath her feet was warm, but her blood ran cold as ice through her veins. A haze of black smoke wreathed the burnt-out ruins surrounding her, blown-up husks of metal shacks once haphazardly put together to provide rudimentary shelter. Crooked metal bars jutted out of myriad piles of iron rubble, forcing her to move cautiously to avoid their deadly points. Some of them had bodies impaled on them, mangled beyond recognition. She could not gaze upon them for long, lest the sight of it make her puke into her helmet.

Some fires still burned amidst the smoke and shadows, ignited power generators in collapsed homes and incinerated vehicles in the devastated streets. Under the midday sun, the heat was almost unbearable. She felt every inch of fabric stick to her body like glue, felt thick droplets run down her face and into her eyes. At least, she told herself it was sweat that tasted so salty upon her lips. Long ago, she had been told, a great war had ravaged the entire world so badly that, where once there were forests and meadows, there remained now only dustbowls and wastelands. A war so terrible it reduced continental cities to ashes. A war so brutal it almost rendered the race of men extinct. She could not imagine something so harrowing, but as she looked around she thought that it must have been very similar to this. If such a war had indeed happened, then it seemed that the world had learned nothing from it. Nothing at all.

With every step she took, her hopes of finding signs of survivors dimmed. All she found were signs of struggle, craters left by explosions, holes left by bullets, burns left by laser fire. Her people had been driven from their homeland once before, had been forced to flee to lands unknown at great cost. They had not been willing to run a second time, it seemed, and so died on foreign soil. At least some of them did; she could not help but notice that there were not nearly as many bodies as there should be. Dead men were certainly plentiful, as were the loathsome bodies of their mutant enemies, but not enough to account for the entire village. For some reason, the lack of corpses disquieted her more than finding them might have. Her mind told her to remain optimistic, to expect to pick up their trail outside the village and encounter a handful of survivors. But her trembling heart told her to steel herself for a worse outcome.

When she crested the hill upon which the settlement had been constructed, and where the market hub used to be located, she beheld something that forced her knees, made her ball her fists. Her veins felt cold and hot at the same time, her heart felt like a reactor on overdrive. Erected before her, rising above the remnants of merchant stalls, was a great metal pillar with three prongs at the top. From every prong hung a nude body, strung up by the hands, the shoulders dislodged: an elderly woman, a middle-aged woman and, worst of all, a little girl. Each of them had a pitch-black shard of crystallized Ichor rammed through their chest, just above the breasts, and a sickening, inky growth had formed from the rim of the grisly wound. She knew enough about the wandering hordes to recognize the fiendish idol as a shrine dedicated to a three-faced goddess, worshipped among some of them: Maeve, the goddess of change, death and rebirth. It was not the first time she had to witness such a shrine, having encountered others like it in temporary camps, or in the wilds where the mutants had passed. But it was the first time she had to endure the sight of her own mother shackled to one.

Merrill unstrapped and took off her helmet, carefully placing it on the ash-covered ground beside her. The acrid smell of burnt material choked her throat and she succumbed to a coughing fit as her lungs struggled to find clean oxygen amidst the flames and the anger in the air. As she recovered, her eyes travelled upward once more, beholding the emaciated, despoiled body of the woman who had caused her so much grief. She hadn’t spoken to her mother since their arrival near Jericho’s Reach, although she had always planned to one day make up with her. Surely their feelings could have been reconciled one day. One day… a day that, now, would never come. She grit her teeth and folded her fingers around a random piece of debris on the ground.

She rose to her feet, screamed desperately and threw the piece of junk off into nowhere, where it clattered against a burnt façade. “How much more can you take from me?!” she yelled at the ash and flames. “What else?! Was Harlow not enough? Was Mama not enough? Did you fuckers take Daddy too? Did you?!

Her voice cracked up and she lost herself in uncontrolled sobbing. She was certain that, somewhere, sadistic evil gods were laughing at her plight. Were punishing her for her sin. Whether they be gods of men or beasts, there must be some transcendental entity that was watching her, some kind of intelligence that hated her for what she did. But she did not regret it, nor would she ever. Piss on the gods, if she had to.

After many minutes of agonized crying and screaming, Merrill had recovered enough to climb onto the pillar and cut down the bodies. She could not avoid them plummeting to the earth like sacks of meat, though it was better than to leave them hanging. Later, she straightened their bodies and placed them in as dignified a pose as she could, before arming herself with her rail-gun and obliterating the pillar-like shrine with a single, well-placed shot through the trunk. When she donned the helmet again, her eyes felt sore from the tears and the smoke.

As the evening sun painted the sky a hellish red, she prepared a funeral pyre outside the ruins, atop a smaller hill gazing out across the barren wasteland. All three bodies were placed on it, and she watched them burn long after the flesh was gone, long after the sun had vanished behind the bombed horizon. She watched the embers still when sleep washed over her like a tide.

And in her dreams, she lost them all. Over and over again.

