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Ryuko frowned, and crossed her arms. "What? You're saying this isn't even my world? That's a pain in the ass... Well where are we then?" She looked around and quickly determined they were in some kind of old building, but she had no clue what she would find outside. Not her world... so would the sky be red? The moon the only source of light? Did they eat ice cubes and drink tree bark here? Who could possibly know just how weird this new world could be. Little did she know, it was pretty much identical to her own, just different layout for where everything went. "Alright then, I guess our first move should be to meet the other Masters and Servants we'll be fighting with, and then get out there and win us a war right? But you're the Master so I'll follow your lead."

It wouldn't be long before the fighting began, and considering Servants were being brought from other realities, other universes... things were going to get interesting. The true names didn't seem to matter, unless there was potentially someone they knew out there. She couldn't rule out the possibility that she could run into someone like Satsuki or Nui in a battlefield like this. It was just too obvious. But she would have been lying if she tried to claim she wasn't excited to find out.
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Ryuko grinned at that. He had a sort of look about him that gave off an "Older mentor" type of feel. Sure, he wasn't actually that old, but to Ryuko who in this form was only 18, he was almost twice her age. "I also can't die in normal ways. Lop off my head, it will just reattach itself. Same with arms, legs, stab me and it won't do anything. Rip my heart out... as long as there is a single strand of Life Fiber connecting something to my heart it will reattach itself and completely heal in a matter of seconds. I can limit this healing so it does it over time, which is often a good idea because, well..." She thought of how to explain it for a moment. "Here's the deal. I don't die like any other Servant like I said. Another Servant, you cut their head off, they die. You stab them enough, they did. Pierce their heart, their brain, their lungs. It all effects them as it would a normal person. But me, I just shrug all that off. The Life Fibers hold me together. They are threads, like sewing thread. The very same threads my uniform is made entirely out of. And, no normal weapon can cut it. Only special weapons like my own can halt the regeneration of life fibers. They grow back just as fast as you slice through them, so it's impossible to cut them. But, it's not all good news. My regeneration takes up mana. So as I'm sure you can figure out, the more hits I take, the more I have to draw from your mana to not die. The more mana I use, the less mana I have for my noble Phantasm. And if you run out entirely, no more regeneration for me. Berserkers are durable, but every one of us has our limits."

She took a deep breath and leaned back. "So, now THAT is the last bit of information. Something less important..." She looked down at her uniform. "Introduce yourself."

A fairly deep voice rang out as if it was coming from Ryuko, but nothing moved. "I'm Senketsu, a Kamui. I'm an outfit made entirely out of Life Fibers, so I myself am my own being. It's nice to meet you, I hope we'll get along well." It was clear he was trying pretty hard to be very formal and friendly.

Ryuko had a big, pride filled grin on her face. "Yeah, talking clothes. You should be able to hear him but nobody else can. I mean I can but, you know, I mean just us. This is my partner and now I guess you are too. Oh and you aren't some kind of perv or anything are you? When I transform to fight, I'm not exactly wearing a whole lot. It's part of this whole thing about me and Senketsu becoming one. He becomes my skin basically, but to anyone who doesn't understand it, just looks like I'm in some kind of slut suit or something."
She as long past her shame in wearing Senketsu. It had taken a long time, but eventually it happened. And now she had no issue putting him on even in front of a thousand people if it came to it. Because she knew she was safe, and stronger than anyone could hope to be as long as she was wearing him. Although, the last thing her Master said made her tilt her head in curiosity.

"Huh? Seriously? You've never heard of me? Ryuko Matoi, literally saved the entire world?" The Grail had given her information she needed. Namely that she was one of three who would fight side by side. However, it had not graced her with the knowledge that this wasn't even her world. Grails were tricky like that.
Ryuko watched the man curiously, and his reactions told her one thing. He didn't know what to make of her. That conclusion may have been true or false, but it was the feeling she was getting regardless. "I'm getting the feeling you're not sure about me. I know most of my class are typically mindless beasts and the power houses of Servant-kind. I might not look like much, but trust me, I don't know any other Servant stronger." Perhaps a bit of a stretch but she didn't want to sound like she wasn't confident. "Now I know what you're probably thinking. You're wondering how some 'little girl' could possibly be a Berserker. Well..." She had one sure fire way to prove herself to him and, perhaps rid him of doubt. She took her hand, laid her fingers flat, and the man would see her outfit open a little hole in the center of her chest. She took her hand, and stabbed it straight in. This might seem like it would be beyond painful, but she didn't even flinch. And moments later, she pulled out her heart with literally glowed with redish orange light.

