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In Reform 2 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Isaac slowly came to, and lifted himself up off the floor. He looked up to see Louis jolting up and the window wide open.
"I guess I was more tired then I thought?" He asked, not necessarily asking anyone, just to the open so that someone would answer.

He rubbed his forehead and stuck his head out the window to see Ryan sitting on the fire escape, looking sluggish.
"Hey, I'm about to make food. Close the window when you come back in, a storm is coming."

Isaac patted Louis on the shoulder as he made his way to the kitchen and grabbed a handful of ingredients out of the fridge.
Hope no one's allergic to anything, I mean, well, it'd be better than everything else going on

Simple burgers, nothing too extraordinaire, but ones that have gotten plenty of praise from dates and friends, so why not. As Isaac chopped and mix everything he needed, the fractals began to fade into his view, but were more refined. Instead of the smokey frames that seemed to cloud more than what he could actually see through them, it was more like a shard of glass with a border separating the different views. One blink, and he was looking over the ocean holding someone's hand. Isaac finished the patties and tossed them on the stove, while placing a small pot of oil on the stove next to it. Another blink, and he was staring at a computer screen with thousands of characters splattered in green text. Isaac grabbed a few plates and tossed the toppings and condiments onto the small island next to the stove, while tossing french fries into the oil. One more blink, and they were having a drink in a bar, and the last was staring towards the city, leaning against a metal rail.

And he blinked back to his view, and placed the finished burgers and fries to the side. He could see through numerous eyes, and still control his own actions. He can control numerous others, and his own actions.

What are the chances that three strangers meet within the span of a day or two, meet under odd circumstances, and the oddest of things happen.

Thunder began to roll over head.
Isaac shrugged and sighed, "Food's ready. If you want."
In Reform 3 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
As Louis began explaining, Isaac walked to his room and into the bathroom. Grabbing a tank top, jeans, and a towel from the closet, and proceeded to shower. Through out the shower, Isaac was thinking about how his migraines were gone. He'd been plagued with them for years, but it made him realize that one the rare days he didn't have a migraine, did he subconsciously control someone to relieve the pressure? Those days were rare and few, but a blessing when the pain subsided. Now the pain was no longer a problem, and he was aware he could control people, and see what they see.
Isaac stepped out and dried himself off, threw on his clothes and wiped the fog off the mirror.
There was some chatter, and a gradual silence. He didn't hear Louis or Ryan talking. No doors opening or closing, and the T.V. was still off.

Now is a good time to try out something.

Isaac looked deep into the mirror, breathed in, exhaled, and stared into his reflection's eyes. His vision began to shift like he was looking underwater, and then he saw a dimly lit room. Looking through eyes that were looking at Louis, slowly talking then slumping his head forward.

Isaac blinked back into his own head, "Shit."
He walked out quickly into the living room, "Ryan-" Isaac let out a massive yawn, "Why is-" Another yawn, "Dude-" and Isaac fell to the floor fast asleep.
In Reform 3 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
"With the inferno finally under control, the search for the men suspected of setting the fire is now underway-"
Isaac turned the T.V. off with the remote, "Maybe T.V. wasn't my best suggestion."
He looked back up at Louis and stood up, "You only gotta explain to him, but when we have time."
Isaac went to the kitchen to wash his hands, and retrieved the beer that Louis had placed on the coffee table and paced around the room, but not as anxiety-ridden as Louis had appeared to be. Tapping one finger against the beer bottle, Isaac would glance outside the window through the curtains. The clear night sky was obscured by heavy clouds, rolling thunder, and the wind carrying the faint sounds of the city down the streets.

Great, back in the spotlight. Well, not me at least.

A lone lamp and the overhead lights of the stove top illuminated the penthouse. The fact that Isaac could still suture up a wound in near darkness impressed him, but not enough to ignore the issue at hand. He began thinking of how his fight at the warehouse was abruptly ended, but not by the explosion. During that moment, he thought of hitting the guy in the throat, but as he thought it, the girl had clothesline him. Isaac controlled her, he had to, it wasn't just a coincidence, nor the first time.
If I can control one person, put a group in a trance, and see what others see, what else could I do? Who- no, how many can I control?

