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I am genuinely shocked my adult card hasn't been revoked yet.
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Over time pay day is a good day.
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To all those who have been waiting on me I was unexpectedly without a way to access the internet...sorry.


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Dominic Sighed "Worry about yourself, the crew do not seem to to be incompetents...I would assume they are doing alright." he said softly as he placed her on her bunk."Rest now or I will be forced to tie you to your bunk...For your own good captain." he said as he leaned against the wall, to ensure she stayed there. It wasn't that he wanted to make her feel threatened, but he knew the kind of person the captain was...he had seen them many times before...Over worked constantly, while she meant well by the work, she tended to cause more problems for the people she wanted to help.
"You can try to leave...but till the doc get here and gives the okay, YOU are not leaving here." He says with an emphasis on you.
Calth's pulse was racing as he marched, by the emperor they were going up against the Damned followers of chaos. He knew little about the Ruinous powers, and he knew even less about the forces on this planet. Calth knew they were depraved and wanted him, along with his brothers and sisters in the regiment, dead and used to please whatever passes for their god. When calth was young his mother, and when he had been bad, had been told stories on how the Daemon legions Khorne of would steal him up if he kept misbehaving. Calth chuckled slightly as the Lieutenant called a halt.
Slowly Calth took a knee to rest. He this was the real deal, but he couldn't help but recall the ruck marching during basic training. All the yelling of the drill instructors, the smoking when one of the squad messed up. He couldn't help but smile as he recalled his first smoking. It had been the second week of training and his Senior drill instructor Sergeant Müller, had caught trainee Kara Keller with a unstrapped helmet during inspection. The squad was forced to do high knees four an hour and a five kilometer run, on top of everything else they had to do that day. Calth never really hated anyone like he hated senior drill instructor Müller, but as much as he hated him, Clath couldn't help but be thankful to him. Thanks to him, the march they just made felt like a moderate game of sport rather than a grueling military march. Sure he was tired but he knew he could still fight if need be.
As they rested Calth couldn't help but worry about the platoon. While every guardsmen in the regiment was combat treatment certified, Calth was the platoon medic. His job was to ensure his platoon would be taken care of in the event of casualties, while going through medical studies again during basic training, He was told by his instructor something that had profoundly effected him. He would be the last person some of the other guardsmen will every see or speak to before going to the emperors side. For months he struggled with that pressure as he worked through the medical classes, He saw via Recording just how gruesome many of the common place injuries in combat were. Artillery wounds, Melee wounds, Plasma burns, Las wounds not even to mention the more exotic Xenos and Damned Chaos warp craft. He would have to treat men and women who he trained with, more so he would have to give them their last rights. Throne knew he was willing to fight and die for the Emperor, Having to hear the screams and cries of his Regiment was a whole different ordeal. The only thing that kept him sane was the fact the wounded and dying needed him to be strong, he just hoped when the time came and cries for medic arose, that he would have the courage to be the medic they needed.
Dominic raised an eyebrow at the fallen captain. "Told you..." He muttered as he lifted her gently "Taking her to her quarters, Get whatever passes for a doctor with you. If you disturb her I swear on whatever god you follow that I will run you through" He said in a monotone voice. slowly and gently he carried her away to her quarters. Dominic felt odd as he carried the captain, there was little in the way of resistance from the crew as they were either alright with him speaking like that or they were frightened enough to not try and stop him. He had little time for people getting in his way at the moment. Although he promised not to harm te crew, if they got in the way of his job he could no longer guarantee his promise.
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Calth had been sitting at a makeshift table playing a hand of cards with several other of the squad when the yelling began. almost on instant he ran to his bunk and got into full battle dress. "For the love the Emperor!" He called as he dropped his clunky Cadian helmet. " I Hate these Throne forsaken Cadian made garbage." he muttered as he picked it up. After a few minutes, of getting ready and helping his bunk mates get ready, Calth sprinted out side with his lasgun strapped to his shoulder and the platoon medical kit bumping against his side as he ran.

Calth was terrified, all this could only mean one thing. They were going to do something important, most likely combat. Since joining the Guard, the only action Calth had seen was climbing the mountain to gain his edelweiss and needs of the local villagers. He had treated more sprained ankles and work related injuries then he did back home working at his mother's Clinic. Calth couldn't help but pray for combat, He hated the monotony of playing the village doctor. sure the town had a small clinic, but the doctor in charge is little use as he made a habit of drinking during work hour. Back home That kind of doctoring would have got you at the very least fired, if not getting the throne loving hell beaten out of them.

Standing in line Clath watched the rest of the unit race out of the barracks and stand in formation. Soon after he could see the Sergeant began to make a head count.
I was away from wifi and under the impression I had posted seems I didn't post, that is my fault. I am currently working on a post.
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So our heavy weapons are heavy stubbers and mortars? What I mean is while regiments have mainly infantry they do have a token, at best, amount of vehicles. Do we have anything like that?

Along with that how large is our regiment? Like 3,000? Or bigger or smaller?
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