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Victor Bonheur

Location: Camp Mexico Beach: (Inside Quarantine: W) Conference Room
Skills: N/A

Emptiness was all that Victor felt right now. He could figure out what was to come next and it wasn't likely to be favourable for him. He had lied before he knew that those he cared for were here, but he had kept up the lie when given the chance to give more forgiving information during his interview. He had not thought to ask the others to help him in his attempts to start fresh, but would he have? If he did think of it? He shook his head to himself, knowing the answer to the question. No. He'd have never asked anyone to compromise themselves for him. His eyes drifted away from Thana's face and down to his hands. He examined them and felt along the cuticles of his thumbs and his nail bed with his forefinger. His eyes were entranced by the motion and he began to mutter very quietly to himself in his native tongue as his mind slipped completely out of focus. "Je ne sais pas quoi faire. Devrais-je partir? Est-ce que cela sauverait tout le monde des conséquences? Aucun d'entre eux n'aurait menti, et s'ils avaient été confrontés, ils n'auraient jamais suivi. Pourquoi le feraient-ils? Je sais que je n'aurais pas dû mentir mais je devais me protéger ... ils comprendront sûrement?"

His hands began to rub against one another, slowly and carefully, his fingertips feeling every bump, scratch, scrape and nick on his skin. He began to pick at anything that felt loose; stray cuticles, over grown nail beds and dried scabs that were almost done healing, didn't matter what it was his fingers found them. He stared at his work as he picked, and picked, and picked. He was sitting forward in his chair once more, elbows on his knees, head down and eyes fixated on his own actions but he was unaware of his movement forward, it was perhaps a little more abrupt than he'd normally have been but likely not too noticeable to those not looking in his direction. His eyes were glazed over as he continued to mutter to himself some more, as quiet as before. "Ce qui va se passer maintenant? Vont-ils me jeter dehors? Cela affectera-t-il les chances de tous les autres? Taré avec le même pinceau, comme on dit? Pourquoi devaient-ils être ici? Je voulais les trouver, oui, mais je n'ai jamais osé espérer ... Je ne suis pas l'homme que j'étais. Je suis cassé. Je ne vaux rien, pourquoi suis-je toujours là? Tant de plus dignes ne sont pas et pourtant je ... je ne peux rien donner à cet endroit. Pour ces personnes. Je devrais ... devrais ... mais ... Peut-être que je te rejoindrais plus tôt que prévu, mon ange." His fingers found his beard, running through the strands and catching in the small clumps that formed day to day.

His left hand began to find some hairs, pulling a few loose as his right hand drifted to his ear once more, rubbing and scratching as his muttering continued but became even more subdued and internal, the odd word only slipping out slightly louder here or there still in his native tongue, such as menteur, protéger and pardonner. Filling the emptiness within him was now resignation. He would be prepared when the time came. He knew what he had to do.

Victor Bonheur

Location: Camp Mexico Beach: (Inside Quarantine: W) Conference Room
Skills: N/A

Victor was in his own mind, so much so that he didn't even register when young Amelia walked over his way and began to speak to him. She knew she had spoken to him, in English was all he was able to make of it, and was trying to be nice and strike up a conversation but he just could not escape his mind at that moment. He'd been absently staring at the door, ever since the fiesty femme with the fancy fingers had left earlier for her interview. He knew that he should probably respond to Amelia, it was something that was polite and expected but he just couldn't. After a short time of his inconsiderate silence, Amelia stopped her attempts and went back to sit with Riley. Inside his mind, he scolded himself for not making an effort with the poor girl. She didn't deserve to be ignored for no reason. But then another voice slipped inside and scoffed, telling him that she didn't matter in the long run - she was just another person he could lose and did he really want to get attached to more people and run the risk of losing them? Of being separated from them? Was anyone worth letting inside again?

When the door opened and the young woman returned, his eyes drifted around the room once more without taking too much in until he heard Ashton being called for his interview. He wasn't worried about Ash, he knew he could handle himself despite the pain he was going through. What Victor's mind drifted to was, that even though he kept his skill set hidden from their jailers, he hadn't asked those who knew him to do the same. He could almost feel the pressure closing around his throat as the realisation hit him square in his chest. He breathed in, and out. In, then out. It would come, and he'd face it when it did but until then...

Closing his eyes, Victor allowed himself a moment. A moment to remind himself that - despite everything - he had it really freakin' good. Things could be so much worse. He reminded himself for the fiftieth time since his interview, that as much as he felt like it, they were not prisoners and he was under no obligation to be honest to strangers, even if they were providing for them. He would pay them back in a way that was indentured servitude. It was a good job that Victor's eyes were closed at this point, he heard the young brooding man who played far too much pool speaking up but paid it no attention. He had no idea who he was apologising to and frankly, he didn't care to know. That was until he heard Tatiana respond.

Victor's eyes snapped open and narrowed to a slit as he watched Hunter standing by his little bird. He almost even stood from his perch but when the door to the conference room opened, Victor's eyes shifted in it's direction instead and he took in the sight of Ashton re-entering the room. It was clear that he was holding himself differently, anyone with eyes could see that, but Victor tried to determine if he could find more from his movements, his posture... but it seemed he had lost his touch. Isolation had stripped him of so much it seemed.

His eyes took in the black eye that was forming, the blood on his pants leg and the ... school boy look upon his face? What was going on? What had happened? Victor of old would have been up like a shot, over to Ashton and checking him over, making sure there were no fractures in his cheek bone or breakage of his eye socket - something he had had to do many times in the past, namely for one Dick one more than one occasion. He'd have tried to find the source of the bleeding and stop it, ensuring Ash was okay. But instead, Victor sat on his chair and narrowed his eyes as Ashton walked in and planted himself in a seat, looking like the cat that had got the cream and was silently relishing in it's taste. It was like a unicorn - plain as day - sitting right in front of them and it really threw Victor.

