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<Snipped quote by Blitzy>

You should be able to get by with a little bit of research into the franchise, mainly just checking into the different bio-weapons Umbrella created and occasionally some of the characters.

In that case count me interested.
Love the idea but have literally zero knowledge of the world. Will that be an issue or can I get all I need to know from recap videos and a bit of reading around?
Just checking in for the time being, but where is everyone at with their concepts so far?

Haven't made much progress on my Yronwood sheet but finished uni for good yesterday so will have plenty of time to work on it. Hoping to have most of it finished by the end of the week.
There was a sheet here. It's gone now.
@Inkarnate Lord Anders' heir was 12 years old in 300, she could have had Sylva at 21. The only other living Yronwood aside Anders and his heir was Anders' nephew Archibald, who I'm debating making some sort of banner house or landed knights in a similar way to the Daynes of High Hermitage. Does that sound ok?
@Inkarnate I'll incorporate Sylva somehow. Did you have any ideas about who she was or just a background character?
@Inkarnate Probably. Being married to an Yronwood would make it easier to find excuses to hang out with Martells, if anything.

But I'd have to run that by Blitzy if/when Heat gets back to me about those damnable Hightowers, so, y'know. Best not confuse him further.

I'm open to pretty much anything, I've got nothing set in stone so far so I'm happy to listen to whatever you've got.
<Snipped quote by Blitzy>

Hastily tosses out the potential Stone Dornish Supremacy plot.

Gods I'm running out of backup plans for Lyanna real quick.

brb, calling the Reynes.

Sorry, I'll admit to not reading all the posts from the last two weeks or so thoroughly, were you planning on playing the Yronwoods? Like I said I don't wanna get in the way of anyone's plans, I can pick another House if it's easier.
I'm fairly sure I'd like to play House Yronwood, a personal favourite of mine, as long as that doesn't interfere with anyone else's plans. I may possibly pick up a second house elsewhere like the Mallisters or Manderlys but will focus on the Yronwoods for the time being.
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