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11 days ago
Current Would love to converse with another Wiccan. I can't be open about it with my family sadly.
11 days ago
Anyone else here a Wiccan? I would love to chat with you. PM me?
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12 days ago
Is so excited for my new jewelry coming today and tomorrow from Amazon!


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Still open!
Here's the Plot!

Muse A is kidnapped by a very old and powerful vampire. The vampire has been following Muse A all her life, due to her rare blood type. The vampire keeps Muse A for his personal blood bank, not wanting others to get wind that Muse A is in their custody and to be theirs alone.

!!! PLOT WARNING: This plot will be dark and bloody, but must be within forum rules. !!!

Vampire Lore Preferences ((( NON-NEGOTIABLE )))

1. They don't sparkle.
2. They can't consume human food / drink of any kind; not even water.
3. Sunlight kills vampires, but not instantly.
4. Silver, garlic and holy water / objects have no effect on them.
5. Vampires don't need sleep, but they can rest with closed eyes in a coffin to keep out of the sun.
6. Vampires can enter through doors / windows at their leisure; they don't have to be invited inside first.
7. Vampires don't age.
8. They can't concieve children.
9. They can't catch illnesses / diseases / cancers of any kind.
10. They don't have extra super powers i.e. shadow walking, mind / soul reading, hypnotism, changing form, levitating, etc.
11. Their fangs aren't retractable and don't grow / shrink in size.
12. Their eyes are normal colors and don't change color.
13. They don't have super speed / strength, but their senses are incredibly heightened.
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