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I am of the interested type right here. Will message you about my character options. :)
@Lady Amalthea I need a love reaction to this. I hope to god I can come back sometime in full force but for now, I will live on in the past memories. For now, I am worm food. <3
@Lady Amalthea With Jati and the gift. I know. I see. IGETIT.

Dr. Victor Bonheur

Location: Building 1: Infirmary

The journey from the reception to the infirmary was uneventful, maybe a slight loss of balance on a wet and slightly iced over area of pathway but nothing that was a cause for concern, well except for when he glanced over his shoulder and saw Bryn being escorted by one of their members of the security team. That was peculiar. Bryn caught Victor's eye and for just a moment he was sure he saw a look of shame cross her usually blank features. She turned her gaze from his and he could see the red colouring her cheeks as she was led further down the street. He watched her walking with her escort, standing at the door to the main building, his hand ushering Ciel inside before him gently as he did so. He wondered why Bryn would have reacted that way but couldn't figure it out. He shelved it in his mind for now and would be sure to ask about it in the morning or when someone came by the infirmary that had been present during the reception before her departure. He half wished he hadn't left as quickly as he had done now, in order to know what had happened.

Deciding now was not the time for such thoughts, Victor went inside and led Ciel along the way to the infirmary. Smiling warmly to Medic as he entered the infirmary with his small patient in tow, Victor greeted him happily once again. "Ah Medic, merci beaucoup for your assistance tonight. I do believe it is your turn to enjoy the party. I owe you one for allowing me time away from here to celebrate with my family." As Medic walked past, Victor gave him his usual pat on his shoulder and bid him farewell and enjoy. Victor could feel that Ciel was still acclimatising to his presence and he thought he'd give the poor boy a moment to himself while he checked on little Anna. He was pleased with how silently she was sleeping, the odd little cough here or there but nothing as badly as it had been that morning. It was a minor weight off his shoulders and he smiled softly to himself.

Turning from Anna's bedside, Victor smiled towards Ciel and made his way back over to where he had left him in the infirmary when they had walked inside. "I see you're having trouble breathing again. Hopefully the next run team can find you some more medication soon." He gave Ciel the gentlest of pats on his shoulders, his large hands almost enveloped Ciel's entire shoulders, and then turned to see if Neisha had left any of her helpful home remedies in the infirmary for him to offer to Ciel. From what he could last recall though, Niesha had attempted to take the drink out to Ciel directly rather than leaving any here. Oh well. Victor decided to take a stethoscope and check on Ciel's breathing to ensure he had not developed any kind of infection in his lungs or chest since his last checkup.

Victor breathed on the circular disc of the scope and then rubbed it vigorously on his shirt sleeve in an attempt to warm it up some. "Excuse me if it is cold, I promise I've done what I can to take the edge off. Please, raise the back of your shirt and take a deep breath in so that I can ensure that you have not caught whatever little bug poor Anna currently has. At least sleep is helping her to heal faster." He gave a warm smile to Ciel to reassure him and then his eyes glanced over the poor boy's tired features. "How are you sleeping lately Ciel?" There was genuine concern and care in his voice as he spoke, it wasn't chastising him, it was simply a doctor caring for his patient.
@Lady Amalthea@Morose I've just read from where I last posted... I see what you two have done there!
Sorry, ended up working today after all so as I am now home and fed, I am working on my post as quickly as I can!
Well shit. I don't usually have time for collabs. :(
@Sigil@Lady Amalthea Sorry guys my misread there. Had the post written and was about to post it before i realised Sig had posted 8 minutes before i refreshed the page 😂

I'll get the edits sorted once I'm on my laptop. Sorry!

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Agnes Brynja Johannsson

Location: Building 7: Rec Centre

Bryn nodded at Sana's acceptance of her offer and waited for her own drink after Sana was served and she raised a brow at Jim as he cleared his throat. She scowled as he spoke and she actually growled in her throat as she realised what it was that he meant. She could understand the need if Richard was here, but he wasn't. Sana had downed the drink before she could say or do anything and Bryn nodded at Sana's suggestion of food. Bryn took her beer from Jim after he'd poured it for her.

