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@littleone - No. The world would not be better off without you. Those who know you will greatly miss you. Hang in there. Sometimes it might not seem like it but you mean a lot to those who love you.
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I'm alive. I'm going to see if I can get back into a bit more active. I have a good feeling about this year but then again, it just started so :/ lol
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Currently alive....for whatever that is worth.
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I'm in the process of moving so I'm currently a bit CrAzY at the second. Hopefully, I'll be back to normal reply schedule soon (after the move and the insanity of getting basic unpacking done)
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Been sick for two weeks. Not fun at all :/ Just FYI


Current Status (updated 11.10.20):
I'm still alive. Slowly trying to get enthusiasm back into writing - well most things really.
As much as I love stories, probably not going to accept any additional requests for roleplays.
I don't want to start something and then have it die. My mental capacity is in a cycle - some days I feel like I can start writing and others, I'm back to completely fried.
Anyway ~

Thanks for checking in.

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The explosions rocked the town, even as Abigail found herself dragged to a rowboat. She glared at her captors as she did her best to retain her dignity and pride. In the boat she held her head high, keeping the fear of what was to come as well as the fear of getting killed in the raging fight, from her face. She was surprised that the fight was still going on. The pirates must have come fairly prepared though even with the surprise attack they had to be stupid. One didn't attack a British fort with just one ship. Especially one this. Even with the surprise attack, Port Royale was a pretty strong defensive place and as the garrison quickly responded, they would push the pirates out.

Part of this was evident in the town. From where she could see, Abigail noted that the other rowboats were pulling away from the town even as British regulars came down from the garrison slowly regaining control. Shame it had taken them too long. If she survived this, she'd probably have to give them some points on how improving their response time. IF she survived.

The thought brought a chill down her spine. Her best bet was to hope they would ransom her. She was a high valued target and that might convince them to try and ransom her back to her father. Of course, he, in turn, would undoubtedly pay but then hunt them down, wiping every last one of them out. Abigail was no fool. She loved her father and knew he loved her, but her love wasn't completely deaf to the knowledge that he was very strict and one didn't oppose him. She could get away with a few things because she was his only child. And despite being a girl - which usually was a paux for an only child - she knew she just had to smile at him, maybe bat her lashes a little and he'd usually give in. Not that she played that card well. It didn't always work - just once in a while.

Being pulled onto the ship and then tossed at the feet of what was evident to be the captain, Abigail quickly pulled herself up to at least a seated position. Her chin lifted as she stared up coldly at the man. She couldn't hide her surprise at his politeness though it quickly became evident that there was really no emotion behind it. Which in turn made him far more dangerous in some regards.

"I concur, their manners do need to be checked. But I can easily dismiss this," she paused and looked around her before looking back at the captain, "misunderstanding if you kindly provide me a rowboat back to town."

She doubted it would work but if he was going to pretend to be honorable she was going to push him on it.
The slap was hard and nothing held back. Cheek burning, Abigail blinked back tears. He slapped her. Without thought, without so much of a reply. Her confidence wavered a bit. Now, this was what a pirate was. Not the romanticized version she and Elizabeth had fantasized about. No, this was the dark, dangerous kind that she had been warned about. The type that had no issues hitting a woman, let alone hurting her. Her heart rate picked up slightly and Abigail felt fear. She had never felt the intensity before. But then again, she never had the need to. Even when she had almost died she hadn't felt this kind of fear. But then again, that had happened quickly. And there was something about the fear of drowning - which was intense - and the terror knowing that you were held by men who would do unspeakable things to you and then kill you. And if they didn't kill you, the horrors done might as well be death.

Still, she did her best to at least look strong. Face slightly pale, her neck hurt where the necklace had been ripped off, she kept her posture. She didn't speak but she did her best to mentally put as much anger and fire into her eyes as possible. She would not show fear. Not give them the satisfaction that she was terrified. If she was going to be taken, she would do so with dignity and fire. Her chin lifted again, even as the stinging of her cheek was still evident.

"My father will personally ensure your deaths," she said calmly, coldly. "And believe me, it won't be pleasant." Even as they half carried, half dragged her up the stairs, she did her best to remain confident. Despite every step they took was one closer to possible death. The likelihood of getting out of this was slim.

Her gaze drifted over to Vivianne. She couldn't read the expression on the woman's face due to the distance and lighting. Interesting really. She still felt a bit sad for the woman. She was still a prisoner and to be executed. Despite, her own possible future, Abigail still wished she had been able to do something for Vivienne. Though, she couldn't now. And honestly, she really had more to worry about. did help. Thinking of Vivienne saving her life just made her more determined to survive this.
~ La bump.

Cleaned it up a bit, added another plot or two and some generic ideas.
It was the tight grip on her shoulders, the roughness of the hands that caused her to wake up. Her mind a bit foggy, Abigail wondered what had happened. Trying to place where she was, what had gone on, and who was touching her.

Her eyes snapped wide open as she realized she was being held by two male pirates. Both of which were a bit more into her than she was comfortable with. She didn't scream. Didn't even fight hard but drew herself up, drawing on years of ballroom experience, pulling her social status in.

