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Current Discord is going to collapse under its own incompetence. First the servers all go down, now it's locked me out my account and is demanding my phone number
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Someone pointed out to me that RoninDude and MLeth have the same art style as Shadman and now life is meaningless
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It's that time of the year again!
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Ongo bongo bongo, I don't want to leave the Congo
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The morality pet?


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Tuatha de Cu


That's what the spirits said. They needed to rise.

"But what does that mean? What are they telling us to do?"

The druids were, as usual, vaguer than a vague thing. "They just told us to rise. Nothing else."

The Brehin groaned into his paws. To rise. What could they mean by that? Was it a warning, a threat, just some helpful advice? Was it the manifestation of their destiny, or just some helpful guidance?

The people were getting antsy, and simply telling them to "rise" wouldn't do much to qualm their fears. No, no, he needed something more substantial than that.

With the druid's advice in mind, the Brehin made the decision to settle by...

A) The River

The Tuatha is tired, dirty and thirsty. Without access to clean water, they will surely die of thirst. The waters can also be used for cleaning - Cait Sith HATED being dirty. Perhaps in the future, they could expand up and down the river but for now, the priority was holding somewhere with safe, clean water. The running water would also dissuade hostile spirits from attacking.

I can't find the discord link...
IS there space for one more?
Tuatha de Cu

Normally meeting with the druids was a task.

Normally meetings with the druids ended in frustration and shouting.

But this hadn't been a normal meeting. In fact, as the Council announced their decision, the Brehin could hardly believe it. A unanimous decision. A unanimous decision is his favour. That was easily one of the last things he expected when he woke up this morning. But there it was - 6 Ayes, 0 Nays.

"The signs are all there, my Lord. Your time has come" one of the druids tried to tell him

"Indeed. The spirits are with you. We cannot stay like this anymore"

The Brehin tried to pick his jaw up off the floor. "W-well, I... I just thought that..."

"I know we have disagreed in the past, my liege, but we are but humble interpreters of the Spirits will. This is what they want, after all"

Yes, of course. The spirits. He had the spirits blessing? Yes, don't be stupid, that's what they just said.
"Th-thank you, gentlemen. I... I hope I don't let you down"

"You won't, my Lord. The spirits have revealed this to us."

It had been the Brehin's call to end isolation. For the first time, the Cait Sith, the faithful children of Cu, would venture forth and greet the outside world. What would be out there, he wondered, as he dismissed the Druids. Friends? Enemies? Monsters? Treasure? There was only one way to find out...

@Lady Selune
Then yes.

I'm imagining rivals. I'm thinking perhaps the collections see them as 'beneath' them, since the Magpie is the king of the birds?

The collectors, being Magpies and thus the king of birds, would try to make the Songbird recognise his fealty?

Just a thought, but perhaps the Collection and the Singing Tribe could be related?

They are both birds. Whatcha thinking? Friends, rivals?

How to spot an Irishman 101.

Guess who isn't Irish

@Brithwyr To be honest I was somewhat against your cats at first, but I can't see anything wrong with them and I like the celtic theme.
I spoke to @Cyclone who also liked the celtic theme and who thought it was alright, and since he'll be the one writing your turns mostly his OK is as good as mine!

Welcome to the roleplay! Don't forget to check into the discord often as most of the OOC discussion is going on there.
Go ahead and claim a location on the map. Remember not to place yourself too close to the Iceborn!

See that forest at the south-east on the mainland? The jungle? There. Celts in a Jungle XP
Nation: Tuatha de Cu
Represented Color: Yellow-Green
Race: Cait Sith
Features: Very short, physically weak, high intellect, average reproduction, magically adept. Bonus diplomacy to clean races, sich as humans and elves, negative diplomacy to squalid races, like orcs and trolls
Capital: Fyfe
Ruler: Brehin Ior ap Cu

Type of Government:
Papacy: The Circle of Druids elects a King of the Cats whenever the previous one dies. The King of the Cats has utter domain over all Cait Sith

The Cait Sith believe in primitive spirits that control the earth, the sky and the sea. Particularly magical Cait Sith are trained in interpreting the will of these spirits and invited to become Druids. The most powerful Druids form the Circle, which is instrumental in deciding who the next King is.

Geographical Location:


Name: Be-Ca, the singing tribe

Totem/Fetish/Guardian/God/Spirit: The Songbird, the uncaged. Bright and loud though he may be, the Songbird remains free to do what he pleases. He cheers the forest with merry song, clad in his brightest plumage, for all to see and hear but none to control. Songbird must never fall silent - for on the day he stops his song, the valley will surely fall.
Pact: The songbird will never accept a master and neither must his chosen. A songbird must never make two nests - likewise, his followers may only call one place "home". Nor does the songbird claim dominion over others, for such matters are best left to the likes of lions. The songbird knows his offspring are his future and so they must be respected and revered. The songbird preens daily, and must be kept presentable at all times - his followers are called on to bathe and wash at least every day. To eat in excess would stop the Songbird flying, and he calls upon his people to eat only in moderation.
Follow this pact and your gift shall be the secrets of the glamorous. Your women will know only beauty, your men handsome without fault or blemish. Your skin will never be marred by unsightly disease, and even in old age you shall retain a grace that others find only in their youth. Your voice will never crack, your song will never falter, your feet never misstep in merry dance and the colour will not fade from your cloth.

Leadership: Its members present unanimous decisions after lengthy discussions, although one chieftain has the honor of being the official spokesperson.

Organization: Settled Hunters

Warriors: The Be-Ca use a distinct two-tier military tactic, honed from their hunting experiences. At the front are spearmen, men with short hunting spears and throwing javelins. Behind them are bowmen, warriors with, what else, bows to pepper the enemy with holes whilst the spearmen engage in the swirling melee

Important People:


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