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In Sup! 8 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Thanks, everyone. :) Looking forward to losing many hours in these forums!
I could definitely do ice knights. Is a post per week satisfactory? I'm new to the site but I've some experience in RPs.
In Sup! 8 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
I'm a guy with a thing for writing, strategy games, and Darkest Dungeon as of late, looking for a decent RP that doesn't mix a medieval setting with moody teens wearing sneakers and wielding swords three times their body weight and size. I'm willing to compromise on the sneakers, however, provided I'm allowed to be a cyborg were-bear. Diplomacy I'm told, greases the gears of the world...

I've also made a terrible mistake while choosing my username and now I'm unable to change it. Had I known the error of my ways would eternally haunt me, I'd have gone with my initial choice to call myself Billy... Oh well.
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