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The Holy Empire of Echyan

These were trying times for the Empire. On her borders, an army of Barbarians swelled, ravaging her neighbors and threatening at any moment to pour over the borders and bring death and destruction to the nation. Though fortifications were under construction, most had little faith the Echyan army could hold against such a threat, superior in both quality and quantity. The Echyan army consisted of little more than unorganized militias; poorly trained and equipped with muskets from antiquity. Efforts were being made to modernize their forces, but it was little too late after decades of neglect. The Echyan navy, the pride of the nation, both large and strong, would help little to hold back the barbarians from sweeping through their lands. The arrival of other European powers would provide the only hope Echyan could have in defending its land.

In was in these uncertain times that the old Basileus, John VIII Palaiologos, chose to take his final breath, leaving the nation alone in these trying times. It was therefore paramount that a new Basileus was decreed with due haste. The deceased's eldest son, Dragases Constantine Palaiologos, was quickly crowned after a rushed and uninspiring funeral. It was not the romantic event the young king had hoped he crowning would be, the grim weight of reality resting on his shoulders and the death of his father tearing at his heartstrings. But there was little time for mourning, he had a nation to lead.

In his crowning address to his Lords and his people, he swore to drive back the barbarian hordes from European lands. Their army, disrespected and forgotten, would be revitalized and whipped into a proper defensive force. A powerful navy alone would not protect their people or their interests from those who would seek to hinder and harm them. The loss by Aontas was a grim warning of what could come if another power developed an eye for Echyan land. He vowed to continue the economic and industrial pursuits of his father, spurring forward as a continued leader in the embracement of the new industrial age. Promised was also the expansion of the Echyan colonies, well developed and on good terms with the natives, they would in time be integrated in their society as equals, purified through God and Blood (this refers to mixing of their bloodlines through marriages rather than slaughter). Echya would of course, maintain he neutrality- but never again to the point that other nations could brush them asside.

The first action of newly crowned Basileus Dragases would be to extend a much needed olive branch to the nation of Attolia. The Redcliff bastards had denied their army transit through their lands, giving the Barbarian hordes free-reign to rape and pillage and leaving Echya without help. The Attollian army needed transport- and Echya would provide. The nations SLoops and a large fleet of Third_Rates were sent out to pick up the Attollian army and deliver it to Echya herself. Hopefully they would arrive in time to fend off the Barbarian hordes...

With relations rising with Atollia, who had historically not been much of a friend, the Basileus quickly moved on to alliance building. The people of Echya were highly devout. Though they had not always seen eye to eye with the Viponists and the pope, they held much respect for their brothers in faith. Their assistance in the crusade was already pledged.

Further more, Echya found herself with few allies. The Basileus would see to it that this would not remain. Aggressors were about Europe... Echya would need friends to aid in her defense and in the defense of others. The Empire had long stood for peace and trade among nations, and it seemed important now more than ever that she made her stand for it. It was for these reasons, that Echya would send a petition to the members of the Continental Alliance, requesting entrance on the basis of mutual defense, open trade and mutual benefit and to maintain balance and peace in the European continent. The Basileus understands that the Pope and her allies may have reservations about letting a nation devout to outside denomination join, but the Basileus of Echya has shown respect for the Pope and shall continue to do so, acknowledging his place under God and the authority that comes with it. Echya will make no attempt to undermine Viponism- nor has it ever, and nor shall it desire to. Echya wishes nothing more but the spread of the True Faith and peace in Europe. Echya sees the goals of herself and the Continental Alliance as quite the same, and so Echya's inclusion in it would only be natural. If it is peace in Europe they want, then there should be no reason why a peaceful nation focused on but trade should not be allowed within the Alliance ranks.


Official Name of Nation: The Holy Empire of Echyan
Nation Leader: Basileus Dragases Constantine Palaiologos (“The Basileus”)
Form of Government: Absolute Monarchy. Ruled by a Basileus (Emperor) from an ancient bloodline of “legendary” figures, the realm divided up amongst lesser houses that are related bloodlines or servants families (Knights to Barons, their bloodlines included into the Emperor’s through marriage and symbol rituals) elevated for great and noble deeds.
Description: The Holy Empire of Echyan is ruled by a Basileus (Translates to “Royal Blood” but is equivalent to Emperor). The Basileus is almost revered as a god like figure, though he is recognized as a mortal. His true allure and godly appeal come from his Bloodline. The Basileus and his family are said to be an ancient bloodline blessed by god, offspring of one of the first few men and therefore closer an image to god than any other modern man. The Basileus bloodline is said to be unimaginably pure for these reasons and its offspring are believed to be stronger and more capable than the average man. Great feats of courage, strength and intellect are attributed to the ancient Basileus and folk heros who accomplished great things are said to have some blood of the Basileus within them. It is only natural that such a line of men would rule the nation.

