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Current Yeah, my computer is updating and I refuse to try and type out replies on my phone. Just giving a heads up to all my personal partners as to why I'm suddenly gone, hehe.
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Well, by tomorrow I mean today... tonight... hehehe...
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Had a late day and it's late but I'll try to get a few things done and replied to tomorrow.
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Have to do some work today so I'll be pretty AWOL all day. Just a heads up.
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I'm both hungover and exhausted so I'll probably be popping in and out of the site to check in and reply to a thing or two. Apologies for slow replies.


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@T Risket,

Ah, gotcha. Though it's not necessarily morning here. Just me finally crawling out of blanket burrito I've been buried in all day and doing something constructive with my day despite my body screaming at me to never leave my blanket burrito. The usual, ya know? And hmm, I should probably actually read over everything again with all the other characters, because I feel like I just missed 2 episodes of a show and need to catch up DESPITE not THAT much happening.
*Stumbles in yawning in pajamas*

Sup guys. What did I miss?
The siblings watched Alisson leave with very different expressions. (Apathy and Confusion. Who do you think?) But, John managed to laugh a little, breaking the silence that had developed, Lilith's eyes flickering to him.

“Don't think she was that pleased with my response, eh?”

Lilith raised an eyebrow, head tilting a little before taking another sip of her water as she peered out the windows. John gave a sigh at her silent answer, taking a sip of his coffee as he briefly looked over to the side as the possible alien. (He was still banking on that idea... well... that or a secret agent, but he was rooting on alien.)

John stilled a little, eyes on the... whatever he is. (Still going with alien.) Even through the asshole shades he was wearing, John could feel his eyes on him. Not taking his eyes away from the staring contest he was having, he knocked lightly on the table to get Lilith's attention.

Lilith slowly dragged her eyes over to him, eyebrow arched in silent question. However, her expression showed light confusion as he didn't look at her or say what he wanted. (He was the vocal one of them both.) Following his gaze, she saw that it was leveled on the 'alien'... the 'alien' that was staring at her older brother.

Her head tilted fully to the left, narrowing slightly. Her thoughts immediately went to whether or not he'd heard the conversation. To be fair, her brother wasn't the quietest of people but he was quieter than normal on this day so... did he still manage to overhear.

“Creepy.” John finally decided, pointedly looking away from the possible alien to take a longer glug of his coffee, instead focusing on Lilith who nodded seriously.

“Very creepy.”

Ah, I am also well. Busy but well.

Waiting for a few more people before I construct my next 'beautifully written' post.
And here I offer my contribution! ~
Lilith and John stared at Allison with identical arched eyebrows after hearing her explain the weirdness of the new arrival in town. The siblings traded looks before, in rather comedic unison, looked over Allison's left shoulder to see said man. They took in everything from the black suit to the sunglasses (Indoors like a complete asshole. Come on, try and name one person who wears sunglasses indoors who isn't blind and who isn't a complete dick.) to the government-esc haircut he was sporting.

The siblings once again traded glances before straightening up in their seats as Allison questioned them for their opinions once more.

John cleared his throat before speaking.

“He's definitely an alien.”

“100% alien.” Lilith added casually, taking a sip of her water as she looked around, once again seeming uncaring of the situation, although she was listening regardless.

John then took over. “I mean, come on, him being an alien makes perfect sense! Perhaps he can't even taste human foods and drinks or maybe he just doesn't like any human food. Maybe he just gets coffee to keep up appearances but has no idea about human customs, eh?” He spoke in a somewhat hushed tone, waving his hands about as he talked, a more visual speaker as he got into his theorizing.

Tap, tap.

John's eyes flickered to Lilith, who eyed him with an expectant expression over her glass of water. This made the older man sigh before he continued, in a somewhat lackluster tone.

“Of course, he could just be an ordinary human man who happens to have very odd taste in coffee. But, it's definitely less likely than the whole alien theory, if you ask me.” John finished with a shrug, taking a sip of his own coffee. (Kept black, thank you very much.)
“Burgers and fries for each OR do you want to jus' share a plate o' cheese fries, kid?”

