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Mage: the Ascension.
I am interested, but I feel that I need an overview of some things.

Some stuff have been made plenty clear - the Yozis and Neverborn were going to wreck Creation1, and the Scarlet Empress had sold out to them, but the peoples of Creation - with the help of the Fair Folk - managed to defeat both groups of fallen Primordials, in exchange for the Fae getting all of Creation outside of the Blessed Isle.
(I guess the Fair Folk only helped Creation since they want to keep their old playground?)

The Realm is but a shadow of its former self, as are the Dragonblood Houses and the Immaculate Order, and the Exalted themselves are quite few in number compared to before.
My question is - what is the goal of the characters? is there a set goal to this campaign, like rebuilding or saving The Blessed Isle, or do we just set up our own goals as we go along?

I have a character concept ready, if you want to see it.

1 (I assume that the Yozis aided the Neverborn, thinking that their undead brethren might be reborn as Primordials if the one thing binding them - i.e. the world they created - was destroyed, and so could the Primordials be a (relatively) restored Pantheon and create the known universe all over again?)
Intruiging game concept, and I admit myself tempted. It's been a while since last I played Exalted.
Fnipper the Acolyte.
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