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Solomon laughed with a smile. "It was nice for that old man to teach you so much. Not the first teacher, but the one selling oranges. Your story of learning how money works is better than how i came to know the value of copper. It's a bit how yours was... but i sort of ran before i could get the price on the 'orange,' so to speak." He admitted. "I was sort of on the low end of things growing up. Saw life through a gutter until i learned the value of picking something up in one place and putting it down somewhere else. Thus, I became a courier and messenger boy." He finished with a smile

Solomon remained reluctant to tell the rest of his story. It was already enough confessing that the girls' hero was at one point a thief. That was all they needed to know for now, especially given the good mood they were all sharing."Anyways, how about we stop by the food stalls? We could get the ingredients we need for our later meal, and maybe i buy a few oranges for us?" He offered.
Alrighty. I was planning for Solomon to remain oblivious for laughs, but for the sake of a rather curious scenario you're planning up, I'll reconsider that.

Also, it's perfectly fine. It gave me time to thing about how to better my writing for this roleplay in particular.
Solomon nodded in agreement, incredibly oblivious to both the dung and the hostile feelings the other two were feeling towards each other. He looked around the town as he answered. "It's larger than most, with a good sized market, a number of blacksmiths... I wish I visited this place during my courier runs!" Solomon smiled at Amalthea. "Did you ever visit markets like this before recent events? Forgive me, but until i met you, I always thought of royalty as kings and queens sitting comfortably on a throne for hours on end. You've proven me wrong of course, but..." He trailed off, his question still standing. If he said more, he thought he would be saying a bit too much.
Incredibly sorry it took me so long.
Solomon's cheeks showed a bit of color. "Well because I-" He is then interrupted by Amalthea, giving him a little bit of an invitation to join her in some shopping. He stammered for a bit, being a bit overwhelmed. "I- uh- yeah. Alright. It has been a while since I have visited a larger shopping area." Solomon nods. "Rose, would you like to join us?" He asks. The last thing he wanted to happen was make anyone feel like they were being left out, though he remained somewhat unaware of any other motives the girls had other than enjoying themselves.

Sorry. I have been dealing with writing fatigue. Ill put something up tomorrow
Solomon shook his head with a smile on his face. "It said, and I am going to paraphrase, 'I had relations with your sister.' From the guilty look his sister gave him as he read it, it wasn't just a groundless insult. With that said, the recipient lord did not believe in the idea of not shooting the messenger, and I had to flee his land. I have not set foot on even the farms under his control since. From what a fellow courier in the fold told me, he has a portrait of me in a black book he carries. This courier also told me I am not the only courier in it. The feud had been that petty and laden with so many angry messages back and forth." Solomon laughed.

"Sorry about that. It's not too often I have someone to tell a story to. It's refreshing." It bears no need repeating that he was enjoying Rose's company,
Who would use a ring and a phrased riddle to hide secrets like that? Solomon questioned Rose's words silently, the true meaning of what she said escaping him. Couriers: quick on the dirt; slow in the head.

Then Rose began to tell her story. Of all upbringings, he did not expect her to be of noble descent, not even a poorer noble. After mentioning her parents dying in the war, his smile was replaced by a pitying frown. "I'm sorry to hear about your parents. People tend to forget both sides lost loved ones." He sighed. Solomon knew a thing or two about loss, and was certainly no stranger to it. Everyone lost someone in that war. You could see it in the eyes of most of those that survived the front lines.

After going over her parents' death, Solomon couldn't help but notice a sort of enthusiasm towards her talk of studying healing magic and alchemy. "It's a noble study. While I'm more of a physical creature, I cant help but have some fascination in studies like that."

Once she asked about him again, his eyes lit up. Not enough people could possibly ask about his courier work before he was finished telling every tale. "I've had clients from all over. Nobles, Commoners. Warriors, scholars. Everyone needs a message delivered every so often." Solomon started. "I've gotten too many special deliveries to count. There was a surprise delivery to a brothel... I should probably not start with that one..." I hope she never asks about that one again. He chuckled. "How about this one? I was told to deliver a sealed letter. From one posh noble to another. The delivery almost got me killed, by both bandits AND the recipient. Apparently, the letter had a simple sentence on there, but it was laden with so many insults that I wouldn't dare repeat them in your company." For once in a blue moon, Solomon was enjoying himself in conversation. For someone that stabbed him not too long ago, Rose was rather agreeable, but Solomon could not help but feel a wave of anxiety when he looked into her eyes. Was it the fact those were the last things he saw before he died, or another reason entirely?
"At first, I was easily tired by a couple of miles, but If you keep your mind set on something like the sights and all that. As a courier, your head is either in the clouds as you travel, or you're facing some bandits wanting to auction off your deliveries. Haven't lost a delivery yet, though. Apparently, that's rare enough for me to be one of the more reliable couriers." Despite his rather humble nature, he couldn't help but have a little boast here and there given the rare opportunity to explain his work. He noticed he might be boasting a bit too much at the moment and cleared his throat.

"Anyways, how about you, Rose? I'd certainly like to know more about you." He smiled at her warmly.

Yeap. Totally not a date. Just a guy asking a girl who killed him about herself.
Yeah. Sounds like a great idea for a plot.
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