She started to look for somewhere to sit but then Jim made it worse by making a comment to Sana about seeing if she was allowed to even eat in peace and at her own pace. As Sana walked off towards the food station in as much rage as she had been before, Bryn leaned in close to Jim and glared at him. Her voice was steady and quiet. "Richard isn't here dumbass." As she leaned in she slipped a second, empty, glass up her massive sleeves and hid it in the fabric as she walked away.

She caught up with Sana at the carving station just as James was talking about his grits again. "Careful James, you keep talking about people trying your grits and I might need to get someone to keep an eye on you." She nudged Sana on the arm and gave a nod at James and the plate of food he was no doubt about to hand over to her. "Do you mind?" Bryn was still mad at Jim, he should have realised Richard would have been the first person up to the damn bar if he was going to show and the fact he hadn't should have been Jim's first clue that Richard wasn't here. There was no reason for Sana to be monitored if she wasn't with Richard. Sometimes the stupid rules of this place made Bryn miss the damn dead.

She then noticed Ashton making his way towards the food tables with the town guest, Thana. She had no strong desire to speak to Thana, despite her physical resemblance to her old friend. Bryn had made peace with Zoie's death a long time ago and despite how weird this was to deal with, Bryn had seen weirder. Keeping her attention on Sana, Bryn waited for her to grab her plate for her before finding a table in the corner, away from the main crowd, to sit.
Dr. Victor Bonheur

Location: Building 7: Rec Centre

His smile remained on his face as he heard Tatiana and Jack responding to his greetings and congratulations. He was ever so excited for them to discover their gifts that he'd left in their home once they returned but he knew that would likely not be until morning now. He'd need to catch up with them the next day to get their thoughts on them and to make sure they'd found them. He returned Tatiana's next hug as tightly as he could without messing up her beautiful dress or hairstyle before letting her go.

He gave an appraising nod of his head as Ashton gave over his gift to the newlyweds. It was something that Victor had anticipated Ashton would get them, considering his hobby of alcohol, and the look on Jack's face made it all the better to witness the exchange. A smile crept over his lips as the gratitude was passed between the two men.

Victor physically blanched when Ashton then so blatantly mentioned his friendship with Zoie to Thana. Not that he wanted to keep it secret or anything like that, he just had wanted to save Thana the discomfort of having to discuss her departed sister tonight which was why he did not follow his greeting his his sympathies or condolences. He knew all too well the discomfort of being asked about your intimate thoughts of a departed family member and was one of the things that made him most uncomfortable on a personal level so he would never have dreamed of doing the same to another person he knew, let alone a perfect stranger even if she did have a familiar face that he felt he could trust.

"Oh, ah, Captain there is no--" He stopped mid-sentence as Thana took his hand and shook it while giving her condolences to him in a rather blank tone. Surprise slipped across his face which quickly morphed into curiousity but he did his best to stamp it down. Tonight was not the night for this. "Non mon cher, you have my deepest condolences." He gave her hand a quick and gentle pat before releasing it from his grasp before it made her too uncomfortable. "But let us talk of something more welcoming for you instead..." His words trailed off as he waved at the next couple of people that were approaching their small crowd.

Victor was glad to see his other new world daughter approaching. As Kris walked over with Niesha he gave them both a bright smile. He was a little surprised that Kris did not greet him but overall thought little of it as the night was that of the newlyweds and their new guest. Everyone would be wanting to give congratulations and gifts and thanks and, of course, to meet their guest one-on-one. It was selfish to worry about something as trivial as a forgotten greeting tonight. Victor wondered where Tatiana was wandering off to and he was worried about the sad look that had crossed her face before she had excused herself but he knew that she would be okay on her.

He listened into the conversations and smiled idly then when Thana mentioned food but not wanting to leave Ashton's side, Victor thought it would be a good opportunity to save Ashton and Thana from the growing crowd. "Jack is correct Doctor Martin, James is the best cook in Newnan so you won't be left wanting." He then nodded as Ashton excused himself and Thana. Following suit, but not the couple, Victor moved to the food station and grabbed some things before heading over to the meat counter for the next Grady special.
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