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She comes to his country on vacation to a family wedding and decides to blow off some steam with the local 'flavor' and find a plus one for the wedding that she's come for. Meeting a gentleman who was more than willing to oblige her steamy desires, both of them more than slightly inebriated and go back to his place. Actually, besides their lustful moment, there is a major connection between the two and she decides to stay with him a bit longer. During her time with him, she actually starts thinking this could be something serious.
It started at the tournament for the kings name day. Two young souls were enthralled at the very sight of each other, the truest instance of love at first sight. Nearly unseperable during the tournament,even asking for her favors during his turn in the joust. There was no harming in such an act, especially between the children of powerful dukes.

After the tournament they were forced to part ways, that didn't stop them from at least communicating or having secret escapades to see each other. Tired of the secrecy, he built the courage and travelled to her home. It would end in despair for the young Lord as he came to find out she was already promised to another, the kings cousin in fact.

Leaving with no hope of what he had promised his love, he abandoned her with the knowledge her marriage was imminent. Withdrawing all communication with her. Retiring back to his home in sorrow.

As the years passed he married in time, continuing his family's legacy. Abstaining from the celebrations of her marriage and son. Claiming illness, avoiding any confrontation with her now husband.

Surviving two wars but lost his entire family in only a years time. His brothers and father in the last war, his sister to a drunk physician delivering her child and his wife to sickness. Leaving both his soul and body scarred. The only known soft spots is crude and sometimes twisted humor and his young daughter who is his world.

She was mad at both her father and her young lover. Hating but still loving them both. Cursed to endure a fate that she she didn't want.

Cementing her place among the royals with the birth of her son. As time continued for her. She endured the wars as any lady could, but the second war would claim her husband's life.

As a free woman again she would decide if she wanted to marry again, which didn't seem likely since she was also her son's regent until he came of age.

A new king was being crowned and a royal marriage in the capital. A tourney was also be held in celebration of the event.  She was preparing to go as well until a raven came.

Her young love was on his way to the capital too. Asking if he could stay one to rest his people before the grand festivities. Allowing him to stay and see a friendly or what she hoped would be friendly considering what he had endured.

Looking for a lady to help me get this off the ground. 2 paragraphs at least is all I ask. I don't usually post on weekends mostly during the week. Pm me if you're interested.
Count me in.

I will try and make mine tonight or tomorrow morning. Depends on if I'm working a double or not.
Ok cause I'm debating between Artemis, Helios, Njord or Tyr.
We going to let the virgin gods/goddess have children. Like Artemis and Athena?
Maybe have it unified but have a sudden eastern or western front.
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