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Is it ok for a hybrid class of sorts? And would chronomancy be ok?
I'm kind of curious. So the characters you play as came from the worlds they're fighting for? And what sort of classes are available? I'm new to the idea of isekai, i've seen the term used a few times.
Rudolph raised a brow as he withdrew the knife that 'Donovan' threw at 'Clarisse', "Poison eh?" Fullar stood up straight as things proceeded, and turned to Balthazar, "My lord..", he gave a brief salute, "...I and my fellow Sergeant here intercepted the woman and her comrade at a well. If these assassins were all equipped with poison, then who knows who or what else they may have already poisoned."

Rudolph got up from his chair and walked over to the seasoned man as Fullar spoke, "If its any use to you." he gestured as he offered the knife that he obtained, "The woman's partner tried throwing it at her before he died. My guess is thats its poisoned too."


Captain Helt was struggling with the situation at hand, many of the cities guards and soldiers had been amongst those getting merry, and a good few of them too much so. So with that, Helt had only a small portion to work with in scouring the city and keeping things in lockdown. The civilian populace had been sent back to their homes for the night, and the festival decor left to be dealt with in the morning following. Only occasional armoured footsteps and the rare barking of orders could be heard in the narrow streets of Bergkoff, otherwise though it could be considered quiet.


As the doctor was about to leave and go tend to Prince Leonidas, the door to the Duke's chambers opened as Morgan had come again with news about the capturing of more assassins. He also informed her of more poison being obtained.
Shortly after this, the Duke gave a pained moan, and his eyes crept open for but a moment, "Mor..gan..." The man surprised by his lords awakening quickly went the bed side, "I am here my lord. How are you feeling?" he asked with concern in his tone. The Duke's eyes opened once again and were fixated onto Morgan as though he were trying to recognise the man before him, but after a brief second or two the Duke fell unconscious again. Morgan sighed and looked toward the Doctor, "He needs rest, but the fact he awoke is a good sign. Please keep an eye on him. I must now go check on the Prince." she said before she left the Duke's chambers.
The doctor looked up to see Balthazar as he asked of the Duke's condition, she stood before she spoke "I have done all I can, but he remains unconscious. From what I can tell he is stable for a moment, but I do not know what this poison is." she then turned toward the duke in thought. "If we can acquire some that these assassins used, then perhaps I can provide a cure, or at least a way to ease the symptoms.".

"I see." Balthazar says with a nod. "I’ll see about procuring some of the poison they have, then." He adds. “I doubt they used up all of it, after all.
The lord gave the doctor a polite nod. "I’ll leave you to your work, and the Duke to his rest-- and I’ll have some guards stationed here to watch him, just in case.” With that, he exited the room, heading down the corridor towards the dungeon. "Thank you sir." the doctor nodded gratefully.


Rudolph and Fullar were given access to the keep as they brought in their captive.De-equipped and bound, Clarisse was brought into the main hall, with eyes wide she quickly noticed her colleague battered and bloodied next to Zatana. 
"I see you've been hunting too." waved Rudolph. Fullar guided the two soldiers who carried the body of Donovan, placing him on an unoccupied table.

Zatana was eyeing Clarisse with a smile that would not be out of place on a woman spying a man she wished to seduce. "The rabbit ran for my mare, I rescued him from a most grizzly end." She gave the man a shake as if to underline her statement. His moan of agony went unheard as Zatana’s dark eyes watched the woman. "Oh, another interloper? I do so hope you and I get to know each other better. You will be more fun than this pathetic boy." There was a dark chuckle as Zatana reached up and allowed her pale braid to swing free. It had already loosened during the chase and the tugging at her scalp from the many pins was an irritation. One too many to bear this night. "Shame that one is dead. Still, at least I could use him for a few experiments." The drowess muttered speculatively.

Rudolph rolled his eyes at Zatana's exchange with Clarisse and sat down next to a table covered in books and notes.
Fullar walked over and joined Rudolph briefly glancing at Zatana as he did so, "Hmm.." he smirked.
"She's pretty." Fullar whispered tapping Rudolph's shoulder, who in turn just sighed. "I've always had an affinity for elven women." Fullar continued as he leant on a free spot on the table.
Rudolph just sat there with head on hand, visibly tired and miserable, whereas Fullar seemed comfortable and curious.

