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Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling...
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"Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow" has all the letters of the English alphabet in it and is objectively cooler than "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog"
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Ah, my glass house is shining beautifully today. Would anyone care to join me in my favourite pastime, projectile minerology?
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You ever feel bad about yourself so you look back on old stuff and realise, yeah, you really ARE as bad as you thought?


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Hey, this looks like something for me

If the opposition had just been Blight, Siiga would have been laughing. I mean, who would you pick? The beautiful and wild Siiga, or the guy who's name literally means Plague? Just the sound of his name would have sent alarm bells ringing in someone's head, and they sound like this: "VD, VD, VD!"

But the situation was galvanised with the arrival of a new figure. She was tall, dark and drop dead gorgeous, with a stature that commanded people to look at it. Her skin looked soft as silk, and her smile could cause empires to collapse. But Siiga wasn't new to this game, and she could recognise the same firm warriors stance and blazing passion in her eyes that so starkly reflected her own. An untrained eye might only see the beauty of the newcomer, but Siiga saw in her both physical and mental strength that could only come from years of living a hard, rough life.

Naturally, Siiga wanted to fuck her.

Oh, but the waitress! She could just leave her with Blight, could she? Ol' Plaguerat would surely disappoint her, and a girl like that deserves a little better than him. But if she went after her, she might lose the new girl. But if she went after the new girl, she would lose the Waitress! Decisions, decisions!

Gameface time, Siiga. Don't like Blight get all the girls. Show your interest, and see what the reaction is.
She called the waitress over, and gave her a bright, dazzling smile. "I was just wondering if there was anything interesting to do in this town"

Ah, the great outdoors. The brisk summer breeze blowing through the trees, the chirruping of the birds, the long, open fields stretched out before her, fading slowly into an idyllic village far and away from the hustle and bustle of city life. And what was this feeling, this warm and relaxed feeling sitting in the pit of Siiga's stomach? The feeling that told her she could relax, stick her feet up and just do nothing as the clouds went by and the day could be spent lazily lounging about?

Ah yes. Boredom.

Siiga was bored out her skull. It stood to reason that, as someone who had grown up as an outlaw dodging the long arm of the law, that being stuck on a cart with a load of righteous do-gooders wasn't exactly her idea of a good time, but even she underestimated how dull this little stint would be! Even the lad fainting was without the ghoulish pleasure one usually got from that sort of thing, because it was so utterly without fanfare. Never, in the history of Descended history, did she think a Tyro could get so insanely out-her-mind bored that even the potential death of her comrades couldn't stir a stem of emotion in that cold, frosty ice-cube she had instead of a heart. Hell, let the poor bastard die. At least she'd get to bury him, and do something.

Expectations were therefore low as she entered the inn, trailing behind everyone else, before sitting down and ordering the hardest drink in the house, because god knows she could get herself proper shitfaced right about now.

And then she saw her. Hallelujah, holy shit, God is real and he is a woman! Those thighs, that rack, that face! It was like someone dug into the deepest recesses of Siiga's mind and found "perfection". She was gorgeous! Amazing! Sensual!

Like fuck was she letting Blight take her from her!

"Really? That's your best line?" she scoffed at the knight as the girl went out of earshot. If this was her competition, this would be plaaaaaain sailing
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