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Despite the imminent danger of armour-clad stormtroopers rounding the corner at any second and gunning Fibu and his small squad down, the Bith found something oddly comforting about the corridors of this station. Everything was clean and smooth, almost clinical. To some degree it reminded Fibu of his practice back home. All it needed was a bit of greenery and some medical posters on the wall and he would have been tempted to find a quiet side room and set up shop.

“How much further?” The sergeant in Fibu’s squad spoke at last, having ignored most of the idle chatter that had been going on between them for the past ten minutes or so. The station was something of a maze. “Det?” Fibu looked over his shoulder at Detevi, a young Zabrak private. She was jostling with a holomap, rotating it to try and make sense of it and muttering curse words under her breath every few seconds. She was barely an adult, with as smooth a face as Fibu had ever seen and bright, excited blue eyes. A ring of stubby horns circled the crown of her head and faint tattoos accentuated the sharp lines of her face. Her hair was so dark brown that it was almost black, pulled back into a neat bun and contrasting with the pale brown of her skin. Form the look of her, Fibu suspected she had lied about her age when she signed up.

“Uh… not much further, sir. By my reckoning, if we take the next left it should only be a few minutes until we reach the control centre.” The sergeant gave a nod and a grunt as response, adjusting the stock of his rifle into his shoulder and checking it was loaded.

“It’s quiet,” the other private chimed in. His voice was shaky; Fibu could practically smell the fear-induced adrenaline coursing through his system.

“Which means only two things,” Fibu responded. “Either we are walking straight into a trap, or things have gone seriously wrong elsewhere and that’s where all the stormtroopers are.” He paused. “My money is on the first one, knowing my luck.”

“Great. That’s really reassuring, thanks doc.” The male private was obviously dissatisfied with the Bith’s answer. He too adjusted his rifle, his eyes darting from side to side as if the walls were going to open up to reveal hundreds of Imperial soldiers.

“We’ll be fine, private.”

“With all due respect sir, that really doesn’t make me any more relaxed.”

Fibu chuckled to himself. “What’s your name private?” He was older than Detevi, but still a youngster. A duros, with smooth aqua-green skin and fiery orange eyes.

“Malcan, sir.”

“And is this your first mission?”

“It is sir.” His voice was hushed, almost embarrassed.

“What did you do before you joined up with the Moons?” He hoped that if he could take Malcan’s mind away from their current situation the boy might get a few minutes of mental peace before they were all potentially shot to bits.

“I worked on my dad’s freighter. Just loading and unloading. Nothing exciting.”

“I bet you’ve seen some incredible places.”

Malcan shrugged. “A lot of planets look the same under the Empire. Grey, industrial, lifeless.” Fibu nodded his agreement.
“Silence. This is it.” The sergeant cut through the conversation. They had already rounded the corner and walked on a few minutes, and now they faced an enormous grey blast door. “Malcan, open the door. “Det, Fibu, on me.” The three stacked up. He wasn’t sure if the sergeant was aware that Fibu would never pull his trigger, but if not, he was in for a nasty shock. “On my signal, Malcan.” There were a few seconds of tense silence. Everyone looked nervously at each other, lined up with rifles pointed directly at the door. “Now!”

With a hiss, the doors slid aside and made way for Fibu’s team to enter. They were met by a squad of startled engineers, clad in grey uniforms and not a single blaster between them. “Don’t shoot!” Fibu shouted. The whole squad turned and looked at him. “They’re unarmed.” The sergeant glanced back at the engineers, then fixed his gaze on Fibu.

“Bind them, take their commlinks and anything else on them and lock them in the supply closet at the back.” Fibu audibly released the tension in his stomach with a loud sigh. He took his earplugs out, now safe from the prospect of imminent blaster fire.
“Malcan, get those doors sealed and make sure they can only be opened either from the inside or with enough firepower to sink a star destroyer. Det, help Fibu bind the Imps.” Fibu and Detevi went soldier to soldier, stripping them of their commlinks, any pouches on their belts or anything that could possibly be used to construct an escape. Using whatever they could find, mainly the engineer’s own belts, they bound their wrists tight behind their back and ushered them into the empty storage cupboard. Detevi shot the internal door controls as the doors shut, ensuring their safe capture.
“Prisoners secure, sir,” said Fibu.

“Good. Malcan, try to raise anyone else on the comms. See what we can do to help out from here. Detevi, Fibu, get on the consoles and try to work out what’s what. If we can control the Imperial defences from here, we might be able to save a lot of our guys.”
Fibu took his seat, finding himself gazing at power distribution readouts and camera screens. He uttered a silent prayer under his breath, hoping everyone else had found things just as simple and his skills weren’t being wasted sat in a chair at a console.
@Famotill safe to say, sir, you and your wonderful worldbuilding has my attention. The question is, do I dust off Ralorin or go from scratch...

Fibu doubted he would ever really feel ready for a battle. There was something so surreal about loading into a shuttle, surrounded by men and women armed to the teeth and ready to kill. And then there was Fibu, bulbous eyes flitting around the interior of the shuttle and nothing but a blaster pistol for protection, scanning the faces of the men and women who were about to risk everything for the Scarlett Moons. Most of them were so young. Fibu said a silent prayer for them all; with any luck he would not be a busy man on this mission. There was a lot going on around him. Major Thel was talking to command on the comms and the soldiers around him were muttering to one another nervously.

