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The rain had formed big droplets that were coming down hard and fast. Puddles were quickly starting to form all around. The day's downpour was going to get everything wet and muddy. Alfred was in the middle of talking to Beornraed when the man on the horse strolled over and addressed him.

This clearly must be the man behind the parchment he had just received. This is the town's new Justiciar. Alexius did not seem anything that Alfred thought he would look like. The Justiciar had a harshness evident from the lines on his face. In his eyes one could see that he had a mission and was not going to stop until it was completed. Alfred appreciated men that lived for one purpose.

Alfred responded to Alexius, "I am indeed Lord Alfred, Commander over the Cirencester militia and her armory." "The town's militia is indeed ready for battle, should the need ever arise." "It is a pleasure to meet you Justiciar Alexius. Shall we head into my barracks so that we might get to know each other better."
Logan Butler

Location: Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C. - 3 days ago

Butler started coming down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial when he saw Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr. They were the only two people there. There was no one there, not even around the entire Reflecting pool as it had already gotten dark. When he saw them and they looked like two guys that just recently got out of university. He thought they were tourists who were lost and wanted to ask for directions. As Charles started to speak, Butler thought he confirmed from his accent that they were indeed not from the States.

They immediately started to tell him who they were and why they were there. Straight and direct. Butler liked that they didn't beat around the bush, but he didn't buy a single thing they said. So, he started to leave them when Charles quickly communicated with him telepathically. This stunned Butler. That one act brought credence to everything they said about the systematic experimentation and killing of mutants. He was in.

Location: Xavier's Mansion, New York - Present Day

The mansion was nice. It seemed quite extravagant but Butler wasn't complaining about that. What was really bothering him though was the fact that he was surrounded by a bunch of kids who were all supposed to go into a life and death mission. He thought that these kids were not ready for a job like this. Did he just step into a weird version of Neverland? It didn't help that his two recruiters looked young enough to be the Peter Pans of this story. It all just seemed a bit ridiculous.

Butler was waiting in a room with the rest of the recruits when Charles walked into the room and immediately seemed annoyed. He seemed to be quite the stickler, the man of routine, the guy who's never late, and the one who always had a plan. It seemed obvious that Charles annoyance was because his buddy Erik was running late. Then Erik finally made it and they started to brief the team. They asked if anyone needed help controlling their powers. Butler chimed in, "I don't need any help controlling my powers. Their just always on, which is a good thing I guess. So, I'm ready to go."

Alfred loves the rain. He looks up to the sky and lets the drops of rain fall on his face. It's refreshing, cool, and it bring him back to simpler days of when he was younger. Whenever it would rain back then, he would run out and dance in it until his mother called him back into the house.

He hadn't enjoyed the moment for too long when be sees Beornraed coming towards him. Alfred thinks that's all the relaxation he'll have to himself. It is reassuring though that those moments no matter how brief are his and no one can take them away from him. He reads and scoffs at the letter that his second gives to him. "The new Justiciar wants to see me. There seems to be a lot of summoning happening today. It seems as though more important things are always superseded by unimportant ones. But I'll go see this Justicar.," said Alfred.

Sorry about that. I’ll try to draft a reply today.
Takeo Akizawa

Asagao Territory: Akizawa Castle

Four days ago...

Takeo Akizawa; Daimyo of the Akizawa family of the Asagao clan, was meeting with three of his most trusted advisers in the family's homestead early that morning. The men that were with him have known Takeo since his childhood. There was Haruto; head of Akizawa constabulary, Kaito; head of Akizawa military, and finally Riku; head of Akizawa economics and land management. Takeo learned early that if he was not going to be bogged down by managing the family's affairs that he needed to appoint allies that he trusted but more importantly were very capable. Aside from bi-weekly meetings with his inner circle he didn't need to do much else, these men pretty much managed everything under his rule. This provided with Takeo with a lot of time to pursue the "finer things" in life.

