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These days, I'm a little hurt, a little lonely, and could use a good RP to distract me from those pains. Anyone got a hand to spare?
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I once again, really want a good Halo RP. Spartans included or not, 1x1 or group. v.v never found that special somebody!
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I really want a good Halo Roleplay. Spartans included or not, 1x1 or group.


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Hey. I'm a bit out of inspiration, so I might not post in the next few days. I'll try to respond if I can, but I wont make any promises!

I'm sorry.
Thoughts on my post? Decided to split them into three groups. If all goes well, these will eventually form into 'houses' or 'clans' rather then simply being a split up and return to the stone every month.
Fish, was a lovely treat, for the Artias.

Until it stopped becoming such a lovely treat. Not all things in the tribe were quite so simple, it seemed. The tiresome monotony of spending over a month eating only fish and berries had turned many towards more... Respectful findings. As the days grew longer the grunts became more... Refined. Speech patterns. Basic grunts that were terms for things even the dumbest of them could understand. And with this, came knowledge.

Grunts were shared around the campfire at night, thinking of ways- Possible ideas and places they could go to- Where they could find more delicious meals. Some suggested the idea of hunting animals using their sharp sticks. Others, believed it'd be better to start trying to make something out of the world around them- They saw and knew that things grew over time, perhaps with knowledge they could make things come out of the ground too!

And others? Others believed foraging on a wider scale was the answer. All good suggestions, really, that lead up to one, undying problem- Disagreement. So, in a simple matter- The group decided it would be best to have a temporary 'split', where four members would each go in one separate direction, to better adapt and understand the land, instead of all exist in one area and argue among each other. Adapt. Survive. Thrive. They all agreed to meet back in one month around the stones they had erected, to discuss what they had learned.

The tribe of Artias, separated. Each went out in a different direction, promising to return to the stone structure they had lifted at the end of the month to share whatever knowledge they could find. This way, they would still be a community as one- But not get into each others hair and be at each others throats, as well as learn more about the different ways to 'adapt' to the world around them.

So the days passed by, and they went in three directions. For the viewers pleasure, and since they had no way of telling to begin with, we will give these tribes colors. The Red Tribe went north west- Towards the great lake they saw in the distance. The Blue tribe headed into the forest- Towards the ocean to the far north. And the Green Tribe went deeper into the plains, following the river south until they were settled.

All three would eventually form their own separate four man communities. The deal was struck and made- They would each live on their own and at the end of the month return to the meeting stone to share stories and knowledge. And it worked. Despite the fact that storms would soon be upon them, and the weather would grow fierce, the Artias groups had formed a special kind of bond- One that grew beyond what they had set upon as 'families' or 'groups'. United they were, yet each walked a different path of life.

And so began the first great divide of the Artias- A temporary one.


The Red Group had decided, upon their trip, that they would have to develop a more firm method of catching food. They could not rely solely on the fruits of the river- They now had to learn how to use their knowledge and adaptability to do something new- Hunt as a group. Dedicated on their path, they used the sticks they had made to collect fish and turned them into spears- Weapons they could use to stab. Combined with fire, these were dangerous tools they could use to kill the local game. It was a rougher existence, but with this they could make an easier time of getting large amounts of meat to eat.

The Blue Tribe found plenty of food amongst the forest- Between small game and fruits and berries, it wasn't hard for them to survive their trip north. But even so, they needed to think of more permanent solutions once they went deeper into the forest. Who knew what they would find deeper- So ingenious solutions came up. By collecting loose wood off the forest floor, they could place it together to create 'temporary shelters' that were more like huts then the previously labor intensive holes in the ground. These could be packed up and dragged on very rudimentary 'sleds', which were nothing more then sticks tied together to form a very rough sled to pull supplies. On the move, they made their way north, to scout the lands beyond the trees.

The Green Tribe continued along the river, and were easily the ones that had the hardest time. Without the ability to stay in one place, and no bushes or forge or fruits- They had to rely on the river in new ways. Creating large 'holders' seemed like a good idea, though it took some time to come up with- Most of which were spent with spear fishing. Eventually, the idea of 'Nets' came to mind- Tying different lengths of rope together to create rudimentary nets that would be used to better collect fish along the river. This way, they could stay on the move, further and further south inland...


True art comes from the soul.

And MS Paint.

