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1 yr ago
Current I wanna roleplay, but nobody's reached out to me yet.


About the Admin:

Name: Bella

Gender: Female

Orientation: Bisexual

I'm Looking For: Friends and Roleplay Partners

Fandoms: YouTube, Marvel, DC, Mario, Sonic, Supernatural, Sherlock, Disney

Genres: Fandom, OC, Real Life, Romance, Fantasy, Movie, TV, Furry

Writing Style: Paragraph to Multi Paragraph

Content Included: Smut, Drama, Romance, Long-Term

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Please read my previous posts for information on the fandoms I enjoy.

I'm looking for a 1x1 PM roleplay.

•18 plus adult content

•I can play as myself

•Smut is allowed

•I prefer a long-term, detailed roleplay
I'm looking for someone to conduct a fandom, OC, or celebrity roleplay with.

Fandoms Include: YouTube, Marvel, DC, Supernatural, Warriors, Disney, Sherlock, Detroit: Become Human, Mario, Sonic, Spongebob, My Little Pony, Paw Patrol

I can play any of the following characters (strictly submissive).

Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Aphmau, iiSuperWomanii, Gabbie Hannah, Rosanna Pansino

Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor, Loki, Damien Wayne (Robin), Selena Kyle, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel

Cinderella, Aurora, Rapunzel, Snow White, Elsa, Anna, Moana, Ariel

Sherlock Holmes, John Watson

Connor, Hank, Kara, Luther, Marcus, Simon

Just ask if you need me to be a certain character. Smut is allowed in PMs.

I am allowed to say no.
I'm new to the site and very happy to be here. My PMs are open if you wanna chat and set up a roleplay. I ejoy roleplaying as YouTubers, OCs, Marvel/DC characters, video game characters, ect.
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