The lump remained firmly in his throat as his eyes darted around the room as he saw Riley leaving for her interview. His hand found it's way to his right ear, his fingers rubbing along his lobe as he stared at the door once more, or rather through it. He found himself reaching idly for his glasses - long since absent from his face - and a scowl formed on his face more prominently than before. He clasped his hands to stop them from roaming around his face and spun his thumbs around one another as he waited for what came next.

What came next was not what Victor could have ever predicted. A newcomer had arrived, same wristband as them all, but he had a different kind of pack than everyone else was provided. He knew Major. That worried Victor, for reasons he wasn't quite sure, but then a small sense of relief softened his face as he realised that their own people had to go through this procedure as well. He sat back in his chair some and let the breath he had been holding out. That was until a second figure came in, a slight limp from a bandaged injury on her thigh. Her hair was damp, as was Ashton's... Victor's eyes narrowed as he looked between the two figures unable to piece things together. When she lifted her face, the scarring was clear as a star in the night sky. She had clearly been in a major accident and Victor felt his old self peeking through, wondering what had happened and trying to figure out how the scars had happened but not making much headway before she removed her hat and Victor audibly gasped at the woman standing before them all, hands covering his mouth in complete and utter shock.

Two ghosts had returned in the space of a week to Camp Mexico Beach - was it a good or bad omen? Victor hardly knew Thana, but to see that face once more, his heart ached. Not for Thana, but for his lost friend. Thana's twin sister who had died before Victor had ever met Thana. Tatiana's laughter pulled him back to the here and now, his eyes wandering to her, wondering why she was laughing and he blinked. He'd shifted in his seat without realising and was sitting forward now, right on the edge of his chair. Was he planning on getting up? He looked down at his feet, a confused look on his face before looking back up to Tati, then to Ash and then to Thana again. The viking armed woman from earlier walked up and hugged Thana, tears in her eyes. Victor tried swallowing that lump that was blocking his throat up, stopping him from saying anything but it didn't budge. He slipped himself back into his chair and blinked, making sure that the ghost before him didn't disappear before his eyes.

Victor Bonheur

Location: Camp Mexico Beach: (Inside Quarantine: W) Conference Room
Skills: N/A

Day 4:
Chuckling at Jack's response about his accent, Victor shook his head and watched as Jamie wriggled and writhed, like a worm out of the earth. He smiled gently at the tyke and watched as he slipped out of his father's arms. He let out a short, soft sigh - betraying his upset that Jamie didn't want to spend time with him but knowing that a child will do what a child wants and it was not anything personal. Or at least, that's what he told himself. Closing the book over gently, he thought about the idea of the interviews. He wondered if he would be called. Jack took off after his son and left Victor standing on his lonesome again.

A small commotion at the card table drew Victor's attention momentarily, his fingers still clutching that skinny little book and he saw Panama with coffee dribbling down his chin. Strange reaction but it was none of Victor's business as to what it was. If he'd been paying proper attention he'd have heard it was due to the change of guards but since he was gathering himself in his own little bubble, he hadn't really taken real notice just yet. Victor made his way over to an empty seat, away from most everyone and sat down. It wasn't until he'd sat down that he realised that Jamie had taken his first steps! He blinked and opened his mouth, wanting to say something but choosing not to. He didn't see the little fella taking his steps but he was happy for his family, they'd made it to a massive milestone and he was pleased for them. He smiled a little, it not quite lifting all of his features with joy and leaned back in his seat.

Victor saw the self conversing megaphone, who was the first half of the recliner brothers, being called away first for interview and when he returned quite quickly but in a quietened mood, Victor perked a brow and wondered what had transpired. Next was Alexander's friend who took about twice as long, then the man who spent a lot of time with the brunette girl, he then took longer again... What was happening in these interviews? Victor shifted in his seat and clutched the book in his lap a little tighter. He only moved to get food when it was served at lunch time.

Next up was Recliner Bro #2 who took the longest yet, Victor pretty much just stared at the door of the conference room while waiting for him to return from his interview, wondering if he'd be called and watching as he returned but not really registering it. He did, however, register their new guards, the young girl needed to learn better posture but in this world that was hardly a priority. The man, Wolverine, he was quiet like Major so far. He didn't know what to make of him. After Recliner Bro #2 returned, the young brunette girl... Eliza? Emma? Victor wasn't sure of her name, left and returned much quicker than the last two and then Beatrice was called. She took a longer time but not quite as bad as Recliner Bro #2. That seemed to be it for the day. His grip relaxed on the book and he stood, having his final meal and then went to start his duty of cleaning the conference room at the end of the day but was stopped momentarily by Gunny who announced changes in room assignments. He was to be paired with Ashton. Nodding to himself, Victor made no comment and carried on with his assigned task.

When it came to sleeping he said goodnight to Ashton and left the man to his own devices. He figured Ashton would need some time to himself after seeing the video earlier today. He didn't talk to anyone the rest of that day actually, Victor shrugged it off and went to bed to have a restless night of sleep.

