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<Snipped quote by Caldizar>

Ezra: they didnt make it through, but the chattering noises they were making were loud and annoying. I wasnt about to have you being woke up by some nonsense as such. Are you fine with me taking a small nap? I'm exhausted.

Rest if you need to. *Takes up a defensive position at the edge of the circle* I suspect we'll need all our strength for this demon of yours.
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>

*you see me, coated in black blood, and several mounds of bodies of dragon like demons outside the circle*

Ezra: nothing I couldnt handle. Are you well rested?

As well as can be expected. *Gets up and draws my sword from my sheathe* I see we had company.
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>
*keeps an eye out until you wake up*

*Awakens, shaking my head slightly*

Ugh, so that's what it's like. Well, I'm going to try to avoid having to do that again.

*Looks over at you*

Did anything happen while I was asleep?
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>
I wont move from this spot unless our lives depend on it. You just get some rest.


*Slowly sprawls out on the rather hard ground*

I wonder what sleep is like... I've always seen humans doing that when their world turns away from the light of their native star, but what is it actually like?

*Exhales lightly*

Suppose I'm about to find out...

*Lays still for a few minutes, before falling into the inky depths of slumber*
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>

*takes note of the pause in the middle*

... hm.

*begins to sharpen my blades with a whetstone*

I take the first watch; if you need sleep, that is.

Alright. *Finds a clear patch of ground to sit on* Just don't go wandering off after some noise or anything. Could be a trap.
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>

Ezra: fair enough. One second.

*kneels down, and says a minor prayer. Shortly after, holy sigils appear in the snow around us*

Anything under the demon's influence can no longer reach is, inside of this circle.

*I nod, noticing the strange difference in the feel of the divine power currently surrounding us*

Hmm, this is quite different from Father's power. I suppose that only makes sense given my current circumstances, however.

*I turn towards you*

Ah, good. Wouldn't do for that coward to gain victory over us when we are most vulnerable. *I pause* Or when you are, rather.
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>

Ezra: hmm...

*makes a small fire, and sets up a tent*

This should be good enough, for the night. We're nearly halfway there. We have almost 45 minutes left of daylight.

*Helps you*
Better get this place secured quickly then. Who knows what else could be skulking around up here.
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>
Perhaps.... this is peculiar...

*behind you, a shadow dsshes between rocks, never all at oncez but intermittently, as the being watches you*

I'd think so. Heat this far up a mountain, and with such heavy cloud and fog cover to boot.
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>

Ezra: *after 3 hours of climbing, I rest for a moment, sitting on a rock. The temperature has risen over 10 degrees, sitting near a comfortable 40*

Weird, itsl ike the higher we go, the hotter it is. Very odd.

*Turns towards you*
Could it be this demon of yours?
<Snipped quote by Caldizar>

*begins again, but a rumbling under the snow interrupts me. I stop, wide alert, and watch carefully*

*Stops mid-stride, holding my blade warily*
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