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@One Who Tames, you speak too kindly of me. It really shows you don't know me that well :p
GM already knows this, and is ok with it, so I am just letting y'all know what's going on. I am abroad for the next two weeks, so replies to posts may be slower than expected as I don't know how much free time I have, but when I do get the time I will try. Have a good time, and I'll try to check in at every opportunity!
Bandits? Eomee thought to himself, disposition changing slightly, looking somewhat uncomfortable, and a dark expression briefly flashing across his face. Bandits around Iron Harbour are normally smart enough to lay low, lest they are hunted down by guardsmen of the Castilian or even adventuring guilds being sent for by local settlements. They're either taking heavy losses from the familiar attacks and risking everything to survive, taking advantage of the local militias being rather preoccupied with other concerns, or... his thoughts trailed off momentarily, remembering the man in the pub. Or they're emboldened by the rumours of Reaper in the local area and are putting on a show to impress. Either way, these bandits could be a good way to gather more information about the rumours circulating.

His attention was quickly drawn back to the present at the mention of coinage, even if the vast majority wasn't theirs. His heart fluttered slightly as they were laid on the table, and he made to grab both items from the pristine desk but was beaten to the punch by Erevan. A distrustful glare followed,Eomer didn't think the elf caught this however. Still though, the travel money sack looked pretty much empty when Erevan picked it up, Not much for him to lose thankfully he thought bitterly. It wasn't their fault really, none of the three had necessarily done anything to slight the badlander, but in the Badlands you just learn to trust no one you don't know, and even most you do know too.

Erevan cockily called his comrades too follow him, however Eomer lingered a moment longer, even now he could tell the Elf was going to get on his nerves, the Caerbean too at this rate. "And us?" He asked, admittedly somewhat more aggressively than intended, he was just sick of this ragtag group's antics already. "Do we recieve any information on our compensation beforehand this time? Or are we just to hope that we find the reward satisfactory after the fact?".
Is it really all about alcohol with you" Eomer grumbled quietly towards Ezlan, a scowl adorning his (slightly scarred) face. "We're not here for you to show off how well you can tell one set of booze from 'nother, we're all here because we want, and have the ability, to work".

It was true enough though, each of this group had been chosen for this, specifically, for some reason. He did have a suspicion however that the lady was hadn't finished speaking yet, or at the very least there was more to this task than what she said there was. Why else would they form a team of individuals, none of which he had worked with before and he assumed they hadn't either, if this wasn't something an already formed group could perform? He was excited however, a new place to explore, new challenges ahead, and something he had never experienced before: adventuring with another team of individuals.

He sent a sideways glance at each of his new companions, eyeing them up and judging each of them silentl, lingering especially long on the Caerbean. He assumed most of them had never served under a woman before, at least knowingly. Up north it was surprisingly common for a woman to head up a gang of bandits, with some being amongst the most sasadistic and twisted people this badlander had either met.
So used to having characters exclaim stuff like "by the gods" haha. This could take some getting used to. I'll just have to ctrl+f when I finish writing just to double check.
Apologies if it seems a little rushed/short. I have a couple other projects that need doing before Thursday and quiet honestly I wanted to do this first - I actually enjoy doing this, the others not so much haha.
"More please, barkeep" a lightly inebriated Eomer muttered, pleading once again for another glass of something, a reward for a successful adventure. Wasn't too much of a reward in fairness. It was dark and windowless, half the floorboards were rotting away, but it was cheap and it reminded him of home (whether that was a good or a bad thing however is a totally different arguement).

It being mid day the tavern itself was rather quiet with very few staff and about just as many patrons, exactly as he liked it: peaceful. No fights, no drunks shouting; just peace, quiet and relaxed conversation. One thing however that caught Eomer's attention (as the barman filled a stoup and laid it before him), ears picking up as he heard the word "Reaper" whispered by a pair of men sat on a table in the corner.

"The Reaper heading towards the Lowlands, towards Gallant? Arlo, bloody fool, you drink too much and listen too little" a deep laugh boomed from a table in the corner, followed quickly by the thud of a tankard slamming into the table. A hand waved in the air as he signalled to one of the staff for another as he continues to berate his companion. "Even if he did come here, he would be nothing without his crew. That" he continued, an apprehensive look momentarily danced across his face, "and the guilds would have heard much more than a standard run of the mill drunkard; I'm sure if someone had truly heard something the news would be all over town, not just being spread by any gullible idiot" he finished somewhat dismissively, pooh poohing any other remarks made by his friend.

A small notebook emerged from below a faded cloak, slightly yellowed and stained from age with a cover battered far worse than most. The guildsman flicked through it quietly to a page towards the back and scrawled a small series of notes across page with the simple title of "Reeper leeds", or at least that's what it appeared to be anyway, Eomer being far from the most literate person in Gallant. "Town Rms..." he muttered quietly to himself, a quick glance at the two in the corner before continuing with "Dok worker" and "toward Galant". With that, Eomer downes tbe last of his drink, slipping the book back into his pocket. He withdrew a half dozen silvered coins, which he placed on the bar and gently pushed towards the owner, muttering a quiet "thank you" before making his retreat towards the door.

The door catching his ankle caused the badlander to stumble slightly, caught by an attentive man in rather familiar dress. "Again? You're here again?" He asked, seeming rather exasperated, "you're getting ripped off, how many times need you be told he laces the booze with pig urine? There is a reason no one drinks there, especially our lot".

"I've had worse, and gotten much less drunk" Eomer replied with a small laugh, the runner contorting his face into a look of disgust, almost seeming to wince at the thought,imagining way too vividly about what his fellow guildman may have drunk in his time. Eomer steadied himself against the youth, taking a step back as to not linger so close to his face. "I'm assuming you're here for a reason? You don't normally come to find me unless it is urgent" he asked, brushing off the dust that had gathered on his clothes from the filthy inn.

"You are wanted at the hall. Several of you have been called to a meeting: Loran, you, Ezlan, Nemia... oh, and the elf" he added, almost as an afterthought.

"Sera? The short one with the weird crossbow?"

"No, Erevan"

He sighed. "And when am I needed, can it wait till morning?" Eomed asked hopefully. Ideally he wanted to let the alcohol leave his system, or at the very least his breath before any sort of official meeting.

"I'm afraid not. I was told to find you and take you to the hall myself. They almost seemed to expect you'd be drinking and wanted to make sure someone made sure you made it there without falling into a ditch" he said with a slight smirk.

Eomer extended his arm in a very exaggerated fashion, dagger catching the light and glistening as he raised his cloak. "Lead on then".
I can't wait to get started, thanks @One Who Tames

Side note: so many 'E' names haha
@Gisk That could be interesting for sure. Kind of weird how similar the directions we went in are regarding weapons and armour are with no knowledge of each other's characters.
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