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A gentle tap to the shoulder roused Eomer from his torpor back into reality, his eyes darting quickly who had touched him. Nemeia. Following her gaze his attention was drawn once again to the battered girl, this time talking directly to Ezlan. Judging from the swiftness of the Tiefling's reaction the Badlander's initial gut feelings towards the girl's words were indeed correct, even if he couldn't recall their importance through the fog that had settled itself rather comfortably over his mind; that, or Nemeia just wished to save the maiden from the I'll fate destiny has doled to the girl in the form of Ezlan. The latter scenario Eomer was more than happy to stand behind in his bitter state.

Either way it was enough to draw Eomer away from his wallow of pity, and more importantly the alcohol he was choosing to drown himself with. Using his arms way more than should be required to balance, hands grasping desperately on to the edges of tables, with a slight sway in his step he followed Nem's path through the room. Eomer placed himself beside Nemeia, ensuring she was between himself and the Caerbean. At this moment he did not trust himself this close to the sailor, especially with the booze flooding his system currently, and believes that the Tiefling would step in if he or Ezlan managed to overstep a boundary. The Badlander relegated himself to the sidelines on this one, not that he'd be much good in a calm conversation presently anyway. Instead, he leaned backwards against the table to his rear, palms resting on the flat surface. He was listening to the girl speak, but his cold eyes were trained solely on Ezlan.

As annoyed as the Badlander was at Ezlan, he couldn't half help the smirk that crept across his face as the Caerbean got his ass handed to him. It had been long since Eomer had watched a bar fight like this, longer still since he found one he had enjoyed this much. Moving sideways a little he went and leant casually against the bar, guiltlessly rooting for the opposing guild's members as they went at him. To Ezlan's credit however, he did far outlast what Eomer would've expected given the circumstances. Two days and Ezlan had done very little to merit respect in the Badlander's books, but this was one of them.

With a slightly guarded gait, Eomer approached the unconscious body of the Caerbean, initially apprehensive of some sort of retribution being inflicted upon him on his comrades behalf; even if, arguably, the guildsman in blue had done far more damage to his own men than Ezlan had. Quite to the contrary however, as one of them assisted Eomer in recovering the stunned seaman, so much so as to help him in getting the body into a reasonably comfortable position on Eomer's back for the walk back to the inn. It was difficult with Eomer standing a little shorter, but manageable with just Ezlan's ankles trailing along the floor behind Eomer as he walked. The thoughts plaguing the Badlander's mind presently lingered in the guildhall they had left.

Back at the Muddy Ghoul, Eomer could be found alone at one of the tables farthest from the group. Alcohol in hand, and a couple empty containers lay before him. A few of his shoulder muscles ached from carrying the sailor. Alcohol dulled the pain a bit, but it wasn't enough to quell his nerves about what was to happen next. What were they to do now, given they hadn't recieved the blessing of Dagston? Were they to carry on anyway, and sully the Guild's names even more than that display just had? Lacking in the usual coordination and fluidity of his movements, Eomer managed to slam the tankard hard into the table, surprising even himself with the noise it created. Glancing up to see if he had managed to draw attention to himself, he noted the rather battered girl with raven hair. From his position he couldn't see the badge proudly pinned upon her chest, however the Badlander managed to just about make out the word "Maddox" as she spoke. For some reason that word, or was it a name, Eomer wasn't sure, stood out. For now though, he returned to his booze. If he could remember what the word was, and if it were important, he would deal with her.
Life has gotten busier, and this is quite honestly the easiest role play I am part of to drop out of as my character hasn't been fully established or entered into the world yet. I might return when things calm down, I might not. Depends on how things fall.

Edit. I ask only that you not take over the character, as I have a particular narrative planned if I return.
"What a beautiful name for a dragon such as yourself" Alanna said with a smile, the flush in her cheeks beginning to fade. "I am Alanna, and this is Kväll, my little dragon" she mumbled, turning back to the girl before her.