"This is my heart, and I'm sure it doesn't take some kind of scientist to see it's not normal. Aside from the fact I'm perfectly fine with pulling my heart from my chest." She let go of the heart, and it was immediately pulled back inside, and the hole closed up in a matter of seconds. "My body is made out of life fibers, a sort of living material. While I was already powerful before, being a Servant has made me even stronger." She brought her hand up, pointing at him. "So don't underestimate me! But also, we should talk about why it is that I'm a Berserker." She took a deep breath as she went on explaining. This was all things she thought needed to be up front, before they were around anyone else. Servants typically came with all the knowledge they needed, and that included knowledge of the fact she was now one of three to fight together. "I have an extremely powerful Noble Phantasm. Instead of a specific attack or ability or some other crap, it just makes me a hell of a lot stronger than I already am. But it'll tax your mana harshly, and if I stay in that form too long, well... that's when you find out why I'm a Berserker. Only death, or a Command Seal could pull me out of the form. So let's not have that happen yeah?"

She took a deep breath once more as if she had been talking too long, and planted her hands on her hips. "So, I think that's about all you need to know. Sorry to bore you with a big list of crap you should know but it's best you find out now. I don't like my Phantasm but if you decide we should use it, I won't argue. Just a pain in the ass to lose a Command Seal over it." She clearly wasn't one for being subtle, or ladylike. She wasn't one for class either, for that matter.
With the usual dramatic flash of light, and the blat of energy throughout the room, the summoning was complete. Everything died down, and finally, standing in the center of the room was... a schoolgirl? The catalyst was gone, and yet it was nowhere on this Servant's person that was visible. She wore a sailor uniform typical of many academies, and was fairly short portraying her age. Everything about her seemed to just be... young. Her hair was black, with a single red strip, and her uniform had a strange design on the scarf. But beyond all this, the only thing that seemed strange about her was that she was so plain and simple.

And her first action was to... let out a long, deep yawn as she half covered her mouth and then rubbed her eye. If Ansgar had made sure he would get a Berserker, he might be questioning if it worked considering this girl didn't look like she could punch harder than a child. Although, she did have a strange glove on her left hand with a wring around her wrist, and something attached to it. There was definitely more going on with this girl the further into her character one looked, but it wasn't entirely clear what.

When she finally spoke, she had the most dull, bored-sounding voice one could have. "You're my Master then? You look a bit older than usual. Maybe that's a good thing..." She pulled her hannds up above her head in a deep stretch as she bent from side to side. "Lucky you, you got yourself a Berserker." The final part of the contract was sharing names. For the moment, each summoning was happening in a different room, so they didn't need to worry about names getting out. "I'm Ryuko Matoi, and the name of my Master is...?"
Team lists are updated with the randomized two pairs.

Ryan Vale's Servant will be Pandora's Actor
Muhammad Avdol's Servant will be Vaybe Aurelius.

A new Grail War had begun in a small port city called Goldcrest. It wasn't huge, it wasn't tiny, it was just right to cause problems with the residents. This was the sort of city where you could expect theaters, shopping malls, and large businesses, but also expect to see historical buildings like the ancient castle atop the hill, or the stone defenses around the port. It was a big tourist attraction, which for a Grail War was an issue... but such was the way of these Wars. They weren't meant to be easy.

Many mages had been chosen from all over the world to fight for the right to make a wish on the Grail, and they had been sectioned off into teams of three. Seven total teams, making for twenty-one total Master/Servant combinations that would be taking part in the war. It wasn't made clear if the whole team would win the Grail, or if the last team standing would have to then fight its own members to decide the last Master standing, but what was known is that the Servants being summoned were very unnatural.

One team reported their Servants were normal Heroic Spirits of Legend, though they gave no names. However, every other team thus far reported that their Servants were "Not of this world". What that means is not yet known, but they say that their Servants have no place in History and they have never heard of them before. Apparently, some of them have no idea what Earth even is.

Now, three Masters, Ansgar Staudinger, Ryan Vale, and Muhammad Avdol have been chosen for Team Red and they are the final team to summon their Servants, the beings that will be their guardians for this war, their weapons, and their companions. The three are guided to a chapel, considered "Holy Ground" where the war may not take place. They are free to summon their Servants in peace here, but it has been made clear to them that the moment they leave the grounds of the chapel, the war has begun.

The circles are drawn, and the Servants are ready. These Masters simply need but to reach out and offer a contract.
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