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Everyone ok?
"Reports are varied the numbers can be anywhere from 200 to 1000. Hopefully we will be able to bolster the defenses and hold out until Siegfried's knights can come in and charge from the sides, hell if we're lucky the dwarves might just show up from behind to gun them down." Leonidas replied.

Between 200-1000 eh? Great, at least we'll be busy. Rudolph thought to himself, sighing at the thought.

""I've also heard that you have managed to get a few cannons imported in from the Dwarves? If that is the case then your home won't fall easily, even to that many orcs. I have seen a test firing of one of the weapons, they are definitley an equalizer." Leonidas added on.

Rudolph straightened himself, he had forgotten that the Dwarves had gifted the city some cannons. "Aye 'milord. Before i'd left, not long after they delivered and tested them, they were already implementing them into the city's defences. They should be finished by now.", he briefly looked over towards where the city sat on the horizon before turning back, "We might not have much magic, but we manage." he followed up with a nod and smile.
"If the city were under attack, we'd be hearing those new toys going off." he followed up.
Two weeks. Two bloody weeks i've been away, and "Bergie" is already under attack. Rudolph thought to himself shaking his head evidently fed up.
He made his way through the camp to his tent after quickly rousing his squad.
He then hastily collected his belongings and packed up his tent. After sorting himself out, he walked back to his squad to check on their progress.
One had finished his, two were idle and chatting, and the other two were half way through theirs. The two that were chatting eventually saw Rudolph standing there staring at them visibly irritated and quickly squabbled to get theirs sorted. Idiots. He thought to himself.

He sat on a crate as his unit packed up, waiting for the next order to come in. He quickly scanned his gear to check if all was well, besides a few scratches here and there, it was in good form. He then looked down at his uniform, the dark purple and grey trims were somewhat grimey and were in need of a good wash. The rains were heavy during part of the journey, so mud was unavoidable.

With a sigh Rudolph stood up and then noticed the young Prince walking by. He wandered over to join him. "Mornin' your majesty." he said bowing slightly. "I leave for five minutes and me' home town is under attack." he said gesturing to the city with a chuckle.
"So how many orcs are we to be expecting 'milord?" he asks leaning on his halberd. Sooner we get home, the better. he thought.
Well if it works, it works.
Bergkoff. And ta
Name: Rudolph Kestrell

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 35


(-5'6, 164ibs, White rinkled skin, Stocky build, Short black hair, Hazelnut eyes.)

Bio: Rudolph Kestrell grew up in a modest home as an only child, in his homeland of the Grand Duchy of Bergkoff.
His upbringing was nothing special, and hoping for something more out of his life, he joined the Bergkoff Guard, its military.

Rudolph would meet a fellow soldier named Hectar Fullar, the two men would get on very well. After a few years service, they both aspired to be an officer, soon enough a friendly rivalry would occur, both competing for duties that would offer them a good rep. Rudolph and Hectar would be soon assigned to different regiments. The two not meeting again for sometime.
Rudolph would be tasked later on by the Duke of Bergkoff to head to the Empire to help train its new recruits as a sign of good faith.

(Grand Duchy of Bergkoff:

This country was once a kingdom, but after a devastating invasion at the hands of a Drow warlord, the country lost land aswell as the majority of its royal family. So it was reformed around the last standing city of Bergkoff, a prosperous merchant city.

The dwarves of the neighbouring mountain side had developed good relations with the kingdom, and maintains it with the Duchy. Bergkoff helps them sell their wares whilst the dwarves provides their technological knowledge and skills.)

Personality quirks:

Traits: Not much disturbs him, and he'll face any adversary with equal measure.

Ideals: "I'll serve my country, as is my duty and honour. I respect those who prove they have potential."

- Sergeant Fullar, a fellow soldier from his homeland, and an old rival and friend. They had joined the military and rose through the ranks side by side.

- Captain Murz, Rudolphs captain whom he served under on several fronts. Both men had earned eachothers respect. During a time when Rudolph was on leave, Murz had disappeared along with his battalion during a routine patrol through the Theost forest.

Flaws: Tends to zone out when talked at by the arrogant. Is often found bored when not fighting or travelling.

Fighting Style: He mainly uses a Halberd as his prefered weapon of choice, and as such, has a decent amount of skill using it. He's reasonably efficent with other weapons too due to his length in service.


Weapons- Halberd, Short Sword & Small Shield. A basic flintlock pistol with 12 shots.
Armour- Breastplate, Greaves, Padded vest and Leather vambraces.
Other- A knapsack containing: Water canteen, basic rations, his personal journal, and a thick cloak.
A gunpowder horn and 12 iron shots in a pouch.


- Experienced officer: Rudolph has experience in leading men into combat. He has a decent amount of strategic knowledge.

- Polearm proficiency: As halberds are his go to weapons, other weapons of a similar nature are easy to use for him.

- Explosives: he has some knowledge of how to create bombs and the like, as is part of his military training.

@Arthanus The image is working for me, not sure whats happening there.
And I do notice that the bio hasn't exactly got three paragraphs, is that it or?
Hope this is ok.

Okey doke, i'm interested. I'll have a go at putting together a character, I have two ideas in mind.
I'm curious. Need some more details though.
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