Clarisse stood there with concern in her eyes as she looked at her fellow assassin, "I hope the others fared better." she muttered to herself.
The drowess eyed the failure of an assassin with amusement. Her fingers dancing along the hilt of a knife. "Well, we have two… Why don't you sing about your partner? I promise, I'll be gentle." Zatana sashayed over to Clarisse and tilted the woman’s jaw up as she dragged the dagger along the pale skinned neck a thin line of blood following in a quick motion before Zatana jerked the weapon away. It wouldn't do for the human to think spearing herself on the blade was a good idea after all. "Or.. salt and insect larva are an interesting thing to sew into the human body. Would you prefer that?" The quicker they got more information, the better in her mind and if she mentally scarred a few people… Everything had a price.
"Curse you." muttered Clarisse as she spat in the Drows direction. I hope you all suffer. she thought to herself.

The young swordsman peeked his head into the room. "Ah, I’ve finally found you two."A quick glance at Zatana told him she was busy and as such he decided to approach Rudolph and Fullar. He had business with Rudolph and the other captain anyway. "Rudolph and uhh..." Acrius said, not knowing the others name, and deciding to just breeze past it,"Er- Rudolph, would you happen to know another captain? I didn’t glance his name. He took one of the assailants from me as I helped His Highness back to the keep."

"Aye, Helt. We'd heard there was another." nodded Rudolph. 

"... I am certain you three know but,” Acrius glanced at the royal guard and Fullar, "The Prince was poisoned, he’s in the infirmary at the moment. As such, I need to know where Captain Helt took my assailant. I believe they were directly responsible for the poisoning."

The two soldiers looked at each other in surprise, "The Prince too? So both the Duke and the Crown Prince." Fullar shook his head in disbelief. Rudolph continued as he then stood up, "How did the Prince become poisoned?" 

There was a choked gasp from Clarisse as Zatana squeezed her jaw painfully. Her face turning to Acrius as she let the prisoner go. "What-?" Her voice was faint as the color drained from her dark face. "The Crown Prince? Poisoned?" Stunned disbelief was written across her face along with an agonized fear. "How-? Who was protecting him? Did no one check his food? His drink? The dart? How in the name of-" Her words were cut off as she whirled, backhanded Clarisse hard and knocked the woman sideways. Assassins, They worked in groups usually. For all this to happen the night the Prince was poisoned… "What was the poison? Whom among us was guarding his Highness's back?!" Whose spine would she be removing.

"I believe Naysein was at His Highness’ side, but I was watching from afar,” Acrius replied, a bit of pause in his words, "I saw a suspicious sort poisoning the food and I decided to follow while warning another servant to stop Prince Leonidas from eating before pursuing.”

Acrius let out a long, drawn sigh, as if disappointed with his choice, ”... Turned out to be a mistake as that servant was likely also another assassin. By the time I’ve dealt with one of the two assassins I was tailing, the Prince was already poisoned when I returned.” Acrius sat down and interlocked his fingers, making sure to commit that ‘servant’ into memory.
"Rudolph and...” Acrius still doesn’t know Fullar’s name, ”Rudolph’s fellow Sergeant, do you know if the assassin is being questioned?”
"Maybe, but we had only arrived ourselves." shrugged Fullar, "Call me Fullar by the way." he waved. Acrius nodded at Fullar in acknowledgement of his introduction.

"If they are not. I will pry the answers from them myself." Zatana snarled and glared at Acrius. "You relied on a servant to warn the Crown Prince rather than do it yourself!? You-! I should skin you alongside these sorry bastards." Her temper was a deadly thing of fear. They could not afford to lose the Prince. She could not.  All because of one slip up! She should have been there herself! It was the one task, over any other, that was key!