Isaac let out a long winded sigh and chugged the last of his beer, "Well we've all had a hell of a day, and I'm about to hop in the shower. Food is a thing we should do to. So while I'm showering, there's plenty in the fridge so help yourselves."

Suddenly, a stinging sensation surged around Isaac's elbow, and as he looked down, a part of skin was red, tender, and burnt.
I knew I couldn't have been that lucky.

"I hate to take control, but with all due respect, I'm gonna make a sturdy suggestion." Isaac said grabbing the other beer from the table and tossing it towards the man on the couch.

"And that is?" Louis asked.

"Well, doctor," Isaac sarcastically belched out, "Your face is now plastered on the news, you say your place burnt down, and so did some of the industrial park. SO you don't have many places to go."
Isaac then realized how harsh he sounded, "You can take the guest bedroom. If not, then you do what you do."

He then turned to the man still sitting on the couch, trying his best not to be heartless, "And you, whatever your name is, can take the office, there's a couch there and bedding in the closet. However, same rule applies. You can stay or leave, but you won't leave until we explain what happened."

Isaac tossed the bottle into the trash clear across the room. "Any objections?"
In Reform 7 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Isaac looked at Louis worriedly as helicopters, both police and fire department were flying towards the now blazing inferno.

Maybe we did hit a gas line.
The sky was slowly darkening as the sun was creeping under the horizon, black smoke rising to the stars.

"I have some medical stuff at my place. You don't look too bad, just banged up." Isaac said inspecting the biker, a few scrapes here and there, fresh bruises soon to form no doubt.
Holes littered Louis clothes more so than originally thought, a guilty feeling slowly surrounding Isaac. The three quickened their pace through the streets, making sure to take as many alleys and dim lit areas as the drug dealers and transients of the lower districts pushed pass them to either help subdue the fire, or to flee from it. None of these people had homes, but they were doing what they could to save what little they had.

"We have to fix this." Isaac muttered under his breath, upping his pace to a slight jog

"Not now." Louis whispered, following suit after

"How far to your place?" the biker asked as he caught up

Isaac looked up the buildings growing in height, "A few more blocks, near college avenue."

Within the roar of the city, people seemed unaffected by the fire. The usual chatter of shopping malls and coffee shops infected the air as the subtle crashing of the ocean waves hit the sea walls and piers. They turned onto the apartment block where Isaac's penthouse stood, and it was almost completely silent, except for the occasional car passing by. Just silence.
The three climbed the small set of stairs to the front door as Isaac entered the code on the keypad, Louis turned facing the street, making sure no one was looking at them. Isaac held the door open and nodded for the biker to enter the lobby, and the door closing behind the three.
The three stepped into the elevator, but as the doors closed, the fractals began to show glimpse of different parts of the city, the forever-awake skyscrapers, the calm of the suburbs, the scattered, smoldering buildings of the industrial park, and the grocery store of all places. The three got off on Isaac's floor. Normal sight returned. A sigh of relief left his mouth.

Isaac burst through his door and went straight for the fishing gear box still sitting unkempt on the coffee table. Isaac looked at Louis then quickly to the door, almost instinctively, Louis reacted with the same motion of Isaac's eyes.
Isaac set his eyes on the biker.
"So, take a seat, and we can begin."
In Reform 8 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
The air burned.
With each breath Isaac drew in, heat and ash filled his lungs. Isaac staggered and clutched his chest. It felt like Isaac was hit with a truck. He rubbed his eyes and the fractal disappeared, the man on the floor once yelling curses was charred across the right side of his body. The girl still standing was no better, her hair singed and skin penetrated with pieces of glass and stone. Neither moved and blood gingerly dripped from their lips and nose. They were either dead or critically injured, probably better off dead.