[I]"Watch who you call little. I can take you on" threatened Kväll, glaring so hard that Alanna could feel the eyes piercing into the back of her skull.

A dark smirk crossed Alanna's face. "You know I could stop you any day. I could put you in an unbreakable bubble, no matter how much you clawed and bit at it it would not give" she warned with a chuckle. Glancing back at the Aya, she realised how out of context her threat sounded. Looking down, avoiding eye contact. "She said she could beat me in a fight. She is a bit boisterous...". An understatement for sure, but a true one.

"And who is your feline friend" she asked, turning to face the werecat. Who had disappeared. She could hear Kväll snorting. "Yes?"

"He left a while ago. Are you blind as well as lacking a sense of smell?". Kväll laughed.
Alanna and Kväll being engrossed in conversation neither was paying attention to what lay in their path; on this occasion it was Aya. "S...sorry" she stuttered out meekly. Slowly casting her eyes up from the floor she saw the girl she had walked into. Face partially veiled by cascades of raven hair, Alanna could only just make out her blue eyes, filled with colour and... a great sadness also, beyond compare. The more Alanna stared the more something felt off. The girl had a pale face, sure, but that wasn't it. Her features somehow seemed to mingle the roughness of man's, and the grace of the elves; her movements the fluidity of an elf, but at the same time the coordination of a human. She was an enigma.

"A.. are you a...?" Alanna managed to get out before her cheeks flushed red. She shouldn't be asking, it was rude. But it was intriguing, this was something she had never experienced before, in her mind that succeeded the boundaries of niceties. "If you are, your parents must have loved each other very much. It isn't often children of elvish descent are born, much less with a human partner, I can only imagine how painful it would be to watch both grow old and pass". Alanna trailed off again.

"'You can't say that'" mocked Kväll, who by now had flown off Alanna's shoulders and had landed beside a small pile of meat left unattended. Even through tearing off pieces of flesh and eating it, the dragon continued. "If you already knew, why ask? If you wanted to deal with them, why not talk to them about things like me?", a gleeful toothy smile crossed the dragon's maw. "Or you could just show her your tail, that's the best social cue there is".

"Because I don't have a tail" Alanna whispered angrily to her companion. "None of us here have tails, except him. And that's only sometimes!". Turning back to the girl, she apologised once again, face still flush with embarrassment.
Alanna's face drew a slight frown. "How has that girl never seen a werecat before? I understand there's not many of them left, but don't all members of royalty possess one as a pet, as there is in Ellesméra?" She managed to turn her head just in time to catch a glance of the werecat. He was looking at her, Alanna shook off the feeling and turned away quickly. Had she been noticed?

"How would I know? I know everything you know, and you know everything I do. Now hush, I'm trying to sleep and your wittering and this cold isn't helping" Kväll huffed, again hiding her head under her wing. "Can we go inside yet? My scales feel like they're freezing over" She moaned.

"You've not even experienced snow or ice, how would you know?" The elf retorted, agreeing nonetheless. It was cold, Alanna cast an almost jealous eye towards the cat, covered in fur.

"He would make a nice warm fleece" commented the dragon.

The elf was appalled at that comment. "You can't say things like that, you're going to cause even more fights with thoughts like that". A small rumble emanated from the dragon atop her shoulder. "You're hungry aren't you? You were just finding excuses to drag me inside weren't you?" Alanna could feel the guilt flooding their mind.

"What? If he were a coat he would be warm, and through him I would be too!" she grumbled. "I am hungry though, can we please go and get something?"

A deep sigh left the elf's mouth. "Fine. You go ahead, and I'll follow when I've finished listening to them".

"You know they have left? We're stood downwind from them, could you not smell their scent get weaker?" Kväll asked innocently, poking her head out from underneath her wing.

Swinging her head around again, the dragon was correct. They were no longer there. "No I cannot smell them, you're the predator here. You could smell a deer a mile off. You want to walk to find food now?"

