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Iddin: Sand, less yourself be freed from working in the holy grace of Zuzu. Foes, I bring a curse upon you again. See not my allies! Allies, I bring a blessing upon you again. Strike clearly and swiftly, missing not the slightest stroke!

Iddin calms from his fervor. He seems slightly more collected now, but his staggering movements are still stiff and offputting.

Iddin moves six tiles to 17-24, passively activating Inspiration.
Occurs prior to the above post.

Iddin: Go forth and grant blessings to the one before you! Drink of his blood, and form a body anew! Leave no mark of enemy strikes, the wear of the world! Pathetic sand, and pathetic mortal, let your existence be elevated closer to Zuzu. Under my strength I command this man reborn!

Iddin sways alarmingly towards Etor. He shrieks his commands, a howling wind. The priest seems possessed by passion and fury in the moment. It as if an avatar of the burning sun is advancing on the battlefield.

Iddin moves six tiles to 21-20, healing 5 health for Etor.
Iddin: Let my speech command yet another blessing from my God. Sand, gather! Form together to my comrade's flesh! Burn with heat, far greater than the heat of the sun, the heat of my conviction and the heat of your true nature. Be born anew, now so resplendent as to throw the sun's own light back! Learn the whispers of the body you are now attached to. Become the shape of what was lost!

Iddin advances in a bizarre stride akin to a dance that lacked rhythm but preserved some strange flow. His staff screams its strange harmony with the wind. Each wild stomp throws sand into the air, and it flies to task. At last Iddin stands next to Lyun, the task done. He scans with a jerking motion of the whole body for the next man to heal.

Iddin moves five tiles to 21-26, healing 3 health for Lyun.
Iddin: "At last I free you from your bindings, spell. Be free until I once again call upon your power." Iddin locks eyes on Zarif, seeing the rider's injuries. It is finally time to show these devious creatures the power of Zuzu. Perhaps, then, they could regret their wretched existence in their final moments.

Iddin strides purposefully to Zarif, preparing his spell. His staff is carefully waved in arcs alongside his steps, the wind melodically rushing through glass tubes. The whole movement creates a bizarre rhythm, some call completely alien to his fellow mercenaries. Sand whips into the air as Iddin takes his final stride and swings his staff to but an inch before Zarif's chest. "Let Zuzu grant his mercy and heal your wounds with the flesh of his own creation!" The sand flies mercilessly into even the most minor of injuries and cauterizes them with intense heat. The grains melt to glass to fill in where skin, muscle, and bone are absent. And with a glimmer of light reflecting the sun, the glass is gone in a moment and replaced with the very parts it was replacing.

Iddin turns to Ashür, eyes sharp with condemnation. "The words of pathetic deities are achievable by even the most disgusting of scum. They fall before the greater gods, still."

Iddin moves three tiles to 16-26, healing 6 health for Zarif.
Iddin: "I call again upon my arts! Be blinded, hideous blue marks on Zuzu's realm! Be bolstered, companions against this plight! Incantation, last further still and stay stalwart as a ziggurat against the sand. Your time of release comes with my first breath of another enchantment." Iddin takes deep, anticipatory breaths as he follows his allies into the breach. No matter how many times he encountered battle, he couldn't be rid of the raging adrenaline in his veins.

Iddin moves six tiles to 16-29, passively triggering Inspiration.
Iddin: "As we approach the foe, let our faith be found unwavering. I call upon protection further, and forevermore as I can hold to my rites. Let us proceed under protection. Know our foes are evil, and we aim to be pure. As a priest, I promise to grant my god gifts in gratitude for any small degree of empathy." Iddin continues to rhythmically chant as he follows Lyun closely, seeing the foes are still a bit further away.

Iddin moves six tiles to 13-32, passively triggering Inspiration.

Iddin: ”May Zuzu grant a gift to those nearby his sworn servant. As long as I maintain my chant, bring forth blessings. See that my allies strike true, unhampered in the precision of their strikes. Let it be so that their foes, wretchedly without devotions, have blurred eyes and traitorous arms. Til I cast another rite, remain unbroken!

Iddin lightly steps forward, not as much as disturbing a twig, accompanying his allies.

Iddin moves six tiles to 7-32, passively triggering Inspiration.

Iddin-ninshubur: "Disgusting creatures, those Yeeks. Forever forsaken from proper subservience the gods, pointlessly wrenching their fetid life from the landscape. This blight crossing the eyes of Zuzu is a grave happening indeed. We must see to their immediate destruction. Now then, for strategy."

The air is filled with a strangely harmonious ringing as Iddin-ninshubur draws his staff, delicately ornamented with an engraved glass orb and grip. "It would be prudent to wage three fronts, I should agree with Etor. We should have Zarif engage whatever archers or mysticists they may have in the fore of their formation, and then ensure all ranged foes at the walls of the fort are taken care of. I would then recommend Lyun and Siris form a direct assault on the fort. Etor, Makeen, and Ashür could then cooperate on flanking the enemy. As long as able, positioning yourselves near myself will allow me to enhance your abilities. Therefore I recommend maintaining a formation until first contact, and then splitting. I will likely support Lyun and Sirius as a healer intially.


-------STATISTICS------- -------MASTERIES-------
| VIT -- 15 | 20% | BLADES -- E
| MGT -- 1 | 05% | POLEARMS -- E
| SKI -- 1 | 05% | AXES/BLUNT -- E
| SPD -- 5 | 65% | BOWS/RANGED -- D
| SRT -- 15 | 100% | THEURGY -- D
| MND -- 1 | 05% | MYSTICISM -- N/A
| LUK -- 7 | 100% |

Secondary Statistics
WGT -- 0
ACC -- 2
AVO -- 2
RES -- 25
CRT -- ??

- INSPIRATIONAL -- Allied units within 3 spaces get +10 Hit/Avoid during the phase you take the 'Wait' command.
- MIRACLE -- 3xLCK% chance of lethal attacks reducing you to one VIT rather than zero. Only effective when above 1 VIT.

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