Day 5:
New day, more interviews. Victor was as anxious today as he was yesterday. He found a quiet seat and awaited to be called. Tatiana was called first. He anxiously awaited his Little Bird returning as he wanted to ask her what the interview process was like but when she hadn't returned by lunch time, Victor's anxieties were at an extreme. He sat at the edge of his seat and drummed his fingers together, he could barely even eat. When Tati returned after lunch and made a bee line straight for the Sibling Fort he stopped himself from going anywhere near it. He wanted to, but his name was then called by Panama. He blinked and stood, making his way forward out of the room after Panama. He did all he could to keep his face calmed and his body from shaking. He was thankful for the walk to the interview room. When he returned shy of an hour later, Victor slumped back into the room and planted his backside firmly into his chair of choice. He spoke to no one for the remainder of the day, sitting with his eyes closed more than not. Were it not for the gentle rise and fall of his chest one might mistake him for dead. He had no idea who else was interviewed that day. If anyone were to ask him about his interview he would feign sleep. He had talked enough for one day.

Day 6:
It was their last day in quarantine and Victor did not know how he felt about it. He'd spoken to practically no one more than simple surface conversation and even then he avoided that where at all possible. He all but refused to discuss his interview to anyone that wanted to do so. He kind of wanted to get to know the other people but he also knew that there was the chance that he'd never see them again so what was the point. He was sitting in his chosen seat in the conference room, watching everything going on around him. His eyes resting on his loved ones more than a few times, a small smile permanently on his face despite how he felt inside as he watched Jamie scuttling all over the place and his parents chasing after him.

His heart ached, his mind was hollow and his body felt like lead. They were to be given some more information later that day. He felt ambivalence towards the information. He was beginning more and more to feel separate from everything going on around him. The only things he knew was that he wished for the safety and well being of those he cared for. Above all else. He had also spent the last number of days fighting with himself, wondering if he should have told their "hosts" the truth. If Tati, Jack, Jamie, Ash and everyone else were denied sanctuary here because of his judgement then he did not know if he could ever forgive himself. He hoped, as empty as that word felt today, that he would not need to travel down that particular road. Victor knew he was at a cross roads for himself - if his family could stay then would he?

Victor Bonheur

Location: Camp Mexico Beach: (Inside Quarantine: W) Conference Room
Skills: General Perception

When he spotted Ash finding a quiet spot, Victor looked back to the screen and enjoyed watching the remainder of the video, even if it was in a bittersweet way. He may not have known Thana or Gavin very well, but he had known their faces and to see them on media, in the world that was? It was something he could not help but feeling happy and sad over in equal measure. When Tati began to assault everyone's ears with the sound of shuffling the bookcase across the floor Victor turned and got himself up off of his knees. Bending over to dust them off a bit, he smiled as he watched his Little Bird protecting her family in whatever crazy, little way that she could. He felt a swelling of pride for Tatiana just then, she had grown so much and learned so much. It filled him with much warmth.

Once she was done and everything had settled, Tati's feet poked out at the edge of the bookcase. Victor chuckled quietly to himself before making his way across to the bookshelf in question and he began searching through the books on hand. He made a point to make no noise and quickly looked so as to give them the privacy that they needed right then. He spotted the Dr Seuss collection that was available and he beamed brightly, he'd always loved reading those to his children. He then spied a glint of faded gold on a few book spines and realised that these were the Golden books that were so popular in America. Victor had never taken time to read them as they were children's books, preferring to read Dr Seuss to his children when they were young, but Astrid had kept some in the infirmary for their younger patients back in Newnan.

Perhaps now was the time to read them, since he was unable to lose himself in a world, he could help another enjoy what he could not. Picking up "The Pokey Little Pup" Victor made his way over to where Jack was holding Jamie and gave him a smile. "Well, while Mama and Uncle are busy, shall we entertain Monsieur Jamie?" Victor flipped open the book to the first page and raised an eyebrow. "Five little puppies dug a hole under the fence and went for a walk in the wide, wide world... Puppies are afforded something we are not. Did not imagine when I awoke this morning zat I would be jealous of an illustrated litter of puppies!" He let out a laugh and looked back up to Jack. "If you would rather read the book to your son I understand, I am not entirely sure 'e will properly understand my accent." It had been a long time since Victor had taken care of young children in anything other than a medical manner. He was never the best with children in general, except his own. He felt nothing but love for Jamie and would do anything and everything to protect him but he was abnormally aware of how the child wanted little to do with him.

Of course, Victor did not fault the child for that, this world was strange enough as it is and Victor may have birthed him into this world, but Jamie had never known him and even if he had he'd never have remembered him. He knew Tati was very particular with who could and could not hold him and he understood it. Truth be told, he did not trust himself to hold the child for fear of hurting him or dropping him. But he could read to him, if his parents would allow it. Anything to help occupy everyone's time, he'd be willing to try. He glanced over to the people gathering to play cards and he knew he couldn't join them. It reminded him too much of time spent with Ash and James during the occasional night of entertainment. It also reminded him of Richard and that was a path that he still hadn't travelled down, nor did he plan to do so. Back to the matter at hand, Victor checked that none of the pages were stuck together from misuse but it appeared to be well taken care of. Perhaps he'd eventually find one for himself to read. Maybe. His thoughts then shifted to that of another book he held dear, that of his flower pressings. He felt a pang in his chest, like he used to get when his cellular phone was not on his person but he shoved the thought away as much as he could but the discomfort was clear on his face. He would get it back when they were released.

The sound of the door opening pulled Victor back out of his own mind and he smiled as he saw Atticus, one of the residents that he knew and felt a small iota of favour for. When he ejected the tape Victor listened to the empty sounds that filled the room instead. Hopefully someone would pick something to play so that they did not all listen to them reading the "Pokey Little Puppy". At the declaration from Atticus that Alexander and Thalia would be getting their prosthetics today, his curiosity peeked out. He'd be very interested in seeing the final products. He loved medical science for what it could do to help those that needed it. Even if he didn't understand any of the engineering science that came alongside it, he knew what the end products could do and that was good enough for him.

