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Royal Courts of Elyr, Cabinet Meeting Room, Province of Yespium, City of Pyrewood.

Gathered around a large wooden table was a small group of people engaged in discussion; the Queen, fiery Orlette, and half a dozen ministers dressed in posh suits; laid in front of each was differing amounts of paperwork. Eyes from all around the table were focused on the Queen as she spoke.

"Acrad has formally announced it's discovery of a relationship between the group calling themselves 'Desert Rats', most known for their skirmishes and raids along the Acradian-Hasturian border, and the Warlords that occupy the northern regions. They believe, beyond all reasonable doubts that these Warlords are funding the campaign of the 'Rats' in exchange for shares of the stolen goods, and even the potential for these goods to be unknowingly exported and consumed upon the foreign market. It is has been proposed by the Parliament of the People that temporary trading sanctions be levied against the nation of Hastur until such a time that these allegations can be either proven or disproven; but until such a time that this can be ascertained a ban on all goods imported both directly and indirectly from Hastur be enforced. Those who have an arguement against, please state that now" she finished, returning to her seat and glancing around the room, filled by a majority of portly, balding officials who looked as if they'd never done a proper job in their lives.

"The imports from Hastur help support those on lower incomes" chimed in Hagen, Minister for International Trade, followed by several affirmative nods from others.

"And we are barely keeping our heads above water with the current supplies, if they were to stop... I can only imagine the public outcry" continued the Home Secretary, about to further his point when he was interrupted by Orlette, scowling hard.

"And how do you think the people will react if these allegations are true? Will they be all cordial and hugs if these allegations are true" spat Orlette. A subtle glare from the Queen quietened her down as the Secretary, still rather stunned by her impertinent remark, splattering out in response:

"Uh, no. But it is more a matter of whether they're going to starve to death, or do a deal with the devil to see today through. If I may ask, which exactly would you choose, Miss?"

"The right thing" she replied coldly.

Ignoring the girls comment, the ministers continued their discussion for a few more minutes, decising to holding out on an official decision until more was known about the international affair at hand. Adjourning until such a requirement had been met, each packed up their stuff and departed.

Royal Court of Elyr, Private Quarters, City of Pyrewood

The room was dark, kept alight by a dim wall lamp above a wooden desk laden with paper and a small number of candles covering the surfaces. In the corner stood a small gramophone on a sidetable, and to the right of that a bookcase overflowing with books of all different hues. Reds and oranges as the sun set peaked through the large window which dominated one of the walls, giving everything inside a soft warm glow. With her back to the room sat Orlette at her desk, hiding her face from the Queen who was patiently sat behind her, listening to the girl.

"They did nothing?" Exclaimed the fiery girl, anger seeming to seep from every pore of her body. "They had every piece of evidence before them, and they do nothing?" She asked again, face flush, disapproval lining her face. She raised her head slightly at the woman sat in the chair opposite, "am I wrong in feeling like this?"
The woman sighed, her expression saying that this was, by far, not the first time a situation like this has arisen . "No, Orlette, they didn't do anything" the Queen calmly affirmed. "There was nothing to do. Elyr is reliant on Hastur currently for much of it's import of food. We stop trading with them over a suspected, and officially that's all it is, act of aggression, more people will starve than are currently. This isn't just about how we feel, you need to consider how it will effect those around us too" she reminded the younger girl. "Here, cheer up"
Orlette glanced up and saw the lady kindly holding out a cup for Orlette to take, she hadn't even noticed the woman make it. "Drink" she gently urged "it'll help you relax".
Orlette took a tentative look at the cup "tea?" She asked, unsure to what the liquid actually was.
"Tea" Bree nodded, taking a few steps towards the door. "Tea is what I used to help me get over stuff like this, still do in fact" she added, a smile directed towards her húsceorl go help reassure her. "And sleep. You've been awake for hours, first collecting reports on this, then collating them, and finally presenting them to the parliament."
The girl opened her mouth to argue, but a strong glare from the Queen closed it again.
"Seriously. Rest up, I agree with you. I'll see if there is anything I can do, ok?"
The girl nodded as the woman quietly left the room. She moved over to her desk, moved a small mountain of paperwork to find something specific and began reading through it slowly.

Back in her own room, the Queen pulled out a small ledger from a tables draw and blew a thin layer of dust which had come to settle atop. Sitting down and making herself comfortable she gradually began flicking through and drawing a finger down each page until it came to a rest. The name of contact of hers from Coral City: Ambassador Laquarian. Knowing him eager to establish trade relations between Elyr and Southern Verdasou, he seemed like the best person to contact. Sitting down with a piece of paper, she began to pen out a piece to be delivered in the morning.

Royal Court of Elyr, City of Pyrewood, Province of Yespium, Elyr.

The Elyrian Royal Court. One of Elyr's most beautiful buildings, both inside and out. Home of the Monarchy for over 600 years. A stunning piece  of architecture, decorated with green marble pillars, ornate statues and plants. A small crowd of noble looking people stand dotted around the room, tittering away in their own distinct groups. The Queen, smothered in her emerald green ensemble, was perched at the very edge of her throne, engaged deeply in conversation with a woman sat to her left; Orlette, her húsceorl. A much younger woman than the queen, with firey hair and a matching temper. Much in contrast to most of the court, Orlette wore dark cloths, hues of grey and blue; symbols of the Academy. Like the Queen, she held a cup of fine porcelain, filled to the brim with the finest of Rorik's latest tea harvest.

