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Seele watched from atop her throne as the Aranea built their civilization, taming the ecosystem she had given them, and even began to debate among themselves on where to take their people. Seele decided that they did not need her immediate supervision at the moment, and was content that none were foolish enough to strike at them knowing the consequences.

She gazed up at one of the dragons that had quietly made its home within Heavenfall, apart from the rest of the ecosystem- they had been born here in the cradle of her landing by her old friend, and now they wandered, gathering their versions of treasures without their mother to guide them...

But she was happy to. She beckoned one of the beasts to come to her, the large creature compelled to obey through ancient friendships and wide gulf of power. It landed on the butt of the spear that pierced the earth, lowering its head to her. She reached up and lightly stroked its snout, letting threads of her power spread from her touch and engulf the creature in an instant. Within, she made a new being, one that would serve her whim.

What quickly emerged from the cocoon of spiderweb was a towering creature that mixed the pride of her favored form with the immense strength of the draconic species. A hybrid of dragon and arachnid, its mind forged into the collective consciousness, it's long wings crunching as they folded inside of its torso and beneath the armored plates.

"I name you Saris, The Roadmaker. You know your purpose, now you must perform it. Go."

And with that command, Saris turned and scaled down the spear, not stopping as it reached the ravine that surrounded its mistress fangs. It crawled deeper and deeper into the underground caverns, utilizing its newfound abilities as it reached an optimal location. It's legs simply touched at the stone, melting and reforming to its touch, moving tons of stone in the blink of an eye. It burrowed into the earth, four legs being used to walk as another four reached up and about, pushing the stone into a smooth and sharp hall of enormous proportions.

It's tail swung busily behind it, coating the surface in the ivory spidersilk that its new Mistress imbued it with. A strong and stable material to ensure the structure of the new, enormous roads it was forging.

Astronomically enormous, these smooth halls had deep canals running on either side, directing magma flows into them to serve as both a light source and heat source in one, as well as avoid Saris new roads being disturbed. Whenever the creature broke into an open cavern, it simply continued its work, gathering stone it had accumulated and patching the holes with its geometrically perfect walls, floors, and ceilings.

And the Roadmaker worked. And worked.

And would work until it was told to stop.


Aboveground, Seele sat on her throne as Saris worked, and she felt somewhat satisfied by this new experiment. For now, she would use what divine power she had bubbling inside of her still to perform some 'simple' tasks that she had been meaning to do for some time.

She raised her hand, gathering her power of Pride to create an item of innocuous appearance- by her standards at least. Clenching her hand closed, she opened it once more to reveal a ring, one that would be able to carry the artifice she created with ease.

She slid the ring onto her right middle finger, admiring the the cracked black and white marble appearance dotted with indents. Raising her hand toward her Fangs of Calamity, her mighty weapon she held, the weapon glowed before becoming an ivory liquid, pulled into one of the rings indents and forming a beautiful gemstone. Fitting for her, for certain.

Not wanting to take any chance that she might lose her precious artifice, she imbued additional power within the ring, the ability to be aware of where it was and what was happening around it. It was unlikely she'd ever lose it, but caution had never hurt her before.

And she did so love the beauty of this ring.

Beneath the shadow of Heavenfall, the Aranea's work had grown by leaps and bounds. Unified minds created astonishing wonders of organized architecture and infrastructure. It was not long before the arachnids had begun to proceed into the underground caverns and caves beneath the valley, extracting resources and using them to build their growing nation. Roads made of ivory colored stone, a mixture of granite and spidersilk weaved into a building material, spiderwebbed out from the center of their civilization- the temple-system that surrounded the impact of the spear of Heavenfall and the ravine that surrounded it. From there they worshipped their Queen, and from there they developed their roots. Their temples consisted of libraries and archives, written records of precise and complex events that might take too long to pull from the Hivemind. Instead, librarians and archivists staffed these structures, able to read from a record so the entire Hivemind may become refreshed on the topic at once.

Art became an activity of curious creativity, an exercise in how each individual node that those in the Hivemind represented expressed themselves in interesting and novel ways. A show of each unique being within and how the collective and the individual were not identical.

The problem solving of the group was nonetheless tested. The constant downfall of water meant that it had to be directed, moved in a way that prevented the flooding of their society or the filling of the caverns and caves beneath them. A constant downfall of water, however, gave rise to simple feats of engineering. Canals were constructed along the sides and middles of the roads to flow water out of the valley and toward the desert and into the river south of Heavenfall. Primitive pumps were devised using basins that filled with water and used the weight to move the machines in a repeated pattern, pumping the water into these canals.

