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3 mos ago
Current Joined five years ago but only started using this site now xD


Live in northern Europe (GMT +1), born 1990, and have been rping on and off since I was a teenager.

Here is a post example to see my writing style. This is my first post, after that I usually reply 1-3 paragraphs (depending if there is a dialogue or not):

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Looking for: someone active (replies a few times every day), 25+ years preferably, who communicates whay they want and when they get bored (don't just ghost!), who likes to plot together!

Quick about me: been rping for maaany years (but new to this site), usually write a paragraph or two (more in the beginning of the story), happy to play any gender and personality, have all the free time so expect lots of replies (Europe timezone), likes drama and do not mind torturing their characters *insert evil laugh*


Some more info/rules so you can see if we're a match or not:

I don't have any plots in mind right now, plus I prefer figuring that out together, but here are some ideas/thinks I like/prompts?

There, hope I didn't forget anything!
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