"... It was truly my mistake.” Acrius' grip between his fingers tightened and the back of his palms began drawing blood. He showed little fear from Zatana's rage and had half-expected it coming into the room. "A bad decision on my end.”

"Well at least he isn't dead yet.” said Rudolph flatly and walked over to Clarisse who just stood there with a mixture of fear and exhaustion. She looked up as the man stood before her, "Who sent you? and why in the hells are you helping orcs?!” he yelled at her, the woman flinched as he did so, "Speak now and do yourself a favour, so you don't end up looked in a room with her.” Rudolph gestured toward Zatana.

"And I am not the worst the Prince has to offer." The drow added with a delightful smile. "I just happen to be the worst one that is closest. Just think of what the real spymaster would do. They have a special touch to make people talk. We dark elves just find the torment a very amusing game."
After a few minutes of the two soldiers following the two hooded figures, Fullar had gathered two pairs of guards in their pursuit. Eventually the guards were directed to follow in turn but from different routes, to have hopefully surrounded the suspects by the end.

Gordon made his way out of the keep like a ghost in the night. Albeit a well spoken, friendly ghost, but a ghost in plate armor all the same.  The festivities were early in his mind, hastily celebrated victories were an ill omen from where he was from. Still, the visions his lady had gifted him in her slumber were clear. Death stalked the city and innocent lives would soon be victims. By his hand it would not be allowed, but he was at a strong disadvantage without his Lady or Sir Stephan. 

He made his way through the city to the northern districts where he stopped to observe a quaint well in a square off the main road. He walked up to it, looking over the edge as the quiet square reminded him of the village he had once called home. The sound of foot fall quickly drew him out of his memories. Stepping behind a pulpit normally used by some crier, he waited briefly. Stepping out to block the path to the well, Gordon spoke. “Good evening, Sir’s. I am lost, would you mind telling me where it is that I am?” Gordon was loud, and his armor made him stick out. The city's regalia was absent, however his weapon was visible over his back. 
The two hooded figures looked at each other before responding to the daunting presence of the armoured knight in front of them.
"This is the Nuthum Plaza." gestured the taller of the two. The shorter one looked behind them, as though they were looking for something.

Rudolph split up with Fullar as they each lead a couple of guards to block the routes from the area. Fullar stopped at the corner to which the suspects had turned, leaning against the wall, the man peeked around and saw them interacting with an unknown armoured figure, An ally perhaps? he thought. Rudolph positioned his guards as he came around the corner behind Gordon and approached them, "Please identify yourselves. I've heard that we have assassins in our midst, so anyone is a suspect. said Rudolph resting a hand on the pommel of his sword.

Gordon turned his head slightly so that he did not lose sight of the two men to his front. “I am Sir Gordon, escort to Lady Drana Turash.” Gordon saw the ill intent these men had. The dead have eyes for things the living could not see. He knew that professing that sight would easily give away his cover. “I am lost, and these two have just informed me that this is the-” Gordon half hoped they had lied to him. “-Nuthum Plaza.” Gordon’s sword was peace tied, though the armored man looked like he could easily kill with his gauntlets. 

Rudolph's eyes narrowed slightly as he observed the individuals before him. He caught a glimpse of Fullar peeking from behind his corner on the other side of the plaza. Nodding Rudolph took a step forward and asked "And you two?".

The taller of the two figures was about to speak until the shorter one stepped forward "I am Clarisse, and this is Donovan. We're both laborers, and late meeting our companions. Please let us pass." she replied with some formality in her tone.

"Alright, I don't really have much reason to hold you any longer, be on your way." he said nodding and stepped aside. Fullar emerged from his side with guards following suit as they approached the group. The hooded figures began to hastily walk away soon after seeing Fullar approach.

Gordon spoke suddenly, though he did let the two start to clink off before making note. “Odd, what job in the city requires one to wield more than one dagger?” He brought attention to the fact they were armed, hoping that he could assist without bringing himself into direct involvement by his own definition. 

