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Current I'm going to be working all this week for the Christmas Rush so I'm sorry if my replies will be slow.
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Sleep is for the weak! So why arent I sleep. . oh yeah. . . I have a last minute essay to do :'D
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I won't be here this weekend so I might reply late Sunday night to early Monday morning. Have a good weekends loves :)
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Waiting for a package and God its taking a long time ;_;!!!
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Just to let my partners know: my city is experiencing rolling black outs and happily one just gappened, so I won't be able to reply until tomorrow. Sorry guys :(.


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Hello lovelies~

I'm currently looking for a few partners and have a few plots as well as pairings I'd love to try out! I do have a few things I'm looking for, but I rather talk via PM to get to know each other more in order to see if we're a good fit so I'll be skipping the "ABOUT ME" section!

Looking for:
Okay with Dark Themes
Can do 1-3 paragraphs
replies 1-2 times a week

As you can tell I'm pretty simple

Pairings bold=MC:

Hunter x Newly turned Vampire
Teacher X Dom Student
[Will add more later when less lazy]

I’m his Wife

[spoiler]YC is a serial killer, one whom not only owns a nice piece of land to build his own home away from prying eyes, but a charmer who has never been short on victims. MC was one of these victims, but he was one YC had a year to get to know, learn about, and even have pleasant conversions as MC worked out at a local coffee shop YC stopped at every morning. YC, unable to kill MC, decides that even though he enjoys spending time alone (apart time with his victims) might need to make a change. Perhaps settle down and instead of sticking his dick in anything should try and stick his dick in one person for the rest of their lives, that being a good house wife to cook and clean.

Mc, with little choice, takes on this duty; however, someone is still looking for MC and YC seems to be high on their list of suspects. [/spoiler]

New Bed Warmer [CLOSED]

[spoiler] Slavery is a sad truth of the world, and those who are poor or down on their luck normally sell the youngest of the litter as no real bond has been paid. MC learned this truth at the ripe old age of ten-years-old, and since then has been in the slave market. Its been eight years and eighteen-years-old the boy is being sold a second time as his most recent master had recently passed due to illness and no one in his family wanted a “old” slave. YC is at this market, looking around for a good slave to replace a “bed warmer” [sex slave] who was sold due to being not loyal and abusing what little freedom they’ve earned from their years of being YC’s bed warmer. MC is in a part of the sales of “used” and “light-labor”, as he was only used for light-labor such as gardening or other outdoor chores.

Our characters’ eyes caught sight of one another, something sparking between them. Perhaps this slave could be repurposed. [/spoiler]

Though the Rift

[spoiler] War is a horrible thing, one in which can cause many deaths. The king [YC] of a wealthy state learns this too close to home as his lover [MC] is murdered by a enemy's assassination. Of course with a heavy heart and now a much more personal reason he defeats the kingdom, though the victory bittersweet.

Years pass and one night his wizards and witches call upon him to inform YC that they have found his lover within a different world. His lover now goes by a different name and some features has change, but this man is his lover. With some work they are able to get YC into MC's world. From here he tries to both recover MC memory of his past life as well as try to convince him to return with him to their world.[/spoiler]

The King’s Servant

[spoiler]It is not rare to find the King (YC) looking over the new servants, normally those who are more attractive end up being his personal servant who last until they have lost the king’s interest or they have married and no longer can be the King’s personal toy. When his latest Servant is found dead by her own hands, he goes to look for a new servant. This is when he meets a young man (MC) traveling, this young man explains how he is traveling to the great Church to study and serve the Lord. The King finds this a great waste for such a beauty to remain virgin and thus proceeds to seduce and try to keep the future priest from becoming a priest.[/spoiler]

Serial Killer and The New Cop

[spoiler]The night air was cool when the killer went out to dispose of the newest body. Although tonight he seemed to have some company. The man could hear from the thick of woods the voices of two men, then flashes of lights. He peeked through the brush and stared in wide eye as he saw a young man, bright smile as well as innocent which was a sharp contrast to the man beside him. Both in police uniforms and far too close for his comfort; however, he could stare on at the youth, his face familiar yet fogged in his memories. The killer must have him, this time longer than a few weeks. . .

So I’m looking for a killer, someone early to mid-thirties who either has ties to the police force or to my character’s everyday life (coffee house, book shop, food, anyway he can figure out where he lives and such) and a way to be able to talk to him without seeming too strange. From there we can split to him trying to keep his life a secret OR him kidnapping my character and keeping him as a pet of sorts.[/spoiler]

We were never Siblings

[spoiler]It had been like any other day, the two siblings now in their twenties as they laid on the porch and told stories from their happy childhood. Then suddenly police cars drove up and next thing they knew their mother was being dragged out. They knew nothing and within the week the truth was finally told. The youngest of the two were not actually in the family. From the story they could piece together, their mother had killed and stolen the younger sibling. Now it made sense.

The moving, the changing hair color, and a memory the older sibling had of his new baby brother being brought home bloody and in a duffel bag.

Looking for a older sibling, will deal with some child abuse as in emotional sense (aka emotional abuse) [/spoiler]
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