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6 mos ago
Current Wow, I'm back on the Guild! Ah, I've really missed it here~ Excited to jump back in!
1 yr ago
Gonna be out of town for the day for a last minute thing - Will respond to my partners tomorrow!
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2 yrs ago
Apologies to private partners for not responding at a good pace. Birthday is this week and things have been pretty hectic, haha
2 yrs ago
Have been having a lot of stuff going on in my personal life and haven't been able to really write or get around to anything other than working. BUT, I should have more time to write as time now!
3 yrs ago
Sorry I haven't been online. I'm currently sick as a dog and am on bed rest, nothing stressful. So, I'm not gonna be online for a little while. Will try to sneak responses if I feel up to it.


Fun Fact: I am horrible with confrontation.

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Guess who has returned to the Guild? Me, that's who! I'm back and ready to meet some awesome new people and hopefully get something going! If anything interests you from my original post, pleeeaasssseeee let me know! I'd love to have ya!
New original plot has been added: Affection.

Some Fandoms have been removed and some have been added.
Back from a writing hiatus!

Would love some new RP's to take over my life~

(A happy, feels good to be back bump ^.^)

(Also, fuck. Haven't done THAT in a while. Feels good to be back though)
Here! And I'm leaning towards C.
Loraine “Lori” Donald

Ugh, I should've just made an excuse. 'Ah, sorry! I got called in unexpectedly to work. There was an emergency I just had to look into. Maybe some other time? Lori would give a truly apologetic smile and then speed-walk to her car to just escape the entire thing. Lori was never really the most social of people, preferring to be working or with her own family. Sure, she is a pretty nice person, she likes to think. But, her friends could be biased in their description of her so... she couldn't be quite sure on that.

Tugging lightly on the dark green fabric of her dress, she fretted about her appearance. This whole little 'get together' was all about introducing her family and another to the rest of the community. She needed to make at least somewhat of a good impression. Of course, her lips quirked up into a small smirk as she absently played with her hair, I'll mostly be working throughout the workweek so I would at least have an excuse for not making it for tea or for not making it to bookclub or... whatever it is a 'community' does.

Turning from the wall mirror where she'd been putting off going outside, she grabbed onto the wrapped plate. As apparently bringing food is an unspoken requirement, she decided to make a cake. A caramel cake because... well... you can't go wrong with cake. And it'll look like she at least put in some sort of effort. Better than bringing a salad like she was originally going to, at least.

Taking a deep breath, Lori calmed her nerves and shoved aside any frustrations she has about this. At least my family will suffer with me. And with that calming thought, she stepped outside the house, a small smile on her face that would seem natural to really everyone but her family. Approaching the main area, she looked around idly, mentally taking note of all of the unfamiliar faces. But, she did smile a bit more genuinely when she was Dane and Julia, happy to have them in her sight. Even if Dane seemed a bit uncomfortable. Like mother, like son, she figured, reaching the food table and placing her cake in an empty spot.

Well, Lori thought, looking around at the other adults and kids, I can just think of this like... a business conference. I need to smile, be charming, and make a good impression. With the comparison in her mind, she felt herself relax a little, facial features softening even if her eyes had a sharper glint to them.

Now... where to start.
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