"This morning we recieved news of Acrad, first from our network, but then further reinforced by official communications from the office of the General Commander" continued Orlette, somewhat flippantly. Taking another sip of tea she continued. "Acrad have finally discovered the source of the 'Desert Rat' problem. As we'd suspect; Hastur. Funding the raider's campaign and buying the spoils.. Nothing that we import for the public sector I hasten to add, I checked that out for myself when the reports first caught my attention a few weeks ago" she added, provoking a small sigh of relief from the Queen.

"And Acrad?" Questioned Bree, anxious as to what response the, admittedly, militant state might take. "Is there any news on their actions?"

"It looks like there is a high chance their gearing up for war. I'm assuming this is why you didn't release this information to them in the first place? Knowing there was potential to be dragged into conflict?"

A solemn nod came from the Queen, followed by scowl. "I think we need to call the Parliament together. Now that it has officially been released they deserve to know, and they need decide whether Hastur deserves any sanctions from Elyr" she finished, downing the last drips of tea and reaching for her notepad. Hastily writing down a messege to be sent to the Ministers, handing it off to Orlette to deliver to her communications officer. It read simply: "Emergency Meeting to be called. Potential hostilities to the north. All available at such short notice assemble at 3 o'clock."

Ravenhold Maximum Security Prison, West Coast, Province of Endrea, Elyr.

Footsteps echod across the stone hallways, partially drowned out by the shrieks of other inmates and the running of water down halls and dark passages. Alone in the cell was a young man, face hidden in the shadows and partially obscured by unkempt hair, sat hunched over the rotting wooden beam that was his bed; back bathed in pale moonlight emanating from the barred window. Dressed only in the simplest of cloth, he was in a state if silent contemplation. Apart from the bed, the rest of the room was adorned only with a bucket, and a carpeted floor of damp moss.

The footsteps approached, slowly with each pat against the masonry getting louder. The man's ears pricked up. Definetly more than one person. Two. One with a slightly odd gait, a limp perhaps? He lifted his head up, hoping to discern part of their hushed conversation from the surrounding noise. Judging from their tones, it was two men. One was assumedly a prison guard, but the other...

"You know who he is, don't you? I mean, how could you not know? After what he did..." Whispered one of them, voice bearly audible over the raucous. Both pair of footsteps stopped suddenly, almost as if one was squaring up to the other. A deep breath could be heard, followed by a sigh.

"I know who he is, I know what he has done, and to be quite frank I most likely know a lot more about him than you do. I don't want to be up here any more than you do. So if you have finished your complaints, may we continue, sir?" The second man spat at the guard, foot falls restarting for a few moments, before coming to a stop outside the door. Both figures peered in, their faces silhouetted by the flickering torch light behind them.

"This one?" The second man asked, sounding unsure.
"This one" the guard affirmed solumnly. Inserting his key into the seizing lock, with a grunt of effort and the screaming of stressed metal on metal, the bolt slid across. The guard looked in once more, before pulling away with disgust; opening the door just wide enough for the second man to walk through.

As he stepped across the threshold he looked down at the floor, seeming to be looking for somewhere safe to stand. With a sigh of resignstion he gave in, and stood right in a patch of moss with an audible squelch. He seemed too well dressed to be visiting a place like this, a deep emerald cloak layered above an assortment of dark green clothing; in his left hand a case of some sort, the seal of Elyr just visible on its side. A consort of the Queen herself it appears. As he had suspected, the man possessed a limp, apparent with each step he took and a slight slouch in his posture.

"You are Vipir, correct? Convicted 3 years ago of the attempted, and might I say the most successful, assassination of Queen Bree the Second of Elyr. Due to spend a life sentence, minimum of 30 years, in this miserable hole?" Each word sounding planned. Rehursed... formal.

Vipir gave a quiet affirmation to each of the questions, apprehensive of where this was leading. Was this a royalist, come to execute him? He kept quiet however, eyeing up the case and looking for ways to escape should things turn sour.

"In that case then, I have come with an offer. A choice if you will. And if you agree, than I am to officially pardon you, by the authority of the Parliament of the Peoples, much to my personal distaste I will have you know. Fail to accept this offer, or to carry out it's full terms, and I will personally ensure that you find somewhere even filthier than here to live out the entirety of your life"

Vipir's face lit up at the sound of freedom, and he began hanging onto every word the man said, slowly processing the information until he came to the only logical question to ask after such a preposition.

"And what are the 'full terms' of this offer?"

Kingdom of Elyr

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Yes. The post in the Character Sheet section please :)
Kingdom of Elyr

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This seems kinda interesting! Never tried this type of roleplay before (contrary to what it appears, am a previous member returning from a six month hiatus as college got busy), but sure am interested to give it a go. Whilst I spend a couple days putting together a 'character' sheet, could I possibly reserve the small islands to the south east of the Eastern continent, the mountains to the west of it, the forested area and a small amount of plains to allow for a small amount of arable farming please?

Edit: currently called Elyr (Eh-Lyre)
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