Rudolph raised a brow, "A dagger?" he could not see beyond the cloaks that the two wore. "It is true, they are armed. I saw one on the shorter." said Fullar. And with that, the assassins began to run until the two guards that Rudolph positioned knocked them back from where they were.
The assassins realising their situation drew their blades ready for combat, as fruitless as it would be considering they were outnumbered. Rudolph and Fullar drew their own blades in preparation. "I guess you won't be coming quietly." jested Fullar.

Gordon did not reach for his weapon, instead he took a defencive stance and held his ground. This was a job for the guards, but if they needed aid he would happily offer assistance. When they pulled their weapons his attitude quickly changed. He fell in with Rudolph to assist in making sure that the two could not elude capture.

'Clarisse' dove at one of the closest guards who bore a spear, she easily bypassed it and stuck a knife into the man's throat. The other guard beside their now fallen companion used their own spear to thrust at 'Donovan', the man more focussed on the opposing guards coming from the direction of the well to realise the strike. 'Donovan' stumbled and yelled in pain as the speartip pierced his side, 'Clarisse' was about to throw the knife she used to kill the previous guard, but her arm was struck by an iron bolt causing her to recoil in pain and drop the weapon.
"Enough!" Fullar demanded as he lowered his crossbow.

Gordon watched the scene unfold much how he imagined it would. If Drana had been here, perhaps he would have been able to save the young man who had a hole in his neck. Still, he did know that he could be useful. Stepping forward as the bolt whistled to its target, Gordon made his advance to spare any more bloodshed. Fullar’s voice rang out as he opened his gauntleted hand and hit ‘Clarisse’ with an open, metal palm. It was easy enough given her ability to block had been removed thanks to Fullar’s bolt. Gordon then grappled the woman, familiar with the tactic that most agents implore to avoid capture.

As 'Donovan' stumbled, he was then knocked to the ground by Rudolph as he charged in. "Stay down." Rudolph demanded as he held his sword within distance of the man's chest.
"Thank you knight." he said as he saw Gordon had apprehended 'Clarisse'.

The two assassins looked at each other, 'Clarisse' nodded, and 'Donovan' let out a pained sigh of defeat before reaching from underneath his cloak. "Oi, don't do anything stupid." Rudolph pinned the tip of his blade against the man's chest.
'Donovan' briefly hesitated but proceeded to withdraw and hastily throw a small throwing knife at the legs of 'Clarisse'.
With this Rudolph was about to push his sword through the man's chest out of anger until, "Rudolph wait!" Fullar stopped him.

Gordon half dragged half shoved ‘Clarisse’ to the side, careful not to tangle their legs as falling over would betray his true nature. There was the sound of a metallic clank as the blade bounced off the side of his grieves. Seeing that his hunch was correct, Gordon used his gauntlet to knock ‘Clarisse’ out with a swift strike to the side of the head. He then started to distance them from one another. “Break his right arm!” Gordon said quickly.

Rudolph eased his pressure on the sword as Fullar hurried over. "There's no need. He's done." Fullar replied as he waved off the Knight's request. Seeing 'Clarisse' had been knocked out, 'Donovan' chuckled in disbelief as his final action to help his partner failed.

"You two, get him up." Rudolph ordered two of the guards, "We'll get you patched up before your interrogation." Fullar said to their new prisoner.

Before the guards had a chance to get in arms reach however, 'Donovan' spoke up half laughing half coughing, "Its too late…" was all he said before he became motionless as he laid there. "What?" said Rudolph as he lightly kicked the man in the leg, "What do you mean too late?"

"No…" said Fullar as he approached with hesitation and knelt next to the man to investigate, making sure to keep the man's hand away from him. He checked the man's pulse via his neck, "He's dead?." he said confused.

"How? his wound wasn't that deep." Rudolph asked. Fullar gestured to the other side of the body, and Rudolph knelt in turn to look. 'Donovan's' right hand was hidden underneath his cloak, Rudolph pulled it out and with a light metallic pang, a small throwing knife identical to the one he threw at his partner fell to the ground.
The knife had a bit of blood on it, but not enough to indicate much beyond a small cut. Carefully Rudolph picked up the blade via the handle, and examined it. The moonlit night wasn't sufficient to investigate properly, "We'll have to figure it out later." he accepted before placing the knife in a small pouch. Fullar stood up and nodded toward Gordon "Thank you for the assist. We can take it from here." he thanked the knight as he helped take the unconscious form of 'Clarisse' from him. The two assassins would be carried to the keep, while Fullar would send a runner to inform Captain Helt of the news.