Victor Bonheur

Location: Camp Mexico Beach: (Inside Quarantine: W) Conference Room
Skills: N/A

As lucky as Victor had already been, his luck seemed to continue moving upward and onward. He watched the others as they had issues with handling the regular and full meals while his he breezed by happy as a pig in shit with his food in his tummy. His cough had completely gone as well, the cause having been allergies the entire time which he was very thankful for. His bloods were also clear from any disease or infection which Victor was far happier for than he could put into words. After having had to remove some of his toes on the road, he had worried that something had managed to slip into his bloodstream. He was more thankful than he could begin to say. And yet, Victor was still not comfortable here despite all the good it was bringing him.

Everyone had been given a job Day One, his was to clean the conference room at the end of each day alongside Thalia, the young woman who was missing her lower arm. He made a purposeful point to treat her no differently due to her loss of limb as he knew that he would not want to be treated differently were he in the same position. She was not incapable just because she was one limb down. It was the same way that Victor made a point to treat Alexander as well. So what if he was missing his lower leg? He could move around just fine and was given crutches so there was no need to treat him any differently. Victor was fine being given a job but he wished that some of the people staying in quarantine were just a little bit less untidy in the communal area. Granted he was not vocal about his annoyance but anyone that knew him would have been aware of the look of irritation that would grace his face while he cleaned.

Victor was pleased seeing Tati, Jack and Jamie together and was so grateful that their hosts were allowing Jamie to always be with one parent while the other was working. He made a point to thank Amelia for being so gracious with sharing two different job tasks with Jack and Tati. Victor spent as much time as possible with his family, sparing moments here or there to have casual conversation with Ashton and Amelia, and even sometimes Riley when she was with Amelia during their chats. He never shied away from anyone wishing to speak with him during their time trapped together, but he didn't make active efforts to speak to anyone beyond general chit chat, generally with the other party starting it. When they were informed of the upcoming interviews, Victor found himself running his hands through his beard in thought, and he wondered if he could pull off what he intended to do.

It was day four within the building walls, breakfast had been and gone, Victor was quite content sitting on a chair by Ash, Jack and Jamie. Tati was due to head off to continue her teaching of dance to Thalia and Wayne, although it didn't look like Wayne was going to take part that morning as Victor glanced over to see him looking through old VHS tapes by the TV. Panama called out that he was going to play cards and asked if anyone wished to join. The notion did take Victor but he also wanted to continue spending time with his loved ones. He opted to stay where he was, despite the opportunity to speak perhaps more with a member of this community, he'd have the time to do it soon. He doubted Panama would be one that would say anything of much worth anyway. He had been more intrigued by Major, who rarely spoke at all but he knew he'd never learn anything from her either. Although, he wouldn't mind trying to get to know her...

He caught himself and turned back, smiling warmly as he looked back to Jamie, his fingers intertwined as they rested in his lap. He considered if he would finally muster up some willpower today to find a book and read like he did, once upon a day in a life time far far away. No, not today. He was still too uncomfortable in this place to allow himself to get lost in another. Even if it was only just in his mind. He did recall the Dr. Seuss books that he had seen by Amelia's seat that first day he arrived, but he wasn't sure where they had got to. Once he felt more comfortable he would grab them and read them to little Jamie with Jack and Tati. He had read those same books to his own children, while teaching them English. He smiled at the memory and let it warm him a little on the inside. A rare moment of sorrowful joy that Victor allowed to enter his mind.

Sadly it moved from the joy to plain sorrow when Victor saw a familiar face on the TV screen. Was that Gavin? Victor moved from his chair and got a little closer, watching the young woman figure moving and then, when she turned around Victor's breath caught. Zoie. But no, wait, the hair was different and she moved differently. More controlled. It was Thana. Victor's heart shot into his throat and as she began to sing and he felt the sting in his eyes, his lower lip trembling as he listened to her voice. She may not have been Zoie but she sounded so alike her. His breathing caught as he slunk down onto his knees, watching the TV curiously before his mind snapped into the here and now and he looked over to watch Ash's reaction, his tears now stopped but the moisture sitting on his cheeks and running through his beard.

Victor Bonheur

Location: Camp Mexico Beach: (Inside Quarantine: W) Conference Room > Bedroom 5
Skills: N/A

It was hard for Victor to not let his eyes constantly wander over to watch Jack, Jamie and Tati. Hell, he even had to stop himself from staring off in Ash's or Amelia's direction. He even found it difficult to not look at Riley. It was equal measures uplifting and devastating to see these familiar faces again. His eyes wandered around the room more, looking for distraction from his inner urges. He spied a few men by the screen, a young woman and a young man sitting together on a sofa. There was the young woman missing the lower half of an arm also. He then spotted two older men and another young woman, one in a chair missing a leg and yet another familiar face, Beatrice. He felt that pang of familiarity again, despite knowing she had no idea about it, not really. She still, even now, reminded him of Zoie. She seemed detached from those from Newnan but more closely linked with the older gentlemen. That was very nice to see. He smiled to himself and moved his sights on, wanting to catch sight of everyone before the General arrived.

His eyes spotted a very young man, alone, holding an empty cup of coffee. He looked in pain and angry, but also sad and lost. He wondered why he was alone but knew he could ask someone later or tomorrow. Before he could think much else there was a tap at the conference room door. Victor resumed his eating - as quietly as he could - while the leader of the community entered the room. The definition of a General he was not, at least not an active service General. A retirement aged one however, perhaps. Victor watched him enter the room with his cane in hand, he seemed the exact opposite of imposing so maybe he wasn't an actual General back in the day. However there was something that made Victor feel on edge. The leader of the group that had killed his wife had been just that, the exact opposite of imposing, but they just knew how to hide the venom within.

