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Hi and welcome!

I started roleplaying about 18 years ago and have recently returned to it because I missed it. I most like adventurous sci fi and fantasy, or more slice of life to action action filled modern day magic and mutants. I'm not into fandoms anymore and I'm not looking for romance roleplays either.

Often people create dark characters with heavy pasts. I do that sometimes too, but my character will then have a 'that's just life. Deal with it' attitude instead of feeling sorry for themselves. I also enjoy playing characters without such a heavy past. I enjoy the sciences so playing a scholar or mechanic is right up my alley. I also practise martial arts, but thougg I oike playing fighters, they are more the stealth characters than the muscled ones. I don't like hormonal (teenage) characters. I don't take death lightly so unless I'm playing an assassin my characters will look for ways to avoid murder.

Lastly, I love being a GM and controlling an entire world. I have some sci fi and modern fantasy worlds in my mind which I would like to play out here. I'm also a regular player, mostly casual where description is limited to what's necessary rather than describing every step, scent, bite or thought that occurs.

So that's a little about me. How about you?

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I'll explain about the guild tonight, but overall it's beneficial.
You were hugged back tightly. "I know this isn't some spur-of-themoment idea." She said. "You've been talking about this for years. I raised you to be a responsible young woman, capable of making her own choices. I'm not entirely on your side with this plan, but you're my daughter. If this is the choice yoi make, I'll support you."

She waited for you to finish hugging her. "Just promise me one thing." She said. "Promise menyou'll contact uncle Ben about joining the guild. It costs a little money, but you'll be insured. You'll have backup if you get into trouble. Promise me that, please."
Her mother nodded and seemed to think. Then she activated her smart sleeve and typed on it some. She activated the holo screen and you could see thay she was in the transfer tab of her bank account.

"I had something saved up to help you out when you decided to take on a college education." She said, putting your data in the receipient's area. "But since that's not gonna happen, I'd rather you use it to make sure you get yourself a ship that's capable of keeping you safe and warm. It's really cold out there. In more ways than one."

She pressed 'send' and it was done. 1000 credits added to your account.
@Kidd Looking forward to your post. Take care!
Dear all,

I now have 3 character submissions, all three with a heavy past and 2 out of 3 have bad social skills. Please keep in mind that your character is supposed to function in a group setting and that having all anti-social characters isn't going to work.
I resent the PM's (except to NecroKnight as he already submitted a character)
The shipyard owner took you a little further into the hangar, towards a dark grey ship quite a bit Larger than the Vixen. The Queen Elisabeth was a ship designed for hauling cargo. A decade ago the Queen brand was associated with a large network of mansmugglers, giving the brand a bad reputation. The scandal was complete when it was discovered the top of the company knew about the design and building of the hidden compartments meant for human trafficking. The top people were arrested, some investors took over, even changed the brand name, but they never stood a chance against the angry media and the company went out of business.

The Queen Elisabeth, as well as the Queen Victoria and the Queen Mary were really fine ships though. The problem now was that with no mother company backing the brand and delivering spare parts anymore people had to either search the second-hand markets or find other creative solutions whenever something broke. While the ships were still good and spare parts still available through less-than-direct channels, the price for these ships had dropped 30%.

The Elisabeth had 7 cabins, two of them double, so it could house 9 people. It also had three cargo sites which could be protected by force-fields allowing manipulated atmospheres if you were carrying important or sensitive goods. Next to that the main cargo bay could hold nearly three times what your previous ship could hold. For 5800 credits, this was definitely a step up.
I posted this earlier:

@Zhaeth: captain/weapons guy
@Conscripts: captain/navigator
@Illiren: Pilot/weapons guy/chef
@cashmeoutside: Pilot/engineer/contact
@Helo: Muscle/mechanic/pilot
@spencerishere: Medic/alien tech specialist
@JewelProphet30: Medic/chef
@Sierra: unknown

There are two captains. I also see two pilots, two engineers and two medics medic. One more engineer/mechanic would be handy for cashmeoutside, so a pilot doesn't have to leave his helm to go fix the ship.

Slyboy and letter bee came later so their submissions need to be added to this list but I don't know if anyone's gonna drop out yet.

Did you get the pm? Cashmeoutside didn't so I don't know if I spelled just the name wrong or the whole group pm went wrong sonce I can't find it in my history either.
((I sent this sheet through PM. If you haven't received it, please let me know))

Dear all,

Thank you for your interest in my sci fi quest adventure world. I hereby provide you with a character sheet to fill in.

-By submitting this form, you agree to make use of discord where this roleplay will take place. The link will be provided when I receive your form.

-You will do your best to post daily. It's a free to casual roleplay, so I don't need entire chapters, just enough to keep the story moving.

-You also agree that if you do not respond for 48 hours and others are waiting for your character before they can move on, I may step in and reply for you instead. If you can be reached I will discuss the next move with you. Otherwise I will improvise.

-If you don't reply for a week without explanation, your character will be written out of the rp and replaced. If you have a reason why you can't reply for a while we can find a way for others to move on without you (your character could fall ill, be asleep, take some personal time...)

On a happier note, the character sheet:

Age (18+):
First position:
Other skills:
Strong points:
Weak points:

Financial situation (ie broke, rich, moderate savings):
Goal in life (ie get rich, help people, gather fame, use skills, discover new places, have fun...):
Brief history:

*Weapons: this is a sci fi game. I will allow knives, but no swords. Also keep in mind that stun weapons exist in my universe and kill weapons are illegal for anyone but lawkeeping people. If a lawkeeper finds any of the crew to carry kill weapons while on a quest, the captain will lose guild points, which could mean demotion to a lower rank which means higher missions are unavailable. Also, if the weapon is found by a law keeper, a fine must be paid and the weapon is confiscated. (That said, some lawkeepers may be open to bribes, if you have the money)

**Secret: I'd like for you to think of a secret that the other members won't know, and which may or may not be exposed during the rp. This could be anything from a fear of dogs your character is ashamed of to a piece of history they don't talk about. Maybe they have a sister who is in jail for something, a brother who is a religious fanatic or a military history they're not proud of. Or perhaps they were assaulted as a young child, they never met their father or their hair may not be their real hair. Big or small, it's your choice. As this is a secret, you don't have to mention it in your character sheet, even if should be in family or brief history.

Have fun drawing up your character!
@Blue2 We can make a text channel for character sheets and/or IC if we want to.

That would be good. We would need a general ooc channel, and ic for team 1, an ic for team 2, an info channel for team 1, an info channel for team 2 (where I can map out the progress) and a character sheet channel. So that's 6 channels to start off with
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