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Hello! I'm The Mouser.

I have been Role Playing, and Writing, for over 20 years, since I was a young boy.

I'm looking to write with someone who inspires me, and who I can inspire. I'm looking to write with someone who writes long posts because they have a story to convey; a world to which they can transport both me, and themselves. I promise that I'm both willing, and capable of doing the same.

I would like to create an original world, and setting. I would like for that world to be dark, and filled with violence. I'm fine with romance, as long as it doesn't overshadow the plot. I would prefer that we both have a multitude of characters. I would like for us to develop those characters as we write to one another. They don't all have to be well thought out, as long as they aid in moving the plot in a gratifying direction.

I am capable of playing just about any character, in just about any situation. I put few limits on myself, and I prefer the same of my potential partners. I'll write down some of my favorite genres; what I'd really like to play. I'm up for suggestions, but these would really be enjoyable for me.

o Fantasy/Horror - Perhaps something like a medieval Call of Cthulu, where villagers, and Barbarians face down unknown abominations.
o Fantasy/Politics - Perhaps something like the political overthrow of a country through a coup, or a combination of politics and warfare.
o Modern/Fantasy - Perhaps a game where modern characters find themselves in a fantasy world, struggling to survive in more than one way.

I prefer some form of fantasy. I am willing to go in other directions. Just send me a message, or make a post. I will answer back as soon as possible. There is one other story line that I would like to experiment with.

o Plague World - 300+ years after a failed alien invasion, eight specialists wake up from a cryogenic sleep. They must venture out into a world transformed by alien biology, and the technology that nearly destroyed their planet.
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