"After years of pursuing and pressuring the Asagao clan members who betrayed us at the Battle at Kanaki, we believe most of them either absolutely fear us or will be very wary to ever betray our family ever again," said Kaito. Takeo slowly taking a sip of his morning tea then replies, "We must continue on the pressure until we completely break them. Never again will our clan be defeated because of cowardice." He looks to Riku and asks, "How are preparations for this year's festival going?" As Riku was about to reply when a servant knock on the room and Takeo bids him to enter. "Sir there is a scroll with the Shogun Lotus seal and a bar of gold here for you," said the servant to the Daimyo. Normally, scrolls a take a few more day longer to arrive, but not scrolls from the Shogun. Takeo takes the scroll and reads it intently in silence as his advisers eagerly await the message hidden within the scroll.

"After years of pursuing and pressuring Asagao clan members who betrayed us at the Battle at Kanaki, we believe most of them either absolutely fear us or will be very wary to ever cross our family ever again," said Kaito. Takeo slowly drinking his morning tea then replies, "We must continue on the pressure until we completely break them. Never again will our clan be defeated because of cowardice." He looks to Riku and asks, "How are preparations for this year's festival going?" Riku was about to reply when a servant knock on the room and Takeo bids him to enter. "Sir there is a scroll with the Shogun Lotus seal and a bar of gold here for you," said the servant to the Daimyo. Takeo takes the scroll and reads it in silence as his advisers eagerly await the message hidden within the scroll.

"This honorific scroll is an invitation from the Shogun for a "mission," Takeo says sarcastically. Haruto quickly chimes in, "The Shogun that we fought against wants us to go on a mission for him? That's rich." They all laugh and smile at the notion. Takeo then says, "Although… I have always wanted to go deep into Lotus territory. Plus, we need to be strategic how we approach these things. We don’t want our family to stand out because we are unwilling to answer a call from the Shogun." Takeo takes another sip of his tea and continues, “I do love that there is a bar of gold with this scroll. What need to I have for a bar of gold? Maybe I can use it as pocket money to pay for leisurely activities when I’m at Odikawa.” Riku then asks, “Are you seriously considering going then, and if you are will you be leaving in the next few days?” Takeo smiles and says, “Didn’t you hear me say that I want to enjoy the leisurely activities Inoue & Odikawa has to offer. Tell the stable that I want my horse ready in an hour. I will leave immediately.” By then his advisers have become used to the Daimyo taking off to adventures whenever he felt like it. “Let it be so sire. Happy hunting then,” replied Riku.

Odikawa Port City

Three days ago...

After a day of riding from Akizawa Castle Takeo arrives at Odikawa with his favourite horse Kisa. Kisa was a beautiful white horse with a strong build and was trained for battle riding since he was born. Takeo seemed to match his horse with his white kimono on with the insignia of the Akizawa crest on the linings of it. Hanging on his right side was his daisho (katana & wakizashi) and on his left was his red hoate (mask).

Takeo and Kisa had already stopped at a couple of inns on the way for drinks before arriving at the city. The city is notably quieter compared to Inoue. He stops a man on the street and asks him, “Dear friend, where is the best place for a traveller to stay in the city?” Then the man directs him toward the massive Odikawa inn in the center of the city and says, “That is the best place in the entire city, but there is likely no place left because of the flower festival.” Takeo thanks the man and bids him bye as he rides off towards the inn.

Takeo walks in the inn and says, “I want your best room and all the top service you can offer.” The keeper looks coolly at him and smiles judgingly before saying, “Friend this place is fully booked because of the… ” but before the keeper could finish his thought, Takeo throws a bar of gold in the air, pulls out his wakizashi and slices it in half. While the bars were still falling in the air he grabs one with his left hand and quickly puts it in back in his kimono and with the side of his wakizashi balances the other bar and presents it the inn keeper. “I think this should serve me for a very long time, wouldn’t you say so?” The keeper stutters, “Ye.. yes sire, of course we will have everything ready for you in a few minutes. May I know your name sire?” Takeo looks, smiles at him and says, “You don’t need to know my name but I need yours.” The keeper promptly replies, “My name is Akihiko, and we will take care of all of your needs.” Akihiko runs off and starts yelling at his servants to get everything prepared.

