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Current I’m sorry to everyone I have yet to respond to. Things have been shit at home; I promise I’m doing my best.
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Tentatively bumping this up! Done with finals, so I will be trying my darnedest to be as responsive as possible (:
Hello! Catbox here, looking to start up a few fresh, fun, and funky stories! Before I get into the good stuff, a little about me:

- I am a 20 year old college student, and while I try to post as often as I can, sometimes I am overwhelmed with essays, projects, and tests. I will always try my very best to communicate with my partners about this.

- I write at a casual/advanced level, leaning more toward the advanced side. I like to create rich and complex characters, and very rarely have only one “main character”. I also love world building, and enjoy creating a rich lore for the universe our characters inhabit.

- I like to plot. A lot. Please humor me and understand that I like to do a lot of plotting before the game even begins.

- While I enjoy a good romance as much as the next person, I don’t really want my RPs to focus solely on romance. If romance happens naturally, that’s great. I love that. But I am not one to force it.

- I’m not really looking for smut. As mentioned above, if romance occurs naturally that is great. If sex is a part of that romance, that is also great. I don’t mind it at all, so long as it fits the story. That said, I am not likely going to go into a ton of smutty detail.

- For fandoms, only on very rare occasions will I want to do anything involving canon characters. OCs all the way, baby!

- I LOVE chatting with my partners about future plot twists, characters, and any of their ideas. In other words, I really value collaboration on plots. Even if I have a plot in mind, I invite you to talk to me about your own ideas and we can make something great together.

Now, onto my interests!

(* indicates some kind of basic plot idea. But I welcome any and all suggestions!)
The Legend of Zelda
Star Wars (I'm not caught up on The Clone Wars yet but I'm a huge fan of the Old/High Republic Era!)

Other Interests:
Sky Pirates (think Final Fantasy XII mixed with Castle in the Sky)
LOTR (I’ve only seen the movies! But I am fascinated by the lore and would love to try and create something original here)
Destiny (the game)
Final Fantasy Series
Medieval Fantasy*
I am open to suggestions! Some of the best RPs I’ve ever been in were not stories that I ever would’ve thought up!

As of right now, that’s it! I will update this with new interests as they arise. If you’re interested, shoot me a PM! (:
Hello! I’m a huge fan of world-building, would you be interested in building one together to play in?

Good evening/afternoon/morning!

My name is Cat, and as you can most probably tell from the title and the gif, I am very interested in starting up a Legend of Zelda inspired RP. Like most of the world, I have been under stay-at-home orders for a bit now, and rather than doing my work I have fallen down the rabbit hole that is Zelda lore.

Before I delve into what exactly I'm looking for:

I am a 20 year old student who has been roleplaying since I was 13 and could access the Neopets forums. That said, sometimes I do have to complete large projects, assignments, and essays, and my posting can become sporadic.

I consider myself a casual-advanced writer, leaning more toward the side of advanced. I love rich world-building and character development, and generally I will introduce and flesh out multiple characters. I prefer a partner who is willing to do the same. I write fairly long posts, and will try and always match what I'm given in length. That said, I do value quality over quantity!

Let's be pals! I love partners who I can talk to about anything, from how our lives are going to future plans for our plot and characters.

Now, onto the good stuff!

As I mentioned earlier, I am pretty deep into Zelda lore right now. I would love to create a story set during one of the periods that the games don't cover, like the Hyrulean Civil War before Ocarina of Time, the attack of the Interlopers before Twilight Princess, or the betrayal of the Sheikah hinted at in Majora's Mask. Stories where we can create our own characters separate from Link and Zelda. These are just a few examples; I would love to collaborate with a partner equally as passionate about the games as I am to create a story that is wholly unique, yet set in the magical Zelda universe.

I can't wait to start up this adventure :)
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