Spires began to rise above the tree line, structured to catch water and direct it for the ends of the Aranea, both as a matter of practical necessity, but as well as to include the flow of water through fountains and waterfalls as an aesthetic desire.

Soon enough, however, the violence of the outside world began to reach them. Sights of killed wildlife at the edges of Heavenfall, left uneaten- an act of cultural taboo among the highly omnivorous Aranea to leave foo uneaten on the ground and not into the public stockpile- showed that they would need to prepare themselves to fight. Who knew what uncivilized beings lurked outside their valley, savages that may harm them.

They prayed to their Queen, knowing they needed her protection and guidance, and she granted this desire without a moment's hesitation.

Across the Hivemind, magic permeated the network, flowing into those who partook this holy union. From it, they could work and weave magic as one, as a collective, and as an individual. They became imbued with power of the Sovereign of Pride and the Queen of Calamity, and knew they could defend themselves.

Seele sat quietly as her creations below her scuttled about the rainforest, beginning the slow process of building a civilization. They moved in harmony, their minds touching one another as they built in a way that only perfect understanding can bring. They wove spider webs and silk to use as building material alongside the stone they cut from the mountains. Dwellings fit for arachnids rose one after another, and they were filled with an ambitious, alien race that debated within their joined collective mind their purpose even as they worked.

Periodic pauses occurred as they always gave time to listen for input from their Queen. She rarely spoke to them, but when she did, they listened with rapt attention. For now, Seele wished to see how they would build themselves up without her direct guidance.

Lyra served as the nearly silent guardian of the people of Heavenfall. She occasionally assisted in tasks that her great might could aid in, but most commonly, she patrolled the entrances to the domain of her Goddess.

Seele stared down at her people, and within her she felt a possessiveness grow. She knew that other gods were preparing to gather souls as they passed and she... had no wish to share. Not her people. They were hers, mind, body, and soul. And they would not be taken from her. No beings would be permitted to act as petty thieves of what belonged to the Sovereign of Pride.

But neither would she attempt to steal from them.

Seele raised her hand, focusing her divine power within the Hive Mind that connected them all, shaping and growing it to serve even greater purposes. Within she built a cycle, one that passed through her and her Realm, and the Hive Mind pulsed with a sense of warm comfort- Those within knew their Goddess watched over them and would protect them through life and death.

They would stay together, standing tall and proud, forevermore.

Seele sat atop her throne as she watched the ecosystem she had created flourish, with her massive servant patrolling Heavenfall dutifully. The bioluminescent rainforest trembled with primitive life, the canopy serving as a shield against the heavy rains to allow life to prosper despite the torrential downpour.

"Alright, my children. It is time for you to join this new world and grow. Grow and expand, and due me proud."

She waved the Fangs of Calamity as she pulled the human souls from within the Realm of Heavenfall, reworking their bodies one after another. Soon enough, the rainforest below filled with the horde of servants made in her image, a collection of arachnid entities born from the modified souls of humanity. Some were fully arachnid, massive spiders of unusual characteristics, while others had the upper bodies of humanoids that were similar to Seele herself- matching her prideful form.

Slamming her spear into the ground, she gathered the energies she had been accumulating, absorbing them as she made use of the divine power to enhance herself as well as disseminate her gifts and workings into the lands of Heavenfall. The powers of Calamity flowed through her, and she knew this power would serve her well.

Briefly, her body pulsed with energy as cracks spread across her skin. The flickers of energy lingered before dying down and the cracks rescinding as the new power stabilized.

It was just the beginning, but it would do for now.

She watched as her new people scuttled about the rainforest, finding themselves in a new world and new life they did not yet understand, driven only by their instincts. She would not interfere for now- she would give them time to grow without her immediate intervention, leaving Lyra to care for them and ensure their safety against more mundane horrors that might lurk within this growing world.

She leaned back and gazed up at the dragons that had begun to roost below her spear, brought by her visiting dear friend- beings that would become part of her domain. For now she would simply leave them be, and let them gather their treasures and return it to the roost below Heavenfall. They would serve their purpose in due time.

For now, she turned her eyes back to the Aranea, her children- they would be unified in purpose, unified in mind. She raised her hand as the storm began to rumble around the valley, her divine power crackling as she grabbed at their minds, pulling at them like threads of silk, weaving them together into a beautiful pattern, each individual becoming part of a greater whole, each reinforced by their ever-growing family.

And as the Aranea's eyes glowed brightly with magic, infused with the blessing of their Sovereign of Pride, Seele smiled.

The first step completed.

