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13 days ago
Current Just got out of the hospital a few days ago following an accident. I'm recovering pretty okay and will be spending lots of time in bed so hopefully I'll be able to be more active on the site tomorrow.
1 mo ago
Have been watching my friend's puppy for the past 2 weeks while she's been away for work. I am never getting a puppy. Also, sorry for being AWOL on here. I have had literally no time for ANYTHING.
2 mos ago
Christmas just kicked my ass... I think I'm still hungover somehow. Regardless... I make no promises, we'll see.
2 mos ago
I have been VERY lazy, not gonna lie. My inspiration for writing just ditched me for a couple of days. But, I dragged it's ass back and am looking forward to catching up on stuff.
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2 mos ago
Well, my old laptop is RIP. Feel free to give condolences, she was a beauty and served me well for years. BUT, I am now able to return with a nice bang! ~ (Thank her distant cousin, Michelle.)
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Fun Fact: I might be a little psychic. I'm also an antihero.

"You know, I've always been a bit of a clean freak.

What can I say? I like Clean...liness. A lot. I think I have it figured out.

I've found my soulmate in the form of awesomeness.

You know who you are, epic hero!"

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I'm also still interested in this~
Also interested.
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Welcoming Myself Back Bump!
Lilith watched the interaction between Brooks and Abigail with amusement, lazily taking drags from her cigarette. However, she did notice Molly go to cover herself, idly wondering if she should do the same. However, Lilith was the kind of girl who, to be frank, didn't much care for who saw her. She was confident in both herself and her body to the point where it was really no big deal for her.

Following her friend's lead in getting dressed, Lilith tossed her hair up in a messy updo as she trailed after them, the trio eventually making their way to the park for a bit of R&R, idle conversation happening between her and Molly all the while.

But, when the question of what to do came up to her and Molly, Lilith found herself somewhat at a loss for words. (Interesting thing as she usual preferred not speaking just in general.) Lilith was always more of a... go with the flow, kinda person. She'd always happily follow after her friends, providing support and just enjoying their next big adventure. After all, between the three of them, she was the more boring one. Usually preferring to read, write, or just go get lost somewhere. She doubts they'd be excited about it...

Lilith gave a small shrug, lightly tapping her cigarette and watching the ash fall. “We're in bum-fuck nowhere.” She finally said, peering up at the other two with a small smile. “Unless you wanna go explore the woods or go ruin some people's day... what you see is kinda what we've got.” She finished, taking one more drag before passing it to Molly.
Just woke up, lemme go stuff something in my mouth and I'll get a reply up soon.
@Stitches@MissCapnCrunchI'm definitely up for that! (I am also not creative enough to think of any other idea.)

And grub is always welcome! I'll get a reply up after you, Capn. I'm sick as a dog so, uh, take your time, haha.
@T Risket,

*pats back comfortingly* It's alright, boss. We all make mistakes.

I think we're pretty darn awesome! *sigh* The power of friendship that allows 3 girls to strip down naked in front of each other without any real hesitation.
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