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(Once again, so sorry for the delay. With baby cutting teeth and my job getting crazy busy, I am some times unable to even get on my comp)

He had asked a question, and she had answered, her head nodded vigorously, shaking some of her curls into her face. "It would be great if you could help!"

"Then Rook help." He said, nodding once in return.

"He's not," Celeste sighed dramatically, feeling close to tears. "I've been by his place twice today, once this morning, and then just now, and both times he didn't answer the door. His brahmin is gone, too." She reached up and rubbed her brow, causing her bosom to shake just slightly. "I didn't know he wanted to look for scrap or nothin'...where do you think he went? How long should it take?" She sniffed. "I'm a bit worried! There's some bad things out there, you know? Scary things -- and not just deathclaws. Oh!" she hopped, interrupting herself, "what if he's hurt, somewhere? How would we know?"

"Ok, ok ok. Calm down. Rook knows what it is like for people to leave, but none just randomly walk away from Rook. There is reason. You say he took Brahmin. Maybe he find something, something important. Something he can't lift on own, but needs the help of Brahmin. No sense in thinking the worst until find out for sure." He reached up, placing a hand upon the top of her head, as if patting her to try to make her relax like someone would do with a cat. "Assuming worst is how worst happens. Always try to think happy, it has helped Rook for most of his life."

Celeste shuddered, her face becoming quite pale in her worry. "Rook, what do we do?"

"Rook will help you find him. First thing is first. We follow him..." Rook said, reaching inside his home and grabbing one the pistol he had carried with him for protection, though he didn't need it. "But we need things. Take pistol, go get water for you, and any armor you might wear. Rook needs a few moments to get his armor back on. Also, go to doctorman. Ask if we can buy medical things in case he is hurt." He would then offer her the caps he had. It wasn't much, but it should be enough for at least a basic kit. "Then meet me back at Adam's home."
Everything had been handled quickly enough. Rook had taken his leave and basically vanished to tend to his wounds. There was no point in him going to clinic. He healed faster and better than most humans did. It was rare for him to need to seek medical attention. He popped his neck as he walked into the shack that he lived in. It didn't take long for him to strip out of his armor, and get it set up on the rack. He was going to have to do some minor repairs on them. When the Death Claws had attacked, he had been removed enough to have no idea what was going on.

With his pike in hand, and his original wounds rewrapped, Rook started back into the town. He didn't get very far however. Celeste was knocking at his door. He raised an eyebrow and looked at her. "Adam? Rook has not seen anyone since he got into the shack. Is Adam missing now? Does Rook need to help you look for him?"

He was concerned in his own way. There was a number of places he could be at. "Has he come back from searching the area for new scrap? Rook remembers hearing him say something about the need for new scrap to build things and repair his boat. Is he on his boat maybe?"
Rook had heard Ace walking his way. A fast glance told him who it was. Was he here to finally offer to do some real labor to help out the town, or was he going to see why Rook wasn't working at the point. It didn't take long for the man to finally reach Rook, who looked up at him, listening to his words.

“Hey there Rook…I see you’re drawing on the ground…Hey listen, I need your help for a bit. We placed a generator on the roof of that apartment building, and it’s slightly off and need someone strong, like you to move it. What do you say?”

So that is what they dropped off. Made sense. "Rook will help with this. He had no problem moving gen-"

His words were cut off as the gunshots reached his ears as well. Ace had keen enough senses to hear it too. Rook saw his hand drop down to his weapon, and Rook reached over, picking up his own weapon. The cries and bellows sounded like a Super Mutant as well... But it was odd. It was not like what he had honestly expected.

"Smart Mutant... No dumb-dumbs trailing him... Wait... There they are." Rook seemed to suddenly shape up. His eyes narrowed, and there was the briefest moment on his face of anger. "Not another one. Not today."

He would look to Ace. "Get everyone into town, defensive spots. Rook will go and deal with this. Trail if you want, but protect town first. Rook will be fine."

