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The human ran a hand over his beard, eyes alight with amusement. While Nasrin had initially annoyed Gabe with her behavior, he was quick to forgive if something served to amuse him. Part of him wished that perhaps he would have been so stern with the demon and yet seeing her, kneeling in front of him, made a warm sensation creep into his chest. It wasn’t that he lived for the shame and embarrassment of others, though he did appreciate when his position was respected… even if he hadn’t quite earned it yet.

The whores were hardly a waste of resources, as she’d put it. They served to help the demons procreate and, as much as he despised the humans that truly were wastes of resources, provided a continued sense of fear in the city. A healthy dose of horror seemed to serve the city well, and the knowledge that terror could strike at any moment kept most on their feet. Hardly any one person in Aeternum wasn’t aware of their precarious situation, and trepidation stood to heighten observations of things that comfort would allow them to miss.

Nasrin’s next words made Gabriel’s brows furrow. Convince Abbadon to consider… what? That he was a rightful ruler here, not because of his actions but because of his potential? His jaw clenched in response, knowing that the insult laid with the offending demon’s guile and not Nasrin. He wished that Adriel had not taken leave with the others; out of all of the demons that served him, Gabriel trusted him the most. He had served in more times than one to be loyal, and the pull Maggie had on the poor creature was of value to Gabe; daresay, Adriel was the closest thing he had to a friend.

Nasrin’s shitty attitude and tone brought Gabriel’s attention back to her, and he could help but allow a laugh to escape him. ”There’s no need to be a bitch, Nasrin.” He adjusted in his seat, scooting towards the edge so that he could become closer to the demon. He reached out and, with one finger, lifted her chin so that her dark eyes met his. ”You may be lady of your realm, but occasionally you need reminded of your place… below me.” Gabriel would have denied it if asked, but his words were more promiscuous than he would allow with any other advisor or servant in his court. He moved his finger then, reaching to tug on a long strand of light hair over Nasrin’s shoulder, then resumed his position as king.

”I know you don’t care for him, but he serves a purpose. Azrael is a snake, but he is good at accruing information. It is simply in a different way than you. So what would you have me do with Abbadon? I can’t spread my legs and hope that he changes his mind that he is better than me, nor can I simply hope that this issue goes away.” He wasn’t trying to imply that it was exactly was he believed Nasrin had done, and there wasn’t anything wrong if she had. They’d shared a few nights but he had never been under an impression that things would last between them. ”Do you believe that he comes to attempt and usurp me? If so, I will worry more. If this is simply a… friendly visit, then I will welcome his presence here.” Either way, he would send someone to attempt and gather more information, whether it was by espionage or by force.

Tall. It was the first description she could provide for the man now in front of her. The intention to move out of the way suggested he intended for a conversation, something Maggie was not interested in. But perhaps if she did, others would simply move on and forget the smell or sight of the old bread she had mistakenly dropped. Maybe if she hadn’t been so goddamn selfish it wouldn’t have happened; it was punishment, she decided, as she stepped out of the thoroughfare and towards one of the debilitated buildings that lined the street.

Maggie looked up again, stretching her neck to look into his eyes. Then he leaned in and she couldn’t help but startle, though she did not move. No one would dare, would they? Not even someone who seemed to be a newcomer here. He had the look of a demon or one of the Fallen and Maggie was sure that if either was the case, he would have already been found in the palace groveling to her brother. Her gaze was brought to the flash of coin in the man’s hand and her brows furrowed. Why would he so openly be offering money, and in exchange for what information?

Gabriel would kill him if he knew. No, this man was from the outside, for whoever had the gall to walk around Aeternum paying for information was someone not a friend to her brother. Maggie looked back up and listened, though with half-interest. Her thoughts were on whether to tell her brother and how he would react. It would be a manhunt, and those already frightened would try to flee. The more who fled would go elsewhere and share with the other demon lords – or whoever would listen – about the condition of Aeternum. She couldn’t allow that, for making her brother look weak should have been dedicated another circle of Hell.

But the words of the man in front of her made her snort laughter through her nostrils, causing her to shake her head. Flattery may have worked for conceited demons like Nasrin, but hardly on her. She was pretty, and that much she knew, but beautiful? In a city full of beings who chose only the prettiest forms in the world to inhabit, she wasn’t one of them. At the mention of potential, her smile faded slightly. It was the musk of Gabriel that he had smelled or sensed, though if he wasn’t from the city did he know Gabriel had a twin? This is exactly why he had wanted Adriel to accompany her, she decided belatedly.

”Firstly, hiding heels of day-old bread beneath my coat is hardly confident. Second, thank you but no thank you. Third, I would like to refer back to ‘hiding heels of day-old bread’, and lastly, it’s the king you smell.” A bolt of revulsion shot through Maggie as she summoned her next words. ”I assure you that all of his other whores smell exactly the same way.” She reached out and closed his fingers over the coins he offered before beginning to move away. ”If I were you,” she began, ”I would be more cautious to who I asked for information.”
. . .

