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The title says it all.
After indulging in one of the latest additions to the Star Wars franchise, my muse is all giddy and ready for a story. I already have a couple of ideas in mind both for something short, like a one-shot story, or for something long-term. I'm open to world-building, character development, and plotting until our fingers grow sore. I'm open for it to be an M/M or M/F story; the pairings I'm looking for are listed down below. Who you want to write as is up to you, I have no preference what so ever.

x. Din Djarin & Omera
x. Din Djarin & Original Character

Here is a quick rundown for what I'm looking for in a writing partner.

x. Literacy is good, verbosity is better.
x. Would be willing to conduct the story through Google Docs - or Discord.
x. Could direct me to a few writing samples. I'll, of course, do the same.
x. Wouldn't mind playing multiple characters at once, however, that is not a must.
x. The odds of this becoming a slow-burn story are high, hence it might lack adult content.

With all that said, feel free to hit me up if anything even tickles the slightest of interest.
EDIT: Bumping this after having watched Civil War. Really looking for a Steve Rogers or a Bucky Barnes.
So I realized that I have my old e-mail address tied to my Guild account and now when I went to update it, the page loads quickly and displays a white page with nothing on it but the text Internal Server Error.

Would be awesome if this could be fixed sometimes soon!

Name's Blake, been craving some Captain America as of late and I'm currently on the hunt for a partner that:

I) Is at least 18 years of age, since I expect the story itself will contain mature themes. Necessarily not sex, but violence, gore, etc.
II) Recognize the difference between quality vs. quantity; uses spellcheck fluently, it's an easy method to avoid any unnecessary confusion; stick to one tense (preferably past-tense) and I'll be happy.
III) Posts at least twice a week.
IV) Would be willing to keep the story over an e-mail-- however, with some convincing I could do by a thread here on the site as well.
V) That won't be afraid to speak up if something doesn't tickle your fancy.
VI) Could direct me to a few writing samples. I'll of course do the same.
VII) That doesn't mind playing multiple characters at once.

TL;Dr -- I'm looking for someone that'll write well, keep things interesting, post frequently and will be happy to plot together! Toss me your ideas and I'll toss you mine.

To the matter of the actual story, I'm looking for a Bucky Barnes or a Steve Rogers -- all depending on which one of them you'd like to play. Since it's sooooooo long until May and Civil War, I'd like a story that focuses on Steve's search for Bucky and what happens then. I have a ton of little ideas in mind that I'd love to hash out with a potential partner!

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