He didn't wait for an answer, he didn't wait for Ace to even really process it. His mutant body did possess a lot of additional strength and power that made his movements seem well... Super human. With a hard press off, Rook took off like a bullet. In some ways he might as well of been. Armored rather lightly, he wasn't as encumbered or hampered as he might have been otherwise. On top of that, the FEV had taken away nearly all the normal human level restrictions, part of what made Super Mutants terrifying was there speed.

Something of Rook's size should not be able to move at nearly 30 miles per hour. The sound of the laser fire as well spurred him on, and if Gorge was watching, he would see something odd indeed. A lone Super Mutant would tear out of the town of Salem, wearing a chest plate of diamond plate steel, simple pants, boots made of old tires, and holding a long weapon, like something from a story book. Taller than the Mutant himself, with an axe style head and a spear point on it as well, a halberd if he knew what it was.

There was no fear, no hesitation, and Rook would move with the speed of a mutant possessed, heading towards the Mutants who were under fire. Assuming any of them were alive by the time he got there, he would use the landscape to his advantage, using a rock almost like a spring board as his feet touched it, landing with a hard thud near the remaining three and swinging his poleaxe in a broad stroke.

"For Salem!"
I don't do a lot of posting on Rook. He has been working on the wall and is currently sitting on the center of Salem, waiting for help to build the thing.
Haha! Rook will enjoy seeing a mutant in the colony as well. Finally, someone to help him build the wall.
Rook – Rook's Shack – Morning

Rook had put in a lot of work. The base line for the wall was done, as where about two thirds of main, ground based supports. That was, at very least, a good framework. He had planned on continuing, but he was simply exhausted. Even his muscles needed some rest, and he was glad after it all. He had heard the vertibird, he knew it was either Enclave or Brotherhood, neither of them were very friendly with his kind, but he was too tired to care, and simply rolled over.

Which was sad really, but then again, it only took a few bad mutfruit to ruin a bunch. He had slept for a few hours, and when he awoke to the relative silence of the morning, it was warmer, so he knew it was mid-morning at least. He had a lot of work to do, but today he was not going to do it alone. He put on some simple clothing, discarded the bandage on his arm, the wound had healed in short order, and he was now going to make sure things went right.

He would trudge his way to the center of town after eating a quick breakfast, grab one of the old logs, and drag it to an area. From there, he would simply sit down, his eyes partly closed as he worked upon a small patch of dirt. Yes, he was going to burn up the time he could be building, but now was the time to either find friends to help make this, or he was going to sit here, all day, until they got up to help themselves to building the wall. Either way, Rook was working on his new designs for the wall in the patch of dirt.

This one was updated, showing the two gates he had the base lines for, but he also knew there was a lot more he needed to do as well. The wall was going to need to be patrolled. Hopefully Mr. Rook-Mayor had a plan for that. Next was the powering of the gates, but someone said they had that one figured out. After that was simply making sure everything was in place, properly welded down, and cemented in. Rook had an idea, but it was one that was with it's own risks. He was going to need to make a few things if he was going to do this properly.
Rook - Salem Town Edge / Rook's Wall - Evening/night

Rook had heard the reports. He had a small radio that was powered by an internal battery, and he liked to listen to it on nights near water, but when he heard the report about the Gunners, that was not good news. Rook could take a few of them, if he ambushed them and got to the fast enough, he could take out several of them quickly, but the odds of that happening were slim. He hated fighting them in the open.

Sitting on the beach for a moment, he realized it was this way they would be moving. If it was less than a handful, he would be fine. If it was a lot more... Well, that made life a lot harder. It was going to be a long night then. Standing up, he grabbed his box of tools, a sledge hammer, and made his way over the gate that would be near the inn. That was where he should start. Setting down the tools, he made a quick walk through town, marking each car that could move with a bit of chalk.

His goal was to get as many of them moved as possible. Plus all the steel that was in the bins, he was going to have to work as fast as he could. Once all the cars were marked, he was back on the beach, looking out over the land, and he could see the turret that had been set up. That would be helpful. If any Gunners came up this way, they would introduced to 5.56mm rounds via their organs and limbs. Good.

