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Damn, this sounds awesome. I'm down for it too.
Hello there,

I am looking for a small group of dedicated users to start a fantasy rpg on discord with a big plot and numerous sub-plots. Requirements are lots and lots of OC's (which you don't have to use all the time, they just need to be available for the plot to work).

If you are interested in this, PM me your discord and I'll message you with more info. Perhaps it's a little vague right now, but I can really explain better in discord what exactly I mean without having to type 5 pages full of info for no reason.

Do note that I am looking for dedicated, experienced people. If you're not sure if you fit that category, just PM me anyway's and I can just take a peek at your profile.

The rpg will be on discord btw. Just use dots or spaces for posts. It's really useful to separate locations and stuff.
[b]1. ---
''Alright, playtime is over" A stern, but calm voice sounded in Maddox her ears. She was just about to shoot at a figure - when she was sure it wasn't West or Bora since that would be quite bad -, when the voice stopped her. She briefly wondered how she heard it. The voice didn't shout, didn't scream, but was calm and collected. The gunshots would have surely overpowered his voice, making it either a faint muffle or not even hearable at all.

Maddox turned her head quietly to the voice, barely moving as to avoid making any sound. The only sound she could here were bullets dropping on the street, making 'tinging' noises when they bounced until they came to a halt. How did all sound suddenly stop when the man spoke? She was quiet, but when Mikkish talked to her meters away from the action, she could barely hear it. How did a man, that didn't even yell or scream, sound louder than bullets everywhere? Or sound louder than the thumping in her ears? Then it was really quiet. Maddox' breathing suddenly seemed very loud, and her heartbeat seemed to be amplified as well. No one seemed to speak, but then the voice spoke again. "now you'll all deal with the consequences." What did it even mean? Playing the wild wild west? Was this a reference to West, the woman? Or was this a warning. Maddox hadn't even done anything. Didn't even see most of the action. She hid behind a sign. She almost shot, but then the man interrupted her. She had a feeling this was for the best though, but that was yet to be seen. She anxiously, but curiously awaited what the man would say next.

I'll try to post today, but I have a lot to do still and I really don't know if I'll have the time. Otherwise I'll try tomorrow, but my schedule is crammed this week. So I'll still try and type out something, so you all can continue too :)
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