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<Snipped quote by Shadow Dragon>

Why is that?

*I turn towards you and Vinashy*
Yes, do tell.
So I'm probably going to be offline the rest of the evening to record and play Fallout 4. Just a heads up for those interacting with Ainz or Fenris.
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>

I see. He must be quite powerful.

Again, it depends on who you ask. But judging from what this vampire told you, I'd wager that his worlds Devil was indeed quite real and very powerful. Though obviously not powerful enough to stop Dracul.
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>

Lord Ainz, who is the Devil?

He's an extremely being of pure malice and hatred in most tales. A fallen angel or spirit who rebelled against his maker and tried to take his throne. Depending on who you ask anyway.
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>

He fought the Devil himself and survived? How long do you think he has before He comes back with a vengeance?

*I shrug*
It depends on if he truly can come back. It's a different world from the sound of things, so death, even for beings such as the Devil could be permanent.
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>

Not to correct you Lord Ainz, but he never claimed to have killed the creature. He claimed to have had his weapon destroyed in his fight with Say Ten.

I know this creature Shalltear. Or rather legends of it. If this vampire still walks his world, then that being met its end at his hands.
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>

Pardon, Lord Ainz?

*I quickly recompose myself as a green glow briefly envelopes me*
I apologize for my outburst, but I think I may have misheard you. Could you repeat the name of the creature he killed? The one that destroyed that weapon of his?
Also, trying to convey an anime style of shock in writing, as I've come to find out, is extremely difficult.
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>

He claims it was destroyed in a battle with a creature known as "Say Ten."

Say Ten?
*I tap a skeletal finger against my chin, thinking for a bit before it comes to me*

Oh, you mean Satan.

*I let out a gasp and step back suddenly in shock, my jaw hanging open*

He beat Satan?! As in, the Devil?!
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>

He claimed it was broken.

Hmph. Not much of a weapon then is it? Let me guess, it was worn down to uselessness by the ages before collapsing into a pile of dust as he picked it up?
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