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Hello! As the title suggests, I am looking for a few roleplaying partners to start some fresh stories with. I am a 27yo lady who has been roleplaying for a long time. Aside from writing, I really enjoy drawing, cross-stitching, and playing D&D. When it comes to roleplaying, I prefer doing it via PMs or email if anyone prefers a more traditional method. I do have a discord, but I am not very comfortable with using it. I can be pretty advanced with my replies, and I have been known to send upwards of 3-4 chunky paragraphs if there is a lot that needs to be described. If my posts are ever too long, please just let me know and I can always attempt to shorten things. I often get caught up in the setting and emotions between characters that I can get a little carried away.

What I Am Looking For
- M/M pairing, but I am comfortable with F/F as well
- 21+ as I'd like to have the option for more mature content in a story if it is mutually agreed upon. (I'm also just more comfortable with RPing with someone closer to my own age)
- A romance-filled plot and lots of character interactions - I really love romance and relationships that happen over time, but I am comfortable with RPing characters that have a relationship established right from the start. Whatever you prefer I am fine with, I just really want romance to be important. c:
- Someone who likes to have OOC discussions once we are feeling comfortable with one another. I know this can be hard to do with strangers, so if you are not okay with doing a lot of talking outside the RP, please just let me know I will respect this request.

Topics I am Interested In
- Sci-Fi/Futuristic
- Cyperpunk/ Dystopia
- Supernatural/Horror
- High Fantasy
- Post-Apocalyptic
- Mystery/Crime-Solving
- Mafia/ Gangs

Pairings I am Interested In
- alien x human, alien x alien
- werewolf x vampire
- human x monster
- angel x demon
- detective x detective (partners in an agency), detective x criminal or ex-criminal
- gang member A x gang member B, gang boss A x gang member B

I am also up for any suggestion or ideas you might already have in mind or anything you might be craving! I am not a particularly picky person, so please PM me if you are interested and I can tell you more about my limits and expectations. I do have a few VERY basic plots in mind for some of these settings/pairings, so feel free to ask me if you'd like to know more! Thanks so much!
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