Victor struggled to swallow his mouthful of food as he recalled that particular portion of his history, a sheen growing on his forehead as his eyes glazed over. A cough shook him as the dryness in his throat had the food travel in a most uncomfortable manner into his stomach. He covered his mouth and managed to muffle the noise as the "General" spoke. Thankfully his cough wasn't bad and no one should really have noticed it much. He took a drink of juice once his airways cleared. His appetite was gone for now, his focus was on this leader. His words seemed to be exactly what people would want to hear but Victor felt unease that he couldn't explain.

Perhaps it was the familiarity of this older gentleman had with the monster that issued the command to his men to kill Rochelle, or perhaps it was how his voiced lulled you into a sense of comfort without you wanting it to, maybe it was even that Victor just hadn't been around people for so long that all he could remember was the bad, with only those he had built up in his mind being people he felt worthy of trusting. It could even be a combination of all of those things but Victor only knew that he was not comfortable here. He would need to speak to some more people and find out more but he would not be able to do that whilst in Quarantine. He sat back and considered the words the leader had said about treasuring the memories and small moments in this life that they were all stuck in. Victor looked over to the Newnan group and then thought about what might come.

When the "General" left the conference room and bid them goodnight, Victor nodded to himself and then watched him move towards Ashton. Ashton had returned his granddaughter's dog tags? Was that someone they knew mutually? He felt for the "General" however and Victor's heart ached once again. So many lives were lost. Sure, it was part of life now but he still felt each loss, whether he wanted to or not. He thought of the others from Newnan that weren't here, the twins Meg and Sid. Victor recalled Sid's face when he had happened upon his body while digging his way out of the main building after it had collapsed. His mind then wandered to Ray and then he looked at Jack. To think that his son had lost his best friend, a friend that Victor cared for too, Victor would be sure to speak with Jack when the moment was right and see how he was. He wanted to be sure that his family was okay. There were more faces that flashed across his mind as he thought of all the losses, there had been so many.

He was only roused from his depression memory reel when Tati walked over and hugged him. He gave her a squeeze and watched her interact with her family. He smiled to himself and waved farewell to her as she left for her room assignment. When Amelia walked over to him he gave her a wide smile and nodded in response to her question. "Good to see you too, Amelia. Oui, we shall talk tomorrow." He watched as people started to file out of the room. His appetite had returned some and Victor took one more mouthful of food before spotting a bag under the table his food had been on. That must be the clothes Doc had mentioned to him. Licking his lips, Victor grabbed the bag and slipped into the exit queue beside Jack and Jamie. There fellow bed mate Alexander was also with them but Victor was unaware of that fact until they got to the room. Victor hung back a few steps to allow Jack to enter the room first. He then spotted the man with one leg coming to a stop to allow Jack into the room first also, Victor followed in behind Alexander.

Jack had moved to the bed furthest from the door and moved the playpen with him. Multi-tasking father at it's finest, it made Victor smile a little. Alexander went over to the other empty bed and he felt relief, he had not wanted there to be any discomfort or arguing over who would sleep where. Victor would have insisted Alexander had his own bed if there had been, the man deserved a rest as much as any of them but Victor had already won the lottery today. He was happy to forego some comfort for the sake of another person. Spotting the armchair in the corner by Jack's chosen bed, Victor grabbed one of the dining chairs and pulled it over to act as a foot rest by the armchair, the back of it against the wall with the seat facing towards the bed side. Victor plopped his bag of clothes on the dining chair.

When Alexander spoke Victor was walking towards the sink. He stopped in his tracks as he listened to the introduction and when Alexander's voice trailed off, Victor pressed no further. "Yes, Victor. Good to meet you too, Alexander. We'll talk more tomorrow, perhaps?" It was an empty but honest question that required no answer. Victor did not wait for one as Alexander took off his peg leg, Victor walked to the sink and ducked his head down to take a drink from the running tap. Running a hand over this mouth, he let the loose drops run into his beard as he grabbed a blanket and then walked to his armchair, grabbing one of the pillows from Jack's bed. He placed them on his seat and then ducked down to see little Jamie, reaching in to gently stroke his hair as he watched his father.

Standing up and leaving Jack to do his thing, Victor changed into the clothing he was given and slung the robe around the back of the dining chair. He turned to Jack and hugged him. "Sleep well son, we will speak in the morning." He held Jack's face in his hands for a second before planting a kiss on each cheek as he turned and settled himself in his armchair. Resting his feet on the dining chair, he got comfortable and watched Jack as he settled his son down before he'd drift off himself. Victor was in no frame of mind to sleep properly, he knew that, but he also knew that exhaustion and a locked door would result in at least some shut eye even if it was restless. The events of the day were still swirling around his mind and the adrenaline was still coursing through his veins as he closed his eyes and listened to each and every noise that occurred. They may be technically safe, but that didn't stop his brain being on high alert. Newnan had been safe and then the walls came crumbling down.

Victor Bonheur

Location: Camp Mexico Beach: (Inside Quarantine: W) Conference Room
Skills: N/A

Victor reached out for his family and he heard Jack call him Dad and Tatiana call him Papa and he saw little Jamie, in his father's arms for the first time and Victor's heart swelled almost to bursting point. He then heard another familiar voice, a Southern droll that he used to have late night meetings with and the occasional game of cards when the mood took them both. To see his old friend was also safe and sound almost had Victor going over the edge of no return and becoming the biggest baby in the room. He turned and saw him there, he didn't look too bad all things considered but he had a nasty gash on his cheek that looked fairly fresh. He chuckled at Ashton's response to seeing him again but before Victor could do more than wonder what he might say or ask, Tatiana was in front of him, dropping down to her knees to greet him on the floor and his arms opened up before she fell straight against him. He pulled her closer as she clung to get in tight to him, her body resting on what remained of his lap as he was splayed on the floor just then.

