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I'm Aurum. I'm new to the site but not new to writing or roleplaying, and, using the categories here, I'd say I fit squarely in the ranks of the Advanced section. I prefer a mix of wrenching realism and fantastic settings in my writing and I'm looking for experienced writers with strong voices. My ideal partners will be comfortable with mature themes, happy to play as many side characters as we need, and excited to help build our plot and settings. Right now, I'm interested in fxf pairings, though I will occasionally play mxf. And if we write together, feel free to chat! I'm really a laid back partner, and I like to get to know the people I write with.


Fantasy (High/Dark/Low/Urban/Magical Realism)
Post Apocalyptic
Retold Fairy Tales


The Witching Hour; An Urban Fantasy:I would love to write a story about modern-day witches navigating both adult life and the hidden realm of the occult. Perhaps they could be from opposing families or members of the same coven.

A Cross-Genre Fairy Tale: I recently finished watching the Shannara Chronicles, and it has left me eager to build my own fantasy within a post-apocalyptic world. Perhaps the resurgence of magic led to the end of our world and the birth of a fantasy realm in its ruins... I'm also happy to play a Tribal/Post-apocalyptic cross like Horizon Zero Dawn or in more standard post-apocalyptic settings.

Unalike; A Dark Fantasy: I'd love to do a fantasy story based around the rulers of two dissimilar peoples who are forced to work together to face a larger threat. Alternatively, we could do two very different characters within the same kingdom that have to come together to save it. They might face war, or manmade plague, or nightmarish monsters.

Things I am Always in a Mood For:

Cyberpunk! I don't currently have a prompt for this, but I will always be up for cyberpunk stories.
Unlikely heroes/Unlikely friends/Unlikely lovers

If you're interested in any of these ideas or if you think we would make good partners and you have your own ideas, send me a PM! I'm looking forward to it.
Thank you all!
One easygoing scribbler, at your service. I'm looking forward to spinning yarns with those of you interested in my sort of stories.
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