The wall was breached by a massive hole, water drenching Isaac as he searched for Louis. Isaac was breathing deep, as the dust began to dissipate as the sprinkler system continued for a little longer, then was reduced to drips.

The pipes are broken, but I can breathe.

Louis was staring at the hole in the wall, the blood and limbs coating any surface it could get on.
Isaac lifted Louis by his arms, "We're leaving, no one could've ignored that."

Cracks along the hole began to creep towards the ceiling as small chunks of what was left of the wall began to fall. Walking towards another exit, the sound of falling stone and dancing pipes rattled the air.
Once outside, Isaac and Louis sped up towards an empty field that overlooked the industrial park. The building lightly billowing smoke slowly gave way as the roof collapsed, the walls crumbling or falling in any direction that gravity pulled it in.

"Ok, so, no more buildings. Open air training for you."
Isaac put his hands on his head as the dust cloud that arose from the collapsed building resembled a mushroom cloud. A person that helped guide him through his younger years, now coated the dust and dirt of a destroyed building.

This is a new phase in life. Isaac thought to himself. The old gang died, and so did Isaac's old life.

Isaac placed a hand on Louis' shoulder.
"C'mon, let's grab a drink back at my place."
In Reform 8 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
"You're tellin' me. This is definitely a decent place to sleep for a night if needed, but," Isaac looked around the lightly creaking warehouse, "It's empty."

"Is that bad?" Louis asked, fidgeting with a hole in his jacket.

"Not bad, but not surprising. Since I left, they haven't had much luck by the looks of it." Dragging his finger across a broken industrial packing box, Isaac flipped it to a solid side, and gently sat on top. Three large windows on both sides of a two story warehouse beamed in light, illuminating the entire warehouse from the cold concrete floor.

"So," Isaac's voice echoed, "Let's talk about what you can do."

Louis looked down at his hands, "We figured out something in your apartment."

"Yes, you have the ability to go boom. But that can't be it," Isaac responded, while rubbing his eyes. "If it is, you'll do phenomenally in the military."

Louis smirked and began pacing back and forth, and almost clapped his hands together, but stopped and put his hands by his side. Isaac leaned back, and sighed with a smile.
"You're gonna put me on edge man," Isaac relaxed his back "But I suppose I should tell you a little about me, since you told me some stuff about you in my apartment."

Isaac hopped up and began walking lightly around Louis, "I kinda began in a pretty crap place. Y'know, bad house, bad neighborhood, and bad people all around. But I always had more motivation, so I did good in school, got picked on, the usual."
Isaac began looking at the ceiling towards the damaged industrial lights, "When I wanted to go to college, I needed a way to fund it, so me and a few old pals got together and sold the usual street stuff. It grew into a manufacturing thing, then somehow splintered into nothing more than a bunch of thieves."
He began to fidget one hand in his pocket and another on the bridge of his nose, "Not, not my greatest achievement, but I got in school and paid it all in cash. Now the school pays me to do research. So now I'm banking and the others-"


Isaac and Louis spun around, their eyes met with four strangers, dressed in ragged jackets and jeans.
"If I remember right, despite a pounding ass headache, that 'I would be safer in jail'?"
Isaac stepped in front of Louis, "Matt, listen-"
"No, no no no. You don't get to speak." One of the male strangers spoke out in a familiar tone.
"Big shot kiddo leavin' us in the dirt. Mista big money bags ain't good no mo' to his real friends." Another male stranger hissed with a growl.
"We had faith in you man, we believed in you. Now you're running with some half-wit piece of sh-" The last female voice muttered

"HEY!" Louis barked.

"Calm down pup, you ain't worth it," Matt hissed "But he is. Go snag his ass."

Two of the figures moved forward around the beams of light from the windows, Isaac slowly moved away from Louis and lined up with the two figures in the shadows. About 10 feet from Louis, Isaac could feel his blood running, adrenaline surging through his body, ready for fight. Isaac's vision split into fractals, but no vibrations this time.
Ok, ok, ok, now isn't the time, but hell, I suppose I can't ignore it now. Isaac thought to himself quickly as he concentrated on the person to his right. The fractal morphed into a view point, but now in Isaac's eye, he was looking at himself, getting closer and closer.
Isaac then solely focused on that image. I'm, I'm seeing myself getting closer. I'm in her head.

