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6 days ago
Current That moment you start falling asleep after waiting 7 hours. Then they call you to go get loaded....I just want to sleep.
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11 days ago
I swear Pennsylvania is a cursed state to me. Any time I have truck problems it's always in or going to Pennsylvania.
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24 days ago
Finally home. Not going back till the 27th. And I got the first 6 seasons of Game of Thrones on Blu Ray. Hell yes
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25 days ago
Been out for 4 weeks working basically non stop. Whether the company likes it or not I will be home tomorrow for my vacation time.
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28 days ago
Friday can't come soon enough.


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@CreeperI don't personally horde too much, but if you've got some treasure you need to get rid of my claws always open.
Hey everyone, just found the site some I'm working my way around it and learning all the new little things I'll probably forget later on, but hey I'll get it down eventually...and when my new phone cooperates with me. Ive been role-playing for a couple years now and love fantasy role plays and dragons as you might have guessed. I have been on quite a 1x1 hunt on other sites, but maybe I'll get into groups once more here or at least enjoy the company of awesome rpers. Feel free to pm me. I don't bite unless provoked.
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