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As the name implies, I'm interested in doing a battle with this character:

Name: Edward Clark

Nationality: American

Species: Strigoi

Strengths/abilities: Can drink blood and infect other Humans. Also is fast enough to dodge bullets and is strong. He can transfer bodies, but only to another human.

Weaknesses: He will be killed by the sunlight. He cannot travel across running water and silver will break down his cells.

Before the fight begins, I was thinking maybe our characters are entering the arena trying to find an artifact and they kill a few people first. So as to demonstrate their abilities.
A tall man in a brown hood and cloak entered the ballroom. The giant of a man had pale skin, elf-like ears, and pure black eyes. He sat down, tapping his talon-like fingernails on the table he was sitting at.
The setting or this is a grand party room where any character from any franchise, book, movie etc. can come to party. Have fun!
OC's allowed

The year is 1962, the peak of the cold war. You will create a country, forge alliances and make enemies. The cold war is raging through the world. Become wealthy through Communism or Capitalism. You may either redesign a nation or build one from scratch. Or you can break apart a current nation and make one piece your country. The countries that shall exist at the start will be the USSR and the USA. After each Player takes two turns, a year will pass.If this system is flawed, please let me know so I may change it. Try and see if you can make it to 1991.

Character Sheet

Nation Name: The Republic of Texas

Economic system: Capitalism

Population: 10.05 million

Currency: Texan Credit

Leader: Ethan Leroy


When it comes to war, setup your military strength right before the war, but no overpowered or unrealistic armies.
This was based off of a different post that is now dead.
Basically, submit your Nation, create Alliances, and go to war with each other at some point. You will roleplay as your Nations leader. This takes place in the modern times.

To Join:
Nation Name:
Size: (in Miles)
Government type:

*My Nation:*
United Ethanolian Unions
Currency: Zep
Size: 137,983 miĀ²
Hello! I am completely new here! I registered my account a few minutes ago, but I'm excited!
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