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Current Weekend at the boyfriend's I will reply when I can
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Whelp, had to miss work. No sitter. FML
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Wishing people would get online xD
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2 yrs ago
I'm back! After oh I don't know, 5-6 years lol


Greetings and welcome to my page.

I am 32 and a mother of three beautiful babies.

I have been writing since I was 13 and consider myself and advanced writer. However, I haven't focused on writing in a long time, having been busy with children, so I'm a bit rusty.

I thoroughly enjoy stories with vampires and werewolves.

I am in the process of writing a novel that I'm basing off an old roleplay I did years ago.

If you have any questions or want to start a story feel free to PM me!

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Hello all!

So I joined some years ago and then fell off the planet because well...life and kids.

I'm back now, and rusty as all shit with my writing.

I tend to hover around 1x1 Int checks.

Currently have openings for roleplays as well!
Check out my Thread
I have room for 1-2 roleplays, possibly more it just depends.

. .Catnyxx's 1x1 RP List. .

:Stuff and Stuff:

I play male and female characters, I am a female.
Looking for quality story/post writing, at least a good size paragraph or more whenever possible
I do NOT want romance to be the main focus, but it is welcome if the story fits
18+ only because I'm 32 and if the story turns violent or sexual I don't want to be liable or a creep
The act of sex or foreplay involving genitals is a fade to black for me, I do not roleplay explicit ERP.
Please if you take interest, make sure you have sufficient time to respond at least once every 1-3 days, pref once a day.
Don't be afraid to suggest ideas outside my list or request alterations!
I prefer PM's but am willing to post in a thread


Harley Quinn x Joker
OC x Loki

Hunter x Vampire
Werewolf x Vampire
Hero x Villian
Girlfriend of Gang Member x Opposing Gang Member


Please feel free to PM with ideas, I've had a bit of a creative block and need some assistance getting the juices flowing

Not Interested

High School

Struck out pairings I am already doing
Bump, have room for one more.
PMed you!
Super interested in an enemies to lovers plot
Interested in an enemies to lovers plot. I am a female but I can play a male.
I'm interested in a vampire story, do you have any other ideas or are open to ideas?
I'm interested in an enemies to lovers trope.

I would say I'm a fairly literate writer and I love character development. I also view play by post roleplays as like writing a book together. I actually started a novel based off a previous roleplay (with permission of the other writer of course). It's not finished but I hope to finish it one day.

What kind of themes are you looking for? I'm really interested in vampires/werewolves/anything fantasy but I get that it's not everyone's cup of tea.

My hours that I'll be posting will likely be evenings, during the week, and sporadically on the weekend.

I'm not sure if you can access my previous posts but feel free to scrounge around to see my writing quality or I can send you a sample.

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