The Basileus sit atop the throne, with ultimate authority over all. However, the nation is divided up amongst lesser nobles and houses to help rule the nation efficiently and effectively. Each province is ruled by an Archduke and his family, and these provinces are further divided into smaller regions ruled by different barons. Though once a feudal state, this has changed with the industrialization of the nation and Barons act more as mayors, landowners and business men than lords and the Archduke’s more as governors. It is generally the will of the Basileus that a lassiare-faire policy will lead to a stronger and wealthier nation.

The governmental elite are often relatives, though often distant (especially for lower level members), of the Basileus bloodline. This often applies to wealthy business owners.

Government positions are assigned by the local Baron or Archduke, with the authority of the Basileus. Former admirals and naval officials often serve in government positions.
Government Traits: (These describe the type of governmental structure I envision for my nation. Stolen from Stellaris) Efficient Bureaucracy, Aristocratic Elite, Nationalistic Zeal, Imperial Cult, Distinguished Admiralty.
Nation Capital: The holy city of Amorium, located in Echya, on the three pronged island. A coastal city.
National Language: Officially Latin, but most speak a local dialect known as “Echtin”
National Religion: Blasheki
National Culture: Echyan
Cultural Overview: Echyan generally has a pious culture, showing a strong bias for western culture and religion, and a vocal disdain for eastern cultures and religions (Labeled Barbarians and delegitimized by the nation). They generally do not respect other nations outside of “europe” or view them as legitimate states. This especially applies to natives. Though not genocidal, it is generally seen as their duty to help civilize and elevate the barbarians of the world. It is their moral and god given duty to spread western religion, ideals and civilize the world.

Echyan cultural has a fascination with bloodlines and the purity of bloodlines. Families with “pure” bloodlines that are old and close to the Basileus have immense social clout and are often in positions of socioeconomic power. There is generally a cult like following behind the Basileus.

Materialism, individualism and industriousness are considered desirable traits and middle class families are expected to send their children to school so they can run factories, invent and help expand the economy, while working class families are expected to help the economy by working the factories. Upper class and the Elites of course own the factories and help develop new technology. Social mobility through hard work, merit, industriousness and taking part in the economic process is immensely respected and often rewarded by promoting families to new social statuses.

A socially acceptable alternative to taking part in the economic process is joining the Navy. The Navy has a prominent role in both government and society. Naval members and naval families are well respected and are socially entitled to better treatment and positions. It is common for young men to undergo a stint in the navy to raise their social standing. This is even considered a sign of manhood by some members of society.
Cultural Traits: Nationalistic, Religious, Materialistic.
Nation Claim

The Holy Empire of Echyan holds Navasy, Levoz, Rezih, and Echya as her core provinces.
And in the New World, the lands of New Echya, New Rezih and New Levoz are firmly under her grasp. God bless the Basileus.

Description/History: Echyan is a smaller, but populous and industrial nation with developed colonies and a formidable navy, though its army leaves much to be desired. Historically, Echyan has remained a mostly neutral and independent nation. It is highly pious, but its fiercely independent nature lead it to distance itself away from the pope as it was seen that the Basileus had authority from his bloodline and the pope had not the right to dictate his rule. Its society is highly structured with a high focus on bloodlines, economics, navy and general participation in the betterment of the Empire.

In ancient times, Echyan is said to have been a major world power, ruling every corner of the land (even the New World is said to have once bowed before the glory of the Basileus). Ancient Echyan was said to be unimaginably advanced, ruled by the first Basileus, an immortal figure. This great empire however, was fractured and it’s technology and history lost in a great war between the heavens and hell, the first Basileus giving his immortality to help God drive back the devil’s horde. The Empire of Echyan are the last remains of his Empire.

From this point onwards, you have 125 points to allocate between the various aspects. Good luck!

Nation Demographics

Population: 6
Nation Size: 4

Colonial Demographics

Colonial Population: 4
Colonial Holdings: 3
Colony Stability: 6


Infantry Strength: 3
Infantry Quality: 2
Infantry Logistics: 2
Cavalry Strength: 1
Cavalry Quality: 1
Cavalry Logistics: 1
Artillery Strength: 2
Artillery Quality: 2
Artillery Logistics: 1
Army Commander Quality: 1


Ship of the Line Strength: 6
Ship of the Line Quality: 5
Ship of the Line Logistics: 5
Cruiser Strength: 5
Cruiser Quality: 4
Cruiser Logistics: 4
Marine Strength: 4
Marine Quality: 5
Marine Logistics: 5
Naval Commander Quality: 6


National Wealth: 6
Industrialization: 12
Development of Low Industry: 7
Development of Middle Industry: 6
Development of High Industry: 6

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