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<Snipped quote by Caldizar>

Ezra: *stands silent for a second* Angel? And one who bares the same name as the Fallen One... hmmm.....

*I silently take note of this but continue walking*
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>

Ezra: that is fair, I suppose. What abilities would you wield against our enemy?

*I keep my gaze locked on the horizon, silently contemplating just how much I should reveal to you*

On the one hand, honesty would avoid me having to work out of a lie later. One that could even get us both killed during combat. Though it would severely weaken this mortals faith in my capabilities, which means I could potentially lose a very useful ally here in this new world. Quite the troubling predicament I find myself in it seems...

*I turn to look at you*

Why the powers of Heaven of course. Though I must confess I am far from the strongest of the angelic host. I remain quite skilled with a blade though, despite my lack of supernatural prowess.

There, a half truth. That should be enough to cushion the blow of any unfortunate outcomes we encounter. Now time to redirect so she doesn't dig too deeply into my history and find out about my weakened state. But how... aha!

You know, talk of skill aside, I realized I never properly introduced myself to you. My name is-*I pause briefly, but not enough for it to be noticeable*-Lucifer.
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>
Knowledge is power, and in the right hands, can bring so many things. I, for one, use my knowledge for the betterment of my people, and my race as a whole.

*I nod*

In the right hands yes, but knowledge is free and as such can fall into the wrong hands quite easily. Where it will then be misused. While you might use it for good, others may not.
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>

Ezra: Its moreso curiousity than concern, sir. I am one that indulges in understanding and ganing knowledge of any kind.

*I scoff, but manage to disguise it as a chuckle*

And what makes you think you should hold such knowledge? Have you ever asked yourself that? What makes me, or anyone for that matter, worthy of having the knowledge and thus power they desire? How do you know said knowledge won't destroy you or others?
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>

Ezra: *begins walking. As I walk, i pull out a small flask, and take a sip from it*

So.. what actually brings you here, if you don't mind me asking?

*I cast a glance in your general direction, but say nothing for a long while*

I don't see why that's any of your concern human.
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>
*seems ecstatic, but also breave willed, as we move forward into the field*

Its about a quarter day's trek from here. We'll make it there sortly after noon passes.

*I nod as we walk*

Good. The sooner we arrive, the sooner I can help you put an end to this creature.
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>
As ready as I'll ever be.

*I nod*

Very well then, lets go.
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>
*the next day, I stand in an open field. The cool air whips around me as I keep a lookout for you. My current outfit is a mesh of armor and cloth, all whades of white, grey, and blue, almost acting as a sort of camouflage*

*I approach, still wearing the same attire as yesterday*

Are you ready?
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>
*as you walk away, smiles to myself slightly, and walks away to my home*

*The day passes. I get a room in the upstairs portion of the inn and, for the first time in my very long life, fall asleep*

A bad sign if ever there was one. My kind do not sleep, for our divine nature, even if cut off from our father, removes the need. If I've ended up with the ability to rest then that means my fall through that rift left me weaker than I originally anticipated.

And I've agreed to fight a demon to boot.

*I chuckle softly, shaking my head*

Just what have I gotten myself into now?
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