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Anxiety levels way too high at the moment.
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Well fuck.... Laptop has wiped itself clean. Hopefully I can somehow get my photo's and documents back..
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Well fuck.... Laptop has wiped itself clean. Hopefully I can somehow get my photo's and documents back..


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Just a little bump...cause I’ve got some free time coming up.
Not my usual theme, but I’m certainly interested in this....
Hey there Roleplayers!

I’ve come back after some lengthy time away, all refreshed and ready to jump back in. So as I sat there contemplating the plethora of plots wanted to write I had a thought, Why not try something different?

I’ve always enjoyed writing short stories starting from prompts or images, so why not build a roleplay around these. At the very at least it could open up a good discussion between myself and my partner in order to create a rp.

The idea is a character starts the rp with one of the quotations and the scene is built from from there. So here is a short compilation of a few I think could be interesting.

Aside from the prompts above I would really like to rp original characters within Destiny 2 universe, I have a few little plots which I’d be happy to share.

Character development
I prefer developing original characters, even in fandoms. There is something satisfying when a character comes together with all their little idiosyncrasies. Dysfunctional and flawed characters especially those who are morally grey or those who do a Heel-Face-Turn (yes, I could browse through TV Tropes all day) are my utter favourite types.

I’m open to pretty much anything. Some of my favourites are Sci-Fi (Dystopian, Cyberpunk, Futuristic), Urban Fantasy (Modern day, Low Magic, World Of Darkness) and some Fantasy (Medieval).

As for posting size I’m not one of those people who demand six or more paragraphs every post. It can vary from scene to scene but I do prefer quality over quantity. Working full time with a busy schedule outside this makes my posting speed vary too, so I would prefer to write with someone who is a little more relaxed and not demanding a post every day (I’m here to enjoy writing not make it a drain).

What else can I throw in here... ahh yes I’d like to keep it all 18+ because I will include mature themes in my Rp’s but all that will be discussed beforehand. Oh communication is essential! I love to chat and go back and forth with ideas. Hell I love to chat in general, so please don’t be shy :)

I honestly could go on and on but I better wrap it up. If any of this tickles your fancy or you have other ideas that might be appealing , please send a PM.

Happy writing :D
Thanks for the add, loving the sound of it all :D
@Witch Cat Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with Rp etiquette (even general etiquette) or lack there of on this site.... That's just my opinion anyway
Who's Mike Pence?
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The Following in my pants....
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