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Hey, guys!
Name's Cleo.
21+F, EST
Sucker for slow burns, medieval fantasy, and
arranged marriages.

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Quality > quantity
Multiple characters
I'm looking to play a female main against a male main
Ample opportunity for doubling with a straight or LBGTQ+ option
21+ preferably, 18+ a must.
A strong affinity for GDocs > Discord > PMs > Emails > Forums

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Modern | Supernatural | Crime | Slice of Life | Romance

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Modern | Appalachia | Addiction | Slice of Life | Romance

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Post-Apocalyptic | Supernatural | 21+ | Slice of Life | Romance

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Modern | Slice of Life | Slow-burn

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Medieval Fantasy | Arranged Marriage | Politics | World-Building

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Small Town Murder Mystery | Reunion Romance | 21+

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Medieval / Victorian / Modern
Beauty and Beast / Victim x Detective
Angst / Addiction / Death / Dark / Loss
Slice of Life / Arranged Marriage / Dragon Age
Supernatural / Appalachia / Fantasy
Friendship / Slow-burn / Romance / Post-apocalyptic

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Had Nasrin ever acted so familiar with him? Gabe frowned slightly as he continued to look towards her, his eyes on her full lips as she continued to speak. She seemed almost unsure of herself, which was not usual either. For that reason, he allowed the demon to take his hand, letting it extend with a minimal amount of tension. Gabe saw the sharp tip of her nail only a moment before it dug into the sensitive flesh of his palm. Immediately dark, sanguineous fluid gathered along the line and he wondered how this – or anything – was supposed to help his powers develop. But instead of being able to focus on that, Gabe instead saw the flick of Nasrin’s tongue. Goosebumps prickled on his arm; he hissed as her nail dug into his skin once more.

”Fucking warn me next time,” he groaned, though half-heartedly. Nasrin wasn’t listening anyway, and his words fell on deaf ears. Soon, he was no longer focused on the sharp pain in his hand but rather the supernatural ring that hovered above his palm. It didn’t hurt, per se, but it was an odd sensation Gabe was certainly unfamiliar with. Whatever had happened, it felt like a rush of power; his heart seemed to beat more strongly, his thoughts more clear, his vision sharper. The flame burned without casting heat and Gabe looked towards Nasrin with a wide smile.

In that moment, he had been happier than he could remember. Whether it was the small amount of pain afforded to him or the power imbued, Gabe finally felt good. Gone was the worry about what Maggie was doing or what she thought, what would happen if his powers didn’t surface, what Abbadon or Azrael were doing… The breath seemed to be sucked out of his chest as the flame disappeared without warning. His expression faded and he pulled his hand away, rubbing it gently as he settled against his chair. ”What exactly constitutes ‘horrendous’?” he asked, meeting Nasrin’s eyes.

How could this possibly be any worse than what he was experiencing now? He had nearly no one and hardly anything to his name. Without any prospects or advancements in his powers, it hardly mattered that he was alive. Of course that wasn’t to say that he wanted to die, simply that he had no real worth or purpose at the moment. Entitlement could only go so far. With Nasrin back, it would be possible to begin training again. If that meant his life would get marginally worse for a short amount of time, he could manage. ”I can manage, I just have to know what to expect. What’s expected out of me. I’ll work for it; you know I will.”

His voice was sincere and slightly vulnerable; he realized his tone too late, and Gabe’s expression softened. Maggie always told him that it was okay to show some emotion and that no one cared how stoic he was… he disagreed. Perhaps he could afford to lash out at someone if he could back it up with power. As it stood, he couldn’t. ”I do trust you, Nasrin, more than many others here.” But she wasn’t doing this for him, and Gabe understood that; the demons never did anything unless they benefited and he couldn’t blame them. But he was doing this for himself, and it would be enough, even if it was difficult to handle for the next few weeks.

