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I'm going to pass i'm afraid sorry.
Quite tempted, since i've been hoping to find a d&d game for ages. Though life is getting busy soon, so i'm concerned about availability. How do you feel about a chronomancer by the way?
Thats fair enough
I'm curious, is this mainly going to be MCU based? or can we use alternate characters from the comics too?
I am curious, as lately been really eager for D&D. But how would time magic be in this world?
Is it ok for a hybrid class of sorts? And would chronomancy be ok?
I'm kind of curious. So the characters you play as came from the worlds they're fighting for? And what sort of classes are available? I'm new to the idea of isekai, i've seen the term used a few times.
Rudolph raised a brow as he withdrew the knife that 'Donovan' threw at 'Clarisse', "Poison eh?" Fullar stood up straight as things proceeded, and turned to Balthazar, "My lord..", he gave a brief salute, "...I and my fellow Sergeant here intercepted the woman and her comrade at a well. If these assassins were all equipped with poison, then who knows who or what else they may have already poisoned."

Rudolph got up from his chair and walked over to the seasoned man as Fullar spoke, "If its any use to you." he gestured as he offered the knife that he obtained, "The woman's partner tried throwing it at her before he died. My guess is thats its poisoned too."


Captain Helt was struggling with the situation at hand, many of the cities guards and soldiers had been amongst those getting merry, and a good few of them too much so. So with that, Helt had only a small portion to work with in scouring the city and keeping things in lockdown. The civilian populace had been sent back to their homes for the night, and the festival decor left to be dealt with in the morning following. Only occasional armoured footsteps and the rare barking of orders could be heard in the narrow streets of Bergkoff, otherwise though it could be considered quiet.


As the doctor was about to leave and go tend to Prince Leonidas, the door to the Duke's chambers opened as Morgan had come again with news about the capturing of more assassins. He also informed her of more poison being obtained.
Shortly after this, the Duke gave a pained moan, and his eyes crept open for but a moment, "Mor..gan..." The man surprised by his lords awakening quickly went the bed side, "I am here my lord. How are you feeling?" he asked with concern in his tone. The Duke's eyes opened once again and were fixated onto Morgan as though he were trying to recognise the man before him, but after a brief second or two the Duke fell unconscious again. Morgan sighed and looked toward the Doctor, "He needs rest, but the fact he awoke is a good sign. Please keep an eye on him. I must now go check on the Prince." she said before she left the Duke's chambers.
The doctor looked up to see Balthazar as he asked of the Duke's condition, she stood before she spoke "I have done all I can, but he remains unconscious. From what I can tell he is stable for a moment, but I do not know what this poison is." she then turned toward the duke in thought. "If we can acquire some that these assassins used, then perhaps I can provide a cure, or at least a way to ease the symptoms.".

"I see." Balthazar says with a nod. "I’ll see about procuring some of the poison they have, then." He adds. “I doubt they used up all of it, after all.
The lord gave the doctor a polite nod. "I’ll leave you to your work, and the Duke to his rest-- and I’ll have some guards stationed here to watch him, just in case.” With that, he exited the room, heading down the corridor towards the dungeon. "Thank you sir." the doctor nodded gratefully.


Rudolph and Fullar were given access to the keep as they brought in their captive.De-equipped and bound, Clarisse was brought into the main hall, with eyes wide she quickly noticed her colleague battered and bloodied next to Zatana. 
"I see you've been hunting too." waved Rudolph. Fullar guided the two soldiers who carried the body of Donovan, placing him on an unoccupied table.

Zatana was eyeing Clarisse with a smile that would not be out of place on a woman spying a man she wished to seduce. "The rabbit ran for my mare, I rescued him from a most grizzly end." She gave the man a shake as if to underline her statement. His moan of agony went unheard as Zatana’s dark eyes watched the woman. "Oh, another interloper? I do so hope you and I get to know each other better. You will be more fun than this pathetic boy." There was a dark chuckle as Zatana reached up and allowed her pale braid to swing free. It had already loosened during the chase and the tugging at her scalp from the many pins was an irritation. One too many to bear this night. "Shame that one is dead. Still, at least I could use him for a few experiments." The drowess muttered speculatively.

Rudolph rolled his eyes at Zatana's exchange with Clarisse and sat down next to a table covered in books and notes.
Fullar walked over and joined Rudolph briefly glancing at Zatana as he did so, "Hmm.." he smirked.
"She's pretty." Fullar whispered tapping Rudolph's shoulder, who in turn just sighed. "I've always had an affinity for elven women." Fullar continued as he leant on a free spot on the table.
Rudolph just sat there with head on hand, visibly tired and miserable, whereas Fullar seemed comfortable and curious.

