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*I take a seat at the bar. Casting a quick glance around the room, I take note of its patrons before turning my attention back to the woman standing behind it, who is rearranging a stack of metal mugs and plates. I clear my throat*

Lucia: *she turns to face me* What do you wa- *she pauses momentarily* -oh. I didn't realize I had a new customer. Especially one so... *she looks me up and down* ...over dressed. But nevermind all that, what can I get you? Beer? Food? We have plenty of both.

*I shake my head, my gaze still locked with hers*
I'm looking for information. Preferably of the surrounding lands.

Lucia: *Nods slowly* Huh, well I figured a person like yourself would have been familiar with these lands, given all the excess wealth your kind have, but then again nobles don't tend to like leaving all of their stuff just to go travelling to small towns like this one. Not unless they can get something out of it that is... *she starts to say more, but thinks better of it* Ah, nevermind. Doesn't matter. So, what would you like to know? I've seen plenty of these lands in my time. Reckon I could tell you almost everything you want to know bout em.

*I nod, still unaware of the figure who had followed me here, and began to question Lucia about the surrounding country*
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???: *the hooded figure slips into the shadows, keeping an eye on the building*

*I move into the inn, easily making my way through the crowd of patrons as they all instinctively move out of my path. Giving the room a brief glance, I approach the counter and sit down*

In case you missed it and wanted to intercept Sammael or something.
*I push open the doors to the village elders cabin and step inside, not even bothering to pay the guards stationed on either side of the door so much as a glance as I approach the wizened looking man hunched over a cluttered desk at the opposite end of the room*

Village Elder: *Looks up from a stack of yellowed and old looking parchment, his eyes narrowing as he takes note of my clothing and stance* You another one of the Kings lackies? If so, I'll tell you what I told the last one. Trot your pompous ass back to your master and tell him to shove his taxes and "protection" where the sun don't shine. We're more than capable of defending ourselves. We don't need some greedy and egotistical ruler along with those vultures he calls lords to keep us safe.

*I halt midstride, cocking an eyebrow in response*
I think you might be a bit confused there. I know not of this "king" of which you speak, nor am I here in his service. I am simply a traveler who has lost their way.

Village Elder: *He squints, examining my apparel closely* You've got some fancy clothes for a simple "traveler".

*I shrug, gesturing to my clothing*
Where I come from, this is modest.

Village Elder: *He nods slowly, scoffing at my words* Hmph. Must be a real shitty place then if you all look that pretentious. Bah, but enough of that. If you want directions to someplace, go ask Lucia. She runs the Dire Horse Inn here in Ebongrove. Lucia used to be a blade for hire before retiring a few years back. If anyone can tell you anything about the surrounding lands, it's her. *He looks back to the papers on his desk ignoring me completely*

*I stare at him for a couple of minutes before nodding and taking my leave of the place. Once I get back outside, I begin heading towards the western side of the village, quickly making my way to the dire horse inn*
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*drops down from my perch silently, and follows you, blending in with the crowd*

*I make my way through the crowd easily as they move at my approach, most likely due to the regal clothing I'm wearing and the way with which I carry myself. I smirk*

Good to see these humans still remember their place. Now- *I let my gaze drift around the village, before settling it on the largest building at the northernmost end of the area* -I should probably find whoever's in charge and ask them for more information on the surrounding area to get my bearings. Huh. I hadn't noticed it before, but my mind seems to be more sluggish now. *I raise my hand up to my face and stare at it for a bit, before balling it into a fist* I actually have to think about my next move now rather than simply doing it. Looks like that jaunt through the rift took more from me than I originally thought...

*I shake my head as I unclench my hand and let it fall limply to my side. Pushing the thought to the back of my mind, I continue my journey to the large wooden building. I could worry about such things later. For now, figuring out just where and when I was, was far more important*
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*as I traverse the trees silently I keep a close eye on you*
....powers? What is this odd being? Must study further....

*I continue to walk and eventually reach a large clearing, at the center of which sits a small medieval village filled with people going about their daily business*

Hmm. Seems the humans have advanced even further in my absence. Yet another reason they need to be kept in line.

*I pause for a moment, briefly taking stock of my surroundings, before resuming my trek to the village*
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*as you walk through the woods, a cloaked figure watches you, curiously*

Hmm..... not from these parts...


*I continue to trek through the rather dense underbrush, letting out an annoyed sigh as some of it begins scratching at my armor and poking at my face*

Ugh. I cannot wait to get out of these woods. There's no telling what might be lurking in them after all. And since my powers seem to have faded, I cannot be too reckless in how I handle things.

Also, may I introduce a character in your area?

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Ever heard of the term Balefire?

<Snipped quote by Caldizar>

Its the manner in which she died that makes it suprising. Her 'essence' was essentially wiped from exisitence. Like erasing her name from the metaphorical book of Existence.

Ah, so she was effectively a victim of Erasure or Ultimate Erasure. Well in that case I can understand the shock.
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