The Sovereign of Pride reclined in her throne, listening to her own pattern of breathing. Serving no physical purpose, she used it as a tool to focus her thoughts, knowing she had great works to accomplish, works that would require her greatest of focus.

From beneath her hood, she stared down at the array of unmolded forms of mortals. They would become the first of her living creations, but she knew that they would be vulnerable. As they found their path in this new world, she knew she would need to tend to them like a growing plant.

Or more specifically, she would need the tools to punish those who meddled in her affairs. To take upon the mantle that would so warn those who tried to harm her precious children. The disaster she would work upon them if they interfered, with either her or... those who aligned with her.

Raising her right arm, she turned her palm toward the sky and began to gather her power into a symbol that she would use to cement her workings. White light began to cascade from the base of her fangs- from the bident impaled upon the earth, leaping up the spear until it swirled together at the top, gathering into her palm until the glow was as bright as a star.

Turning her hand in place, she closed her fingers around the light, dimming its glow. Like an invisible spider worked itself into a frenzy, threads of ivory weaved their way up and down from her hand until they formed into a solid mass, a spear that matched the same colossal structure she sat upon, her symbol of authority and power.

With a sense of finality, she slammed the butt of the artifact against the surface that mirrored it, unleashing an echoing impact that bounced off the mountain walls. The symbol that exuded her pride infused with the power that she would wield to rain calamity down upon those who stood against her.

Briefly pausing to look out across the enormous eruption to her north, already throwing a wrench in her plans, she quietly tutted to herself in annoyance before turning to the bident once more, pale eyes gazing at her new symbol of power.

"I dub thee the Fangs of Calamity. With this, we can begin." She spoke to the bident in her hand before she stood from her throne, approaching the edge of her platform and raising the weapon into the sky and pulling the power she'd imbued out of it.

Without warning or sign, dark clouds swirled into being around the valley and mountains of Heavenfall, lightning flashing and thunder roaring. Rain fell, carpeting the ground before transitioning to snow, then ice- before melting under the intense heat the began to radiate from within the storm, howling wind carrying debris through the sky like a hail of projectiles. From outside of the storm, all could see the silhouette of a massive, eight-eyed spider monster baring down on the world- its eight legs made of flashing lightning rotating its body as it hissed at anything that dared approach.

With a single swing of the artifact, the enormous storm-spider matched Seele's movements, sending waves of freezing wind to her north, freezing any encroaching lava from the newly erupted volcano, and blowing away any approaching ash back toward its north as the spider hissed and roared.

For this was the purpose of the Fangs of Calamity- an artifact that created a divine storm of destruction. Lightning, ice, rain, snow, winds beyond reckoning, burning heat and freezing cold- nothing was beyond this powerful and frightening artifact. Capable of causing pain and slowing even the most powerful of beings, one could only shudder at the thought of what havoc it could wreak upon unsuspecting mortals and terrain. It had more than that for its purpose however, for it was designed not just with calamity in mind, but calamity focused on task.

"LET ALL WHO LOOK UPON THIS STORM KNOW ME. I AM SEELE, SOVEREIGN OF PRIDE, QUEEN OF CALAMITY. LET THOSE FOOLHARDY ENOUGH TO APPROACH MY HOME OF HEAVENFALL WITH ILL INTENT KNOW THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR TRANSGRESSION- FOR I SHALL BRING DOWN UPON YOU DESPAIR AND DESTRUCTION FOR YOUR SIN!" The storm warped into the shape of the Queen of Calamity, her cloaked silhouette staring down at the world, her eyes shaped of crackling lightning while her body was forged of living black clouds.


And with her message given, she waved her spear, the storm shrinking down into a quiet, rumbling sphere of clouds around Heavenfall, becoming a calamitous barrier around Heavenfall so that she may do her work uninterrupted. Only occasionally to freeze encroaching lava or blow away invasive ash did the storm increase its tempo. Those within the storm remain untouched, so long as they did not attempt to leave it.

Her eyes looked at the mortal souls currently in need of shaping, but knew that she would need more time to properly forge them. With the Steppes to the north destroyed, she would require more delicate efforts.

First, she needed to preserve the integrity of the unmolded mortals until the time was right. Only then could she properly lay the groundwork for them.

Channeling what remained of her godly power before she would require rest, she slammed her staff down upon its massive reflection, her fangs that still penetrated the earth, the tower she stood upon. This would be her Realm, her place of absolute authority and power, and the nest in which those souls would temper as she did her work.

