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8 days ago
Current Got invited out last minute. Gonna have to bow out for the night. Will be back tomorrow. ;)
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9 days ago
Gonna be absent today. Hand is killing me so I'm gonna take the day. Will be back tomorrow or maybe tonight if I'm lucky.
2 mos ago
*poke* Hey. *poke* Hey. *poke* Guess who's officially back after, like, a month to be honest.
2 mos ago
*sigh* With work and all sorts of personal issues, I just can't be as active as I want to be no matter how hard I try. So, I'm taking a leave of absence for... an uncertain amount of time.
3 mos ago
Just got out of the hospital a few days ago following an accident. I'm recovering pretty okay and will be spending lots of time in bed so hopefully I'll be able to be more active on the site tomorrow.


Fun Fact: I love Sherbet Ice Cream.

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Ivory Christina Howards

General Information

name:// Ivory Christina Howards
age:// 21
birth date:// 11/10
gender:// Female
occupation:// Personal Assistant at Tech Company

height:// 5'8
weight:// 112
hair color:// Dirty Blonde
eye color:// Blue
tattoos, scars, piercings:// 67 tattooed on her index finger. No scars. Ears pierced and a tongue stud.

ability:// Troubadour

personality:// Ivory was always the quiet type. Preferring to just go by her day and by her own beat. Would wake up, spend all day following after a selfish CEO and doing her best to make him look good for a shitty paycheck, and then return at night with sore feet to a cup of ramen and a cigarette. She was able to hang out with her friends on the odd weekend but mostly spent her time alone. It was a lonely existence but at least it kept her busy. She hated boredom more than she hated her job.

Then, she moved a pencil. Just knocked it off a table after staring at it in silent boredom for the longest. For the longest time she'd thoughts she'd gone mad. How else would she explain it? Eventually she started picking up on patterns of when she was able to use it the easiest but it didn't really mean much. She was a normal woman with a normal job and a surprisingly low grip on her sanity. She didn't want some superpower she'd never really get to use, didn't think it did her any good at least. All it did was further isolate herself and put her further off tempo then the rest of the world. I mean, could you see the headlines?: The Incredible Assistant! What will she do next? Get her boss a coffee probably... with her mind!

She likes to think that she's a pretty okay person, polite at least, if a bit curt and short. But, she already had 3 really good friends. What else did she need, really? There was no point to her being nice... nothing good came from it, she found. It would hold no baring on her life, at least. She had more important things to worry about than if she was cold to a random passerby on the street. She's not a good person but she's not a bad one either. She prefers the term... neutral.

family history://

  • Francine Howards, alive, no abilities, somewhere in Flordia last she checked
  • James Howards, deceased, Troubadour, location unknown

Miscellaneous Information
Ivory hates sweet things, much preferring spice and sour. (Unless it's ice cream because... ice cream.)

Ivory was actually mute for almost 5 years after her pet dog Jamie died.

Ivory is almost constantly in a state of boredom, and finds most people to be boring. Hence her disconnect to most of the world around her.
@KipsatekingSweet! Why don't you toss me a PM and we can discuss something together?

Had to change her power last second BUT it still works, heh. Would've gone with Paladin BUT... *shrugs* Have a bored PA.
I'll try and get a CS up tonight~
Definitely interested.
Hesitant bump~
Also interested. Will be hesitantly putting down for the Inventor? Oh! And blue! I, uh, choose blue.
Back from hiatus bump!

Also, @DC The Dragon, if you are still interested in something, lemme know!
I'm also still interested in this~
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