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Rook - Boat Dock

Rook had spent nearly half the day hauling the ship in. He had helped to reset the ropes as well, making use if the additional pulleys he had brought to add more mechanical force to things. It didn't ever take long for a number of things, but this took a lot longer than Rook had expected it to. It did remind him of hauling a car out of the water to be used for making a lot of metal tools when he was near one of the Great Lakes, as it had been called.

Still, by the end of it, Rook was sweating, his body was sore and hurt, and he would need a few hours to recover. The boat had been another beast to be beaten, something else claimed from the fires of a war far older than anyone could dream of. The fact they had so little working boats was something that Rook had always wondered about. He had seen a man restore a pre-war tank and modify it to use the nuclear motors of various other cars, but he so rarely had seen boats...

Well, there was one raider gang based out of a Marna. They had sail boats, but they weren't anything special. He used rocks and grenades to skin those. When it was all said and done however, Rook sat down on the side of the dock, looking over the water.

“Can man get it to work? Boats can be useful. Boats can be helpful. Rook only hopes we have enough to keep raiders away who might want boat.”
Rook – Rook's Wall

Something felt off about today. Rook had been out here for a while, but so far no one had wandered up this way at all. His mind combed through various possibilities, but then he just shrugged. The trader did have the right idea, the boat would bring in fish and shelled food, it would help to improve the economy of the town... But it also made them a target. Rook looked at the wall he had been working on. It was primitive, but it would work at the very least. Popping his neck, he started to lay the logs down in the front. Using the sea water, torn up cloth scraps, and old ropes, he would wrap the logs with the rope and pack the gaps in with mud. He had seen this done before, to the west, and it was made to make simple mud houses.

The barrier was not that high, but he knew it was a start at very least. If they got attacked while he was working on the boat, they at least had a little bit of cover. Walking back to his shack, he knew the man was going to be arriving before long. Rook had gotten the cables off an old pre war construction device, as well as a number of pulleys, during his travels. These would come in handy as long as he had a place to hook them to. Docks usually had spots he could set them up at. Rook gathered all this up ans headed to the spot he was shown last night, where the boat was resting at.

“Rook is here. Let's get boat pulled up so you can start working on it.”
Rook – Rook's Shack

Rook went with the man, he was in such a rush it felt almost unreal. He didn't understand why this person was in such a rush. He couldn't hear gunfire, shouting, or screaming, there was no stealth attack it seemed. Part of him was disappointed at this knowledge, the rest of him knew that this was better for the town if there was no attack. When he was shown the boat, told everything that the man wanted to do... He just paused.

“Let Rook understand this... You want to pull over old boat to bring food to the town. Rook gets that, but why wake up Rook in middle of the night. This can wait for morning, Rook thinks so. Rook will help you tomorrow, but it will need to wait until after Rook has restarted work on Wall. While boat is helpful, boat doesn't keep out raiders. Yet...” Rook said, thinking for a moment and then nodding. “Tomorrow.”

With a grin, would walk back to his shack to rest for the night after all this excitement.

Rook – Rook's Wall

A little after dawn, Rook was up. He was stretching out everything. He was getting ready to do his morning jog. He didn't know if he was going to go off the rails by being lazy. He had spent some time with other super mutants, seeing how they were lazy, battled each other, never did anything with the powers they had gotten from the change. They never seemed to care, but he always took care of himself after he woke up in the sewer, and he never seemed to suffer the decay they did.

Doing a quick jog (by human standards) around the edge of the town on the beach. He was armed this time, bracers and shin guards, with a good looking steel pole. He had that strapped to his back to keep him defended from Mirelurks. If he made it all around with no problems, he would start work on his wall until he was gotten by the trader to help pull out the boat.