He stroked her hair and kissed her on the head, whispering "Malyshka" to her over and over. Nothing was getting in between them just now and they kept examining one another, as if to make sure they were really there. Victor wanted to hug Jack too, and Ashton, and little Jamie but they could wait until after Tatiana had had her fill. Everyone would get their chance. When Victor then heard Atticus's voice again with his room assignment, Victor smiled brightly and nodded. He'd be rooming with Jack and Jamie! But where was Tatiana going to be? His brow furrowed as he contemplated what was happening and then he remembered it was a very structured community. They were keeping men and women separate at night. He didn't personally feel it was fair to separate a mother from her child however, but he would voice that concern later when the time was right. Now was not that time.

Nodding to Atticus, Victor gently rubbed Tati's arms and then brushed her hair out of her face, his eyes looking in to hers as he spoke. "Come now, darling girl, we do not want to meet zee leader of this community on zee floor. 'ow about we go sit on zee sofa, oui?" He wiped some tears from her face gently with his thumbs. He was then surprised as Riley appeared out of nowhere and hugged him whilst he was still on the floor. "Riley. Merci." His words were a little brisk, they had been cordial to one another in Newnan and got on just fine but he did not think they were the hugging type as she was never his cup of tea personality speaking and they had never grown close. He also barely recognised her without her hair - he would have to ask why she was emulating the late Sinead O'Connor another time. When he saw her walk off towards her seat he gasped as he saw Amelia there, and when they kissed he blinked. He had not pictured them both together but he was happy for them. Amelia and he had been friends in Newnan, chatting about books and he trying to help her learn French. He was glad she was safe too.

As there were so many people from Newnan, his eyes roamed the room as he looked for Kris but he did not find her. He knew it was too much to hope that he would find everyone. His eyes welled again but he fought the new floods back, using what little strength he had left. Gathering his composure again after the abrupt crash to reality that was the strange hug from Riley, Victor heard Ashton speaking and he blinked as he mentioned something about Riley getting the same imprint on her face as he did on his from Tatiana's wedding ring?! "Do not be absurd, Ashton. Tatiana would never 'urt a fly!" Despite his protests against the lies Ashton spoke of Tatiana, he appreciated the subtle telling off he had given Riley for interrupting them just then. He would thank him for that properly later.

When Jack spoke again, this time addressing him as Froggy, Victor smiled at him and nodded. Gently stroking Tatiana's hair again, Victor smiled as he spoke softly to her. "Your 'usband is right, we really should. Care to 'elp 'im get an old man up?" He gently pulled himself away, letting Tatiana slip off of his lap and onto the floor. With the help from both his children, Victor and Tatiana were now up from the floor. Victor adjusted his robe slightly to stop the breeze he was feeling in his nethers and then enveloped them both in a hug carefully - ensuring he did not scare or hurt Jamie in any way. Kissing them both on the cheek and petting Jamie's hair lightly, Victor looked to the area that Atticus had motioned to earlier when he had spoken of food. He turned to the man and shook his hand. "Thank you, Atticus."

Walking carefully over to Ashton, he then hugged him too - whether he liked it or not - and patted him as roughly on the back as he could (which wasn't much!). "I am sorry I did not call or write. The phone and postal services are just shocking around 'ere. 'onestly we should speak to someone about zat." Smirking, he hugged him again before pulling away. "Eet is very good to see you, Ashton. We'll talk soon." His eyes spotted the table of food that was waiting for him, he felt his mouth salivating at the thought of all of that being his to put inside himself. He moved over to the sofa and sat himself down carefully on the seat before chowing down on his meal. He planned on savouring every single bite of it. When all you had known for months was hunger, you had to be careful to not gorge. Victor made sure to take his time and relished in each bit that slid down his throat. He didn't even care what it was, it was better than what little he'd been living on.

He would speak with everyone properly after the leader of the community had visited them in the conference room. He also wanted to make a point to meet the new faces when the time felt right. He would start with the other man they were to be sharing a room with, this Alexander. He was uncertain who he was as he had been too wrapped up in his family reunion to really pay attention to where Atticus had gestured earlier on and he hadn't quite been able to take in all the faces that he didn't know so far. He wasn't a fan of people in general but while they were all in the same quarantine predicament, it only made sense to at least be on speaking terms with them if they were so inclined. However, this was all for a later date, for now he planned to get fed, watered and informed whilst being with his loved ones.

Victor Bonheur

Location: Camp Mexico Beach: (Inside Quarantine: W) Locker Room > Conference Room
Skills: N/A

Keeping as compliant as possible, Victor followed Doc's instructions as he was poked, prodded and pricked. He kept still, allowing the man to do his job in complete and utter peace. The cold steel of the stethoscope on his chest was a welcome temperature, even whilst being in a building with air conditioning, the needle was less welcome but not a bother. Victor simply breathed through it like a pro. When Doc put a wrist band on Victor's left hand he lifted it and looked at it curiously, it was lime green in colour. Must be some kind of labeling system they had for their new arrivals to show at a glance any immediately known issues perhaps? It was intriguing and he wanted to ask more but also did not care to show too much interest as well, lest they figure out what he could do before he was ready to share. He dropped his hand back down to his side as he listened to the initial prognosis.

