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Current Someone pointed out to me that RoninDude and MLeth have the same art style as Shadman and now life is meaningless
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It's that time of the year again!
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Ongo bongo bongo, I don't want to leave the Congo
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The morality pet?
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I am surrounded by people, but I have never felt so alone.


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I swear to god, you are ALL getting Goblin'd...

Y'all don't have EYES either by the sounds of it
@Crispy Octopus@solamelike

What strange scientific experiments created you two in such a way that you've never seen a woman's face?

Look at the cheekbones. The brow. The broadness and sharpness of the nose. The shape of the eyes. Thr definition around the lips and chin. The throat. These are all dead giveaways.
<Snipped quote by Brithwyr>

Oh god all an orc has to do is shave and they will pass as a woman! ORC TRAPS EVERYWHERE

The only explanation for this comment is that you have never seen a woman before.
Are they going to have an insane sexual dimorphism in which the males are ugly ad brutish and the females are all sexy?

No, no. Though the men are quite a bit taller than the women, and far rarer, they generally look quite similar.

@Brithwyr Sort of, although not like a beehive, it sort of depends. Traditional Grogar Families make up the Matriarch, her mini-harem of mates, and then of course, the children. Although in more recent times, it's just one male and female pairing and children.

Mine are kind of the opposite. Though most leaders are female, men are so rare that they kind of have to have harems. Its not uncommon for one man to be married to a orc girl and all her sisters. Higher ranking orcs might have the traditional one man, one woman thing.
@Brithwyr I can see the vast difference between the two races indeed :)

Ours also breeds like bees - many female warriors and workers and a handful of males, all lead by broodmothers. Dunno if yours are anything like that
<Snipped quote by Brithwyr>

More like
<Snipped quote by Brithwyr>

Cousins!! *squeezes brith* :P

I have an race of Orc-like people too, the Grogar, with a dash of troll/ogre likeness in that gene pool.

Mines are more like Orc Pygmies, really short with big hammers.
<Snipped quote by Brithwyr>

Can never go wrong with orcs.

I look forward to enslaving a few for my armies and mines.

And I look forward to stealing all the loot the corpses of your raiders will bring us
I am interested. I'm thinking Orcs with a twist.
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