For now it was making sure all the corner posts were at least roughly made so they could be placed with out any issues later on. He needed to get a hold of a shovel and a pickaxe so he could dig down and work on making the posts a bit more secure for later. The men at the diner said they could help make the gates automatic so that way they didn't have to hand crank the doors open. He would probably take the next few days to drag up the machinery when he was able to.
Rook had been in his shack for a while. He had taken the time to cook the meat that he had bought and he then get it placed either in the stew, or in containers that had acquired from long ago. Pre-war people were all about keeping things good as long as humanly possible, so these containers only made sense for them. Plastic to keep air out and be able to rewash out, but also to keep them strong and unable to decay. That was the best part of them.

With all of that done, Rook did his usually nightly rituals. It was patterned behavior he had learned in the twenty some years of his life to do. Make sure his weapon is in good shape, spending some time tightening the leather, sharpening the blade, making sure the weight was still set properly. Then came his pistol. Personally, he sucked at using it. Sure, it had been given a minor change to make it easier for him to use, but overall... He was a terrible shot with it. Perhaps he would give it to Lorelei or Brandy. Maybe they could make better use of it.

Finishing up with the cleaning of the pistol, he then turned to his armor. He knew it could be a lot better, but perhaps for now it was enough. He would clean it, make note of any damage upon it, and then rehang it upon his rack. It was almost always more comfortable to sleep outside of his armor, and this night was no exception. He had just sat down when the noise was echoing outside... Something was wrong. He could hear his name...

As the voice got closer, Rook put on his armor. Part of him hoped he wasn't about to be run out of town, but he didn't think he was about to be... Still, safe over sorry. The person yelling sounded like the trader, the one who he spoke to before. Odd? Why would he be here? When the pounding on the door happened, Rook stepped outside, holding his halberd in one hand, and helmet in the other.

“Trader man? What wrong? Rook is here. Is town under attack? Does Rook need to kill more Mirelurks to help protect town?” Rook asked, seeing how panicked the man looked. “Does Rook need to fight more bad creatures!?”
Rook – Outside the Diner

Rook grinned as others talked about being able to help him with the wall. He knew that was not going to be easy, but he was glad that a lot of people were willing to help out with this. It didn't take him long to get the water drank, and he knew he needed to get the meat set up so it could be preserved and made into something more delicious. He could eat it raw of course, but that idea almost always turned his stomach. Sure, he had done so in the past, but that was a long time ago, and it was eat the rat or die at that point.

Ace was closing down the diner, and Rook nodded to everyone. “Rook is heading to his shack. If Rook is needed, please go ahead and get me. Rook looks forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and building more of the gate.” He said, nodding once more. “Sleep well.”

Like a Mutant, he didn't understand all the need for the manners, grabbed up the meat he had been sold, picked up his small bag of caps, white flag, and headed out. He was going to go by his wall to reach his shack anyways. It was honestly the easiest way to do things. He hated having to climb down the cliff side, as it was unstable for one of his size. It's why the Mirelurks tended to take other paths...

As he walked down, there was indeed a mirelurk. The movement of everything, the sudden influx of people, and everything else that had been happening had gotten this one curious of what was happening. While they were not mindless, they were not smart either. Rook dropped the food he was carrying, stabbed the white flag into the ground next to him, and walked towards the Mirelurk, popping his neck as he did so.

“Mirelurks not allowed in Salem. Salem under Rooks protection now. Leave crab person!” Rook shouted at it, his eyes narrowed in anger. “Leave!”

The Mirelurk was going to exit now, but not by it's own doing. When it charged Rook, it was woefully unprepared for the fight. As the razor sharp claw came in, Rook shifted, punching the creature in the shell of it's arm, cracking the armor like body plates upon it. He stepped in now, like a pre-war boxer, and smashed another punch into the water dwelling creature. Once more it staggered back, and Rook slammed his foot down, much harder than was needed.

