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6 mos ago
Current My fellow roleplay enthusiasts, I've decided to take a step back from roleplaying due to personal issues. Nothing dramatic or noteworthy really; but apologies to those Im roleplaying with for the news
6 mos ago
Massive personal crisis has arisen in real-life! Apologies to all my roleplay partners! I may be offline for a few days/weeks!
7 mos ago
I suppose its only fair that the 30-40 year old women roleplaying here get a shout-out, as they routinely produce better writing and storylines than professional directors ever could.
7 mos ago
My worst habit is checking this site when I first wake up, despite knowing I'm way too tired to actually reply to anyone yet! But at least I have something to look forward to later!
7 mos ago
It appears I've transitioned from enjoying dark storylines to more light-hearted ones, and I'm surprised by how much more I'm enjoying roleplays now! I'm glad I tried something new, would recommend!


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DELETUSER7284 8 mos ago
I do; keep the direction of the story optimistic in spite of frequent obstacles and make sure your leads are likable. Also, one way you can never go wrong with lightening the mood is through humor! Lots of humor.
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