Time seemed to slow down, Isaac noticed every twitch she was making. She made a quick look down and shook her head ever-so-slightly.
He was in and she knew something was off.

The headache. Louis. Matt. Now her.

Isaac began to flex his hand, and he noticed that the girl was flexing her hand too. With each clenching grip he made, so did she. Time sped back up, and Isaac stood firm, pulling his fist back to strike.

Without missing a beat, the girl continued walking forward, but her head went limp, rolled, and came back up. She swung her arm around and clothes-lined her partner, connecting to his lower neck, slamming him to the ground on his back.
Sluggishly and limp, she loosely stood there.
The fractal in his vision showing the man on the floor, holding the back of his head.
The man yelling curses through her darkened eyes.

I can work with this.
In Reform 9 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
"I think I'm a walking bomb."

Isaac stood on the sidewalk, staring at people all around them, wondering what would happen if Louis activated his 'power.' Isaac swallowed the lump in his throat, "So, no more mexican food for you." Isaac chuckled, but quickly remembering what could happen.

"And listen, I'll do what I can to help you. I mean, I don't know what's going on with you, but I'm sure we can find a bomb disposal suit I can start wearing."

Not looking at Louis, Isaac was trying to think of a good place to go, a secluded open field, or a massive warehouse. Some place that if any causalities happen, it'll just be the two of them.

"The industrial park." Isaac said quickly, almost surprised by himself. The sides of his vision were vibrating, with a vague image of an abandoned cooling tower. The view point looked up, then down to a pad and paper.
That's not me.
Isaac lifted and looked at his hand, but in the corner of his eye, the pad and paper went down the he saw another person's hand. He snapped back and shook his hand. He looked at Louis with a hesitant smile, "At the industrial park, we can at least play any mishaps off as a gas leak."
In Reform 9 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
"We? Us?" Isaac said with a slight bewildered tone, "That would explain the explosion in your hands, and a newly dirty house." He continued, picking up trinket after trinket. "But, this would explain a lot. On the boardwalk, my migraine did go away. For the first time in years."

Isaac and Louis finished straightening the room back to its original scene, "And lets not clap your hands, at least not in here."

"Understood, sorry about that." Lou said with a slight smirk

"Now that grocery store explosion, I was living on the other side of town, and I just got home that night from work. But I remember seeing the bright flash and the smoke billowing. Everyone in the building thought it was a gas leak, an old neighbor of mine, a veteran, said it reminded him of a type of weapon that uses the air around it to not only create the explosion, but an intense fire and heat."

Isaac's eyes shifted around the room, and went to grab his house keys.
"C'mon, let's get out of here. Don't want anymore accidents."
In Reform 9 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
"Wait." Isaac called out to the open door, and Louis stopped He actually stopped "What do you mean it's not the first time."
Isaac's vision began to vibrate ever-so-slightly, and a small fractal in the corner of Isaac's eye began to see part of the hallway, then faded to normal sight.
"I-" Isaac stuttered as he put the table back to it's upright position "I think we need to talk man."
He stopped and breathed in deep, "What happened at the boardwalk, I had a migraine and I was writhing in pain, and all of a sudden, I could see other places, but like, it's not me seeing it."
Isaac sat on the now lightly dusted couch, "And before you tackled me, everyone was frozen, but they-they weren't themselves. When I moved, so did they."
In Reform 9 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
The shock wave pushed against Isaac and lost his footing, slipping and slamming against the wall. The coffee table and medical supplies strewn across the floor. The books and tv skewed, and a gentle cloud of smoke hovering around the room. Wide-eyed and coughing, "What the shit was that man?" Isaac lifted himself up and lifted an arm towards Louis, "You ok?"
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