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2 mos ago
Current Sorry for disappearing. Some stuff came up that didn't allow me to access the site.
2 mos ago
Sniggty snakes
5 mos ago
I am genuinely shocked my adult card hasn't been revoked yet.
5 mos ago
Over time pay day is a good day.
7 mos ago
To all those who have been waiting on me I was unexpectedly without a way to access the internet...sorry.


Whats good roleplayers?! Its the homie Cal, and for the people who stumbled unto my profile welcome. While my name may be cal I go by many names including Ronin, the poor mans steven bills, King of the badgers, the snip whistles, Jank the Dank Yank, Sancho,Philip,Johnny Juarez, Peter, and finally Dr. professor wiggles MD PHD ADD OPP. I'm not sure why or how people call me that but they do...go figure. I'm a 25 year old jack of a few trades and college student who is planning to join the army upon graduation. For those who care (Not sure why...) I'm in a committed relationship...thats pretty great I guess.I'm a proud owner(hate that word) of a domestic short hair tabby cat with many a names including but not limited to: Harvey, General Meow, mewfis,Dr PJ Mahoney MD PDH and ADT, Sir fuzzington the third esq, Little big planet, Fuzzy alarm clock, Bag cat and a whole bunch others. I like alot in terms of rps, Here be the list
-hunger games
-various anime
-Slice of life
-anything that would make michael Bay's knees weak (splosions)
-sci-fi is cool
-video game themed
-school themed stuff is pretty cool as well.
I'm an open book for feel free to ask me pretty much anything. I'm pretty easy going and I enjoy talking with people. The worst you can do here is make a friend.
And like always I'm out this bleach

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This looks fun, color me interested.
All good. Thanks though.
sure looks Good, I'm interested.
Loved the show. Would be down to be an OC new crew member.
I have to say I'm interested... I got a soft spot for Naruto.
looks cool.
World in flux it is! Hit me up with a PM and we can work on some stuff.
I would be willing to make an RP with you.
Either a world in Flux or something to do with space pirates sounds like it could be some fun.
Just a heads up working on my character...just giving a heads up.
Got a soft spot for our little green friends I'm in.
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