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Hi and welcome!

I started roleplaying about 18 years ago and have recently returned to it because I missed it. I most like adventurous sci fi and fantasy, or more slice of life to action action filled modern day magic and mutants. I'm not into fandoms anymore and I'm not looking for romance roleplays either.

Often people create dark characters with heavy pasts. I do that sometimes too, but my character will then have a 'that's just life. Deal with it' attitude instead of feeling sorry for themselves. I also enjoy playing characters without such a heavy past. I enjoy the sciences so playing a scholar or mechanic is right up my alley. I also practise martial arts, but thougg I oike playing fighters, they are more the stealth characters than the muscled ones. I don't like hormonal (teenage) characters. I don't take death lightly so unless I'm playing an assassin my characters will look for ways to avoid murder.

Lastly, I love being a GM and controlling an entire world. I have some sci fi and modern fantasy worlds in my mind which I would like to play out here. I'm also a regular player, mostly casual where description is limited to what's necessary rather than describing every step, scent, bite or thought that occurs.

So that's a little about me. How about you?

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Are we going on with this or are we ending it?
If the IT guy tried to get out of there, he would be in the line of fire. Perhaps he would try to run when the demon was distracted enough. He hung up the phone an peered over the desk to look at the demon, then ducked again and looked at you. The demon created another one of those black balls and threw it at you, but the IT guy kicked a chair in his direction, making the demon stumble. The ball missed you by a hair. As it flew by you, for a moment you could feel the darkness of oblivion inside it. If that hit, you wouldsimply cease to exist.

Now the demon was really pissed. He disappeared and in the same shimmering fashion he appeared behind you. He held up both hands and in each a ball of darkness began to form. From this position he could throw one at each of you.

When the swords hit, the demon's black ball of oblivion came down on a chair nect to him, removing it from existence completely. When the light appeared, hi screamed in anger or pain or both, covering his eyes. The demon snarled and, still blinded, turned to you, obviously realising you were not moving aside. He seemed to be pretty sturdy. It would take some effort to vanquish him.

Meanwhile the IT guy had got whoever he wanted to call on the phone and was whispering furiously about a demon and where he was.
The IT guy turned around and saw the demon. "Wow." He ducked just in time to avoid the ball of blackness, which hit the computer instead, swzllowing it whole. The demon growled and turned his attention to you. "Stay out of it, witch!" He snarled and looked again at the IT guy who was now scurrying behind a desk for cover. It was still a few meters (10 feet) towards the exit but the demon had a clear view of the door. If he tried to go for that he would be an easy target. Meanwhile the demon readied another ball of black smoke and started to make his way towards the IT guy, who was getting his phone.
"Hello!" A voice called from the back of the room. There was some rummaging and then from.inder a desk appeared the IT guy man. He had blond har, which was shaven short, he wore subtle glasses and a black, faded t-shirt from some metal band or other and as he got up, you could see he was wearing jeans. "Hold on." He said "Let me turn this on." He pushed a button and the computer on the desk he was just beneath whirred to life. He looked at the screen for a few seconds, then turned to you and glanced at your pass.

"Inactive, huh?" He came to you and held his hand out for the pass. "You're the third one today, seventeenth this week! I don't know what they were doing when they activated the batch, but someone clearly didn't know what they were doing." He mumbked somethingbin Dutch as he took your card to a computer and swiped it. He punched in something you couldn't see, then swiped it again. "There." He said, handing you the pass back. "Would you like a... Thingy, to put it in?" He held up a card holder which you could attach to your clothing. The pass was credit-card size and could fit in your wallet as well if you oreferred.

But as he showed you the holder, behind hin the air shimmered an a figure appeared. The demon was tall, dressed in black and had red markings painted over his face. He held out a hand with bony fingers as he glared at the IT guy and a black ball of smoke appeared in his hand, which he seemed to be aiming for the IT guy, who had not yet noticed the silent visitor.
Surely that was possible. The IT office ended up having only a small IT sign next to the door, but once you'd found it, you'd see there weren't many people there. In fact, it seemed to be empty. The door was open, though and the sign said that the department would be open for another half hour so you had made it in time. There was only one light on, though.
It was quite awkward standing there with the cassiere, swiping your card and getting a red light. There was a line of students behind her, waiting to pay for their meal and unfortunately in this dining area you could only pay with student card. Swiping the card again, however, gave another red light.

"New student?" The woman behind the counter said in a not unfriendly, though businessy voice. "I'm sorry, but I fear you'll have to pass by the IT department to get that activated before you can eat here. Do you know where that is?"

You had received amap of the school campus, which, of course, indicated that IT was on the other side. And campus was big.
Alright. I'll see it appear when you're ready
Sounds good.
Wanna skip some time? To Mirela going to the university to have her pass checked out perhaps? Or there could be some days between her arrival and the start of the introduction if you'd rather have her go to the bar or the theatre.
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