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what's it for? is it a movie trailer? is it related to a video game?
i may be the most powerful player to have ever played mwo, rtw, halo, and starcraft :)

i am 99 percentile in rtw
99 percentile in halo ce
75 percentile in mwo
and maybe 60 percentile in starcraft

combined, i am the ultimate true war gaming god!!!
i play a lot of computer games that command war units. i am extremely skilled in rome: total war, mechwarrior online, starcraft, and halo: combat evolved

i am a war strategist god :)
I rolled 9 1d10 rolls here
i am going to steamroll through this nato major :)
i rolled a 2. he rolled a 6. shouldn't I (soviet/warsaw/colonel) be smaller?
how do i roll?
how do i join his campaign?
i want to be warsaw :)
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