Maggie could have laughed. Humble she was not, but disgusted she certainly was. To even think about being her brother’s whore made her nearly physically ill, or even a whore to anyone at all. Prostituting oneself out was a means of survival, but what life could you live if your body was not your own? She rid herself of the thought while she looked back up at the man. His face was… pretty, and there was something inherently different in his countenance than many of the other men that she met in the city. To be fair, they were all beautiful, miserable creatures that she came into contact with.

Latin. Her top lip curled as if he had cursed her directly. Of course he wasn’t human, but something in her had hoped? Had hoped that, maybe, there was a resistance brewing somewhere to overthrow the demon horde, that enough people had survived underground to align themselves with one common goal. She no longer felt poorly about turning and leaving, but the man had reached about again.

Warmth, bright and consuming, enveloped her fingers and began spreading up her arm. Maggie’s eyes widened slightly, looking down with shock and awe. What was he that had triggered such a reaction? It didn’t make her feel any more connected to him as he continued to look upon her almost expectantly. ”What the hell was that?” she asked, her voice breathy from surprise. Before she could see what was behind her, the man had slipped a hard coin into her palm and muttered more Latin underneath his breath. What demon?

Maggie sighed as he moved and, for someone so tall, he managed to blend into the surroundings easily. Azariah. It almost sounded… angelic. Her dark brows drew as she turned, pocketing the silver into her coat before finding Adriel’s dark gaze. ”Who was that?” he asked as he approached.

And, for some reason, Maggie lied. ”A human. I came to give out food to the slums, but I couldn’t do it. We need it more than they do, right?”

Adriel’s eyes softened and fingers reached out to push stray hair from the woman’s face. ”Not like any human I've ever seen. He told you not to come out alone.”

He can suck my dick. I don’t need him watching out for me, and I definitely don’t need to stalking me. I was fine.” Maggie watched as her harsh words hit Adriel but he said nothing, standing there nearly motionlessly.

”Of course,” he said without conviction. Maggie had likely hurt his feelings, but she would not apologize for offending him. She’d been fine with Azariah, although she supposed that it wouldn’t be the case for any other strange man she bumped into.

”Go back,” Maggie said, scooping some of the bread from underneath her jacket and giving it to Adriel. ”Take this back to the kitchen. I have some errands to run, given that it’s almost our birthday, and then I’ll be back. I swear.” With that, Adriel gave her a suspicious look but sad nothing else, doing as he was bid. She wasn’t the king of Aeternum, but she liked to think that she was considerably more well-liked than Gabriel. With that came the ability to ask people favors and increased the likelihood of them acting them out.

When she could no longer see the high-born demon, Maggie reached in her pocket and ran her fingers over the coin. The warmth that surfaced from it was somehow reassuring and she knew that she would at least have to return to Azariah to find out why he was here. Perhaps it would even help Gabe if she could gather some information. With that, she followed the coin’s guidance towards a denser, darker, and dirtier part of the city.

The human ran a hand over his beard, eyes alight with amusement. While Nasrin had initially annoyed Gabe with her behavior, he was quick to forgive if something served to amuse him. Part of him wished that perhaps he would have been so stern with the demon and yet seeing her, kneeling in front of him, made a warm sensation creep into his chest. It wasn’t that he lived for the shame and embarrassment of others, though he did appreciate when his position was respected… even if he hadn’t quite earned it yet.

The whores were hardly a waste of resources, as she’d put it. They served to help the demons procreate and, as much as he despised the humans that truly were wastes of resources, provided a continued sense of fear in the city. A healthy dose of horror seemed to serve the city well, and the knowledge that terror could strike at any moment kept most on their feet. Hardly any one person in Aeternum wasn’t aware of their precarious situation, and trepidation stood to heighten observations of things that comfort would allow them to miss.

