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Current I'm surprisingly not dead, yet. Could be persuaded to join an RP, or start one of my own...
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5 yrs ago
Seeing a lot of statuses that remind me of a younger me. Inspiration won't always be there; write anyway. Never stop writing, because trying to jump back in is far harder than overcoming writers block
6 yrs ago
Kill me.
6 yrs ago
Give me a reason to get back into RP.
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7 yrs ago
"You have no friends" Yes, RPG, I know, you dont have to rub it in like that


Irreverent. Devil's Advocate. Either you love me or hate me....or you think Im alright, I guess.

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Oh, and for those interested, looking for two to three more to get this rolling.
Sorry, work's been hectic. Florida sun is not kind on a dude who spent a lifetime inside xD

Avery, character accepted for sure. As for details that need hashing, ask away. There's much more going on than Ive provided, partly due to laziness but also partly because the book itself involves more points of view and locations than we're going to be immediately dealing with. On top of the group in Horatica focusing on Marcus, you also have separate stories going on in Samakar and Teleucia happening parallel to what we're doing.
Cool cool, I like what I see so far, Avery. Get your History up whenever its best for you to do so, as I said, no real rush here.

I think one of the things that killed my RPs back in the day was a sense of urgency - tried to move things faster than IRL stuff could allow for, and therefore lost morale once things reached a certain point with no new posts. Trying not to make that same mistake again.

Also, I have the last of the Republic's history and a quick line for about half the Horatican gods. If you want me to specify, as always let me know.
Happy Holidays folks!

Not in the right frame of mind for writing, but tomorrow I promise I will actually finish everything I've started.
Well, we're not in a huge rush, everything will be done at a steady pace.

In the meantime, lurkers, stop lurking. Post!
Second page? Time to fix that.

Edit: Is there some pertinent information lacking that is preventing people from making characters? Cause while I fumble around with a fully informative first post, I am still open to specific questions.

And here's the character I will be playing, for the most part.

Name: Marcus Alekzander
Age: 27
Nation of Origin: Horatica Nova (Menedelanium Province)
Sex: Male

Physical Description: Marcus is a big man. He is not of Horatican stock, but Skartii, one of the last northern clans conquered by Horatica some eighty years prior, and so stands much taller than the average citizen of the capital - a hand's span over six feet, at least, and lean-muscled from a life of hard-living and hard-fighting. He keeps his auburn hair moderately trimmed, and a light beard frames his square jaw and strong chin. His remaining eye - the right - is cobalt, the burnt space where his left eye used to be always covered by a leather eyepatch, shining black and meticulously maintained. A purplish-black stone juts from his right temple, where it was hammered in during the Nullification process.

Equipment/Personal Possessions: Marcus wears simple, undyed breeches and tunic under his Myrmidon breastplate and Gauntlet. Aside from his eyepatches (he always carries three) and brace of three daggers common to most Myrmidon, there is the greatsword gifted to Marcus on the day Asyrdar bought him. It is shorter than most, with a blade around four feet, but wide, and carved with intricate swirling patterns. It is straight-bladed, double-edged, and weighs near seven pounds. Upon handing it to Marcus, Asyrdar commanded him simply: "Should the blade glow blue, kill me."

History: WIP

^ What he said. If you are looking for something different than you're likely to see on RPG, you've come to the right place
Hank, expand as you see fit. If you have any specific questions, Ill be chilling in IRC more often, at least while this is up and running.

In fact that goes for anyone, come say hi lol

As I slowly chew through......just my first post, lel. Still gotta get a character sheet up for Marcus.

Work sucks, wasting my time when I should be RPing...
@Scout - There are only humans. Magic is rare in the sense that very few people are born with the innate ability to tap into it - down to the fractions of a percent. I do plan on expanding lore for everything, but truth be told some of the places we're going to are literally only a name to me as well; Im trying to make this an organic experience, one that helps get my own creativity flowing as well as everyone else's. So with the League, think of a weird mix between ancient Greece and modern America - highly commercialized, independent, sometimes self-righteous, argumentative, and greedy. And yet they possess a kind of optimism that seems impossible to possess, able to take a loss and roll with the punches.

@Hank - Perfect. In fact you nailed two particular spots on the head before I even got around to clarifying them (on a mage's graduation, and on demonic possession and the interaction with a Null).
I really like the idea actually. Try and put this all in perspective; we're going on a manhunt in a world where the fastest way to send word is horse and shouting really loudly, except in rare magical cases. No internet, no pictures so a Wanted poster is iffy at best. On top of that, he escaped west over the sea, to one of three continental bodies, one of which consists of a thousand+ islands.

Not only are you gonna need people who are skilled enough to actually kill the guy, you're gonna need geniuses in plenty of fields. Maybe your character spent much time overseas in his expeditions of youth, he might be an expert in the language, or maybe even just have a very good friend/trusted family member on that side of the world with the connections the party would need. The possibilities are (almost) endless. And thats just characters who want to see the guy die; it is perfectly viable to have someone who would want the opposite fate for Asyrdar. As I made clear in the little bit that I have written, the character Im playing (Marcus) is completely on the fence as to what he will do when he sees him. It is up to you how he or she can get involved in this invite-only hunt.

Now I just have to finish up the first info post lol
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