He wasn't as bad off as he had thought, that was very welcome news indeed. So welcome, in fact, that he let the relief show on his face as quickly as it vanished when Doc mentioned he may need to go into the hospital. He reeled in the worry a little, not so much that it wasn't noticeable but more that it wouldn't show as complete and utter panic as he addressed Doc. "Thank you, Michael. To know that my cough may not be as bad as eet sounds, it is many relief to this old man." He placed his newly banded hand to his chest and bowed his head in inclination towards Michael. "I will keep an eye out for this S.B., I doubt she ees so scary as you say. Maybe she'd be nicer eef she was not called S.B. to newcomers!" He let a small chuckle loose. As much as Doc was slightly growing on him, it would take more than a few giggles to break down his shell properly.

He took the bottle of pills as they were handed to him, clasping them in his left hand before opening and taking one out as instructed, he screwed the lid back on and popped them into the pocket of his robe before then taking the bottle of water with his right hand. Victor did as he was advised and took one extra mouthful of water to ensure the pill did not lodge in his parched throat. He relished the fresh water and he couldn't help himself as he polished the bottle of water off. "Apologies, I was most thirsty. Did not even realise 'ow much so." He watched as Doc sat down and he listened intently as he spoke. Sitting down beside him on the bench, Victor placed the empty bottle on the floor at his feet and looked at the questionnaire that Doc handed to him. It was to be expected, being asked a bunch of personal questions. He considered carefully what he was going to divulge, reading through each question before writing even his own name.

Furrowing his brow, Victor began to fill the questions in. He took care over what he was writing and purposefully wrote it in his native tongue before providing the English translations beside them. It would help solidify his bilingual statement at the least. Once he had completed each question, he handed the paperwork back to Doc and followed his lead as they left the locker room and headed towards the conference room where the convoy that Victor had followed earlier were now situated. His heart began to race quicker, could there be anyone he had been searching for these last 10 months be behind the door? He had no idea how he'd react if they were, would they be happy to see him? Would they be upset? He was uncertain how it could play out but likelihood was that he was going to see a bunch of strange faces behind the door and his worries would all be for naught. His feet felt heavy and his mind was light as he moved forward, Doc's back the only thing keeping him in the here and now.

He stood to the side, Maddoc behind him, while Michael announced their arrival. He turned and took one step into the room before he glanced around some faces that were unfamiliar before he was stopped in his tracks as he saw the one thing that had kept him moving forward in the world, the only thing more than just instinct. His eyes found them, but were they real? Had he finally snapped and lost his control? "Ma famille..." His voice cracked as his hands rose up to cover his mouth, his stomach was in turmoil and he felt as if he were going to be sick with joy, with worry, with relief, it was as if his body couldn't choose what to be. So instead of one thing, it chose to lose all ability to function and his knees buckled beneath him. He slumped to the floor in a half upright pile as tears streamed down his face. His hands now reaching out towards Tatiana, Jack and little Jamie. His voice croaked as he spluttered out a few nearly incoherent words. "Je vous ai trouvé."

Victor Bonheur

Location: Camp Mexico Beach: H6 (Outside Quarantine: W) > Locker Room (Inside Quarantine: W)
Skills: N/A

"Merci beaucoup, Michael." Victor took the bag from Doc as he handed it to him and he followed suit, taking his first steps into the building he had been brought to. The moment his feet stepped over the threshold, Victor felt the cool air flowing around the room and he closed his eyes for a few steps, relishing in the comfort of the coolness compared to the horrid humidity outside. The hairs on the back of his neck would have stood on end had it not been for the weight of sweat and layers of filth that coated his skin. He opened his eyes and noticed the room was rather barren, a simple room with nothing eye catching within it. He looked for signs of other people but didn't see anyone other than Doc and Maddoc bringing up his six.

He continued following Doc and saw that he was brought into a shower room. Victor blinked, he knew they'd spoken of showers but he thought it was going to be a manual kind of event not... this! Before he knew it, his face broke into a smile, his lips curling at the corners but no actual teeth showing, it was a smile of contentment and surprise, the good kind. He listened intently to the instructions and directions given and he bounced on the balls of his feet like a child on Christmas morning who was waiting impatiently to get into the room with all the presents inside. His hands absently moved to his beard at the mention of razors and he wasn't sure what he would do. His hand then ran over the top of his head and he knew what he was going to do.

As Doc pointed to where Victor should toss his current threads, he nodded and gave them a little sniff, that was a mistake. He gagged but managed to stop himself from doing anything more than that. He probably shouldn't have done that - hell he'd went over a month since his last rub down so he had no idea what he was thinking he was going to smell. Definitely not perfumed rose petals. Well at least not for much longer! He was far too excited for this shower. As soon as Doc sat down and stopped speaking to Victor, Victor took straight off for the towels, soap and razor before making his way to the nearest shower stand.

Being from the medical profession, Victor had no embarrassment factor when it came to the undressed state so his clothes were off his person and into his named bag faster than a chicken on a June bug. A sad warmth settled on Victor's chest then as he remembered Zoie, he still missed her but as long as her memory lived on in his mind and heart then she would always be with him. He placed the soap on a nearby ledge to his chosen shower (the first one of the five, if anyone was curious) and hooked the towel, ready for him to grab when he was done to dry off.

The water was turned on and Victor relished the feel of the water on his skin - hot or cold he was going to enjoy this - he shoved his head under the running water and let the loose dirt drip off his skin for a good 30 seconds. Eyes closed, he grabbed for the soap and lathered it up in his hands before popping it back and rubbing and scrubbing his head, working his way down to his neck and fluffing up his beard, spreading bubbles through the bristling hairs. Rinse and repeat, Victor felt refreshed and continued the practice down the rest of his body.

Once he felt comfortable that he'd gotten the worst of the muck and grime off his flesh, he lathered up the soap once more and coated his head in the soapy film it produced. He popped it back down for the last time and grabbed the razor, and began to shave his head, his fingers feeling for any areas he'd missed as he went line by line and then worked on the more intricate areas like those around the back of his ears and at the nape of his neck.

