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Please check the replies before selecting a role to make sure that role is not taken. I will be roleplaying as Detective. Fauna Bartlowe, here are the roles:

- Georgia Markov (The victim's mother, possible suspect)
- Harold Markov (The victim's stepfather, possible suspect)
- Lola Markov (The victim's little sister, has alibi)
- Willow Renee (The house maid, possible suspect)
- Chief Police Officer. Grahamm Porin (The officer in charge of the case)
- Kevin Newt (the mail man, suspect)
Checking her watch, Alina Markov tapped her foot impatiently on the marble floor. Blowing away the wisp of curly brown hair peeking behind her glasses, she heard the long-awaited knock on the oak door. Practically jumping out of her seat, she rushed to the front door and tore it open.
"Oh thank god!" Re-pinning her flower barrette, she attempted a friendly smile as she greeted the man at the door. "I think, I think I might be in danger." She went to invite him in when a knife plunged through her gut, and she collapsed in a heap on the floor.

The unknown man pulled his hood back over his head, and, laughing manically, left the Markov Manor with a dead body on it's floor, and a mystery in its walls.

(To Join the RP, check the OOC tab for the roles and claim the one you are interested in)
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