Haafingar, 11th of Morndas, Morning, 4E 205

Andre had been lucky that he had found a caravan that was setting up to make way to Windhelm, making a few stops along the way, including Whiterun. He checked to make sure the package was secured in his sack before joining the other travellers.
The caravan itself was mostly made up of Nords, but it also consisted a few Khajiit and a pair of Bosmer.

Before getting onto it himself, Andre helped  some of the others get onto the cart. The other travellers on this cart were the young Bosmer couple named "Celebar & Milwren", two old Nords, a brother and sister duo named Ryger & Danna. And there was the Khajiit called Silent-Tongue, she wasn't much for conversation.
Andre made himself as comfortable as he could much like the others, as it had been said that the journey may be long.
A short time afterward, the caravan made its way down the road out from the city, Andre caught a glimpse of the spot where the shriveled Orc sat, but he was nowhere to be seen.

After a while, one of the Nords spoke up, "So what brings a pair of Tree Elves to Skyrim?" asked Ryger in a friendly but rough manner.
"We're hoping to meet my cousin in Whiterun. He said that he'd be working by the time we got here, but we thought we'd surprise him." replied Milwren in a partly excitable tone.
Ryger nodded and turned toward Andre, "And what of you friend?" Andre wasn't paying much attention as he watched the scenery pull away from them. He turned to face the man after a few seconds to realise he was asked the question, "Ah apologies.." Andre shuffled to make himself more comfortable out of his slump, "I am here to search for a missing heirloom for my family. It had been taken a good number of years ago. How and by whom we do not know. All that we do however, is the possible whereabouts."
"Ah I see." next Ryger turned to the Khajiit who just stared at him and opened her mouth to reveal that she had no tongue.
They had only learned of her name as she'd been directed by a caravan foreman during the preparations.
After a minor awkward pause, Andre spoke up, "And what of yourselfs?" he asked in turn.
Danna spoke next, "We're heading for Morthal. Our mother is ill." she said evidentally saddened by the thought. "Ah, mother will be fine little sister." he said as he embraced her.

The rest of the journey went by pretty quietly. The caravan had to pass through Dragon's Bridge, which housed a sizeable amount of Stormcloaks which made some of the caravan uncomfortable, especially given a few of them heckled one of the drivers who was a Khajiit. Besides that, they were unimpeded and eventually stopped at Morthal for the evening, continuing early the next day.

Morthal, 11th of Morndas, Late afternoon, 4E 205

The caravan pulled up and stopped in an area just outside of the entrance to Morthal, a short distance from the town.
About a third of the caravan left for the town, including the Nord duo that travelled with Andre and co.
Andre took it upon himself to visit the town, and see what it was like.
Morthal wasn't much to look at Andre thought to himself, he much prefered Solitude. Perhaps it was due to the high stone walls that guarded it had reminded him of home.
The atmosphere was much the same here as it was in Solitude. It was the feeling of discomfort, and being unwanted.

After spending about half the hour wandering the town, he saw that the Bosmer couple had the same idea as him and decided to visit the town, only he noticed as they walked down the street in somewhat of hurried pace, Andre also noticed a trio of Nord figures were trying to keep pace and watching them as they moved.
Andre fearing for their wellbeing decided to follow them all.

Unfortunatley after turning a corner, the Bosmer had come to a dead end. They turned to see three Nord men staring them down that reeked of mead, "We don't want any trouble, we we're just visiting your town." said Celebar, "A pair of lost lambs." one of the Nords piped up while chuckling to his friends, he was the shortest of the three and evidentally the roundest. "I've had  enough of you're kind, killed plenty during the war." said the larger built of the three, he was scarred across the face and across the arms. The third member was a plain looking man, other than being the youngest looking, he was mostly seemingly interested in Milwren.