Happy with one last run of his fingers across his head, Victor fluffed up his beard and gave it one last rinse to ensure all the soap was out before turning the now cooling water off. He was sad to say goodbye to the shower but knew he had put off the next stage too long. Taking a deep breath in and holding it for a count of three, Victor let it out and grabbed his towel, drying himself off.

He walked over to where the robes and slippers were and grabbed one that was large enough for his frame, granted it was a lot shorter than he'd have liked, his knees were not his best asset but he wasn't complaining too much, at least it covered his intimates. Except if he bent over... He did always have issues, even before, with non-custom robes due to his height and width. He slipped his feet into the slippers, wiggling his remaining toes against them. He still cringed, thinking about when he had lost them but shook himself out of those memories and back into the here and now. That was not something he wanted to revisit just yet, if ever.

He walked over with his bag of dirty laundry and dropped it against the wall that Doc had pointed out earlier. He saw that he'd also pulled out his tools for checking out Victor and he couldn't help but wrinkle his nose at it. This in turn caused an itch to travel to his sinuses, which in turn settled at the back of his throat and caused another coughing fit. This was a pretty bad one, his face turning purple as he struggled to catch his breath again, his coughing being aimed in towards his chest and the wall. A wheeze left him as he forced air back into his lungs once the coughing abated and he had to place a hand on the wall to keep himself upright.

It did abate but it took a minute and he had to take some time to get his breathing back to normal with less of a wheeze. He pressed a hand to his chest and turned towards Doc. "I am sorry, that came out of nowhere." Victor walked towards Michael, tightening his robe around himself and waited for instruction from Doc on what he wanted from him. He was really, god damn nervous and, although he knew what to expect, he still dreaded seeing the outcome. He wrung his hands together as he addressed Michael. "I am ready when you are?" He glanced over to Maddoc, who had been silent since they had entered the building, he was curious what was going through that man's head.

Victor Bonheur

Location: Camp Mexico Beach: Q6 (East Gate) > H6 (Outside Quarantine: W)
Skills: N/A

His eyes watched in curious fascination as the gates rolled closed, his mind was so pre-occupied and his body so out of practice, that when the jeep began to move, Victor started in his seat and grabbed the nearest solid surfaces his hands could grab. One of those things just happened to be Doc's raised arm, the one closest to Victor. Victor spluttered his words out as he quickly moved his hand to the roll bar, mimicking Doc's posture to keep the motion from being too much for him. "Pardonne-moi!" It had been a very long time since Victor had been in a moving vehicle and the motion made him feel a little queasy despite the slow speed that they were moving. It felt strange to feel warm skin again, like a distant memory from a life long since past. Too bad it wasn't with a beautiful woman, but looking at Doc again, at least it was with a beautiful man.

As they drove forward, Victor soon forgot about the embarrassment of feeling up a stranger and his abdominal discomfort when he began to notice how kept together everything looked inside the walls. It was nice not to feel like an old, used up tyre compared to the younger survivors he'd encountered in the After so far, well except for Ms. Sally. He really did miss that woman. He felt his eyes well a little as he watched everything going by, the sounds of the children laughing as they played ball just cemented his feelings. He missed so many people, so many places, so many things that he'd never see or experience again. He gave weak smiles and half waves to those they passed that greeted him and the men he traveled with but couldn't stop the tears from flowing.

As Atticus gave him the tour, he listened as best he could but knew that very little would be retained in this first recounting of locations and buildings. He appreciated the young priest, he seemed a very genuine and good sort but Victor had no doubt that the man could handle himself if the time should come. He wondered how long until this place too, would fall. He silently chastised himself as he thought it but there was still a part of him that screamed that he was right. As the jeep slowed, Victor watched the children pass by and looked to where Atticus pointed. Education centre, so they had more than a few children that was as uplifting as it was heartbreaking from Victor just then. He ran his fingers through his beard as the thoughts spun around his head, his fingers entwining amongst the rough, matted hairs. He winced and took in a sharp breath as he accidentally pulled a few hairs out when Atticus mentioned their hospital. That was a place Victor was uncertain if he wanted to set foot into.

When the vehicle stopped outside a hotel looking building, Victor stayed put as the two younger men spoke. He listened and wondered who the young boy was and what medicine that Michael was giving him before catching himself and scowling the thoughts away. He rubbed at his eyes with the cuffs of jacket, removing the remaining moisture from his face as best he could before deciding he wasn't going to win with this damn humidity and that any tears would look just like sweat if anyone looked closely enough. Save for the slight puffiness around his eyes. He doubted anyone would care enough either way, he wasn't sure why he was so worried. It was disconcerting.

When Atticus spoke again, this time to Victor, he gave a slight smile across one side of his face - it was as much as anyone could hope for at this stage from Victor - and he gave a firm nod of the head in recognition before stating a simple "Thank you." to the Preacher.

When Maddoc finally vacated the jeep, Victor took that as his cue to follow suit. Granted he did it at a much slower pace than the three other men had done, making sure to not lose his footing as he maneuvered himself out onto the ground. Once his feet were firmly planted on the concrete again, he turned and looked to Michael who was addressing him. Victor nodded along with the instructions, all of it seemed pretty simple and easy to follow - should be easy enough. He looked at the pen held in Doc's hand and smiled a little wider, thinking of his surname filled him with pride, happiness, comfort and sorrow in all equal measures. He reached upwards as his eyes rose, looking up to Michael, his fingers searching for glasses that were no longer present and he spoke in a soft, subdued tone. "Victor Bonheur." It was the first time in over 30 years that he had not given his title of Doctor alongside his name.

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