For the next few days Takeo would develop a routine for his stay at the port city. His routine involved sleeping till mid-day, waking up and practicing with his daisho for an hour, then exploring the city until evening all through the night when he would enjoy the ”finer things”. By the day of the meeting Takeo already knew the location of all the inns, bars, restaurants, baths, and other institutions that provided “fun services” in the city. He also knew other information such as the city’s constabulary size, identified possible members of the Shinsengumi, the schedule of boats coming into the port, strategic points in the city, and people coming in and out of the city.

On the day of the meeting…

Takeo woke up early and went to a breakfast shop that overlooked the manor with the silver crescent emblem. He watch intently the whole day as people went in and out. He tried to remember the faces of everyone he saw. After having breakfast, which was Natto and a fried egg on rice with miso soup, he stayed until he had lunch too, which has Omurice (Omelette Rice). After feeling satisfied that he had gathered as much information as he could he started to walk towards the manor. He looked at his mask and whispered, “We might need to do some work pretty soon my dear friend.”

Alfred responds quickly, "Thank you for your faith and trust my liege. You will not regret this. I believe our militia is one of the best Mercia has to offer I will make sure they are at their top form for when the King arrives."

Alfred start to back away from his friend and leaves the Celnaer Manor. One would think that he would be elated and excited but instead his mind is consumed by thoughts of preparation and things that must be done. With all the thoughts running through his mind, he thought it be best if he went to the inn to properly think things through and strategize more thoroughly. He can now see the storm brewing closer to the town.

Let's get her going!
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Alfred could hear the thunder rolling from afar. It seems as though his senses were just heightened, brought about by Banweald's questioning. He could feel the wind change as the storm was coming in. It started to feel cooler. Alfred liked that feeling. The goblet on the table seemed so much more intricate that he had initially noticed. The honeyed ham and fruit pastries suddenly seemed so much more appealing. The room they were in seemed so much more grander with so many wonderful items on display.

A memory quickly flashed through his mind of a time when he and Banweald were in a forest at night with a battalion of men. They were readying to launch a raid mission on an enemy camp. As they prepared to attack Banweald looked at Alfred and quietly says, "I think I can easily take out more of these ruffians than you can Alfred." Alfred smiles and whispers back, "You're on."

Alfred slowly looks down for a moment at his left mangled hand. Then looks slowly back at his liege. As awkward as their relationship has always been, because of the difference in their personalities, the man standing in front of him is the closest person he has to a friend or even to a family. Alfred would never say that out loud, but on some level they both knew that to be true.

He starts to speak slowly, being very careful with every word he is about to say, "My liege, years of war has left me with physical scars that are clear as day for anyone to see." He uses his left hand to point at the scar on his face. He then continues, "But I seem to have scars that even I can't see. These scars makes it hard for me to take pleasure in things in life as a civilian. I’m ready to give up coin, my stone manor, servants, everything, if I could be a soldier again."

It was at his last words that Alfred intentionally pulled his whole body to attention. His demeanour changed. From a man filled with uncertainty to one full of assurance. He was at that moment unmistakeably a warrior. He grasped his weapon tightly and like the nobleman he had become said, “But for war these same scars make me forcused, ready, and battlehardened. You can rest assured my liege that while I find it hard to live a life in the town sleeping in a bed, I would be very comfortable sleeping under the stars strategizing our enemy’s demise should they cross us. You can completely be assured that your men will not land up in an ambush, because we are the ambush.”

Perhaps Alfred’s personality was as complex as his liege’s was after all.
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