"Please le-" Celebar didn't finish as the large Nord had sent the poor elf flying with a single punch, the man practically dwarfed the elf. Milwren shrieked in fear for her beloved just before Andre bore witness to the scene. Milwren was about to run over to Celebar's concussed form until she felt a tight grip on her arm as the young Nord had just caught her, she desperately flailed against the grip as best as she could until a crashing sound surprised them all. The shorter Nord almost comically fell forward face first into the ground, with pieces of a wooden crate littering his spot. The Nords turned to see a partly surprised Breton. "I did not expect that to work." Andre said sounding satisfied.
"Papa?!" the young Nord ignored the Bosmer and with anger twisted and went to throw a punch at Andre, however somehow tripping on a clearly flat surface face-planted the ground, and slowly recoiled in pain due to his now broken nose.
The large Nord rolled his eyes in frustration before he approached Andre, "Lets see if you last longer than that weakling over there." he gestured to the wood elf behind him.

Andre was of average height to most men, but even to him this Nord was big. "I had heard of the hospitality of Nords, clearly what was said was wrong. Nothing but simple barbarians rule this land it seems." said Andre putting on a somewhat cocky attitude, this angered the Nord more so and with a rageful yell went in for full force punch that would hit only air where Andre stood. From behind the Nord, "That was an illusion you just struck!" the real Andre ran into the large man, slamming him into the building wall knocking the wind out of him. He then followed up with an uppercut and tripping the man over by knocking out the legs from underneath. The Nord laughed as he lay there upon the ground, "Not bad..." was all he said before he began to snore. Andre shook his head in surprise as the man he just assaulted just fell asleep.
Shortly after, he went to check on the elves whom appeared fine, though Celebar was somewhat bloodied, missing a tooth at worst.
Solitude, 10th of Sundas, Afternoon, 4E 205

After a couple of hours the Nord & Breton spent as they conversed and enjoyed their drinks, it was about time Andre began his mission.
He asked Olgaf, "Would you know of someone I could speak to in regards to finding the amulet?"

It took the Nord a moment as he thought of a suggestion, "Aye, i'd say Iyna. She has a small antique shop west of the Temple further in the city." nodded Olgaf. Andre finished his drink before he began to make his leave, but Olgaf spoke up again "Don't suppose you bumped into an old Orc before coming into the city by chance?"

Andre hesitated for a moment as he stood up, "Yes I did. A former bard apparently. Why?" he asked in turn.
"Rugburt is his name. And aye he was." nodded Olgaf, "He's also good with magic, mainly the type that allows him to read a crowd, or a single person. It helped him tell if folk were good or not, something to do with his way of performing or whatever." Olgaf then placed his mug back on the table before crossing his arms with an expression of curiosity, "Did he say anything strange to you?", Andre tried to remember what it was the Orc had told him, perhaps the ale had slowed him down a slight. "*An apple drops for the bunch.* I think that was it." he said scratching his head.
Olgaf then stood up from his chair "Good, that means you're a good sort." he leaned in slightly with a hushed tone, "In three hours from now, please come visit me. I have a room here in this Inn, ask the Innkeeper for which one. I can explain what this all means if you're interested. If not, I bid you good luck on your travels." he gave a friendly pat on the arm to Andre as he turned and walked away. Andre confused and unsure of what to expect, finally began his search for the amulet.

Solitude, 10th of Sundas, Evening, 4E 205

Andre was tired, in part due to the travelling during the morning, but also from scouring Solitude for information. Iyna proved somewhat helpful, as she did indeed know of something sounding similar coming across her path, but all she could provide was that it was somewhere in either Whiterun or Riften, she couldn't remember specifically. Andre eventually returned to the Inn and purchased a room, only now remembering about Olgaf's invitation. He was apprehensive at first, but decided to give the Nord a chance and asked the Innkeeper about Olgaf's location.