With a thunderous roar, the power flowed over the spear, the white light illuminating the cracks across the structure for a moment before dimming down. With another wave of her bident, the many thousands upon thousands of mortals were pulled into her nest, the unmolded beings falling into a temporary slumber of safety. There, she would do her work before releasing them into the world.

Sitting upon her throne, she looked out at the desolate land that surrounded her Realm, and knew she had much to prepare for her children. Swinging the spear, she created bolts of lightning to cast repeated shadows as she worked her godly energies into the landscape. With every flash, the terrain was eclipsed under the shadow of her Realm, and where that shadow touched, life grew.

Tree's of ivory bark and violet fruit grew among leaves that matched, growing tall and strong. Among their roots, gentle black flowers bloomed with nectar that matched. Fireflies of soft pink light made their homes among the trees as they fed upon the nectar below, illuminating the land concealed by storm clouds and rain. Pools of water began to gather under the perpetual rain, slowly filling unseen canals beneath the land weaved between the spidersilk, and within those canals large aquatic creatures formed, all created to serve as sustenance for Seele's chosen children.

The flashes of lightning even illuminated the sky so briefly as she forged the storm clouds into place, forcing them to serve her and feed her new land.

Flora continued to flourish as it glutted itself on the plentiful water from the sky, with fauna crawling out from the ground of spidersilk to begin to make their homes in the shadow of Seele's symbol of Pride. Life lived once more in this land, preparing to feed those who had the Sovereign of Pride's favor.

And at last, deep within the shadow of the Bident that pierced the land, came a being of unimaginable magnitude. A colossal spider that towered over the terrain came forth from the shadow of Seele's greatness, beginning a slow, ponderous ascension to the top of the spear where it, after a long journey, bowed its head to its mother, earning a pat on the head as it leaned within reach of Seele.

"You shall be my first child. I name you Lyra, and you shall serve as the guardian of this land until it is time for your siblings to join you."

With that, Seele leaned back in her throne as Lyra shifted to return to the land and patrol it as her queen rested.

A Cordial Meeting

Anath Homura & Seele

The tempest that was the equine colossus traversed along the Stormbreaker mountains, soaring over the many peaks, towards the sight of a single massive structure in the shape of a spear that was protruding from the land. The spear seemed to pierce the sky, and exude an aura of haughty disdain for that which did not compare to its majesty. The valley and nearby mountains were enveloped in the same silvery substance that comprised the strange looming landmark that would instill awe in the mortals that gazed upon it.

Anath Homura stood upon the crown of the colossus, gazing upon the changes wrought upon the world by those that had come from outside the cosmos. The metallic beast of burden acting as her mount ascended higher, until its head had reached the height of the spear, and the red goddess could clearly see the one that had awaited her arrival.

Atop the white spear, the Sovereign of Pride sat atop an extravagant throne… trying her best not to look dreadfully bored. Her eyes lit up as Anath Homura rose up above the clouds and entered her more direct field of view. She’d taken a fully humanoid form to lounge, dressed in a long dress of spider silk as white as snow. A hooded shawl that matched the dress rested on her shoulders and covered her long hair, an embroidery of an obsidian colored spider, legs on her shoulders and head atop the hood, was the only color she seemed to add to her regalia.

“I wondered how long before I got my first guest. I am Seele, the Sovereign of Pride. Who might you be?” Seele asked as she rested her chin against her closed hand, seeming genuinely curious- even delighted to have someone to talk to. She did not rise from her throne, seeming intent on maintaining an aura of authority, but if one put that aside she radiated a doubtless interest and geniality.

“I am Anath Homura. I come with peaceful greetings and gifts to bestow upon you.”

“How kind. So you are the voice that called out and pulled divinities to this world. I am curious, why invite us? What are you hoping to see as the pantheon of this world grows?” She raised her free hand to gesture out widely toward the horizon in a sweeping motion.

The red goddess hid her one-eye behind her hand as she answered. “I wish to see what awaits the world further upon the Sacred Path. I invited you and the others to fulfill that wish. Now, I have come with the seeds of humanity as a gift to give to the new Divine. Malleable mortals to be shaped and sculpted in accordance to your will.”

Seele seemed to contemplate this answer for a moment before responding. Pale red eyes stared up at the other goddess before she gave a simple nod.

“Very well. I shall gladly take this offered gift, and begin my work on what I envision for this nascent world. I’m sure it’ll be entertaining, to say the least. I can only wonder how long before divine egos begin to collide into disaster. I guess only time will tell.” She offered Anath Homura a soft smile, appearing to at least be content with the current state of affairs.

“War will come. It is… inevitable. Hmm… shall I begin depositing the humans here then?”