"No. I want you to walk us to find food. My legs and wings are soooooo tired"
Alanna is staying away intentionally. I am heading off, and won't be back for a while (few hours), no point being dragged into a conversation and then holding said conversation up with me not replying. Wouldn't be fair.
A cold breeze coming off the sea flooded the island, causing Alanna to shiver slightly as the wind bit and clawed at every piece of exposed skin. She could see the others, two of them at least, standing around chatting. Moving her arms slightly in an effort to cover more of her skin she accidentally roused Kväll, who let out a surprisingly large yawn for such a small dragon. Revealing her head, her beady eyes immediately set upon the other dragons. Alanna felt the surge in excitement before even the dragon could let a word out.

"Are... are there more here? I don't recognise their scents" asked the dragon, still half asleep.

"I think so" Alanna replied, it was way too early for her to be dealing with this, so she kept her distance. Just close enough to be within elvish ear range so she could monitor their conversation, and probably sigh disdainfully at some of their statements, but far enough away that they wouldn't hear her talking to Kväll. "Their voices aren't familiar, at least. Besides, if anyone would know it would be you. I saw another patch of scales missing last night, you were fighting again".

"I was not" the dragon muttered indignantly. "He disagreed with me, and I just... showed him a better way of thinking. That is all".

"With your teeth? And your claws?" Alanna asked, struggling to hold back the oncoming smile trying to grace her face. "That sort of disagreement?"

"Yes..." Kväll replied, defeated.

A small laugh managed to fight past her lips. It wasn't very often Kväll broke this easily. She knew to savour these moments when she could. Sitting on the dewy grass at her feet, she asked, "What was it about? Did he catch you trying to steal his meat again?"

"I can't remember".
Darkness enveloped the edges of her vision, a poorly maintained road consisting of cobble and dirt filled crevices. Footsteps, Alanna's own along with others rung out, the only sound to be heard echoing. Glancing panicked from side to side, looking for her comrades before realising their footfalls had faded, that there was no longer anyone by her side; she kept running as her vision dimmed. Slowly at first but it got faster and faster until it faded totally. Darkness. And...

Alanna drew in a sharp breath startling the warm dragon laying atop her chest, heart racing. Kväll rested a clawed foot reassuringly on her heart, the elf began to relax slowly. Breath returning to its usual pace, colour flooding in to restore the pallor to her face. The dragon removed its foot and returned to her previous position, cuddling once again into the stomach of her rider.

"Again?" Kväll asked inquisitively, a slight note of worry etched into her voice. She knew already what the answer was, it was only these dreams that caused such a reaction. "They've been occurring far more frequently whilst we've been here than before..." she began before being cut off.

"We don't need to talk about it" she replied aloud, quietly. The dragon disapproved of course, her rider's difficulties affecting her too, but she knew better than argue; it got messy. Kväll required a little persuasion to remove herself from Alanna's chest, nothing a gentle shove couldn't handle, much to the dragon's chagrin. The elf rightened herself and dangled her bare feet off the side of the bed onto the cold stone below. "The more we talk of it, the more I think of it. We don't talk of it" she finished sternly, shooting a dark stare in the dragon's direction. Walking around the room, she could just feel the stone draining her anxieties, calming her nerves, acted as a conduit for her to release the tension she held within herself.

Dressed, the elf began to approach the door as the ever present voice in her mind whispered once again. "Aren't you forgetting something?" it asked in the most pathetic voice it could muster. Turning around, a small smirk upon the maiden's face as she saw her dragon curled up again, this time at the foot of her bed. Gentle hands lifted the creature before dropping it down on her own shoulders. Kväll wrapped her tail carefully around the girl's neck, perching the rest of her body across the shoulder span of the girl, and snuggling her head under her wing once again.

Warm feelings of appreciation and comfort flooded their shared mind, allowing Alanna to relax further, and Kväll to sleep on their walk to meet the others.
I would like to express my interest in joining this roleplay.

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