Clarisse stood there with concern in her eyes as she looked at her fellow assassin, "I hope the others fared better." she muttered to herself.
The drowess eyed the failure of an assassin with amusement. Her fingers dancing along the hilt of a knife. "Well, we have two… Why don't you sing about your partner? I promise, I'll be gentle." Zatana sashayed over to Clarisse and tilted the woman’s jaw up as she dragged the dagger along the pale skinned neck a thin line of blood following in a quick motion before Zatana jerked the weapon away. It wouldn't do for the human to think spearing herself on the blade was a good idea after all. "Or.. salt and insect larva are an interesting thing to sew into the human body. Would you prefer that?" The quicker they got more information, the better in her mind and if she mentally scarred a few people… Everything had a price.
"Curse you." muttered Clarisse as she spat in the Drows direction. I hope you all suffer. she thought to herself.

The young swordsman peeked his head into the room. "Ah, I’ve finally found you two."A quick glance at Zatana told him she was busy and as such he decided to approach Rudolph and Fullar. He had business with Rudolph and the other captain anyway. "Rudolph and uhh..." Acrius said, not knowing the others name, and deciding to just breeze past it,"Er- Rudolph, would you happen to know another captain? I didn’t glance his name. He took one of the assailants from me as I helped His Highness back to the keep."

"Aye, Helt. We'd heard there was another." nodded Rudolph. 

"... I am certain you three know but,” Acrius glanced at the royal guard and Fullar, "The Prince was poisoned, he’s in the infirmary at the moment. As such, I need to know where Captain Helt took my assailant. I believe they were directly responsible for the poisoning."

The two soldiers looked at each other in surprise, "The Prince too? So both the Duke and the Crown Prince." Fullar shook his head in disbelief. Rudolph continued as he then stood up, "How did the Prince become poisoned?" 

There was a choked gasp from Clarisse as Zatana squeezed her jaw painfully. Her face turning to Acrius as she let the prisoner go. "What-?" Her voice was faint as the color drained from her dark face. "The Crown Prince? Poisoned?" Stunned disbelief was written across her face along with an agonized fear. "How-? Who was protecting him? Did no one check his food? His drink? The dart? How in the name of-" Her words were cut off as she whirled, backhanded Clarisse hard and knocked the woman sideways. Assassins, They worked in groups usually. For all this to happen the night the Prince was poisoned… "What was the poison? Whom among us was guarding his Highness's back?!" Whose spine would she be removing.

"I believe Naysein was at His Highness’ side, but I was watching from afar,” Acrius replied, a bit of pause in his words, "I saw a suspicious sort poisoning the food and I decided to follow while warning another servant to stop Prince Leonidas from eating before pursuing.”

Acrius let out a long, drawn sigh, as if disappointed with his choice, ”... Turned out to be a mistake as that servant was likely also another assassin. By the time I’ve dealt with one of the two assassins I was tailing, the Prince was already poisoned when I returned.” Acrius sat down and interlocked his fingers, making sure to commit that ‘servant’ into memory.
"Rudolph and...” Acrius still doesn’t know Fullar’s name, ”Rudolph’s fellow Sergeant, do you know if the assassin is being questioned?”
"Maybe, but we had only arrived ourselves." shrugged Fullar, "Call me Fullar by the way." he waved. Acrius nodded at Fullar in acknowledgement of his introduction.

"If they are not. I will pry the answers from them myself." Zatana snarled and glared at Acrius. "You relied on a servant to warn the Crown Prince rather than do it yourself!? You-! I should skin you alongside these sorry bastards." Her temper was a deadly thing of fear. They could not afford to lose the Prince. She could not.  All because of one slip up! She should have been there herself! It was the one task, over any other, that was key!

"... It was truly my mistake.” Acrius' grip between his fingers tightened and the back of his palms began drawing blood. He showed little fear from Zatana's rage and had half-expected it coming into the room. "A bad decision on my end.”

"Well at least he isn't dead yet.” said Rudolph flatly and walked over to Clarisse who just stood there with a mixture of fear and exhaustion. She looked up as the man stood before her, "Who sent you? and why in the hells are you helping orcs?!” he yelled at her, the woman flinched as he did so, "Speak now and do yourself a favour, so you don't end up looked in a room with her.” Rudolph gestured toward Zatana.

"And I am not the worst the Prince has to offer." The drow added with a delightful smile. "I just happen to be the worst one that is closest. Just think of what the real spymaster would do. They have a special touch to make people talk. We dark elves just find the torment a very amusing game."
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