After settling himself in his own room, Andre made his way to Olgaf's. Knocking on the door was brief, as the Nord opened it almost immediately. "Welcome friend. I had thought you weren't coming."
"I apologise. My investigation took some time, and I must admit I was unsure about coming." replied Andre. Olgaf held the door open and gestured for Andre to come in, "Well i'm glad you did."
As soon as Andre made his way in, Olgaf began as he closed the door, "What do you know of Ulfric Stormcloak?". Andre sat on a chair before choosing his words, "I cannot say. I had heard rumours prior to my arrival, but otherwise I know little." he shrugged.

Olgaf nodded as he sat himself down. He prepared a drink and offered one to Andre who declined. "Tell me about these rumours. Be honest with me." asked the man inquisitively.
"Well..." Andre felt uncomfortable, he wasn't sure about speaking ill of another country's king, especially in front of one of its inhabitants. "I had been told stories about non-Nords, some of which lived in the country prior to Ulfric's claim of the throne. Some were enslaved and even killed."
Olgaf simply relaxed back on his chair, "Aye. It is true." he gave an affirming nod, "I'm sure you've seen some of the poor fools that Ulfric's dogs strung up." he gestured behind himself. "Well thats why i'm speaking to you know. Would you like to do something about it?  Would you like to join us in the resistance?" he asked Andre with a serious expression. The Breton sighed, "What could I do? This is not my home, also I merely came here for a personal matter. I have no experience in any of this." he expressed with minor frustration.
"Yes I know. But what if I helped you?" Olgaf pondered. Andre raised a brow, "What do you mean?"
"What if I could help your search? And in exchange you help us?" Olgaf proposed. "I can have some of my contacts dig up some leads. Did you learn anything from Iyna?" he asked.

Andre thought for a moment, he wasn't keen on the idea of getting mixed up in a civil war that had nothing to do with him, but on the otherhand, his personal quest could potentially be made easier with extra help. "She mentioned seeing it, or something similar to it in either Whiterun or Riften." he replied.
"Hmm...Riften makes sense, as that was where the Thieves Guild had last been seen, but whos to say they have it." he shrugged. Olgaf leant toward Andre and held out a hand, "So, will you help us? So I can help you?".
Andre thought to himself, "I should of listened to Father.", he then looked up and shook the Nords hand in acceptance, "Fine. But as long as you keep to your word." Olgaf smiled at the success of gaining another recruit.

"So what do I have to do?" Andre asked begrudgingly, and with that Olgaf stood up and walked over to his dresser to retrieve a small parcel before showing it to the Breton. "I want you to deliver this to the Resistance in Windhelm. I can't tell you what it is, i'm sure you understand. And if for some reason you find yourself on the verge of being captured by Stormcloaks, destroy it. Those bastards can't be allowed to have it. I'd suggest slitting your own throat while you're at it if you do, I wouldn't want to be captured by them if I weren't a Nord." he dragged his finger across his neck for emphasis. "Get some rest for now though, and you can bring this to Eastmarch tomorrow." Andre nodded and left for his own room, it had been a long day today, but there would be many more yet.

An hour before arrival.

The crisp frozen air of Skyrim had started to creep up as the Niben Wisp approached
the northern coast. Other ships, both larger and smaller were going to and fro along the same route.
Andre watched from the starboard as the border crept closer. He was both anxious and relieved. The captain of this vessel did make him question his choice on coming to this country, but he knew that if he was to find the amulet, he would have to endure some difficulties, as was the way of all adventures. Plus he was looking forward to getting back onto land.

"We should be docked within the next hour." came the voice of a stocky man that Andre recognised, it was the captain of the Niben Wisp, an Imperial man named Argal Turius.
Andre nodded in understanding, "Thank you again for your help. You have been very generous on this venture of mine." he said as he eyed the cliffs that stood before them.
The captain waved it off, "You'd be better off thanking me for taking you away from here. I hope your reasons are worth it." said the man as he rested against a crate.
"So do I." replied Andre as he turned his attention toward their destination.


