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Current Yeah, that didn't work out. THIS TIME, it'll be better!
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And now I'm back! Things should be a lot more stable now, I'm gonna try and catch up with everything best I can as soon as possible.
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Sorry to all my partners. There was a huge family thing and I'm gonna be busy for probably the next few days. BUT, everything should be better sorted starting this weekend. Sorry for such short notice
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Yeah... I've been gone all morning... and I have to go out more today and do stuff so... ugh... I'm so tired...
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Was gone for most of the day. Hehe, sorry partners! I'll try and catch up as quickly as possible!


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Klaus was so distracted, studying his surroundings and all that, that he didn't notice when Liam approached him. That was until he spoke. Admittedly, he gave a small start, eyes quickly going to him. However, he was mostly able to relax after seeing who it was. Even going as far as to give a small smile.

“Sure, I don't mind.” Klaus stated with a small shrug, internally glad for the company even if he wasn't in the most social of moods.

Devil's Runners

Klaus and Liam had somewhat diverged over time but Klaus still kept an eye on him from wherever he was. The concern was due to Klaus' knowledge of Liam and his... feelings towards any enclosed or smaller space. He felt that he needed to keep an extra eye on him.

And as Klaus stood a few feet away from the group, pacing a little in a small area, he did what he did best. He listened. He listened to Loki. He listened to Liam, Kian, and John as they each gave their own opinions on where they should go next.

What I'd give for a cigarette right about now. Klaus thinks after the trio gave their thoughts, a small near silent sigh escaping him. However, he is aware that now isn't the time and pushes his need to the side to speak up.

“I believe the direct route is a better option.” Klaus finally said, bouncing on his heels a bit as he said this. “The 'safer route', I feel, is not very safe. Just a feeling I get from it.” Klaus admitted, using quotation marks around the words 'safer route'. “And at this point, I think we shouldn't stay in these tunnels any longer than we have to. And who knows how safe the quote on quote 'safe route' really is.”

Klaus' eyes had flickered to Liam during the last part, giving away his worry about Liam being in the tunnels. But, he managed to finish his observations well enough. “BUT, that's just what I think on the subject.” He naturally spoke a bit fast BUT he was putting in an effort to speak slower and he liked to think he did pretty decently. He now looks to the rest for their input.
Just added a brand new original plot! I know, right? Crazy!

Oh! And bump.
@PrinceAlexusWell, my character already left with alcohol so she's good.

I'd be up for a time skip. *shrugs*
I'm officially back and having a need to write!~

La Bump...a!
Considering Indy mentioned waiting until the next timeskip to post again (understandably so.), I think I'll also wait until the next timeskip to post again... but she is definitely taking the bottle with her.
Finally! Bump!
@SamaraJayne96Same, actually.

That's why I'm kinda keeping an eye on this, not wanting to add to more stuff for them to catch up on, ya know?
@PilatusWell, my character's in the late night group, about ready to leave and walk home in a minute.

And yeah, I didn't notice the multiple timeline thing until you said something lol
Veronica Winters


@Indy Cooper

With her only entertainment gone (Distracted and probably lost in thoughts with his entrancing blonde. She didn't need to be a PI to notice that.), Veronica was left alone with her thoughts and a bottle of 50 year old Bourbon. (Which, to be honest, was a definite win in her case, despite it being half gone.) She eyed said bottle carefully, slightly trembling fingers fingering the base of the bottle. And it was only as she was doing this that she noticed the slight tremble in her hands, something she was definitely familiar with. As well as a wave of tiredness coming over her.

I need a smoke... and to drink... a lot... and work... I need that too...

Downing the rest of water (Having already finished the soda and excitedly gone on to Rowen about the pleasant spice it gave, deciding on water afterwards.), she carefully placed the glass on the bar counter. Eyes drifting around the room as she stood, making sure to grab the bottle as she did, she called out to the bartender.

“Think I'm gonna head out, got work to do. Mind if I take this with me?” Waving the bottle for emphasis at the end, free hand buried in her pocket. Her voice was light, teasing, not really expecting to be able to.

She's not even gonna mentally comment on the British chick who just walked in. She'd internally ranted enough about the attractive people who seemed to have all come to this bar at roughly the same time, she was done for the day.
Going on a mission without Doc... sure... we'll see how this works... should be interesting... if not slightly worrisome.

Klaus had this thought swirling around in his head as he gathered everything he'd need, having noticed the missing person in the flurry of movement. He tried to focus on the automation of getting his things, having passed out whilst fully dressed the night before.

Fastening his quiver to his back, he meandered over to the chest underneath his bed, opening it. He slipped his golden lighter into one of his many pockets, quickly followed by his usual pack of smokes. He was about to grab the flask buried at the bottom but paused, thinking about it for a few minutes.

Eh... headache is barely even there... He admitted to himself, grabbing the flask and slipping it into the inside of his jacket. He then grabbed the swiss army knife, the familiar weight making him feel a bit lighter. Slipping it into his boot, he closed the chest before standing.

He put on his hood as he walked over to the others, snatching his bow off a nearby table. Oh my love, how I adore you. He internally cooed to his bow, gently slipping it over his head so that it rested over his chest for easy grabbings.

Standing by the others ready to go, his content smile turned into a small frown when he noticed who was missing. Shit... There was no doc.

Devil's Runners

I've got a bad feeling about this... He admitted to himself, fingers lightly twitching in an urge to grip onto his bow. He was towards the back to provide support in case something went down so he'd be able to draw his weapon rather quickly before anyone really noticed. But, the last thing he wanted was to show hostility towards the already hostile-looking people. Especially if they weren't even going to do anything. His eyes flickered to everyone else, wondering if they also felt the kind of tension in the air.

But, regardless, they made it to the collapsed tunnels. He looked around with a somewhat bored expression, a usual for him. Bouncing lightly on the heels of his boot, he looked around casually.

"Great. Let's take look around and see what we can find. Newt, I hope you have the flashlights that I asked for." Those words drew his attention, eyes flickering over to the others.

"Shh. Wanna buy some torches?" He saw Newt whisper conspiratorially, looking quite shady as she opened her coat to reveal flashlights. He felt a sense of deja-vu but didn't linger on it for too long, wandering over.

“Don't mind if I do.” Klaus said with a small smile, grabbing one of the flashlights. Tossing it up in the air and catching it, he gave a pleased grunt. He proceeded to do this while walking away, glad to have both light and something to entertain himself with.
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