She was going to say something but Vivianne beat her to it. Her gaze turned to the woman in the cell. That was when she noticed the massive part missing. That must have been where the cannonball came through. So that was what knocked her out. She was lucky not to be dead. As was the female pirate imprisoned. If it had come in slightly over, they both would probably be dead.

Abigail frowned as she listened to them talk. Her gaze dropped to the necklace and the pirate piece around her neck. It must have fallen out from under her shirt when she got thrown by the blast. She moved to tuck it back in, an automatic response really. She didn't like to show it to others. It was almost an...intimate piece of her.

Her hand jerked to a stop as she realized she was still being held. Of course, her sharp movement brought the attention back to her. Seeing as it was too late to undo that and the focus was back on her, she lifted her chin. "I highly recommend you unhand me," she told them coldly. "Unless of course, you'd prefer to hang from the highest yard line. My uncle is the governor here, my cousin is married to the Commodore, and my own father is Lord Ashe, in charge of the 3rd fleet as well as governor of the Virginia colony. None of which would be particularly pleased that you are touching me and will haunt you down to the ends of the earth if you don't release me."
Falling off the rampart *nods*

But yeah, she'll have a lot of growth.
That's the fun part of character development :)

And will do
Could be. lol
She needs rescuing how many times now?

Yes. Amazing how life experiences change people.
It should be interesting to see how she grows.
~ La bump
Looking for probably just one more RP

Also added a scene
So I realized that I have a mary sue

Thankfully, she'll outgrow it.


Abigail looked up. First off - sweet cheeks? The name seemed...strange. Very weird, making her feel a bit uncomfortable not really knowing if Vivienne was mocking her or not. What did that even mean? The daughter of an aristocrat, she didn't have a lot of knowledge of lay terms. And this one was one she had never heard before.

She bit her lip at the question. "Freedom?" She shook her head, a slight scoffing sound escaping her lips. "One can't leave." She glanced up. "You have the family honor and name to support. Besides, it's not my call. My father decides my fate. It's the way of life - at least for someone of my status." She winced as that seemed to come off haughty though she hadn't meant it too. She quickly amended: "I mean, the daughter of a lord, the niece of a governor," she shook her head. "My fate was sealed the moment I was born a girl."

She held up her arms, looking at her wrists. In her mind's eye she could see the chains Vivienne spoke of. "Would I like to be truly unrestrained?" She shrugged, letting her arms drop. "What does that even mean? What is true freedom?" She looked a bit lost, unsure. "If I'm not who I am, do what is expected of me, then what?" She rose. "Social requirements might not be ideal and the thought of marrying a stranger terrifies me, but....there is a reason we have rules and guidelines and societal norms. I can't function on my own. And the very idea of a woman attempting to do so is... unimaginable."

She paused as she realized that the woman there before her probably had. Her brow furrowed slightly as she moved closer to the cell. "But...but you have. How?" There was a bit of curiosity mixed with a hint of desperation. "How did you do it without being ostracized?"

She paled as if she realized she was speaking of things she probably shouldn't have - on her end. Things that she might have thought of but hadn't dared to voice. It was crazy and not her.

"I'm...I'm sorry. No. I don't. I'm fine with who I am. I might not be happy but there are reasons why life goes the way it does." She turned and moved slightly away. "I'll...I'll try to do what I can to save you."

Her moving away was what saved her life. The canon ball blasted into the cell causing damage. Because she had moved, Abigail was spared the worst of it though she was knocked out as a chunk of wood hit her alongside the head. Her body slumped to the ground.
Abigail frowned slightly. Her gaze went down to the mark on the woman's wrist. Wait, she was a pirate? That made no sense though. The woman wasn't like any pirate she had read or heard about. They were all men, evil, vile, and would have thought nothing twice about killing her or leaving her to die. Her questioning gaze looked up.

Vivienne must have read her mind or was referring to her previous question because she came back about not letting someone as young as her die. Adventure? She was going to be married off and enter the stage where her main purpose was to bear an heir and support her husband. There was no major adventure in that. Still, she was glad to be alive. For despite what her family had planned for her, she still wouldn't want to miss out. There was undoubtedly some good ahead, right?

She moved closer to the bars and sat. Absentmindedly she adjusted her dress covering her ankles. She had been lectured enough that it was almost ingrained. Though not fully. She shrugged. "I'm grateful, yes. I just don't know about the whole adventure aspect." She looked up. "My parents are arranging my marriage. I guess that is an adventure. Marrying a man I've never met." She smiled weakly.

The smile quickly faded as guilt hit. Here she was talking about marriage and her future when the woman was going to be executed. She looked at the bars briefly before back to Vivienne.

"I wish there was a way I could save you," she said grieved. "It's the least I can do."

Ironically though, the very thought of stealing the keys and letting Vivienne out briefly crossed her mind. It wasn't something she ever did before. The most she did that was 'wrong' was sneak out, wade in the ocean - minor things. Nothing major. Breaking someone out of prison - now that was serious. No, there had to be another way. A way that was law-abiding yet still provided justice. Justice for saving her life. There was no justice in executing someone who had just saved another.

"Maybe I can ask them to give you a lighter sentence?" She straightened up a bit, hopeful.
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