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My name is Candice, but go ahead and call me Candy, all my friends do. I enjoy RPing, obviously, otherwise I probably wouldn't be here. Up till now I've more or less just stuck with RPing between friends, but kinda thought because I like it so much I might as well join a forum dedicated to it. I have a broad range of RP interests: Middle Ages, Ancient history, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance.

If you're interested in RPing with me, go ahead and send me a PM. :)

Friendly chats and hello's are also welcome. I don't bite. Normally.

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@TheUnknowable aaaaand a reflection on the suspicious janitor@Hokum


Though she was listening to Kyle, Delu's mind was multitasking, thinking back on the janitor she'd seen on her way to the bridge, and something about that dirty cleaner suddenly caught her as strange. She couldn't quite pinpoint what the issue was, but it probably had everything to do with his lack of bathing skills and courtesy towards those in high command on board the Aurora. Now, Delu wasn't one to milk attention from subordinates, she just wasn't a self-righteous type at all, but it was only courteous for personnel and lower ranking officers to pay there respects to higher ranking officers when given the opportunity for a first meeting. But the Janitor didn't seem to give two hoots about anything like that. Not to mention of course, that judging by his smell, he hadn't bathed in a day or two. Who in the hell arrives on their first day at a new job smelling like a hobo, then commences to ignore those in charge? Especially on a ship of Royal standards like the Aurora. Something just didn't add up about that Janitor guy and Delu made a mental note to keep her eyes on him. He really was suspicious.

She finished with her thoughtful scrutiny about the Janitor right about the time Lieutenant Kyle invited her for a cup tea. She raised one brow for a moment, quietly assessing her options before simply nodding with a reply;

"As you wish, Lieutenant, but I am not one for caffeine induced supplements. Neither do I endorse the use of recreational drugs, no matter how subtle their effects on the system may appear to be. I believe a light soup will suffice for me."

Saying all that wasn't necessary, but Delu wasn't practiced in the art of social interaction and therefore thought it might just be a good idea to embellish on her response with something more than just... 'yes'.

Lieutenant Le'zard and Delu would probably make their way to the mess hall now.



Delu wasn’t there for the meeting with the Captain, the Princess, the Queen and Devin before they boarded the Aurora, she was already on the ship in her personal quarters and standing at the foot of her bed, facing the bed, her eyes staring into the small black orbs of her only friend.

“I have to go now.” She tells him in a formal tone. “I have my duties to perform. I must meet with Lieutenant Lizard on the Bridge to ensure all systems are ready for the Captains arrival.” Delu pauses for a briefing with her own thoughts, maybe even a hint of emotion for the anticipation of knowing she would soon be leaving her little friend on his own for several hours.

“I need you to stay right here. Don’t be afraid.” She continues to tell him in a more reassuring tone. “I’ll return after my shift ends and we can spend the evening together. Be good while I’m gone. There’s some refreshment in the fridge if you feel hungry or thirsty. Don’t get into any mischief and make sure you keep the place tidy.”

Her only friend, the plushy frog named Frog, is perched on top of her pillow silently staring back at Delu with his black, soulless eyes.

“Bye bye, Froggy.” She concludes with a finalizing nod of her head, then turns and leaves the room.


“Lieutenant Lizard!”

Delu speaks in a formal tone as she enters the Bridge behind Kyle’s line of sight, but she then soon realizes what she had said and corrects herself quickly while suppressing a grin.

“Lieutenant Kyle!”

Her nostrils flared, examining the aromas the lieutenant is emitting. Her ears twitch while listening to the many small electrical sounds of the bridge. She is quickly aware of everything and everyone in the room as her vision takes specific focus on the console Kyle is attending to. From her position, even though she is standing on the other side of the room, she can read the information being displayed on the screen. She’s aware of the bandwidth issue at hand, but for the sake of formality and keeping her perceptual abilities hidden for the time being, she asks in a tone befitting her rank as first officer:

“Is there a problem with communications? It would be in all our best interests to have all systems running at peak efficiency when the captain gets here. He will be arriving momentarily.”

While Delu is talking, she walks to the navigational and helm systems, perusing the many data readouts. They all looked to be functional in current standby mode. But Delu’s olfactory senses also detect the increase of neuropeptide proteins in Kyle’s blood, indicating that he was craving sustenance of some type, and so her natural instinct to play caregiver automatically kicked in with another comment.

She says: “If we get done soon enough we might even find a few minutes for refreshments before we launch.” She turns to Kyle to finalize her suggestion, which actually comes out sounding more like an order. “In fact, Lieutenant, go! I can finish up this communications issue for you. If I get done in time I could join you in the mess hall afterwards. After all, it might help for us to become better acquainted before the journey commences.”