Solitude, 10th, Sundas, Midday, 4E 205

The docks of Solitude were busy, crates, barrels and other containers were being moved around and organised, along with the noise of workers as they tended to the usual maintenance of structures and vessels alike. The cold crisp air seemingly unaffecting them as they worked.
Andre departed from the Niben Wisp after bidding the captain farewell and made his way up to the city. Remembering the apparent mistreatment of non-nords, he pulled up his hood to try to at least hide his mer touched ears.
A couple of guards he walked past gave him a watchful glance on occasion as he ascended up the hill toward the main gate, otherwise he was unimpeded.

"Coin for a hopeless bard?" the voice was gruff and tired, Andre turned to see a ragged and worn out old Orsimer tucked into a corner, some old bottles and an empty sack littered around him. Next to the Orc was also the two pieces of a broken lute.
"And what is your story?" Andre asked as he hesitantly withdrew his gold pouch, "After Ulfric's thugs took over Solitude, mer were demoted to second class citizens. I made a song about it, they didn't like it, and now i'm here." the Orc gestured to his broken lute, "Guess I got lucky..." he shrugged, "they could of done to me like they did to Elisi."
"Elisi?" Andre raised a brow. "A Dunmer. She made a song like mine, only it pissed them off much more. You'll see her when you enter the city. Just look right from the gate, you'll see what these Stormcloaks do to people they don't like." said the Orc.
Andre sighed and nodded in understanding, "For your troubles." he offered a few gold pieces. Suddenly the Orc pulled Andre's hand to bring him in close, and then speaking seriously with a hushed tone, "An apple drops for the bunch. Remember this phrase." he then let go of the Breton whom stumbled backward from the surprise. "You should head to the 'Winking Skeever', you may find that folks from out of town rarely drink alone there." Andre took note of the Orc's words before carefully walking away from him back up to the city.

Despite the uncomforting looks he got from the Stormcloak soldiers that were stationed just outside the gate, and that he had to state his reason for visiting, he was eventually given entry into the city.
Solitude itself was visually impressive on the outside, and more so from inside. The architecture notably different from that of High Rock Andre noted. He took a moment to look around and gaze through the crowded square before making his way through. He caught something in his peripheral, on the right he saw a couple of wooden posts, several bodies were hanging from them. He recognised that one was indeed a Dunmer woman, Andre just shook his head as he turned away from the scene.
He took up the old Orc's advice and headed for the Inn.

The Winking Skeever, despite its unusual name it wasn't too bad, though Andre had only been to at least one other inn, so he couldn't really comment. The atmosphere however was one of disquiet peace. Besides the occasional chatter between paired patrons, it was fairly quiet. Andre pulled his hood down, no-one payed him any interest as he made his way over to the innkeeper anyway. And after ordering an ale, he found a small table that was tucked away and then allowed himself to finally relax there, and soon enough someone indeed came over to join his table.
It was a Nord man who joined him, he was dressed in rather simple clothes, but was fairly well built. "So what brings a Breton to Skyrim? Especially in these trying times." asked the man in a somewhat curious tone. With a sigh, "I don't wish any trouble sir, I simply wish to rest." Andre apologetically held up a hand.
"Neither do I friend. I just figured you needed the company." said the Nord before taking a mouthful of his mead.
Andre was curious himself, "Do you often join a lone stranger's table?" he asked leaning back on his chair. "Only the ones I find interesting." the Nord chuckled as he raised his mug in respect before taking another drink. Feeling more comfortable, Andre took another sip of his own drink before continuing, "To answer your previous question, I am here to search for a missing amulet that belongs to my family. It has been in the family for generations, and two of my kin have gone to other parts of Tamriel in search of it. Skyrim is one of three locations where it may be."
"Aye, that is an interesting task." nodded the Nord, "May be a bit hard to achieve with how your kind are treated around here." he continued.

"So what should I call you friend?" he asked after. "My name is Andre Lanchenko. And yours?" he asked in return, "Aye, just call me Olgaf."
Andre let out a smile, "Well Olgaf, heres to pleasant company." The two men clunked their mugs together as they enjoyed their drinks.

Early yet i'm sure. I've always played male characters, just a habit I suppose.
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