“Yes, down below at the area surrounding the spot where my fangs pierced the earth. I will begin my work with them immediately.” Seele rose from her throne, looking rather cheerful. “I’m looking forward to it.”

Anath Homura stayed silent and still as the swift process of extracting the slumbering humans within the colossus began. The dormant vessels devoid of distinguishing features fell towards the land, pouring forth from the chest of the colossus like cascading water in a slow and safe descent. After they had reached their destination, the humans were scattered across the valley, arranged in intricate rows where they lay awaiting the touch of the Divine.

Seele strode to the edge of the platform made from the end of the spear, looking down at them, contemplating for a moment before looking up to Anath Homura once more.

“Thank you for your kind gift. Is there anything else you wished to discuss? If not, I do hope you’ll visit again.” The Sovereign of Pride smiled broadly at her. “Respectful guests are always open to enjoying my hospitality.”

“You are welcome. I must continue my journey, and afterwards I will be returning to my realm once I have spoken with the other gods and goddesses willing to speak with me. Seele, I ask that you please visit my home and share the gift of your graciousness with me again.” The red goddess said, her words were followed by a respectful bow.

Seele returned the smile giving a slight motion forward- not quite a bow, but a brief moment of consideration. “I am looking forward to it. Your manners and courtesy have my respect, and I see no slight against my Pride to give you this concession of courtesy in return.”

“I shall not hold you from your journey any longer. I leave you with but the core of my own Path, my own teachings- the difference between Pride and Hubris is whether or not you control it, or it controls you.” She gave another smile, seeming to have been put in a cheerful mood by the interaction.

“An intriguing distinction… Farewell, until we meet again.” Anath Homura politely intoned, and then vanished from view as the head of the colossus receded before the massive metallic steed turned away to continue its course across the world. The peaceful pause in the strange storm that had accompanied the arrival of the red goddess resumed once more, but quickly became a distant quiet sound as the colossus thundered farther away.

Seele watched her guest depart, pondering for a moment before she looked down at the gift she had received, awaiting her hand to shape them.

“Well then, my Firstborn- let us begin.”

The attentive would see her arrival with no effort- even the mortal below could see her so long as they looked up at the wonders of the sky. First, it was only a large black spot that concealed the stars behind it, and quickly, that spot grew larger and larger as it approached the nascent planet. An object of enormous magnitude, a dual-tipped spear that only a titan could conceive and only a titan could possibly throw, ripped through space and reality, entering into this universe already flying at an astonishing speed.

A roaring sound pierced through the air as the night sky lit up from the flame of the atmosphere, the enormous blade forged from an impossibly constructed lattice of black spider silk, quickly turning red hot as it pierced the first layer of the planet. Smoke began to trail as the impurities of space dust and debris were scoured from its surface. And behind the roaring approach of the spear, the bizarre, alien sound of scuttling legs could be heard as if pulling the object along its trajectory.

The burning, smoking object tore across the sky, serving as a symbol of power, terror, and pride as it cleaved over the planet, at last reaching its destination.

With a force that rippled and shook the earth, the spear sheared the top of a mountain off as it passed, piercing into the valley between mountains, the long blade sinking into the earth, cracking the surface of the planet and incinerating the terrain for miles around its impact.

A massive column of smoke rose from the valley for all to see as the blade cooled from its entry, molten rock bubbling around the bident where it had wounded the planet. The top of the spears shaft could be seen over the peak of the mountain for the most eagle-eyed to see through the smog, though that would pass and leave the landmark for all to bear witness.

Cracks, miniscule in comparison to the overall size of the object but no less large due to it, erupted along the shaft of the bident. Like a tsunami, a silver liquid poured forth from the spear, the silver color spreading as if petrifying the massive weapon. The alien liquid- a bizarre mixture of spider silk, ichor, and pure ego- filled the valley in every direction, washing away flames and cracking trees in a rush of deafening proportions.

In unison, the massive waves of liquid struck the sides of the Stormbreaker Mountains in which the valley was set, the liquid splashing upwards and higher than the peaks, curving inward as they were broke by the mountains- and in that moment, it stopped, as the silver liquid petrified into solid form, only a small amount managing to escape through the canyons before they too petrified.

All was briefly silent before a dull snapping and stretching sound echoed through the valley, a form emerging from the silver substance. Her upper half humanoid while her lower in the shape of an albino spider, the Sovereign of Pride opened her eyes and smiled.

"That will do for an entrance."

Her Glorious Majesty Seele, Sovereign of Pride

Her Glorious Majesty Seele, Sovereign of Pride

Her Glorious Majesty Seele, Sovereign of Pride

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