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Current I have a bit of free time. Gonna reply to a lot of s**t and hopefully get some stuff going.
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Sorry I've been so busy these days. I can only really show up and reply to something when I have free time. Thank you for your patience!
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My relationship status is confusing.
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Just now got online. So sorry!
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I have the whole day off so I'm hoping to FINALLY catch up with some of my partners. Don't forget that if I haven't replied to you in a while, message me. I probably lost your message in my PMs.
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Fun Fact: I might be a little psychic. I'm also an antihero.

You know, I've always been a bit of a clean freak.

What can I say? I like Clean...liness. A lot.

I guess I've found my soulmate in the form of perfection.

You know who you are, my hero. ;)

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@HushedWhispersNo problem! I'll get a reply up to it whenever I see it!~
Julien O'Connell // Nineteen // Lone Wolf

Julien eyed the text with an expression of mild frustration. Honestly, he'd planned on making a quick walk to the liquor store and picking up some whiskey, maybe some more smokes. But, alas, it seems he had different plans that morning.

School. He thought to himself, resisting the urge to groan.

While he would've loved to just ignore the text and not show up, he knew he couldn't. Even if he hadn't accept Queenie as his alpha, he knew that she would probably show up to his place and bitch at him. So, he was really doing himself a favor and saving his eardrums.

Didn't mean he had to like it.

Pulling up the text once more, he quickly typed out a reply before sending it off to the group chat.

To: The Pack
Yes, your majesty.

Pleased with himself, he stuffed his phone into his pocket and was about to drag himself out the house when he felt arms wrap around his chest. He initially tensed up before he felt lips and teeth against his neck. And the feel of bare breasts against his back. There's that too.

Those feel familiar. He thought to himself with a small smirk before he turned around in their hold.

A very attractive and very naked blonde stared back at him, evidence of their night together imprinted all over her body. But, it only served to make Julien more annoyed at Queenie. He would love to have round... 5? 6? You get the idea.

"Going somewhere?" The blonde asked coyly, fingering the buttons of his shirt.

Julien laughed a little, grabbing her hands and reluctantly pulling them away from his person.

"Sorry, doll. Unfortunately, the call of education draws me back in."

She began pouting and Julien found himself cursing Kristen's name. Closing his eyes, he took a moment to breathe before looking at her once again.

"Don't worry, I'll probably ditch halfway through. Then?" He tugged her closer, arms going around her waist. "We can go for another round."

She stopped pouting and ended up giggling before leaning up to kiss him. He returned it before remembering that he had something to do. Moving away from her, he picked up his helmet and keys from the couch.

Giving a wink, he stepped out of the house and out into the sun. Wincing, he let out a quiet 'Jesus' before brandishing a pair of sunglasses from his pocket and slipping them on. Glancing around, he wandered over to the driveway towards his motorcycle.

Yay... school. Totally better than sex... totally.

Ruby Graham // Seventeen // Banshee

Ruby narrowed her eyes at the text, bringing a cigarette up to her lips and letting it hang there. She glanced around the house, taking note of the silence. Relieved, she reached into the breast pocket of her overshirt and pulled out a golden lighter.

Bringing the flame up to the end of the cigarette, she stuffed her phone into the side of her backpack. Pulling the cigarette from her lips, she allowed the smoke to billow from her lips.

Standing from the kitchen table, she made sure to grab an apple on her way to the door. Humming a toneless sound under her breath, she went to pass by the fridge when something caught her eye.

Honey, your father and I were called out to an emergency case in D.C. We'll be home in about a week! Sorry for no preperation, it was a last minute thing. When we get back, we'll go out to eat or something, okay?

We love you!

Clenching her jaw, Ruby didn't hesitate to tear the note off the fridge. Crumbling it up, she tossed it over her shoulder uncaringly as she left the kitchen.

Her head throbbed with pain and she momentarily found herself regretting drinking the night before. But, she couldn't help it. Her banshee senses were going crazy and she needed the alcohol to help her sleep. BUT, the hangover part sucks the worst.

Slipping on a pair of shades from their place on the foyer table, she barely hesitated before stepping out of the large house.

Reminder to self: See if I can bum some pills off of someone. This headache is gonna drive me crazy.

Taking another drag from her cigarette, she took a moment to just close her eyes and breathe. There was almost this dark cloud over the town and it felt suffocating.

Ruby shook her head to clear those thoughts, regretting it almost instantaneously as the pain came back stronger than ever. Meandering over to her jeep, she took her time tossing in her bookbag before hopping in herself.

Wonder what the boss wants us for. She idly wondered as she started up the jeep with a loud growl. No bother. I think I have an idea. Her expression was a sombre for a moment before she internally shook off those thoughts, pulling out of the driveway.
Sorry! Ignore this!
@HushedWhispersAwesome! I'll check them out and I'm sure I will.
@HushedWhispersI'm probably gonna be busy for the day so I can wait until tomorrow. And besides, you are playing the Alpha character. It feels right that you go first.
Julien O'Connell // Nineteen // Lone Wolf

• Considers himself an outsider and prefers it.
• Puts on a brave and uncaring persona but he finds himself concerned for those he cares about.
• Is a very chill and relaxed person, even lazy although he is quite pessimistic and quite the dark person.

"I consider myself... a pessimist. With a tablespoon of intelligence, half a cup of badass, and a whole milk carton of sexy... Oh yeah, and a little pinch of unhealthy narcissm."

Ruby Graham // Seventeen // Banshee

• Identifies herself as a remix of multiple stereotypes.
• Doesn't care much about the attacks. But, she doesn't want those she cares about to die so...
• Is actually a big geek on the inside and isn't afraid to admit it or show it off in her own way.
• Has been referred to as: Weird, Freak, Geek, Rebellious, and Insane.

"I consider myself a remix because this is a new age. To be a geek is being more than just someone with glasses and a high-pitched voice who gets bullied. I have none of that. Instead, I'm a 21st-century remix that combines the stereotypes of the bad girl, loner, geek, and nerd. Grow up, world."
@ViolentVioletSure! Just toss me a PM and we can do something.
@arowne97You gotcha!
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