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Will try and have something tomorrow. Thinking turian, Krogan or drell.
Still looking. A Turian or a Krogan sounds appealing.
Me too
Greetings everyone. First off I'm not a new roleplayer just one that's been away for a while and a bit rusty but wanting to write again with anyone that is willing. I'm looking for something in the Star Wars universe. Maybe something in the Old Republic? Perhaps a Jedi and a Padawan shortly after Darth Malgus's attack on the Jedi temple? Or a Sith and an acolyte during and after the attack. Or maybe Bane's rule of two or two Jedi during the clone wars leading up to and after Order 66? I'm not picky on gender just be understanding that my time can be rather limited at times and have patience. Hit me up if this sounds like your cup of tea.
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