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3 mos ago
Current I am going to log out and create a new account with the name .. Kai Chisaki
3 mos ago
I dont know how to change my name but my username is Sai Chisaki ( Overhaul)
3 mos ago
About to go to bed here soon I will change my Status when I am online
3 mos ago
Trying to figure out how to get live wallpaper on my chromebook
3 mos ago
I am in a good mood right now lol


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So Far the only one that is taken is Hawks
HI and welcome all you have to do is let me know which character from My Hero Academia you want to be and I will Approve!!
can you please send my a PM so i can read it again please??
Do I have to fill out a character sheet??
Dabi was out walking around at night and he went and sat under a tree and layed there.
right now i dont have anything to say for this.
I will be waiting for someone to join please join in..
may i join the rp??))
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