In the dim light, he had seen the weapon he could use. The broken pole from the gate he had ripped out. Slamming his foot down caused it to pop up, and Rook caught it. Using all his weight, he shoulder tackled the creature, knocking it backwards and causing it to make noises of anger. Despite having a damaged claw, it lashed out, managing to grab Rook's left forearm. When it squeezed down, Rook could feel the pain of it, but he was hard to cut. The pole slid back as he raised up his free arm, stabbing the broken end of the pole forwards quickly.

The broken edge stabbed through the lightly armored face of the creature and everything went slack as it exited out the back of the shell. Rook was bleeding from the wound upon his arm, but he wasn't going to bother the doctor about it. He went to the trailer bed, pulled up an old bit of cloth, and wrapped his arm. He needed to get some tools, but he was going to harvest the meat and bring it back to the diner before the night was over.

When he was done with that, he left a cooler by the door of the diner, so it would be hit when Ace went to return to the diner, and he would be able to take the meat inside, Rook no where in sight.

Using his small camp fire, he was busy slowly roasting the meat to add to his stew. It would take a few hours, but he only needed a little bit of sleep. He would wash out his wound and redress it before the night was over as well.
“Yes, Rook is Rook. Rook made his armor and weapon, but those are back at his shack.” Rook would carefully shake the hand of Adam, though he didn't hear this one's name. There were a lot of people in the town it seemed. That was good. He just got here and it was growing! “Rook would like to make armor fit better, maybe replace some old parts that have worn out. Rook once had chest plate of the armor the Tin Men wear while not far from the Pitt. It was in a place called 'Depot.'”

Rook seemed fairly confident of the name of the area he found the armor in. “Rook traded it long ago however to get welding materials to help repair walls of a town. Rook wishes he could find armor like that again, or even make it! Rook would be able to stop all the bad things in the wastelands with armor like that. Rook is a Paladin of the Wastelands, that is what the old woman in red told Rook.”

He pondered for a moment. “Does man know how to make gates out of big metal machines from before bombs? Rook has seen other places use them, but never understood how they worked. Rook was thinking of bring up old containers from water to use as wall materials, but Rook will need a lot of help with that. Rook is only so strong."

Posting for a less socially awkward character.

Rook - Salem Diner

The offer of Radstag and Mole Rat was almost too much. He loved the flavor of both, and perhaps he would be able to get some more to trade him later for other meats later on down the road. For now, it seemed as if Brandy wanted to pay for his meats. He didn't really like that idea, but before things could be handed over, she was seemingly distracted by someone else talking about how they had shot at him.

“Rook will pay. Do not rip off Rook, but he has trouble counting some times, so take what it costs, please?” He would set the bag upon the table, it had about a hundred caps in it. “Take what it will cost for Radstag and some Mole Rat as well. Rook still has plenty of tatos and carrots still in his stew. Thank you Mr. Cooker Man.”
There was yelling and the sound of metal being hit, followed by the sound of something crumbling. Before he could get up however, the man returned to summon forth the doctor. He was curious, but he knew better to get up, at least when it came to people needing medical attention beyond himself. It usually caused too many issues when a Super Mutant wanted to aid someone.

A voice caught him, the harsh whisper of the shooter woman from before.”I swear to whatever is important in this world that the very second you give me a single reason to shoot at you, my aim will be true and deadly. Do you hear me?” She hissed at him.

“Rook is disappointed in Shooter Lady. Rook would have expected her to learn some kind of tolerance in the wastelands. Now you will be looking for a reason to just murder Rook and justify it by saying Rook was being bad. Shooter Lady is no different than the raiders in the Pitt.” He said, shaking his head, his voice low for her.

“Make sure she gets cold beer. Rook can carry things to help repair cold maker after he finishes with wall. Rook needs help on it. Rook has ideas, but not sure how to make them work. Maybe someone in town can help?” Rook asked, packing up the meat after he was done paying for it. “Children of Atom a threat to town, so sooner we build walls, better. Rook can ignore their tickle guns, but he has seen other friends die from them. Don't want to see new ones die here.”
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