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4 mos ago
Current Sorry for disappearing. Some stuff came up that didn't allow me to access the site.
4 mos ago
Sniggty snakes
7 mos ago
I am genuinely shocked my adult card hasn't been revoked yet.
7 mos ago
Over time pay day is a good day.
9 mos ago
To all those who have been waiting on me I was unexpectedly without a way to access the internet...sorry.


Just kinda a dude who does stuff from time to time.

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This looks fun, color me interested.
All good. Thanks though.
sure looks Good, I'm interested.
Loved the show. Would be down to be an OC new crew member.
I have to say I'm interested... I got a soft spot for Naruto.
looks cool.
World in flux it is! Hit me up with a PM and we can work on some stuff.
I would be willing to make an RP with you.
Either a world in Flux or something to do with space pirates sounds like it could be some fun.
Just a heads up working on my character...just giving a heads up.
Got a soft spot for our little green friends I'm in.
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