Only blood could heal the poison in her heart now.
Hey, I wrote a... thing. I basically just wrote something to help me explore the setting (specifically, the rot-infected wastelands), my potential character, and just in general help me find a tone. It's rough and certainly can be improved by much, but I reckon it might be interesting for y'all to get a glimpse at what I'm thinking about. Have fun :P

Yo, I've exchanged some world building details with Flagg over PM; I'm putting that here now for everyone's benefit. Have fun :3

Yo! It's a bit different from my usual go-tos, but going out of the comfort zone every so often can't hurt. I've always had fun in the brief stints we had together Flagg, so I'll give this a shot :D

Edit: Given your current inspirations, maybe you want to look at the tabletop rpg Cthulhutech, could suit the themes present.
I'll second DJAtomika, just want to let you know that I'm still around but haven't been able to make a workable character yet. I had an idea but I couldn't get "into" it, if you understand the feeling. Wasn't satisfied and need some more time to find something that clicks, if I can. Good luck to y'all in any case ^^
Hello, I've been lurking this for a while. I realize there's a lot of people interested already, but what can you do? Cyberpunk is fantastic, and you're offering to scratch the itch after the mindblowing gameplay demonstration for Cyberpunk 2077. It's the season :)

I have a few questions regarding the setting, if you'll indulge me. First, what's the established state of AI? Are they still mostly primitive, or do we already have (almost-) sentience? Is the tech embraced and actively researched, or have governments banned it under the pretext of its many dangers?

Second, is the concept of sleeving (akin to Altered Carbon or Eclipse Phase) a thing in this? I think FoxFire mentioned transferring somebody's consciousness multiple times into new bodies, which would mean yes. If so, where do the bodies come from? Corporate-produced I guess?
Edit: This would also imply the existence of cortical stacks (salvageable module that contains a backup of your ego). Widely distributed or only for a select elite?

Lastly, and tangentially related to the previous one, is mindjacking somebody possible in this world? As in, ramming a usb cable into someone's neck or doing a wireless infiltration to gain access to a person's, if nothing else, electronic functions relating to their augments (but potentially more - where is the line drawn?).

Thanks :D
Hey PrizeFighter, welcome to the forum :)

I'll preface this by saying that I am here primarily to ask questions. It's by no means a promise of me biting. If I end up liking where it's going, it is possible however.

Now, I have a lot of questions about your setting. You don't have to have an answer to literally all of them in the interest check, admittedly, but it's a collection of my thoughts. Here we go:

  • You say the "world" is tiered, and it very much seems to be a physical tiering, a layered city. Is the "world" in this case just a megacity? Is it, in fact, a planet-encompassing city (like Corsuscant in Star Wars)? Or is it a space station/ship?
  • What is the state of space exploration/colonisation anyway? Is this world the only place people live, or have colonisation attempts into the cosmos been made?
  • Building on the above, what kind of tech level are we looking at for this? Is this near-ish future or is it more distant than that? If we take real life as a basis, what kind of year would you date this story at?
  • This is an important one for me: What are your primary inspirations for this? My first thought when I heard layered city was Deux Ex: Human Revolution's Hengsha city, which made me think of a distinctly cyberpunk kind of setting. But you could have been thinking more about the manga Blame! for instance, which is a very, very different kind of vibe.
  • What do people do for a living on any tier that isn't Business and Working? Do people from Elite go down to work in the Business tier? What about the rest? How do people make their money? Do we even use money in this society?
  • What do people eat? Where does it come from? This one seems pedantic but it's more important than you might think :)
  • What's the history of this world? How did people develop this tiered structure in the first place, what was the motivation behind it? And did every tier always have its designated name and purpose? I feel like no government would designate not one but two tiers to have no purpose beyond giving illicit operations an unmonitored platform to develop in.
  • Speaking of them, is there really that much difference between the No Man's Tier and Nameless Tier? They feel functionally very overlapping, and could possibly have been consolidated.
  • And since I mentioned the government, what kind of government are we looking at in this "world"? Who has power here, who backs this power?
  • What's the state of religion? Are there any major faiths, and if so, what are they like? I imagine that especially in the poorer tiers, religion might be the only thing left to some people.
  • Last but not least: What is the plot premise? What kind of character requirements do you have?

Hopefully I didn't put you off with this avalanche of questions :D Thanks for indulging me.
Since everybody is pitching in with a game suggestion, I'll add my own to the mix: I have not actually played a game in it yet, but I would suggest to take a look at Zweihander. It's a setting-agnostic spiritual successor to Warhammer Fantasy RP, ergo it lends itself to games where players are low-powered, filthy peasant fops who have to face soldiers, orcs, demons and worse while trying to avoid dying of disease or going insane. The system is quite dangerous, wounds are explicit, fights lethal. Magic exists, is dangerous and difficult to control, but is not mandatory and it is very easy to run mundane groups (even if they might face supernatural foes). And it is entirely contained in a single rule book.

In theory. As said, I haven't been able to try it, but I like its philosophy and ideas. The only downside is that there are, essentially, no modules/scenarios for it. There's one pre-made adventure in the rule book, and that's about it. You can convert Warhammer Fantasy modules to Zweihander rules, but beyond that you homebrew it or you're out of luck.
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