Nasrin’s next words made Gabriel’s brows furrow. Convince Abbadon to consider… what? That he was a rightful ruler here, not because of his actions but because of his potential? His jaw clenched in response, knowing that the insult laid with the offending demon’s guile and not Nasrin. He wished that Adriel had not taken leave with the others; out of all of the demons that served him, Gabriel trusted him the most. He had served in more times than one to be loyal, and the pull Maggie had on the poor creature was of value to Gabe; daresay, Adriel was the closest thing he had to a friend.

Nasrin’s shitty attitude and tone brought Gabriel’s attention back to her, and he could help but allow a laugh to escape him. ”There’s no need to be a bitch, Nasrin.” He adjusted in his seat, scooting towards the edge so that he could become closer to the demon. He reached out and, with one finger, lifted her chin so that her dark eyes met his. ”You may be lady of your realm, but occasionally you need reminded of your place… below me.” Gabriel would have denied it if asked, but his words were more promiscuous than he would allow with any other advisor or servant in his court. He moved his finger then, reaching to tug on a long strand of light hair over Nasrin’s shoulder, then resumed his position as king.

”I know you don’t care for him, but he serves a purpose. Azrael is a snake, but he is good at accruing information. It is simply in a different way than you. So what would you have me do with Abbadon? I can’t spread my legs and hope that he changes his mind that he is better than me, nor can I simply hope that this issue goes away.” He wasn’t trying to imply that it was exactly was he believed Nasrin had done, and there wasn’t anything wrong if she had. They’d shared a few nights but he had never been under an impression that things would last between them. ”Do you believe that he comes to attempt and usurp me? If so, I will worry more. If this is simply a… friendly visit, then I will welcome his presence here.” Either way, he would send someone to attempt and gather more information, whether it was by espionage or by force.

Tall. It was the first description she could provide for the man now in front of her. The intention to move out of the way suggested he intended for a conversation, something Maggie was not interested in. But perhaps if she did, others would simply move on and forget the smell or sight of the old bread she had mistakenly dropped. Maybe if she hadn’t been so goddamn selfish it wouldn’t have happened; it was punishment, she decided, as she stepped out of the thoroughfare and towards one of the debilitated buildings that lined the street.

Maggie looked up again, stretching her neck to look into his eyes. Then he leaned in and she couldn’t help but startle, though she did not move. No one would dare, would they? Not even someone who seemed to be a newcomer here. He had the look of a demon or one of the Fallen and Maggie was sure that if either was the case, he would have already been found in the palace groveling to her brother. Her gaze was brought to the flash of coin in the man’s hand and her brows furrowed. Why would he so openly be offering money, and in exchange for what information?

Gabriel would kill him if he knew. No, this man was from the outside, for whoever had the gall to walk around Aeternum paying for information was someone not a friend to her brother. Maggie looked back up and listened, though with half-interest. Her thoughts were on whether to tell her brother and how he would react. It would be a manhunt, and those already frightened would try to flee. The more who fled would go elsewhere and share with the other demon lords – or whoever would listen – about the condition of Aeternum. She couldn’t allow that, for making her brother look weak should have been dedicated another circle of Hell.

But the words of the man in front of her made her snort laughter through her nostrils, causing her to shake her head. Flattery may have worked for conceited demons like Nasrin, but hardly on her. She was pretty, and that much she knew, but beautiful? In a city full of beings who chose only the prettiest forms in the world to inhabit, she wasn’t one of them. At the mention of potential, her smile faded slightly. It was the musk of Gabriel that he had smelled or sensed, though if he wasn’t from the city did he know Gabriel had a twin? This is exactly why he had wanted Adriel to accompany her, she decided belatedly.

”Firstly, hiding heels of day-old bread beneath my coat is hardly confident. Second, thank you but no thank you. Third, I would like to refer back to ‘hiding heels of day-old bread’, and lastly, it’s the king you smell.” A bolt of revulsion shot through Maggie as she summoned her next words. ”I assure you that all of his other whores smell exactly the same way.” She reached out and closed his fingers over the coins he offered before beginning to move away. ”If I were you,” she began, ”I would be more cautious to who I asked for information.”
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