Well, Delu didn’t quite mean what she said. She actually had no intention of joining Kyle in the mess hall at all, but she said what she said just to ensure he would leave. The ship was due to launch soon enough. After that, there would be little time for sustenance for a quite a while, and she knew that people always function at their best when their bodies aren’t distracted with cravings for food or drink.



Yep! I gave her some careful thought that's for sure. Thankies for the approval!!


haha okay. Yeah, I guess neither characters came into the world in any standard way, and they do have a few abilities in common. But I think apart from that you might just find that Delu and Kyle are in different ballparks XD

Speaking on that matter, I'm pretty sure Kyle and Delu are about to meet for the very first time! Gonna go post!

Well Mr. Quote! You now have your first mate... I hope!

In Defiance 5 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

"Oh my, little chill." Fauve giggled and stretched out the waist of her trousers to let the cold breeze circulate down there.

Once Jack did his little caveman-discovers-fire routine, she gives him a slap on the butt to send him on his way. "After you then I'm guessing. Unless you're look'n to get a better view of my ass?"

She gives Corcy a little wink and takes a few steps for the entrance. "Well, boys and girls - as the old expression goes; Those who hesitate are lost." As she then passes through the threshold, she glances back at Jack, and asks; "How does it look from back there?" She gives her butt cheek a good, teasing slap.


In Defiance 6 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Fauve first had an Incline to steal herself one of them shiny gems, but the circumstances didn’t rightly boast a convincing measure of safety. Being honest with herself, stealing one would have been one of her dumbest moves in life. It wasn’t so much that Corc or Gabe or the others might be witnesses, she couldn’t have cared less if they saw her do it, although the unknown magic they were wielding was a definite put off. Beautiful shining gems exposed for any passer-by to the catacombs to see…. What’s wrong with this picture? Or should the question be; What’s not wrong with this picture?

Fair enough, there was very little right about any of the events taking place in Akripola lately, but gems set up in this fashion literally spelled the words SECURITY SYSTEM. Someone out there, and most likely that creepy presence watching them, didn’t want folks entering them there Catacombs, and hell only knows what these gems were capable of if anyone went ahead and tried to breach the threshold.

“Corc – Stop!” Fauve had her hand reaching out, grabbing the orc by his trouser pants as she spouted off these words, but she was just that split second too late to stop him - The mighty, sexy orc slammed his giant proverbial penis against the stone door.

As the sound of his weapon clashing with the door blasted out through the forest, Fauve gasped and prepared to dive for cover.


In Defiance 6 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@ArkmageddonCat@Polaris North@Dartbored Fairy@Zyngard@Jensoman@Hokum@Valkon@Seraphin


“Of course I am,” Fauve replied to Corc, “I wouldn’t let my main orc-man leave me behind for the world!”

Once Fauve answered Corcy’s question, the witch presented a challenge to Devlin, but she supposed it could have been directed at everyone who was interested in accepting. Fauve accepted the challenge with an “I’ll be in that!”

Thing about orc’s is, they not only don’t know their own strength, they aren’t really aware of other things too, like how much one of their chugs from a bottle actually consumes. After Corc took his drink, there was only a mouthful of beverage left. She swallowed down the last little bit and tossed the bottle to the side. It didn’t break but made a hollow pop sound when it hit the back of the giant skull then toppled away into the tree line.

As chance would have it, the bottle rolled beneath a small shrub, behind which was hiding a person (Darren). From Fauve’s angle, she could see the toe of the persons boot jotting out beside where the bottle came to rest. Her eyes followed the line their leg would have taken to their body and head where she then found their face. Their face was mostly covered in shadow, but it was clearly a man and a man she’d never seen before, all hunkered down and spying on the group.

“How ya do’n there, stranger?!” She said loud enough to give away his position to everyone there. “No need to hide – We’re all headed on over to risk our lives doing battle in the house of the dead for unknown reasons. If you’re interested in having a bit of fun with us freaks, feel free to tag along!”

Wanting to punctuate her comment with a demonstration of her own freakishness, Fauve laughed and extended the length of her lower legs a few feet. She was now eye level with Corc as she walked like a person on stilts towards him and Gabriel.

“So let’s get going then!” She said to them both.

As Fauve (still high on extended legs) along with Gabe and Corc headed out of the clearing in direction of the catacombs, she looked back and down over her shoulder at Ren, Jack, Lui and the others, and gave a little fling of her head to invite them all along and take part in the freak show too if they wanted.


