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Joseph sat back in his chair as Elissa grabbed the bottle, he raised his eyebrows in response then downed the drink before he settled his right arm on the arm rest. He proceeded to play with the cup tapping it on the wood, he bit the knuckle of his first finger of his left hand with his front teeth as he scanned Elissa whilst she continued.

“Bounty? Well now I’m interested” he laughed, his expression dropped as he considered how she claimed to know him, however, and looked at his own tattood hand gripping the cup - he didn’t quite remember much, so perhaps she was telling the truth, but what did it matter now? Whoever she knew, that was a long time ago, Joseph had been in this business for almost a decade. It was possible she could shed some light on his past, but he’d have to trust her a little first. She couldn’t have someone pull punches just to let her win… sounds like something he’d say, maybe… this made him smile slightly as he looked back up to lock eyes with Elissa. He continued chewing his knuckle. Joseph wasn’t particularly interested in going to Spain, he was no bounty hunter, and from what he’d heard (or hadn’t, particularly) he doubted making the voyage would be worth his time. “So what are you worth to me exactly?” he enquired, “you sailed for your father, you’re not an asset to him?” he pressed.
I’m also thinking …maybe Elissa’s dad had some problems with Joseph’s dad, like something to do with stock or competition or something, things got out of hand, he sent some guys to rough up Joseph’s dad or murder him, Joseph got caught up in it (not like her dad knew much about him or cared), I already have in my head that the guys took the bodies and dumped them into the sea, some pirate guys were also up to some stuff and witnessed it, they pulled them out and Joseph was alive, just.
Yeah ok, whatever you think!
The Captain expelled a puff of air from his nose in an expression of disbelief, it confirmed to him at least, that the girl wasn’t Miss Bishop, the very thought of even being frisked would make any high society girl flush. Elissa leaned forward with a smirk, almost playfully to Joseph’s regard - particularly in light of the circumstances - there was something familiar with the gesture he couldn’t quite place.

He flexed out his arms with fingers interlaced to stretch them and crack his fingers, then placed his interlocked hands behind his neck with elbows raised, he held this position for a few moments, “alright, we’ll leave the best ‘til last then shall we”, Joseph cleared his throat and sat up, casting his eyes to a dark glass bottle, half filled with liquid, he stretched himself across the desk to grab hold of it, and the silver beaker next to it. He decanted for himself a cupful of a deep golden brandy from the bottle, tipped it back to drink the lot, he sniffed and drew the sleeve of his shirt across his lips - there were smears of Elissa’s blood dried into it. He refilled the beaker and handed it to Elissa. She would be thirsty, and hungry - he’d see to it soon.

“I want to know who you are. You’ve been about ships - you have a crew, you know how to fight. You’re dressed like a Miss Bishop but you ain’t a Miss Bishop” he began, “and, ..that” he gestured by tapping on himself where the fresh brand had been placed on Elissa’s neck.
I guess if they were friends we can say something fairly similar I don’t think I specified, maybe like 22,23? The incident with him must’ve happened when he was like 14, so before her time at bedlam he disappeared out of her life she thought he’d left? (Didn’t know about the incident) does that work on a good timescale of what you were thinking?
Gaaaah I’m sorry I’m just really tired now nothing is coming out, I will try tomorrow xx
Aw noo, sometimes these things are just waiting to twinge :/
Pahaha I’m loving this stand off it’s hilarious I’m gonna reply but I gotta go do some things first I will be baaaaack

Also, really sorry for your mom yikes! :(
Im probably going to have short replies as I’d rather you have a chance to respond to each interaction rather than a barrage of things and then it gets kinda tricky I think!
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