Walking back to gate location, he grabbed up the sledge hammer. It took several hard swings, but he got it. Each impact had cracked the ancient asphalt, and it was quick enough that he had a good sized hole. He would dig these out later and set cement in them. The gate was only a little more narrow than the road itself, and Rook had pushed the cars to sit on either side of it.

He would spend most of his night moving cars, getting them into rough position around the area he was planning to make the wall, and then digging brace holes. If he was left alone all night, he would have several of these dug, a steel beam would be in each spot, and he was getting more metal lined down the way, the scrap steel from the shipping containers. He planned to use each of those as well, but he was going to need a lot of assistance to make that one go. He was strong, but not that strong. It was going to be a long few days, Rook already had that feeling.
Eric - Way outside Salem - Mid Afternoon/Early evening

Eric had been asleep in the morning, and woke up in the late afternoon. He was quick to get up and check his surroundings. So far, all was well. His eyes darted around and then he grabbed up his gear. It only took a few minutes to get his armor back on, reload his weapon, and then get outside. He was lucky, it was not too bright outside, but it was annoying none the less. He had to keep moving no matter what. Pulling out his sunglasses, he would start back on the trail towards the place known as Salem.

Lucky for him, he was not too far from it at this point. He had spent a good part of the night headed up that way, and when you don't run into people, it makes life a lot easier. He was able to pick up his pace as well. There was no signs of people near by on the road, and he could jog for a part of it. The remaining road signs told him about how much longer he was going to need to travel, while it was still a ways, he was ahead of his original time line. It wouldn't take too long for him to reach where he was going to end up at.

The idea of settling down some where outside of a Vault was still an odd idea. Most of the Dwellers had no idea what to expect out here, even the ones who lived in scrap metal town outside the door were going to be in for a rude shock when they got further out. Right now, it was a lot of luck from the Minutemen, the Lone Survivor, and a few other small groups they had even gotten this far. Eric stopped at the edge of a ruined building, listening to the sounds out there. So far, it was pretty silent. That was... Not always a good thing in truth. He had learned that not too long after arriving in the wastes.

Waling with rifle slung, he walked with pistol in hand, his knife close by just in case he needed it. He wasn't like some of the other dwellers who had been sent out as well, they listened to the radio, and the few times he had listened to radio freedom it had helped him in the long run, he decided most of the time, it was not worth it unless he was in a city. Then it seemed a bit better of an idea at very least. He continued down the road, watching for any traps or ambushes, he was less than a day away now from Salem, it was going to be nice.
Rook - Road Way, near the Wall/Inn

Well, that was all quickly wrapped up, wasn't it? Rook seemed to relax a bit and they started talking about making it look like a fight was staged. This was something that he was not really sure about, but he planned on helping if it could aid the town over all. He looked out over the landscape for a moment and then back to the others.

“Looks clear right now. Have to find good place to make it look like fight happened then. Rook will get back to wall. If anyone knows how to weld, bring welding things with you. Rook founds lots of metal and wants to get this up quickly. Faster wall is set up, faster town is able to defend itself from bigger threats..”

Adam had arrived as well, asking about Deathclaws or what happened. Steve answered before Rook could, and oddly gave him the credit that was due. That was something he was not used to. Rook smiled a bit and then looked back to the beach where he had the docked up barge. Ok, now he had to get to work. Rolling his shoulders, Rook walked the Inn once more, but instead of stopping at the door, he walked a little bit past it, to the ruined truck that was next to the sign. Stabbing his polearm into the ground, he opened the door.

Messing with the machine for a moment, he tore off the cover for the steering wheel. Using a small knife, he jammed it in where the 'key' went and got it to move one spot. He had seen this done a few times to help move off old cars. Pressing down on the left side pedal, he would force it to 'shift' as they had called it, moving it until he felt it slip slightly. Now it was 'neutral' as he had been told, and when he let go of the pedal, it was able to roll. Well, at least it was when he put a lot of force into it. Ancient, badly rusted parts had been forced to let go and move, and much like before, it took a bit to get it going, now he was going to get this down to the area for the gate. When he got it where it was going to rest, Rook shifted it, physically this time, onto it's side.