In Defiance 6 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

@Jensoman@Polaris North@Dartbored Fairy@Seraphin@Hokum


Fauve was having herself a bit of fun and was glad when Gabe decided to join her and Corc, hiding like a bunch of infantile pervs spying on a couple of lovers doing it in the bushes. She couldn’t help but have herself a little laugh at the psycho ladies efforts. She had about as much charisma as a leper at a family picnic. God love the crazy bitch for that.

Next thing Fauve knew, herself, along with Gabe and Corcy, were picked up by a powerful gust of wind. Fauve was flailing about trying to grab hold of some branches to slow herself down but it wasn’t much use. She tumbled like a piece of rubbish blowing in the wind until she came down face first in the clearing. The event didn’t really shatter her mood at all though; still giggling and spluttering the leaves from her mouth as she stood and gave herself a dusting off.

She then watched on at the mute do his thing for a while. Now, Fauve didn’t know any sign, but it wasn’t half obvious what the guy was trying to say. Didn’t really matter at all though, the witchy nut job didn’t look like the type of girl to really give a right fuck, and Fauve just couldn’t help but feel the way one does when watching a nervous pimple-faced reject trying to hit on the hottest babe in town. It was just about painful to watch, and was a hell of a relief when the mute finally stopped doing his thing. But Fauve had to give it to the guy, he had balls of steel. That’s for damn sure.

Before the witch had time to reply, or that psycho bitch had a chance to open her mouth and undo any good that may have been done, Fauve figured she might as well give the mute a helping hand. Taking a few steps toward the witch on her throne, she gave a little 'hiya' solute and told her a few things she thought she ought to know.

“What our local mute here is trying to say, Your Gracious Fanged Highness, is that Psycho lady here didn’t mean any offense. And believe you me, I know how much I hate it myself to be woken up while having a good old snooze, so I, for one, understand where you’re coming from. But you see…” Fauve paused to seal one nostril with her thumb and blow out a chunk of snot from the other. “…thing is, a lot of people have lost their homes and lives today in that town just over there.” She points in the direction of Nadska. “And it’s not that our local psycho bitch here was trying to place blame on you for the madness that’s going on around here, she just figured you might have an answer. Now you’ve gotta admit….” She pauses another moment to eyeball the giant skull and the bone staff slung over the witches shoulder. “You do seem like a reasonable enough suspect. But that’s not all….”

Fauve now extends her foot to give Gabe a good kick in the leg (assuming he is now standing beside Fauve) and motions with a jerk of her head for him to show the witch something.

“…we were actually just following the directions on a map that led us to this location.” She concluded. “My friend Gabe here can show you what I mean. You know… it’s not like we just kinda stumbled upon you by random chance or anything like that.”

Fauve looks at Gabe and tells him to show the skull lady the map. She then retrieves a bottle from her bag and takes a swig before offering a drink to Corc, giving the big fella a wink as she does so.

In Defiance 6 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

"I'm just following after that psycho bitch!" Fauve replied to Gabe. "She appears to know what she's doing as well. Sounds like a lot more fun than pinching my ass cheeks in fear of being boned by a forest dwelling skeleton."

Whether Gabe followed with them or not, she commenced to staying by Corc's side, who was right about one thing after entering the edge of the forest; distant wind chimes could be heard. Wind chimes on their own weren't anything to write home about, though, but the added darkness of the forest made them seem a little eerie. Fauve of course wasn't worried at all, just glad to have some excitement in her life for a change.

"They're just wind chimes, Bub." She told Corc, as she slipped her little hand in his. "I'm think'n you and I make a good team, am i right? Maybe you and I could have our own little party together later. How ya feel about that, you big sexy bastard?" Her actions and suggestion were meant to have been - more or less - a jesting way to help the big orc relax. After all, no sense in worrying about a fight that might not happen.

When Fauve finished saying her piece, she heard the psycho's voice calling out from up ahead. Devlin was too far ahead to see at this point, but her words were clear enough to make out: “I know you’re here!” ... “…I just need to talk with you! That’s all.”

At the hearing of these words - which sounded distinctly like Devlin was trying to coax someone out of hiding, or maybe trying not to scare someone off - it was understood by Fauve that the psycho lady could have done with a little more space.

"Probably best we don't rush in swinging our weapons." She suggested to Corc and whoever was close enough to hear her, like Gabe, Jack or Lui maybe. She gives Corc's hand a little tug back to emphasis her suggestion while slowing her pace a little more. "Sound's like she's playing hide and go seek with another frightened Myti or something like that. We don't wanna scare them off."


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