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Hi and welcome!

I started roleplaying about 18 years ago and have recently returned to it because I missed it. I most like adventurous sci fi and fantasy, or more slice of life to action action filled modern day magic and mutants. I'm not into fandoms anymore and I'm not looking for romance roleplays either.

Often people create dark characters with heavy pasts. I do that sometimes too, but my character will then have a 'that's just life. Deal with it' attitude instead of feeling sorry for themselves. I also enjoy playing characters without such a heavy past. I enjoy the sciences so playing a scholar or mechanic is right up my alley. I also practise martial arts, but thougg I oike playing fighters, they are more the stealth characters than the muscled ones. I don't like hormonal (teenage) characters. I don't take death lightly so unless I'm playing an assassin my characters will look for ways to avoid murder.

Lastly, I love being a GM and controlling an entire world. I have some sci fi and modern fantasy worlds in my mind which I would like to play out here. I'm also a regular player, mostly casual where description is limited to what's necessary rather than describing every step, scent, bite or thought that occurs.

So that's a little about me. How about you?

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Mine was good too. I ooe my post is okay. Have to get back into he story a little but I'm still having fun. Hope you don't mind this little plot twist.
Hensen looked uncertain. "Well..." He stammered. "H-he did say I could go if I arranged my own transprort and made sure I got home in time for school tomorrow..." He bit his lip. "He just didn't say I could hire another pilot for his shuttle... But all my friends live too far away to catch a ride and I don't knoe how public transportation works so I didn't know what else to do... I'm sure you won't be in trouble!" He added quickly. "Well, not like you'll go to jail. I mean it's my dad's shuttle and I'm his son and I told you it would be okay, so that should be all right. Right?"

He sounded like he was trying to convince himself as much as you. Still, he was a teenager and 5his was a typical teenager's action, not thinking ahead far enough to see the possible consequences.

"But he might get a little mad that we broke it... Maybe if I tell the story right he'll just be glad we weren't murdered. What do you think?"
Hi! Nice to see you're back. Hope you had good holidays and yes, I'd like to continue this.
Hensen suddenly seemed a little drawn back. He identified himself when the man asked and verified your story, but oonce the connection was broken, he swore. "My dad is gonna kill me." He said. It was clear he was hiding something.

The nearest ship that could help you contacted you with some of the same questions that you had just answered, requesting your whereabouts and if you needed medical attention, then informed you they were about fifteen minutes out.
Alright. Just thught I'd poke you because you're normally within a day
I already responded in ic
This friday we'll be getting the key to our new house and we'll need to do a lot of work on that. I hope I can respond daily like I do now as I have two kids who need taken care of and I want to be home with them in the evenings, but just a heads-up if my posting gets a little less frequent, I'll probably be busy with the house. Feel free to poke me if it takes too long (but I guess you have holidays coming up too).
The man nodded. "We have your coördinates." He said. "Help is on its way. Please stay with your vehicle." The he frowned. "By the way, the shuttle you are riding is licenced to mister Trellion. You are not him." It was definitely a question for you to answer. Who were you and how did you come by the shuttle?
A holo image of a blond man dressed in a spaceguard uniform popped up above the dashboard. His face looked stern, but his voice was business-like though friendly as he spoke. "The spaceguard of Verindy received your distress-call." He spoke. "I see you are in suits. That's good. Are your suits holding?"

Space suits, you had learned, Needed to be replaced every two years because the material could wear down after a while. Space suits were also expensive, however and many people neglected to replace them, especially on private shuttles. But Hensesn's family was not worried for money. These suits were up to par.

"What is your position?" The man would ask and after you answered "How many are aboard? Is everyone suited up? What is your siruation? Has life support fully failed yet? (If not, turning it off now that you were suited would save a lot of energy). What happened? Are there injuries?"
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