There were a plethora of things that Gabriel found concerning of Aeternum.

The first was that there were far too many humans. The ones that served a purpose were concubines and whores, only serving to further the ranks of the demons and half-breeds that already congregated around them. They were taking up too much food, and clean water was scarce. There was little machinery that could be scavenged from Before, but what had been was now put to good use. Unfortunately, more and more things continued to break. It wouldn’t be long before he would have to kill the help.

The second was that this life was all he could remember. No longer could he summon a memory of what his parents looked like. Perhaps he never could. Maggie seemed to remember, but he couldn’t. She had long ago given in to his whims and sometimes Gabriel was sad to think that she feared him. But she came back… always came back.

The third? That he felt solely responsible for the failing habitat of the city-state he was the center of. The demon court had no issue believing that he was truly their Savior, and why would they? It was chaos here, and any semblance of ‘God’ was long gone. Gabriel had never been religious, nor prescribed to the idea that there was someone watching over all of them. Why would someone who seemingly cared allowed such mass destruction to occur?

Perhaps that was a question for another moment. His thoughts had already brought him further from the problems he currently faced every day, which included someone… measly and unworthy in front of him. The man seemed to be fearful, and Gabriel wondered what that was truly like. He hadn’t felt unadulterated fear in years, or at least that he could remember. ”Kneel.” Gabriel’s eyes flickered upward and into focus as another creature entered the room. He couldn’t feel the supernatural like most other residents of the city, but he could almost taste the cold, menacing presence that had arrived.


She was back, and just as easily as horrible as she had been when she’d left. Gabriel wished he could say he missed her, but she was a means to an end. Nasrin was well connected and knew her way through Circle Society; both were appreciated and certainly more than he would ever tell her. The demon was ruthless and saw fit to harm nearly everything in her way in some shape or form. But her worth was limited by her cockiness and confidence. The woman seemed to think that she could lead him about with his dick, something that Gabriel was keen to allow her to think. The more distracted and unclear he was, the more she would do and the more he could learn.

That she commanded her lessers to kneel was… unappealing at best. Gabriel’s bearded jaw clenched but he remained silent, shifting slightly in the large, uncomfortable chair that they insisted he sit in. ‘Fit for a king’, someone had said. As if it wasn’t enough to believe that she could rule others, she then dismissed them from his presence. At this, the man’s eyes narrowed, dark blue tones that matched his sister’s staring out to the creature that now approached.

”Contrary to your belief, Nasrin,” Gabe said, his voice quiet and baritone, ”I do not have to ask your permission for everything.” He pulled his chin away from her touch and raised an eyebrow. ”Azrael serves a purpose, and if he chooses to spend his nights and days with concubines while off leave, he is allowed.” Gabriel shrugged and relaxed back, steepling his fingers as he continued to look to Nasrin. ”Tell me, what exactly have you accomplished while gone? If you’ve done as much as Azrael has, perhaps I will shower you with whores, too.” A corner of Gabe’s mouth twitched upward.

What she had done was important, despite his offer. Accomplishments on the outside mattered, whether it was killing those who sought harm to him to simply finding some desperately needed resources. Any information to help them further his status in the world would be enough.

Of course, what he really needed was to grow into his powers. His counsel was eager to ensure him that it would come with time, but he was human; he didn’t have time like the demon in front of him. He needed power to attain his immortality, and it is seemed that he couldn’t realize his full potential without eternity.

“Where are you going?”

“Out. I can’t be in this place anymore.” Maggie couldn’t be around these people anymore… these things.

“This place, or me?”

“Maybe both, Gabe, I don’t know.” It was never him, though. There were times when she needed time to process his decisions, but perhaps never had she been scared away from Gabe. She loved him, like she had no other. Idle flings with the royal prostitutes, even some demons that she’d entertained, but never a love like her twin. He was the only person who had always and truly been there for her, and no matter what he did, she would stay.

Besides, there wasn’t anywhere else to go.

“You’re going to feed those beggars, aren’t you? I told you not to, Mags. They can’t be trusted.” Neither could they, but she said nothing. She and her twin were, unfortunately, nothing to brag about. The only reason she was still alive and well and decently fed was because of Gabe. She shrugged, though whether the intention was to show defiance or indifference was unclear. “Adriel,” Gabriel said, looking to a man at his side, “would you -- ?”

“I don’t want a babysitter. I’ve gone out in the city for more and haven’t gotten into trouble. I’m old enough to know what to do and anyone would be stupid to attack me.”

“No one would dare, my lady,” said Adriel, and Maggie offered him a wicked smile. With that, she turned on her heel and left, finally opening the door to their…

Squalor. Filthy. Cesspit. Sanctuary.