And yes, the idea is, big spikes hurt fish that swim. Get fish. Eat fish. Survive. I figured with only 4 weeks under their belt, they'd get the basics of survival down first before they went on to culture and technology.
No, it's literally a row of spikes jutting out of the sand diagonally.

The force of the river forces the larger fish to go down it. With no way to go back up, they are forced into the spikes, where they die.

The smaller fish are able to swim through, but the large fish are impaled.
They mapped out sharp wooden sticks, expecting the fish to run into ti due to the water flowing down stream, forcing the fish into the traps.
I've decided what I want to do. For these first entries into their civilization, there will be no sense of 'self' yet. Communally they will exist, creating rapid advancement and development. The first examples of 'individualism' will eventually start to appear which will spur the first sparks of inner-conflict and stagnation in the species.

I also went with a more 'broad strokes' style of writing. I hope this is effective.
The dawn of the Artias was simple, clean, and without much, if any incident. As a light rain fell down upon the branches and trees above, a group- 12 in total- Surrounded a fire they had created not far long ago. The invention of fire was a new thing- Most in the group had no idea about the concepts that were built around fire- Nor the tools that they had developed for them. They were all... New territory. New knowledge.

Surrounded by the fire, it was quickly established by the conglomerate that they had to work together. This was a pretty easy assumption as the group of 12 did not often stray far from each other- They all seemed complacent to work together. This was... Perfect, honestly. It meant there would be no worrisome quarrels or troubles for food and water...

Both of which, seemed to be in abundance. Of course, the first task they would all have to face would be getting out of the rain. Collectively, they had no names for each other- No built upon language. So they simply had to use hand gestures to tell the others exactly what they wanted to hear. Grunts and noises along with it, building upon the foundations.

Surrounded by woods and grasslands, they had two materials in abundance- Grass and wood. The most obvious idea was to take the sticks and create a rudimentary hut of wood. This... Was far beyond the knowledge they possessed. Instead, they decided to go with something far more simple...

Digging dens. With stone, crude digging elements, they would carry out the task of making ditches for each of them- And covering the tops with sticks and leaves, so rain would not fall upon their shelters.

Their sense of self was not as complex as others. Rather then try to understand why, it seemed for the Artias, existence in its current form was not why, but what. As in, what do they do with their gift, rather then question it.

And they did what they did best. Innovate and adapt.

Eyes watched around. They would need food as well. A noticeable river had ran down the center of their 'territory'. It was not easy to judge the width of it, but it was clear that it was filled with large fish. Collecting these large fish using only their hands was a rather foolish prospect. Instead, once again, they would have to innovate. Until then... Collecting berries and random foliage to test and eat would make up their time for next week or so, living in their small huts, communicating with simple grunts and hand signals.

The only thing that was certain each day- Was at the end of said day, all members- All 12 of them, would surround the fire at the center of the camp they had 'dug' up, and show each other their findings and gatherings for the day. They would eat together, work together. They were strong together, in numbers. They had no leader- Instead, they all worked together- At least, for now. They didn't need a leader yet.

Eventually, it was realized the light berries and shrubbery was not only dangerous, but not enough to feed the 12 people around the camp. They would have to work faster to collect the delicious fish they had seen running down the river. With that in mind, they used a very primitive method...

Impalement traps. It took two weeks, but development had completed on large, wooden spikes, that would cause the fish to impale themselves on the stakes. From there, it was easy collection.

So far, they had come together- They had founded their 'community'. They had a source of food, fresh water, and shelters. But they'd need far, far more then this. This was the beginning of something greater. But it'd be a long way to that greatness. For now, they were satisfied in understanding their position in the world.

A race of people living among their 'world'. For a reason they did not know, or care about for now. Instead, they had only one goal-


God, he hated these people. They were always so wild- So out there and willing to try and see about the meteors. His eyes glance up at the roof, as he groaned, taking another sip of the beer in his hand.

Nobody believed him. After all, why would they? Aliens? Absolutely ridiculous. Even if he did have all the facts to back it up, he'd given up some time ago on the idea that anyone would even give a crap about his ideas, let alone care about what his studies. So, he turned back to what he was best at. Boozing up and smoking. It wasn't a great thing to do, but to be quite honest, he didn't really care.

Live fast, die young. So when the flashes of light got more frequent, he didn't really seem to pay them any notice. Sitting on his patio with his laptop and a 40 oz., he calmly went through his images as he prepared a rather awful presentation for his friends college assignment.

A boring day.
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