The first bit of wall was made on this end, now it was going to be up to the others to help him get it all set up. Hopefully others would arrive soon.
Rook – Hotel Roof - Afternoon

It did cheer up Rook to hear about the Super Mutant named Fawkes, part of him wondered if he was related to Uncle Leo. He would nod once more and then look to Steve, as if looking him over for something more than what was on the surface.

“Was Fawkes one of the Eighty Sevens? Rook did battle with many of them. Strong, but stupid. Too straightforward in how they act. Like children with guns. Rook honestly wished there was more he could do for other town, and all the towns he was in long ago, but for now, Rook will put all his efforts into Salem. Rook won't let this town get taken by Deathclaws, raiders, or Adam Sons. Rook has beaten them all in the past, Rook can do it again.” He would root around in his bag for a moment before pulling out a bit of red chalk. “Rook should get back to work, will have to ask others later on about if they have things for welding. Rook has found a lot of scrap steel we can use for wall making.”

He would nod once more to Steve before scooting forwards. The building was just over three stories, but he landed softly, mostly due to him catching himself on the way down on a ledge and then letting go before all the inertia was spent and could damage the building itself. He was still a beast of a person, heavy and made of dense muscle tissue. Once he landed on the ground, he stood up and walked towards where he was going to put the first gate, marking the cement with a large red X.

Before he really got started however, Rook looked into the distance. Part of him was curious about what was all around them, but the armor that he could make out from this distance, and the way they carried themselves, that was enough to let him know what was going to happen. The wall was no where near ready. He was going to take care of this on his own. It was a short sprint from this spot to his shack, and it only took a few moments to fully armor up. He was glad the armor had been made in a way that he could put it on quickly and without much issues.

By the time Rook was done and made it back out to the X, he could tell the group was headed his way, and they were raiders. Dirty, crude armor, crude weapons, and the way they seemed to walk around like they owned the place. Rook stood at the road, stoic and calm as they approached him.

“Hey, lookie here, a lone mutie. Didn't know any of you were up here. What? Get lost from your freak show friends?” The leader of the group asked, stepping forwards and holding his weapon. It was, from the looks of it, an automatic pipe rifle. Probably cobbled together recently from the lack of rust on some of the parts. “Get outta the way or I swear to fuck I will murder you.”

“Town under Rook's protection. Leave or Rook will have to kill you.” Rook warned, his grip upon the pike he carried getting tighter. When the leader just laughed, lifting up his weapon, that was when Rook struck. While he didn't have the training of the gunners, or the skill of the Brotherhood, he was still a Super Mutant, and he was far faster than they were. His armor would take most of the brunt, now it was just time to get this done.

It was five on one, and it was still in Rook's favor. None of them carried heavy weapons, and the one with the baseball bat still didn't stand a chance. Rook stepped in, and swung his arm to catch the closest of them in the chest. The sheer power, the weight of the strike, and the angle where enough to send this one into the tree. Bones broke with the impact, and Rook continued his assault. With the momentium of the strike, he used it to turn his body, bringing the halberd to the game now, and slashed hard across the second one, cutting through the ragtag armor like it was paper.

Two rounds fired out of the weapons the raiders carried, the leader had done the smart thing and took a step back. The first bullet hit metal, denting the steel from the impact, and second one grazed over the leather joint, ripping that and drawing blood. While his body was highly resistant to physical damage, bullets still left a mark. Three foes remained, and Rook still had the momentum on his side. With another step, Mikan landed a hard punch to the man's jaw. He felt bones shatter under the force of the strike, and the dull look in his eyes said enough. Two left, and the second was about to fall. Rook thrust with the spear point of his weapon, ending this one as well.

Now alone, the leader put up his hands. “Woah woah woah!” He said, Rook stopping in his tracks. “I get it. I get it. We are not gonna show up here trying to extort caps. Fine, I get it... Lemme go and you won't see me again.”

Rook hesitated. This was something he was not good at. Shit...
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