Maggie ran a hand through dark hair with a sigh, looking around from underneath her hooded cloak. It was heavy and seemed… old. Older than the Apocolypse and older than her, certainly. She lowered her nose to sniff at the fabric but immediately regretted the decision. It stunk of Aeternum, a fetid, dark smell that she had thought she was accompanied to.

She wasn’t.

The woman grimaced as she began to meander through into the city center. There were plenty of objects that should have given her pause: corpses, both alive and dead, propped against buildings and walking next to her. The demons and fallen angels, of course, could manage. They may have been hungry, but they wouldn’t die unlike the few humans that walked among them.

The supernatural creatures looked at her as she passed, though she supposed it was because of the aura she gave. Her close contact with Gabriel was enough for others to be suspicious of her – wary but respectful. They would never dare harm her or her brother, but sometimes the stares made her wonder what would happen without his protection. After all, she contributed nothing to Aeternum and took precious resources away from others who could use it wisely and eagerly to help their ascending king.

It was his destiny to raise them to greatness... or wickedness, as he would say. Momentarily he would listen to some insignificant qualms that the lesser lords had, or humans that believed themselves to be better than he. But what about her? Staying here and playing with Azrael when they so chose? Maggie kept the scraps in her cloak close as she continued to move through the city. No matter how many orphans she saw, she couldn't bring herself to part from the heels of bread she'd stolen from the kitchen. This could make the difference between a day of starving or hours, and she was too selfish to give that up.

As she pondered about how truly selfish she was, Maggie bumped into something hard in front of her. Bread spilled on the ground and she hurriedly scooped it back up before looking up and around with wide eyes. Few people saw her, but no one had made the move to hassle or assault her yet. Could they tell she was Gabe's blood? Belatedly realizing it was a body she had bumped into, Maggie muttered a quick apology and hoped the following would be enough: "Say nothing and I will give you some." Of course, it was the bread she referenced but there was little else she could offer to keep from getting mobbed.

A city-state in northeastern North American, filled with mostly demons, few humans, and even fewer of the Fallen. "Ruled" by Gabriel, one of the many supposed Antichrists, Aeternum is one of the longest standing cities since modern Earth was destroyed. Gabriel is surrounded by an inner circle of demons that are tasked with his ascension to true King of those who survive.
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adv. to eternity; forever

Hey guys!

I'm not really sure how to describe what I want, but know that I do have a plot in mind. It's kind of complex and sounds like a hot-ass mess, at least in the beginning, but I'll list a few words that I feel describe it and go from there.

Post-apocalyptic. Fantasy. Futuristic. Supernatural. Twins. Prophecy.
Antichrist(s). Demons. City-states. Feral. Angels. Dark. Romance.

Blurb: One twin, a man, located in one of the post-apocalyptic city-states is believed to be the Antichrist. Angels flock to find and kill him, while demons seek approval and aide his ascension into this now feral world. Humans scavenge to find resources and those that leave the city-states are never to be heard from again. Amongst this, the man's twin sister stays by his side and watches/helps as he descends into darkness.

. . .

I'm looking for:

* Someone to be patient with me, as I'm finishing up grad school
in about 8 weeks. I'll post as often as I'm able, hopefully weekly, but I
can't promise anything. I'll make sure that you are happy with the waiting <3

* Communication. I'm not the best at this, I'll admit, but I love Pinterest inspiration
boards and will invite you to mine. Also looking for someone who will plot with me,
share in our character's failures and successes.

* Someone willing to double or play a male. I will be playing multiple characters of multiple
genders. If you don't want to, that's fine. If you do, all the better.

* Romance. I don't want anything instant. I want this to be gritty and dark.
i.e. build-up. It makes the end so much sweeter

. . .

Please PM for more info <3
. . .
. . .

Deep in the heart of the Appalachians lies Oceana, WV. Nestled in Wyoming County, it is largely populated by coal miners and their families. For generations, these simple yet hard-working people have managed to survive on the pithy wages provided by coal corporations but at the cost of ruining their bodies. Due to injuries in the mines and the hard work that mining entails, miners began to take pain medication to help them through their days of hard labor. However, when they find out that opiates provide not only relief from pain but a high that makes living in this poor town of constant hardship durable, it becomes a problem.

Welcome to Oxyana.
Population: ~1,500

Below you will find a song by Tyler Childers titled "Nose On the Grindstone". I'd suggest listening to it even if you aren't interested in the role-play. I love him and he really captures the Appalachian spirit.

I'm from the area and this is an idea that is not only close but hard-hitting and dear to me. I'd love to play a slice-of-life thing with a focus on pity -> friendship -> character development -> romance. Know that there will be dark themes including addiction, death, and all kinds of not-so-fun things.

Please PM me if you're interested.

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