Fibu remained focused on the task at hand, rummaging through his pack to make sure for the umpteenth time that he hadn't left any valuable equipment back on the Evergreen. As expected, and just like the last six times he'd checked, he had everything he thought he would need. Fibu jolted out of the trance he'd fallen into as the shuttle locked into place on the underside of the Crown. All of a sudden a hush fell over the troops. There was a faint hiss as the fusion cutters built into the shuttle sliced an entryway into the hull of the station for them to breach through. Everything went silent. An airlock sealed. A moment's pause as a scan checked for Imperial troops on the other side...

And then a piercing scream. The first unfortunate soldier through quickly discovered that the shuttle had docked upside-down, and had just fallen vertically on his head. "Get him up and back in the shuttle, Corporal D'orel." The gears were already turning in Fibu's head, and by the time Major Thel shouted her orders at him the Bith medic was already halfway across the shuttle. He dismounted more carefully than the first soldier had, landing softly next to the man. He was young, a Sullustan with the crest of a private sewn messily onto the shoulder of his uniform. It could have even been his first mission for all Fibu knew.

Fibu clicked a small green control on his wrist, and within seconds a small circular droid was circling the casualty. F1-X was scanning the boy as he lay there screaming, trying to determine the source of the problem. Fibu collected the man's blaster rifle and passed it to another nearby soldier. "Listen to me, listen." He spoke softly to the screaming Sullustan, who now had a vice grip on his uniform while he shouted incoherently about his pain and his spine. "Listen." The Sullustan stopped screaming for just long enough for Fibu to actually get a word in. He checked the readout on his wrist for a scan of the young private's body.

"You've damaged several discs in the upper half of your spine." The man began to sob. "It's nothing we can't fix back at base. I'm going to give you something for the pain. If you don't like needles I suggest you look the other way." Fibu retrieved a small capsule from a pouch in his belt and attached it to a hydraulic syringe, pressing it to the man's arm. The pain seemed to subside almost immediately. Fibu went about wrapping the man's midriff in a fast-hardening plastic cast to stop him from squirming and potentially causing irreparable damage in the process. "I'm going to leave this syringe here with another shot of Ceramol and a few Symoxin tabs. If the pain comes back hard, get someone to put the Ceramol straight into a vein. If it's more bearable, the Symoxin will do."

Fibu rose to his feet. F1-X was still floating around in small circles running diagnostics, but at the press of a button landed gently back into Fibu's outstretched hand. He clipped the droid to his belt with a sharp click. Two soldiers moved closer ready to move the private, who seemed to be calming down at last. The sound of blaster fire made Fibu spin where he stood, fearing the worst. Instead, he saw a row of Scarlett Moon troops holding raised blasters with smoking barrels, and a parallel row of fallen Imperials. "Alright, looks like everyone's in one piece, for now." Thel was starting to give out orders.

Fibu strode over and checked the Imperial corpses for a pulse. Nothing. "Lieutenant Tye, stay here with the shuttles." Thel was addressing a tall Togruta with remarkable coloured lekku. "The rest of you, split into five squads. One for the databanks, one for the power plant, one for crew quarters, one lock down the escape pods and the last one to take the command deck. And I need one of you with me to the docking bay."

“I’ll head out with you, Major, if you’ll have me. Those other shuttles probably found more heat than us and could use a flanking manoeuvre to take off some of the heat.” It was the human who replied first.

"I am going to the Station's bridge. Nine of you will join me." NED, one of the lieutenants, was going to take a little under half of their forces on their mission. Sensible; the bridge was likely to be heavily guarded.

"With your permission, I will lead a squad to the crew quarters. We will hunt these Imperials in their dens, and ensure they cannot mobilize against us." A lanky Trandoshan with a deformed arm volunteered next. Fibu was only just starting to notice quite how interesting his brothers and sisters in arms were.

Fibu felt he may as well jump in. "I'll go to the power plant and disable the defences." He motioned to three other soldiers, one of whom he had passed the Sullustan's rifle to earlier. He took the rifle back; four people with rifles was more likely to force a surrender than three. The four of them gathered up and checked their weapons. Fibu double checked his medical supplies one last time.

On the way out he stopped by Lieutenant Tye. "The Sullustan on the shuttle. I gave him painkillers. If he starts screaming again, inject them into his arm and it'll keep him quiet for a bit longer." He wasn't really sure how he was meant to address her. He saluted awkwardly before heading off with the three other troops, wondering exactly what the Crown would have in store for them.
I am so so down for this.
Definitely interested, looks awesome!
@Gcold should be just about finished now.

And I'm seeing a bit of Desmond Doss in him

Won't even try to hide it, I knew I wanted to do a medic but was struggling for an idea I really liked and then happened to watch Hacksaw Ridge again. Fibu is basically Spacedoss. I'll pad out his motivations a bit more when I get home this evening!

@Gcold Filled out the rest of my sheet, call it a first draft. I shall await your feedback eagerly.
So this is extremely WIP, the image link keeps breaking for some reason, the background is missing some padding and detailing and obviously the latter two sections are not filled out at all, but I figured I'd post what I have so far here for you guys to critique and hopefully give a bit of constructive criticism to flesh out the character further and point him more in the right direction. As always, thanks for any and all feedback!

EDIT: Added a full inventory and flaws to the sheet, leaving just skills, a working image and a callsign. Any callsign recommendations please feel free to suggest as I am stumped.
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