As the sun shone outside, siblings Lilith and John sat in their usual destination for anything edible: Kate's Kitchen. They even sat in their usual booth right by the door with John sitting on one side and Lilith on the other side. As John spoke to Lilith, Lilith instead stared around the diner lazily, her right hand tugging at the fishnets covering her legs as the other absently scratched at the chipping paint on the table that separated the siblings.

When Lilith didn't respond, John's eyebrows furrowed together. He then loudly and very pointedly cleared his throat. This made Lilith's eyes quickly move to him, a bit wider than usual betraying her surprise. John sighed at her expression but repeated himself.

“Burgers or Cheesy Fries?”

Very familiar with the two options, Lilith raised her left hand, making a peace sign with a small smirk. John then nodded, pleased. “Cheesy fries it is.” He then began glancing around, most likely looking for Allison who was a friend of John's whilst her brother, Max, was considered a friend to Lilith.

“You've been having nightmares...” Lilith muttered quietly to John, staring at him until he met her eyes. They narrowed for a few seconds and her left eyebrow rose, clearly questioning him.

John was well-aware of the fact that Lilith rarely spoke, he had no problem with it. As far as he was concerned, she could do whatever she wants, as long as it wasn't getting pregnant or killing anybody. But, even he had to admit that he missed her voice. He nearly smiled but then remembered what she'd asked him and frowned slightly, leaning forward a little as if discussing something conspiratorial.

“How do you know about that?”

Lilith raised her right hand, this time tapping on her ear with a somewhat mocking/teasing expression. John gave a near silent sigh of exasperation, muttering under his breath, “Right, right. Always knew you had the ears of a fuckin' bat or some shit.”

But, at Lilith's glare, he figured he'd go ahead and stop avoiding the subject. After all, she'd be more likely to throw her shoe at his face than leave it alone. And say whatever you want, but a converse to the face would hurt ANYONE.

“Fine, fine... I've been havin' these weird dreams this past week or so. This kinda... kinda dark hole but it has eyes and a mouth and... I've been trying to draw it but I can't ever seem to get it right...” His voice trailed off as he thought more on it, eyebrows clenching together, betraying his annoyance and confusion on the manner.

Lilith stared at him without blinking for about a minute before leaning forward and flicking his forehead with all the force she could muster. And just like expected, he immediately reared back with an 'Ow!'

“What the hell was that for?” John questioned his sister, rubbing his forehead although he was laughing a little bit at just the randomness of the action.

Lilith in response crossed her arms and gave a very cocky smirk. John narrowed his eyes at her although there was no real annoyance or anything behind the action. “You expect me to thank you or somethin'?”

Lilith gave one nod.

“For you flicking me on the forehead?”

Another nod.


Slow nod. Narrowed eyes.

“Well, considering you look like you're going to kill me with that napkin dispenser, I'm just gonna say 'Thank you, you're the bestest sister a man could ever hope to have' and hope that you don't? Kill me, that is.”

The siblings stared each other down resolutely, one more nervous than the other. But, after a long minute, Lilith gave a pleased little hum before reclining in the booth, hands in her lap. John gave an over-exaggerated sigh of relief, going limp in the booth, head meeting the table. Lilith giggled a little at his playfulness and John laughed a bit with her, although not moving from his place. He was awful tired and was just gonna wait to be serviced anyway so... might as well try to catch a few Z's... OW!

“Alright, alright, I'm up, I'm up,” John muttered quickly, rubbing at his sore ankle.

“Would've been better off joining a soccer team or something, damn.”

They tend to go hand in hand as they are siblings HOWEVER we can choose to focus on just one character and keep the other as a background character.
@T RisketAlso, whenever you get a chance, I would like to ask for your help in bringing my characters into the story? (For their intro and all.)
@T RisketHorrible, that's what.
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