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Current Pride Month is over everyone can stop being gay until next June
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I make a simple little shitpost and I spark a philosophical debate on the nature of communication
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What the HECK is an RP


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Who the fuck is Chairman Stein
How did you get 200 posts in 2 days what in the
Only took you making the actual thread for me to finish my app oops.

Long live the Empire!
Classwork is done so updated my app with some barebones history for the grand city of "Atlantica". Will add more over the weekend, and yes I'm being very tongue in cheek with Atlantic City's reputable history!
College is kind of gonna be an ass this week since I have 2 essays due but I'll get my app up hopefully in the next like, 24 hours or so.

<Snipped quote by Chairman Stein>

Eh, not really. Like all places in the Mid-Atlantic region original Dutch and Swedish colonization was historically disposed by later English ownership who really began to develop the colonies. The original colonies having already been small trading posts basically. Their chapter was brief and short before Anglo ownership, followed by American. Later stronger influence would come in with the Irish or the Italians, especially the Italians; think Jersey Shore. But in terms of spoken languages, Spanish is second because Latino groups today are the largest group of people by origin and the Dutch, British, Irish, and Italian identities integrating themselves all in the cultural stew of "American white owning class".

That's all true, buuuuttttt the Empire State having a bunch of Amerodeutsch HRE cosplayers in the post-apocalypse sounds more amusing than the realistic melting pot cultures that actually would likely exist.
I'm mostly looking at things like what New Jersey exports in terms of natural resources as well as historical cultural influences on the region. From the looks of my reading we're gonna see an interesting mix of Dutch and English culture on the Atlantic Merchants Guild/Atlantische Koopmans Gilde
I'll get to work on my app since I have a general idea of what I want to do. Mostly just reading up on New Jersey's cultural and economic history OTL to get an idea of where I'm going to take it TTL
Look I totally haven't been binging Boardwalk Empire lately ok
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